Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Is Why I Believe In Giving..

Just when I intend to give my lucky lovely reader a perfume, I received one for myself! Heee. I'm SO happy! This is why I believe in giving! Cuz I know, I will get something in return in the future.. =)

Anyway.. one of my best friend gave me these, for my belated birthday prescent. Thank you babe! You're such a doll!

It's a Famous Amos cookies anddddd a Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom fragrance, y'all!! =)

Such a pretty bottle, ey!

 I love the scent! Smells gorgeous and lovely! Super thank youuuu for these lovely prescent! Mmmmmuax! I wouldn't mind getting it a lil' late cuz it's such an awesome gift! =)
Love ya loads!

P/s: This week I have received quite a number of 'some nice things' from some nice people..all because I have given them something so they returned the favor. Or I should say, God return the favor for me..heh. Am I making any sense heree? I don't think so, but nevermind ;p
But anyways.. Let us all do good, because really, you will get more than what you give! Trust me! ;)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Pilihan InTrend!!

Hey there my lovely readers!

Guess what.. This blog is featured in InTrend magazine for April 2010 edition y'all!! Wahh.. I feel so honored! I always feel like I write craps.. hehe. Never knew that my blog was chosen for April's 'Blog Pilihan InTrend'! Heee. Thanks to the sweetie Kak Suzie for telling me this! I wouldn't have known it if it wasn't for her sms and tag post in her Facebook! Heee. Thanks kak, for letting me know! (And sorry, tak reply your text message. My DiGi kena barred! haha)

It says here, "Kirimkan blog peribadi kamu, untuk kami siarkan di halaman ini. Blog paling menarik bakal menerima hadiah misteri daripada InTrend. Kepada pemilik blog pilihan InTrend bulan ini (dengan paparan bertanda *), sila hubungi kami dengan segera!"

Hmm.. It's a lil' weird..I never sent my url to InTrend, before. Did any one of you lovely ladies send it? heh. If so.. Come hereee... I wanna hug youuu! hehee ;p

Noww..I'm gonna claim my prize! Yeehaaa! =)

Thank you InTrend for choosing me as the winner! And I feel so honored when I read your descriptions about me and my blog! Heeee.

Come..let us read it out loud together-gether! Heee ^_^

"Fashionista dengan cita rasa tersendiri. Shazwani Hamid bijak mengatur penampilan diri. Saksikan inspirasi pentas peragaan dibancuh dengan sederhana namun bijak sebagai persalinan hariannya. Cuba susuri laporan lalu yang tidak lekang dengan cerita kasut. Menghiburkan! Lihat juga bagaimana gadis berhijab tetap tampil dominant, versatile dan kadang-kadang super loud dengan gabungan seni padu dan padan. Blog yang harus dikunjungi!"

Wah wah wahh.. Dominant? Versatile? Super loud? Heeeee. I just feel terribly honored to know a fashion magazine company felt that way about me! So, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Semua ini sudah cukup untuk meng-happy-kan saya tatkala berhadapan dengan stress exam. Heee..happy nya! =)

P/s: What do they mean when they say 'super loud', ey?


Friday, March 26, 2010

What Happens When Shazwani Is Having A Final Examination Week?

Remember I made this post few months back when I was in the middle of final exams and stressing out myself? haha. Well..this semester, most of my examination dates are too close with each other..and I've been stressing out myself even more worse than last semesters. Heee. Well, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I've got four papers back to back in this week! And am glad those four papers are now finally over! Phewww..It's a huge relieved for me! I think I have become like a zombie for the past few days! My eyes are not as beautiful as it should be (ha. ha). And most importantly, I did not get enough sleep and rest. Ugh.

You know.. I think it's not fair for lecturers to set an examination dates on a study week! What the heck man. There's a reason why they call it a study week! They want students to have a lil' gap to study (or to relax) after their last class and before the exam week starts! Ni tak, I have started my examination two days earlier than the other students! (Well.. Mmmm okayy fine. I am not the only one. There's a lot of other students/class that have the same situation as mine). But hey, study week IS a study week! Mana acii..class baru je habis on Friday, pastu tiba tiba je nak ada final exam on MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday terusssss. Bagi la Cik Shazwani ni nak bernapas sikit..huhu =P

Well..anyway..despite not having enough time to really study well and prepared myself for the papers..I think I did okay for that kind of time line. heh. Sebab ye la, that last week before the final exam starts, my life was miserable. haha. I have presentations and projects to be submitted all week! And I mean on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!! Setiap hari ada je benda nak kena buat. So memang takde masa nak study awal. So imagine lah..how was I supposed to study for those four papers on that weekend? Ada dua hari je nak study for a total 56 freaking chapters??! huhu. Sebab tu saya freaked out. Heee. =P


Wanna know what happens (or rather happened) when this girl is having a final exam week and how she coped with the stress?

Read on! =)

1. She will buy lots and lots of mineral water (2 bottles for each day) for her brain to work and function well. (Kalau minum banyak air, otakku jalan laju sikit. Sikit je la tapi. haha) =P

2. She will take her Agel vitamins. It's a vitamin in a gel form. fyi. Very yummy. (Mom told me that the orange ones, which is called Ohm is for the brain or something. Not so sure. I just shut up and take it. Konon konon nak kasi tiba tiba boleh jadi genius la..LOL)

3. She will also take some other vitamins and supplements for her body to be functioning extra normal on that exam week. haha =P

4. And she will purchase a well stock Kotex pads & Carefree pantiliners too, since she consumes a lot of water during this week. Takut kalau nervous sangat time exam tu sampai terkencing dalam seluar ke kan..hahaha. JK =P

5. She will have her Aik Cheong coffee on the night she wishes to stay up late, to hit the books (or Gossip Girl. haha)

6. She will devastatingly open her thick yucky text books and starts to flip through and read those boring words and texts.

7. Since she can't get herself focus and seemed to know and remember what she read in those text books, so she wrote some short notes and jot down some important facts for her to memorize and make her life simpler.

8. But after she completed all the short notes on her A4 papers, she realized..her life isn't that simple actually. Those so called short notes has covered more than half of her queen-sized bed!

9. She realized that those notes that were on those A4 papers (back and front) are impossible to memorize within a short period of time! Not so short/simple now, ey?

10. With the time line that she has, she freaked out even more when she saw those notes that she made. 7 chapters for Consumer Behaviour, 9 chapters for Marketing Research, 14 chapters for Computer Networking and 26 chapters for Internet Applications. Oh. My. Goddd.

11. She got so stress up and can't seem to memorize what she reads, so she took out her note books and started doodling and writing craps.

12. And then when that didn't seem to help, she went to her dressing table and took her fave perfume and started spraying her bed, her chair, her curtains and on herself as an aromatherapy to ease the tension.

13. And then when that didn't work out as well, she'll start to take out all types of her facial masks - be it the cooling ones, the whitening ones, the peel-off ones, the pedih type, the clay or mud type, and so on, to do some sort of facial for herself because she thought this will help to calm herself down..

And then while she leaves her mask to dry up.. she accidentally fell asleep because the mask is so calming! haha.

And woke up the next morning feeling setupit and wasted her precious time. Heee =P

So..that's the story on how she coped with her final examination stress! LOL.
Oh, I have another two papers. One is on this coming Monday (29th), an English paper. And another one is on 4th April. Lama lagi. So boleh lepak lepak lagiii and main main facial! Heee.

P/s: Adik-adik, jangan ikut tingkah laku Kak Wani ni ye! Heeee.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saya Tidak Puas Hati.


Align Center
Minggu yang sangat menensyenkan diri.

Minggu ni lah paling banyak presentation and assignments!!

So meaning, memang tak kan ada masa rilek rilek (ni pun curi masa sekejap untuk online..heh)

Pastuuuu... Next MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday AKU DAH START FINAL!!! Aaaaaa.

Sumpah tension.

Bila masa tah nak study? Dah la satu subject ada 14 chapters. Giloooo! Macam mana aku nak study weyyy?!!

Isnin: Consumer Behaviour.
Selasa: Marketing Research.
Rabu: Computer Networking.
Khamis: Internet Application.

Memang aku peninggg ar minggu ni and minggu depan dowh! Shyteyy la weyy!!!

Nasib baik lagi 2 subjects ada gap lama sket. But still, 4 subjects back to back???!!! Wth!!! Never in my life ada exam back to back macam ni. Paling tak pon, 2 hari je. Ni tak..empat terus sekali gus.. Semua yang banyak baca pulak tu. Yeesh.

Mamabah, pleaseeee doakan saya!


I need all the luck in the world!

Dugaan Final Year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lipstick Pen

Last night my sister came to our house..after came back safely from their trip to Beijing for about a week. She brought some souvenirs from China like fridge magnets, some packets of nuts and sweets (dunno what they call it), brooch, tie, etc etc..

But my most fave item is this!

A lipstick pen from Marc Jacobs!

What a cute gift, ey? I love this pen! Not only it's cute, (And heyy..it would make a great conversation piece! The moment you pull it out of your fabulous purse, few heads will glance over at you to see what you're holding.. and shout, "Heyy..what a cute pen! Where did ya get that from?" And I'll happily answer, "Oh, it's Marc Jacobs!" haha. Okayy..I'm babbling.), but it writes really well and smooth as well! Perfect to stuff in my handbag!

Lipstick and Writing. Both are my loves.

Thank you sister.



Monday, March 8, 2010

Win This!

I know I haven't update this blog for awhile. (Andd not much of twittering as well! Tsk.) I've so many things to do! (Please bear with me kay! I'll try to update bit by bit..)

And after been busy with my uninteresting life for about a few weeks..only today, I realized it's March already! It's my blog anniversary month, y'all! Yeay! It has been two years since I started blogging! Blogging has become one of my fave pastime.. =)
How I wish I could blog every single day!

Anyways.. Last year I gave one of my lucky reader a UCB Hot Perfume! I forgot her blog url though. So..I can't show you the pictures that she took here..sob. (Dear Siti Hidayah, if you're reading this, kindly drop me a comment and leave the url for that post you've made! Thanks dear!)

Found it! Here's the winner for last year's blog anniversary giveaway! =)

So..here goes my blog anniversary giveaway for this year's!

It's Versace Blue Jeans for Man OR Versace Red Jeans for Woman!

Each perfume worth about RM 100++. Dua-dua bau best sangat! To win this, just drop me a comment with your email and your choice of perfume, either the Red Jeans or the Blue Jeans! Anyone in Malaysia can enter this contest! And I will select the lucky ones! There'll be only ONE lucky winner!! Hurry! Contest ends 11 April 2010!

Good Luck!!!


*I have the right to change the perfume, depending on the stock availability

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