Sunday, December 27, 2009


Helllowwwww peeps!!!

"Hi! My name is Shazwani Hamid. It's been ages since I post up my pic in this blog, ey. Do you still remember my face? haha" =P

Well..I'm in my happy mood! Guess what???! My laptop magically fixed by itself! No kidding! hee. I left it running for about an hour without touching anything and.. bam! Terus ok! Jimat duitku! Pheww..nasib baik!
Kalau tahu, dari cuti hari tu dah buat lama dah.. Ni tak, tak tahu nak sabar..haha =P

So yeay..I can continue blogging normally after this! By saying normal, I meant posting up some pictures and trying to make this blog more..err.. alive I guess. heh.

Ok see you soon!

p/s: The contest below ends on 31st December 2009. I will select 5 lucky winners and will announce it here! Good luck! =)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goodbye Perth!

Hey guys!! I will be boarding any time sooooon! Yeay! Tak sabar sangat nak balik KL! I miss my phones. I miss internet. I miss friends! And most importantly, I MISSed SCHOOL!!! Huhu.

By the way.. I will be having some sort of contest for my readers who love to collect fridge magnets.. So..for those who are interested, I have a few of fridge magnets to be given away for FREE!!! Yes, you heard me, THEY'RE FREE!!! So go ahead..just leave me a comment..any comment will do.. And I will select a few lucky ones to receive 'em! (Unfortunately, this contest only opens for Malaysian bloggers kay! No anonymous please! Thanks!)

Okayyy..will signing off now.. Leave me some comel comments ya! hahah =P


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hello my dearie readers!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates! Life's a little busy right now. And I may sound like a broken stereo for having to say this for so many times already! =P (Sorry!)

Anyway, I just want to update you that:

  • I've done sorting out some stuff that I wanted to give, as well as sell them. (So be prepared!)
  • I don't like my timetable for this semester. (Monday/Wednesday balik pukul 5 pm! Tuesday/Thursday pulak, kena bangun awal! And Friday got class summore ah? Haiyaa) =P
  • I think I prefer to stay off campus rather than staying in Mahallah Nusaibah.
  • This semester is going to be really reallllyyyy busy! =(
  • I'm addicted to Jonas Brothers song called Fly With Me.
  • I'm torn between 3 things right now (and it's really really killing me! God please show me some signs and please pleaseee make it come true!)
  • Aging is making me paranoid more than ever.
  • My favorite color now is dark green.
  • And my camera is broken (too!) Darn it! (I swear technology really does hate me!! Grrrrr..)
  • Lately I always have the stupid PMS although my period is about to end. (Pms sampai bila weh? penat la rasa sensitif macam ni. Ishhhhh)
  • I want you.
  • I found the mug that I got a few years ago for SPM, which I thought I had lost it. (So yeay!)
  • Hati saya terasa letih lelah lesu. =(
  • I need more baju!
  • I'll be going to Perth in about 8 hours time (for about a week)
  • And I will also be absent from class for a week! Eeeek! *sukahati je!* =P
  • I miss my bestfriends. Really. =(
  • I only wish for one thing for my next birthday.
  • I am a grumpy young lady. And I think I should stop writing right this second before I start to merepek.
  • ..And I should start packing my stuff nowww!

So okay. Bubbye!

I need a break.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hair Talk.

Chopped off my long hair!

Like I told you in my previous entry, I chopped off my long hair the other day. Well.. I kinda like it! It's very simple though, nothing fancy nothing modish. Just a normal trim and a clean-cut. At first I wanted to do like a bob cut or something or..maybe like Victoria Beckham's stylish pixie cut.. But then I thought the bob cut is too boring now, right? (although I know that my hair type would look really nice with the bob cut. teehee. - me, this does not come from me. The senior hairstylist in S.A.W Salon said this to me. He's a professional, and I have to agree with him.heh. Oh, and even all my friends and parents liked my hair when I had a Posh's Bob Cut 2 years ago. hee).

And the pixie cut on the other hand, does look carefree and easy to maintain the hair, but then again.. I have a really chubby face (Or more like huge cheeks). And IMO, that cut wouldn't look so nice on people like me. I have to get the pipi cekung/cengkung first then only I'll consider to have that kinda hairstyle. But until then, I have to have a much simpler haircut that covers my pipi kembong. =P

So anyway..when the hairstylist asked me what kinda style I wanted, I said, "Just make it a shoulder length and no layering on the ends, please"

Well..My new haircut is something like this. (And I do look like a nerdy high school girl, now! heee)

I hate it when they always somehow will try to nipiskan my thick hair by using that hair thinning shears/scissors. I know, it'll add a lil' bit style to the hair, but I just don't like it. Especially when my hair starts to grow.. Nampak macam tak even nanti.

Oh, and another thing I hate about going to salon, is that they will try to squeeze every penny inside your pocket by saying all those horrible and weird things about your hair hoping that you'd feel very ugly and hence will do every treatment and services that they have there to offer.
Well.. the things that they usually say to me:

Like the shampoo that I'm using is not suitable for my hair (and then later she'll start to show their products and everything), like commenting that my hair is so annoyingly thick and ask to do this and that treatment or use their special products or whateverr (which I think, they're exaggerating lebih-lebih je sebab I don't think mine is that tebal annoying pun), like pointing out that my straight hair isn't so straight and asked to do the rebonding thing, like asking me to color my black hair with some freaking orange or blonde or whatsoever tubes and colors that were on the rack, and said I look so boring with my natural hair shade. (Wth?) on and so forth. Ada aje dia nak comment.

Normally I would ignore whatever things they had to say about my hair because by looking at their own hair pun, I knowww that theirs are not that healthy pun. Tengok diorang color rambut and letak macam-macam products kat rambut diorang pun cukup lah, I know that they're not consider as a healthy hair.

Well, maybe I don't know much about hair. But I'd like to stay away from hair styling tools, chemicals and whatnot as much as I can. I know I don't have the greatest hair. But I like to think that by doing those things, my hair will never look good and it will damage the hair over a certain period of time. So I will try to avoid it as much as possible.

So, sukati la kan. =)

I mean, if your hair could talk, it would surely ask you never to color, perm, straighten, and even blow dry it! These things could cause your hair to be very dry, split ends, hair breakage, frizz and damage. (Sian dia). =P

However, at some point in your life (your wedding day, attending party/event, and etc) you might want to wear a different hairstyle or color right? So..I'd say, let's just save your styling tools and products for occasional use lah. Thus for your everyday look, I suggest that you should just let your hair be as natural as it supposed to be and free from all those things that'll damage your locks.

This implies to every woman out there. Bertudung or not bertudung. Just because you cover your hair, doesn't mean you should neglect it! A simple daily hair care will do. (Read here for 6 simple daily hair care routine that you should do)

Since your hair is a valuable natural fiber, you should treat it with as much care as you would maintain your silk baju kurung, in order to get it looking at its best. If your hair is in poor condition because of neglect, or if it has been subjected to harsh treatment, don't be so worry about it. Because with care and attention, you should be able to restore its bounce and glossy sheen.
As with skin, what you eat affects your hair. And I know that this sounds cliche, but you really are what you eat! (Just look who's talking: She used to eat McDonald's practically everyday and now her bod does look like that Double Cheese Burger! Lol)

So anyway..I was told by this one nutritionist that poor nutrition will leave hair feeling brittle and under-nourished. So, go ahead and google what stuff are great for your hair.

Ok lah, I think I should stop here. Next time I will talk more about hair care/tips k girls! =)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A (Very) Bad Day!

Oh my god. Today I had a very verrry bad day!

Scene 1:
It started off when I couldn't sleep the night before because I was quite in my hyper mood. And my mind were wandering around (as usual). So baring pusing sana sini still tak boleh tidur. And after awhile, I looked at the Man Utd clock, it was 6.30 am already! So I got up, Subuh..and then just baring nak rehat badan je cuz I didn't want to sleep sebab lagi sejam lebih je nak siap for class.

Because that night I didn't sleep at all, so by the time the clock hit 8.00 am, I was really really tired and sleepy I guess, and dozed off by accident. Luckily terjaga with the annoying sound of my ringtone walaupun dah terlambat actually. So mandi, siap-siap, gosok tudung and baju kurung, pastu breakfast..and off to my campus.

I was late by 15 minutes.

Scene 2:
And then, around noon..I got a really bad throbbing headache. My head felt so heavy and I thought I was going to pass out.

So I took two tablets of Panadol ActiFast. It didn't really work. So I drank a lot of water. And then slowly..dia makin ok.. And by the time I had my lunch..dah agak nak fully ok jugak la (plus, I met Hana, Biela and Nani. Lepak dengan diorang mesti confirm gelak). So those laughter that we had, has cured me a little bit. =)

So anyways..since my next class was at 3.30 pm, after lunch I went to Cyber Cafe, to check my emails (oh, and ebay & Diva necklaces too. I dig Diva's stuff!) =P

Eh..tiba-tiba pulak..

Ok, pastu..

Scene 3:
So around 3.15 pm I arrived at Education department/kuliyyah. I am so not familiar with this area cuz I am from Economics & Management Sciences punya department. So mana la nak tau sangat. But this semester, I took two subjects from an IT department. Kena jugak la amik tahu nampak gayanya. But the venue stated in my slip was at Education department. Tapi subject tu subject ICT. So I got confused. So I went to both departments (ICT & Edu). Cari setiap tingkat, block, etc.. Penat gile. I searched for the class for about 45 minutes! Jalan ke hulu ke hilir..naik turun tangga..and I asked practically everyone who were in sight..tapi semua pun tak tahu where the freaking Teaching Lab B is! Pfft.

Last last bila dah lencun lenjan baju kurung ku, dan apabila perfume ku tidak kelihatan berbau lagi..maka saya pun sudah give up untuk berjalan lagi dan teruskan usaha untuk mencari kelas. Lagi pun masa tu dah pukul 4.00 pm. (taknak la haku datang setengah jam lambat!)

Makanya...saya pun patah balik from ICT to Edu to HS punya building (I parked my car over there). Penat gile jalan!

Esok pergi cari lagi sekali lah.

Scene 4:
Arrived home. But no one at home.
So..after half and hour dah duduk rumah, terasa boring and sunyi, so I took my car keys and got out. At first I just wanted to have a nice, slow and steady journey, just to take my mind off things and to relax a bit while listening to Boyz II Men (cuz normally I drive quite fast with the stereo blasting, dan tak berapa nak enjoy the view yang ada. haha) So I thought..hmm..nak pergi jalan-jalan yang jauh sikit la. And by 6 o'clock, kononnya nak balik la..

So..dah jalan-jalan tuh..pastu mentang mentang minyak tengah full, saya pun telah membawa diri ini ke Putrajaya.

Pusing sana sini. Tengok orang balik kerja. Tengok orang naik bas. Tengok orang hisap rokok. Tengok pokok pokok yang cantik dan sebagainya..

Kemudian..tiba-tiba saya nampak signage 'Alamanda'

And I thought..Hmm..why not? Since memang tengah takde arah tuju dalam hidup ketika itu..So, I stopped by Alamanda, just to see what do they have there. Dah lama gila tak pergi sana.

After about one hour in there, I decided to go home since my watch already hit 6.10 pm.

So..time balik tu, boleh pulak tersalah jalan. I missed the 'Susur Keluar ke Kuala Lumpur' (sebab sebenarnya ada this one guy ni, kedekut tak kasi saya nak masuk kiri time tu..Siot je..). So..terpaksa teruskan je lah perjuangan perjalanan itu. And then not long after that I saw the word Sri Kembangan. So pakai hantam je main masuk lorong tu.

And the next thing I know I was in the middle of nowhere! Sumpah tempat tu macam bukan area KL/Selangor. Macam dekat pekan pekan kat kampung punya area.. I had no idea where I was. (But still refuse to make a u-turn sebab konon nya, I will somehow jumpa other signage or familiar places.

But I was wrong.

Pusing pusing, dekat situ jugak. After an hour plus jalan-jalan and pusing pusing trying to figure out aku kat dunia mana nih, tapi..ended up dekat tempat yang sama je rupanya. And masa tu dah maghrib, dah gelap. And I was starting to feel nervous and scared a bit. Yela, tak familiar langsung tempat tu and the fact that jalan kat situ berlubang lubang, and takde proper lampu jalan, pastu macam jalan tu itself pun macam kecik sangat je. So perasaan takot pun sudah mula menyelami dan menyelubungi diri ini.

Tempat dah la scary gila. Dah la sorang. Dah la battery phone dah weak. Pastu dah malam. Pastu dah puas masuk jalan sana sini pon, tapi still kat tempat yang sama. Macam mana la saya tak takot. huhu. (Dah la tengah tak selesa sebab still pakai baju yang peluh tadi tu jugak..Euww..pastu Dah la nak terkencing. Adei..). Masa tu serious doa banyak banyak supaya sampai rumah cepat sebab nak mandi, nak solat, nak makan, nak rehat apa bagai semua. Letih gila kot.
(And I cried too! How ridiculous is that?! Tu pun nak nangis. haha. Tak pernah pernah macam ni, tiba tiba je nak nangis sebab rasa macam risau gila! Even though I know that I won't sesat sampai ke London pun.. tapi..tah la..macam takot tiba tiba. Before this, I jenis yang suka try jalan macam macam, sebab biar sesat tapi nanti tau tu jalan nak pi mana..Tapi this time, maybe sebab dah lama sangat dalam kereta and tak nampak arah nak keluar langsung kot.. So maybe that's why la kot, I burst into tears. Tah la. huhu) =P

I texted my friends. Tapi sorang pun memang tak tahu area situ. Luckily my friend, Feex tau area tu and somehow saved me! Phewwww...

So by 9 pm I arrived home safely.



After about 3 hours in car, sampai jugak rumah ku!! (Normally pergi Alamanda tuh 20 minutes je from my house! hahah)

P/s: Meter kereta I hari ni je, dah berjalan sebanyak 130 km ye! Dah boleh sampai my kampung dah tu! huhuh =P

Tobat taknak pergi Alamanda lagi!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Semester

Hello girls!

It has been like a week or so you haven't heard any updates from me, ey? Do you miss me? heh. Well I do have to say that living a life without computers (and internet especially) can make me feel almost empty and bored to death! Ye la, I was on my semester the only thing I wanted to do was to blog, blog, blog, blog and update you guys on whatever things yang I suka merepek kat sini since I tak selalu update it during my school days..tapi itulah, like I told you earlier, the notebook got corrupted and crashed while I was innocently using it the other day =P
And no, my dad's lappie is still in ICU.. So I now, is using my laptop and on a 'Safe Mode'. Eh, just a quick question though, how safe is this Safe Mode ey? Kenapa semua benda besarrr..tak best la..huhu. *Yer, saya tahu, saya bodoh i.t. And I don't speak gadget lingo. Nanti saya pergi repair ye abang-abang sekalian. Hopefully tak kena tipu dah la. haha*


Today was my first day of this second semester of Year 2009/2010. And I managed to add 7 subjects online. . Alhamdulillah sem ni tak payah nak buat manual. But..unfortunately, all subjects that I took are the elective ones. And agak tak berapa nak best. (eh..sem lain-lain pernah ke ada yang best? haha)

Ughh..meaning, more reading and reading and reading = bohrrrringg.. I'm thinking to drop one subject kot. Can't afford to study 7 subjects in one semester lah.. But still don't know which one to drop..

So anyway this morning when I woke up, I was quite bersemangat waja nak pergi sekolah - nak meet the bestfriends untuk bergelak ketawa dan bersuka ria sambil makan Maggi Goreng Pedas, sincedudukrumahsangatboringtakdelaptopselamasatuminggu.. jadi, saya pun dengan semangatnya, bersiaplah bagai tuan puteri untuk pergi ke kelas. (fyi, kalau saya siap bagai tuan puteri tu, meaning saya tengah semangat lah tu.. Semua benda nak matching.. -my heels, my tudung, my bag, my baju..and I will take my own sweet little time untuk menggedikkan diri. Lol. Kalau tak, selalunya hampeh..Siap 10 minit je and pakai selipar jamban je pi klass..Serious tak tipu!) =P

So then..after been stucked in jam for half and hour and paid RM 1 toll fee, and RM 20 for fuel..sampai-sampai je campus, was told by a friend of mine that classes were cancelled. Lecturer tu takde. Perghh.. Sabarrr je lah! Well..actually, I have another class in the afternoon..tapi saya dah takde mood nak pergi..haha. So..I went home straight, to have my lunch and then off to JJ to watch Planet 51. What a cute movie! I like that cute little dog! =)

Andd..I also chopped my hair.

Relieved. =)

Dah..tu je nak bagitau! Chioww! Selamat kembali ke sekolah, kawan-kawan!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am a Grumpy Young Lady.



Remember this post? Well, I told you earlier, I've been using someone else's laptop since mine got crashed. Well, it was my dad's laptop to be specific.

And I swear to God while I was using it, I didn't press any unusual button, did not download any songs or videos or pictures or whateverrr at all, did not cucuk any thumbdrive, did not do anything else other than checking my emails - gmail and ymail, updating my blog, approving comments, checking my Facebook, updating my Twitter and only read those favourite blogs that I love so much. THAT'S ALL!!!!


And then, all of a sudden, while I was browsing through this particular blog, there were a lot of windows popping up.. (it was maybe about 8 times before the damn thing shut down completely)

I know it's a virus or whatever you guys called I just closed the windows..But it kept coming back and appear some more. So I just close it every time it appears. And at the same time, the antivirus thing keep on reminding me to renew it since it has expired. And then tiba tiba..the laptop shut down by itself and I cannot restart it at all. (Until now)

So of course I got freaked out. It's my dad's lappie! It contains a lot of private/confidential/important files and folders.


And then, tiba-tiba je after I told my brother (bcuz I thought maybe he can help me out..) but..turns out, he blamed me for it. EEEEE. Wey, I did not press any button la dammit! Plus, abah's anti virus dah memang EXPIRED pun! So it's not my fault ok! I REPEAT, I DID NOT CLICK, PRESS, PUSH, TEKAN, PICIT ANY BUTTON OR WHATEVER OK. THE THING JUST HAPPENED! AAAAAAA. I OFFICIALLY HATED MICROSOFT. AND SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHOEVER INVENTED THE VIRUS THING. Happy sangat la kau ye dapat rosak kan hidup orang lain.. Yeeeeesh. BODOH. BODOH. BODOHHHH! (ke aku yang bodoh..sebenarnya?)


Is there any ways I can get the documents/files/folders that contain in the laptop even though it cannot open/start at all?? Ishh. Please, help me out.. I'm desperado.

Please God..please help me.. I need my lucky charm right this second! Please give it to me!!! =(

P/s: to make it worst, my DiGi has been barred again! Ish. Now I have to use the Celcom number pulak. Tapi yang ni takleh main internet lebih-lebih.. Nanti orang tu marah. huhu.
haihh..Great! No connection at all for now! =(

Tolong Saya.
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