Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You MAS!

Remember my post on my umrah trip last time? Well..ever since this and that post, I have received a lot of emails asking me things they need to know about umrah/mekah (which some of them, I've yet to reply!)

So anyway...most of the emails asked me to write more and more beautiful things about Mekah. The truth is... I've written most of my experiences while I was there - which was only for 10 days, and I've used 85% of my photos already! Remember when I told you, I forgot to bring my camera charger? So I only had my camera on my last day in Mekah and in Jeddah only.. So, there are not much of the photos that can be displayed here.. Unless of course, I repeat and use the same photo! haha ;p - I have like 3 or 4 days punya gambar jer, normally I'd take a lot of photos wherever I go because later on when I look back at the photos, I'd remember the moment and what happened and etc.. But this time around, I only had 3-4 days punya gambar/cerita... So the rest of the days when I don't have my camera around, well..I can't really remember that much la as to where I was out and about in the city/area... So sorry about that!

But..anyway, the only photos that's left with me about this whole umrah trip which I have not share with you yet, was my journey back home to KL!

I told you about my journey with Etihad Airways right? But I haven't tell you my journey back home.. We did not fly home with Etihad Airways by the way. We flew with MAS! (Gotta love Malaysian product and services! hehe)

So anyway..

I loveee their spacious seat/area! My butt sinks in peacefully! haha. 

And the legroom is endless! Ok fineee... I'm exaggerating, but compare it with Etihad Airways, MAS wins! hehe ;p 

As usual, upon arriving, the sweet stewardess would serve you a welcome drink and ask your name and what would you like to be called..

...and I chose an orange juice

By the way, she mistakenly thought I was a Datin/a Datuk's wife. LOL. After my dad went to the toilet at the back.. She said to me, "Are you Datuk's wife? What should I call you, Datinnn.... (waiting for my answer)"
I was like.... Haaaaa??? Do I look that old?? Or... Do I look like "isteri muda/isteri ke empat/ISTERI ORANG"??! hahaha. ;p
So I replied no, and said I'm my dad's daughter. And asked her to call me MISS Wani. (I did emphasize on the word Miss. To tell her that I'm still young, and unmarried! LOL ;p)

So she called me Cik Wani then. hehe 

Datin Wani???!! HA HA HA
(Face was a bit red, due to the weather in Jeddah that time)

But anyway, this is why I love MAS. They would address you your name. And I really like that! I feel so important. hahahaha ;p
Every sentence would start with, "Cik Wani nak apa-apa?",  "Cik Wani is everything ok?", "Cik Wani, let me get you some drinks... -or anything", "Cik Wani, do you want some coffee?" or... "So sorry Cik Wani, yang tu dah habis la", and so on! 

At that time, I really realized, my name is Wani. Before this, I never really feel, and get the idea that my parents has given me a Wani name. I mean, I never really recognized that Wani is my name.... (I just feel like Wani is just some sort of a way people call me, but I don't feel like it's my name.. Like those nicknames or something.. you get what I mean? Oh well...nevermind. It's hard to explain! haha ;p) But that night, I know now..that Wani, is my name.... And it's Cik by the way! ;)

Hmmm...... Feels kinda cool to be called as Cik Wani lah. So friends and family, do call me Cik Wani from now on! haha ;p

And then the stewardess gave me this amenity kit!

Every half an hour, I would check this screen! I really really can't wait to reach home...and call someone to tell my beautiful stories! hehe

Some magazines to entertain my night..

Dinner time!

Start with satay! Mmmm...

I watched Monsters Inc while eating..

 ...and then came the salads and some selection of breads

Smoked Halibu Salad- with calypso sauce and a wedge of lemon

After that, the main course: Chicken Makhanwala.
Chicken breast cooked in butter, with potato, grilled vegetables and makhani sauce

And lastly, the dessert: Date Cheesecake with Raspberry sauce. This cake is delicious!!!

And then a couple of minutes after I was done with my dinner, I freshen up myself a bit.. to get ready for bed...

...and took my pills too. (I was not well that night)

These are the stuff in their amenity kit. Some stuff from Clarins! How awesome! hehe 

Went to their restroom.. And they have Aigner toiletries set! I love the scent.. (Btw, MAS used to give Aigner toiletries set in the amenity kit for their Business Class passengers.. Now, not anymore I think? Not sure)

After I have brushed my teeth and slap on some moisturizer, it's time to wear the socks and time for bed!!

And adjust the seat for bed position! ^_^
(I always be so jakun about this thing! Seriously, every time I board on a plane, this is the thing that I like the most, and gonna keep on playing with it until I sleep! haha ;p)

Anyways... I woke up with some fresh fruits, health drinks, fresh juice and some yogurt as for my breakfast! 

...and some bakery selection! Yummm!
(I chose bun and croissant. I love those two!)

Cheese Omelette with grilled veal sausage, hash brown potato, grilled tomato and mushrooms. Seriously, this was super yummy.. I feel like asking for another one! But this Cik Wani is too shy! ;p

I looked at the time, and it was only about 5 minutes left to touch down Kuala Lumpur!! Masa ni sangat-sangat tak sabar! haha ;p

Time to freshen up a bit!

"Good Morning Cik Wani! Welcome home!"

I slept so well on this plane! Super comfy! And the food is nice too! Thank you MAS, for bringing me home safe and sound! What a great 8-hour flight home! =)

Cik Wani.


  1. i wish i can be rich like u! so awesome..!

  2. yezza...MAS always the nyer dpt g umrah...insyaallah suatu hari nanti..

  3. auwww..tapi u memang nampak macam datin pun..hehehe

  4. You are one lucky girl, Cik Wani :p

  5. haaaiiii
    ccciiikkk wani hahaha
    mulai sekarang i pggl cik wani oke my dear hehehe

  6. awwww..the same FS yg entertain kami masa kami ke Amsterdam dulu! I rasa nama dia start with S jugak.. bunyi mcm syazwani jugak i rasa but really cant remember.. and dia adalah FS yg pertama try to comfort me masa menangis2 nak tinggalkan malaysia (dlm flite) and yes.. the food is awesome.. seat dia pun bes (tido tak sedar apa apa siap kena kejut utk makan) LOL... and my son also happy sangat.. tapi malangnya when we touch down and change flite to Warsaw, baru sedar kenapa boleh terdelete semua gambar dalam MAS??!!! ARghhh!!!

  7. Ini bukan bini Dato' ini anak Dato' hokehh! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Memang kelakar!

  8. Sekarang Cik Wani...nnti manelah tahu betul2 jadi Datin Wani...LOL

  9. Lol....yes your style really look like young Datin.Very stylish.

    How old are you dear? 28..29years?

  10. It's nice to hear about your good experience with MAS. Unfortunately, MAS stewardess 'kiss asses' first & business classes passengers or VIP customers. Locals on economy class, sorry la 'bo layan!'.. Comment from 'local customer', have flown to local n oversea destinations :)

  11. bestnyer..i x pernah naik kapal terbang

  12. nangis tak bila 1st time nampak kaabah?

  13. cik eja ishak: heh. im not rich la dear.. at least not yet.. hehe ;p

    mizzura: insyallah. amin

    lily lotus: lol. i get that name in uia. but never liked it. haha

    rachel: heh. thanks ;p

    cik nur : ehehehehe.. thanks cik nur

    nqr: oh really? yeay she's such a sweetheart! baik je dia layan kann.. ;)

    karipapsayur: lol!

    miss choh: hahahaha... kena kawen dgn datuk la yer? hahahhaa ;p

    anonymous1: lol. im below 25. im in my early twenties ;)

    anonymous2: really? i didnt know about that... so far i think they're ok...

    ayu jamal: insyallah, one day ada rezeki..naik la.. =)

    nothing substantial: tak nangis..tapi sebak... tapi bila berdoa betul2 depan kaabah mmg sedih sgt2 n tak henti nangis...hehe

  14. heyya...

    good to see the cabin again in ur post. I miss it soooo much.
    There's a changes since I left.

    That is sooo cool.

    And from what I've read,you had a great experience on it.

    Proud to be a part of it before :)

  15. wow..wonderful journey !

    yaa..personally I pom npk u mcm mak datin..ur style maybe . .n some people maybe akan ingat u datuk's wife..n sorry coz I thought u maybe dah 30 ++..actually much younger..

    btw..its doesnt matter . .as long as u happy with ur life..sudah semesti nya kan cik wani..

    nice blog =)


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