Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012!

Hi everyone!

So today mark the last day of the year 2012! What have you achieved...what have you gained...and what have you lost? :)

It's time for a new book!

Well...the obvious "gained" that I got was my weight obviously...if to compare it with the previous years! LOL ;p (Am still trying to consistently dieting and cardio.  But losing weight seems so hard larrr. Issshhhh. haha ;p) But anyways... I gotta say that overall, 2012 is one of the happiest years for me. REALLY. A lot of amazing things happened to me, and I am very grateful for this despite a little hiccup that happened in the beginning of the year... But that's alright because all the pain and suffering is gone now, and has been replaced with so much happiness, so much laughter, so much joy! Dan alhamdulillah, bertambah murah rezeki saya tahun ini, as to compare it with last year.. A lot of opportunities in my life and blessings from God. Syukur....  :)

I am so fortunate I have the best friend one could ever have. I am so glad that my life seems "lighter" with less problems, stress and headache..but more laughter, happiness and tears of joy. I am so glad I have the best parents ever. I am so glad I have the nicest bosses ever. I am so glad I have friends I could count on. I am so glad I have one amazing colleague. I am so glad I love my job. I am so glad I am still blogging for almost five years now! hehe... I am so glad I have a happy life. I am so glad I get to travel a lot this year. teehee!  (my favourite thing in the world! ^__^ ) And lastly, I am so glad that God granted most of my wishes so far.... Alhamdulillah. Allah is too kind and great!

A year has gone now. The entire past has gone. And another fresh, new year is coming with an opportunity to start again. It is never too late to turn over a new leaf, you know. Today, this moment is time to make a start of something new, and awesome! Here's to a happy life, happy health, happy partners, happy parents, happy kids, happy pets, happy friends, happy job, happy studying, happy bank accounts, happy house, happy office, happy cars, happy shoes, happy wardrobe, happy bags, happy things, happy me, and happy hippie!! hahaha ;p

It's time to open a new book, guys! Oh, I really can't wait for what 2013 brings me! Let's hope for the better me, better life, better everything! Semoga diri ini akan selalu beristiqamah & insaf, dan menjadi lebih baik serta berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat.. Have a happy, happy new year guys!!! ;)

January 1st, 2013. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...


Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello Malaysia!

Hello my lovely readers!

So sorry I left this blog for quite some time and not letting you guys know what's going on! hehe. Sorry if you have been waiting for my post! I was so busy last two weeks that I didn't get the chance to update you guys here! - For those who didn't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might not know that I was away for a week for a holiday with my sister. - I was in Hong Kong last week, for a little vacation. And just got home yesterday! (Before that, I was busy at the office and I have some advertorials to do and a lot of errands to do in my house as well since the maid has gone back to Indonesia..thus, I was really, really busy that no update here. Sorry!) 

Anyhow, I promise you I will definitely update my holiday story in here soon! Although there is not much to tell because Hong Kong is not really that interesting and many stuff to do other than Disneyland/Ocean Park and shopping! haha ;p the mean time, you can view some of the holiday pics I took there.. while I choose and edit the rest of the pics that I have to put them in here later, okay? :)

Old Hong Kong..

A life-size lego!

Sea of people!

It's Christmas that day!

Shopping in Kowloon area..

The Avenue of Stars

Ocean Park
(I didn't go to Disneyland, because I already went there a few times in my life, and just went there last April. So no Disneyland for me..)

Times Square in Hong Kong Island!

Yes....Love me please! hahaha ;p

Till my next update! Stay tune! ;)

P/s: It feels great to be back home...minus the body ache of course! hehe


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Buying Your First Car

I got my first car when I was 19 years old. Dad bought for me a car that is value-for-money, as he said I was only a student, and just got my driving license at that time. So why need an expensive car, right...Plus, not trusting my driving skill yet at that time, dad said I need something that is considered "cheap" to maintain or repair if I ever drive recklessly - being a first timer that I was, kan. haha. So yeah..I got my first car from him, and like he has predicted, I never really know much about the car. (Hey, forgive me...I'm a girl! What do I know about engine?? heheh ;p) All I know is that he paid the car fully, and I only have to take charge of the fuel! Little did I know that just like my hair, body and face, my car do need some maintenance every now and then as well! hahahah ;p

I mean, when I first got my car, I didn't know that having a car could be SO expensive! Because my dad has been taking care of all the cars at home, so I don't know much about my car...until one day he left the responsibility to me, because he said I'm working now, so it's my time to pay everything for my car! No more sending him the repair costs, the service invoice, license renewal fees, the insurance, the road-tax receipts and so on.. Sob sobb...

Well I'm lucky that he has paid the car fully though. Otherwise, I'll be paying the car monthly as well! And that definitely sucks!! But even that didn't make my life any better because I just paid RM 450 for a service fee, last month. Imagine if I still have to pay monthly for the car! tskkk.. There’s a lot more to buying a car than just making the monthly payments! Fuel is definitely the obvious extra, but engine oil needs replacing at regular intervals too, as do oil filters, air filters and spark plugs as well, for optimum performance and safety. And then, you will also need to replace your tyres every two years or so. Moreover, you certainly can’t overlook the annual road tax, licence fee and possibly the biggest cost of all, the insurance, all of which are mandatory, by law.
So yes, having a car, definitely means having lotsa expenses to be taken care of! So that's why, when purchasing a car (especially for the first-time buyers), you definitely have to think about all the "hidden" expenses that you need to pay later on!

Anyways, I remembered dad told me, when you're purchasing a car, you don't just look at the price/"surface cost", you have to take into account on the fuel consumption, the maintenance cost, the spare parts, etc etc.. And once you start having your own car, you'll know that having a car could be really a burden if you don't budget or plan well! So having said that, I wanna share with my readers, that Proton now has this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime offer for the first-time car buyers!

Well, if you’re young, and just started working..and thrilled by the thought of replacing your bus or train pass with your very own set of wheels, then Proton definitely have something special in store for you! To ensure that in the excitement of moving up in the world you don't buy the wrong car, or worse, one that you can't actually afford to buy, I suggest that you read on! ;)

Some of you might think that you're considering to buy a second-hand car models instead of buying the new one, right..? Because your budget is somewhat limited (as is the case with most first-time buyers). Sure, while there may be a good deal or two out there, but it is wise to note that there are many dodgy ones as well; and, if you don’t know what to look for (as many first-time buyers don’t), you could end up with a lemon that spends more time in the workshop than on the road! So bye-bye budget!!!

But worry not darlings! New doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Some cars in the market today start from as little as RM 38,361! Like the Saga FLX! Apart from the affordable price and the awesome benefits that you'll get when purchasing the Saga FLX 1.3 or Saga FLX SE 1.6 like; the RM 2,000 rebate, zero servicing charges for a year, and zero road tax for 2 years or zero licence renewal fee for 5 years, you'll also get to enjoy the up-to-date technology, the Lotus-engineered ride and handling, the roomy and comfortable interiors, the leather finishing, the driver-friendly features, and so on! Last time, these features that the new Saga FLX  have, were only available on the much more expensive car models. But now, those who are having a somewhat limited budget but still want a good car to ride, can now purchase one! - The Saga FLX of course!

I suggest that you read the reviews, and take a test for all the car of your choices. Make comparison of the price, the hidden cost that you need to take care of, the fuel consumption, etc etc. And once you've narrowed your choices down, it’s really important to take a test drive; no matter how perfect a car appears to be, you won't know for sure until you've taken it for a spin. So once you’re satisfied that all your questions have been answered, it’s time to evaluate. Are you getting a great deal for your money or not? :)

If you’re convinced that you are, then all that remains is a little paperwork and you’ll be the proud owner of your very own car; happy with your choice, the price you paid for it and the sound advice that set you on your way! ;)

I hope you'll make the right choice darlings! Talk soon! Take care ;)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Du'a for Finding your Soul Mate :)

"O God! Please grant me The One,
Who will be the garment for my soul, 
Who will satisfy half of my deen and in doing so make me whole..

Make him righteous and on your path 
In all he’ll do and say. 
And sprinkle water on me at Fajr 
Reminding me to pray 

May he earn from halal sources 
And spend within his means 
May he seek God’s guidance always 
To fulfill all his dreams 

May he always refer to Qur’an 
and the Sunnah as his moral guide 
May he thank and appreciate God 
for the woman at his side 

May he be conscious of his anger 
and often fast and pray 
Be charitable and sensitive 
In every possible way 

May he honor and protect me 
And guide me in this life 
And please God! Make me worthy 
to be his loving wife 

And finally, O God! 
Make him abundant in love and laughter 
In taqwa and sincerity 
In striving for the hereafter! "

                                              - via tumbler.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Make-Up Party

I love going to events. Especially those events that have to do with my hobbies or things that interests me...or any kind of entertaining, fun, awesome event! ;) 
So fellas, whenever you wanna have an event, please invite me because I love free food! hahah ;p

Anyways...last few months, me and my sister were invited to a make up event, specially for beauty bloggers. hehe.. The event was held at Villa Samadhi, a very beautiful hotel in KL! I think it's such a great place for a little honeymoon gateway with your hubby! Cuz the ambiance is very nice, quiet and romantic! hehe.. It's a very small place, though.. I think they only have about 10 (big) rooms there, I guess? Not too sure. You can google about it! hehe. But the place was really, really nice..would love to stay there someday! Or maybe do a little slumber party with my girls..? heh.

So are the pics I took while I was there! Enjoy! :)

Pretty room, no?

I love the huge bed..... and there's lotsa goodie bag over there too! Another reason to love the bed! haha

Everyone was happily playing with the make up they gave!

One of the best brand for eye shadows that I've tried so far!

I loved This Works products! Been using their aromatherapy sleep spray for years now ;)

...and I also didn't miss the chance to try out their make-up and stuff there

The awesomest lip scrub by Sara Happ! 

Pretty blushers! I love this kind of coral color..

Lippies by Korres and Sleek!

These are Sleek eye shadows.. They're so soft..and the colors are wonderful too! Very pigmented!

Girls....making themselves look prettier! ;)

...and bloggers, doing what they do best! - Taking photos!

and Tammy enjoying her champagne...

....and yours truly, excited looking at my heavy goodie bag! hahaa
Lotsa make up and skin care to try in there!!

By the way, while I was there in the hotel room, I went to check out their bathroom... and I was so excited to see because they're soo big! It was bigger than the bathroom suite in Pan Pacific hotel that I stayed last time, and just slightly smaller than the stateroom's bathroom that I went in Hotel Istana last year. So yes, their bathroom is just superb. I loveeee big bathrooms! 

This is not a full picture of the bathroom! My camera can't fit everything in here! haha

.....I think you can put another four or five toilet bowls in here! haha ;p

Girls........ Pfft


Their awesome bathtub that looks like a mini swimming pool!! Oh, I want one! hihi

The room is overlooking a very big swimming pool, by the way.....which I think is so cool because you can just jump straight into the pool from your room! haha

Thank you Alexis, for inviting us! It was nice meeting you guys! And I love my goodie bag, lotsa cool stuff! Thanks! ;)

By the way...inside my goodie bag I received this awesome fake eye lash from Paperself! 
They're soooo unique! I got mine that looks like a zebra pattern if you look closely! Or maybe it's a seahorse? Oh, I don't know! haha. 

Me wearing a zebra cut-out eye lash! haha - It was too dramatic I suppose...? Don't know where should I wear this to! haha xD

Anyone wants to invite me to your next event? Perhaps I can wear this eye lash then!! hehee. soon! Take care girls! ;)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Acne sucks!

Okay....some of you might think that this post is rather silly (as there are a lot of other important things in life that we really should worry about), but I really don't care, because acne does suck MAJORLY! It's ugly, it's painful, it's unnecessary, it's yellow, it's gross and it's super annoying because no one really needs some huge bumpy thingy on their face for some extra accessories! T___T

To those who are lucky enough not to have pimple ever in their life, might not understand the feelings that we, the pimple sufferer would feel each time we see some bumpy little thing in the morning when we wake up. Sighh... Having pimple really, really does affect my life and my mood! :( I know they're just pimples. And it doesn't seem like a really big matter to some people...and they would rather fix their car problems than being worried about some petty little things in life. But well... for me, every one's "matter" is different. Being a beauty freak that I am, to me..acne IS a big problem! Because why? Acne affects my life! I am not 100% myself when I get acne on my face. It made me so conscious about everything. It made me shy and embarrassed. It made me feel uncomfortable. It made my self esteem so low. And it made me sad too.

A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that acne patients experience social, psychological, and emotional ramifications at the same level of those with chronic health problems, such as epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis! Yikes! O____o

The study also showed that an overwhelming number of teens deal with skin problems and of that group, a majority had feelings ranging from mild depression to severe which in some cases, even lead to suicide! - Depression and anxiety are more common in those with acne than the general population. (Well.. I am grateful that my case is not so severe like some people who even thought of suicide because of acne! But of course, in a society that places great emphasis on appearance, acne often made us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed...right? =/ )

Well...I don't know about you, but having acne makes me feel insecure when talking to people sometimes, you know! I know that acne does not mean it is the end of the world, but I gotta say that acne really affects my social life. I feel embarrassed to go and talk to people. I feel like people are looking at my pimples (and judge me) when talking to me, and not actually looking at ME. -- I'm imagining thoughts on me like "Euww...What a nasty person this girl is! What is thatttttttt thing doing on her face? That yellow-green thing looks SO disgusting! Did she even take her bath or wash her face every morning? Why does she have thattttt and I don't? What is it that thing anyway??" - Or something like that... (that was bimbo talking by the way. hahah. -- I know people might not even think that way and no one really notice it, and it's just me who feels that way, and so perasan...but, I just can't help not to feel SO conscious about it because I used to have a crystal clear skin! And skin is not as perfect as last time! T__T )

Anyways, my point is...acne really makes me feel unpretty and disgusting human being. And what's worse is that, acne could even make me feel depressed sometimes (severe case!). I don't know whether I get acne because of depression, or having acne made me feel depressed?? - But I think, it is a bit of both! Cuz I definitely feel sad when I get acne (more than 2, that is). And most of the time, when I am stressing out, acne started showing up on my face!! Because even though I did change my skin care regime sometimes, I know that that is not the main cause for my break outs. - my face is not really that sensitive to products, but my face is sensitive to my hormone and stress level, I think! Haihh... T___T

And right now...I kinda feeling really stress lately. There's something really bothering me...and I can't help not to feel sad, a result, acne started showing up on my face as a sign of asking me to calm down....which actually made it even more depressing for me! :(
Ohh...why can't I just feel sad..and not have to have these "side effects" of being sad?? Ishhh. Leave me alone, acne!! You're making me even more stress now! Yeeeesh. >__<

I read somewhere that under stress, the growth of nerve fibres near sebaceous glands is stimulated, which in turn contributes to the increased production of sebum — the fatty substance that combines with cell debris and dead skin cells, to form those familiar pustules! Eeeeeek. And in a study done by Statistics Norway, it was found that there is a linear relationship between mood and acne! It was discovered that the more severe the acne was, the worse the depression symptoms were as well!

I know I only have a moderate acne, and there are people who suffer more worse than me! But mine are like the huge ones, you know! And this is making me really conscious, although I know that this is just temporary..and I'll get my clean face soon, but...I still can't help not to worry about it! :(
Hmm...I guess, this would be a really good time for me to go for a holiday, and leave my worry behind...and just be happy about life!

Of course, I don't like having acne and  I hope they will be gone soon. But as weird as this sounds, I am still glad somehow that I had the experience of having acne, because it has helped me to be more sympathetic to other people who have other various problems in life. (though I really wish I just had that experience for a day or two instead of weeks! :p )

Anyways, before I end my sad entry here, let me share with you what someone so dearly to me used to tell me... Whenever we get problems in life, remember that all of the experiences, make up who we are in life. He said, there are no problems...only solutions and how we deal with it. So even though some things are hard to deal with, he asked me to please try to find the good in the bad. And he said, someday we will all be free from the problem, and in my case, acne free (or whatever it is that you're facing in life) - It's just a matter of time. And we will all have the memories of our experiences and those memories will influence how we look at life. :) Hopefully we will be more understanding of other people's differences and be a better person for having gone through what we did.

If you can think of a "good point" of acne, please share it with everyone so we all can handle it positively! hehe.. Now...I gotta see my doctor soon. And wear the right skincare treatment at this crucial time! Take care girls! :)


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Mood!

Oh, it's December already.. Almost reaching to a year end! So much has happened for me this year.. Good and bad stuff. The bad part is.. you know what la kan. heheh.. (Well I figured, it's not so bad after all..cuz everything happens for a reason. And I know now, and I'm loving the reason! heh ;p)
But, one of the good things that happened to me is.. I get to travel quite a lot this year, as compared to the last few years! (This year I think around 10 cities so far!) Alhamdullilah...rezeki ^__^

And right I'm browsing the internet, thinking where to go, and what to do for my next holiday before the year ends, I can't help but to feel sooooo lazy to go to work tomorrow as I'm already in my holiday mood! haha. - It's December already! December means holiday lar! hahaha.. ;p

Looking back at some of my traveling photo albums, made the feelings even more stronger now! Oh, I need a gooooooooood holiday, man! Like all the typical hot country citizen, I think of all the seasons in the world, Autumn/Winter would be the best time to go for a holiday in a 4 season country! hehehe ;p
Although spring would be great as well...

But what do you think? Which one of the four seasons that you like the most?! Do you like autumn like I do too? ;)

Summer in Paris

Spring in Amsterdam

Autumn in my heart.. ;p
(can't remember where was this! Spain maybe? Not sure though!)

Winter in Switzerland..

Snowy in Zurich!

Sunbathing in Australia! ;p

Rainy day in Turkey!

Sunny day in Saudi Arabia!

Tut-tut ride in Jakarta

Waiting for the bus in Perth

Taxi ride in Hong Kong

Waiting for the Tourist Bus in Milan

Train ride in Hong Kong

Bus ride in Italy..

Train ride in Zurich

Waiting for tram

Mid night shopping in Switzerland

Disneyland experience in Hong Kong

Beach holiday in Maldives!

Going shopping in Singapore

Strolling around in Beijing street

Snorkeling experience along Kurumba island!

Sightseeing in Istanbul

Shoe hunting in Mendrisio

Shopping in Italy

Shopping in Holland

Shopping in France

Breakfast in Qatar

Lunch in Turkey

Dinner in Indonesia

Tea time in Lucern City!

Dessert in Hong Kong!

These photos are the random photos I took from year 2007 till 2012! I didn't have any of my holiday pics from 2001 to 2006 though! They're all gone I guess..? - Since I wasn't a blogger yet at that time (it was high school year), so I didn't really thought about keeping the photos inside my laptop that time, and so I left the photos/camera to my parent's responsibility! LOL.

So anyways..what would be your favourite holiday spot? Do share! ;) Well...mine would be, a place where there is a great sightseeing spot, a beautiful scenery, great places to see and activities to do, great shopping places, great food!, great awesome people, cool weather...and lastly great transportation system! hehe

Oh, I need a goooooooooooooooooooooooooood holiday, please! hehehe ;p

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