Saturday, May 30, 2009

My progress..

I'm sorting out my mails, my excels, my receipts, the payments and the stuffs.. to the people who preferred to deliver, to COD, to post and to the unconfirmed ones (who has ordered but haven't paid.. err...but I also still haven't reply some of your mails to confirm! Sabar ya! saya dahulukan yang dah bayar.. I'll get back to u as soooon as possible my dear!!)

I have like more than 200 items to get to!! huhuhu.. Its tiring but somehow the work is enjoyable!

I am sitting in the middle of cosmetics and perfumes all scattered all around me!! Seriously, my house is like the cosmetics and perfume counter in KLCC! hehe.

There's lotsa lipsticks standing right beside me..then there's a huge amount of superb mascaras, and the palettes, the lovely perfumes and lots more!! hehe. Even my mom couldn't resist not to take anything from my stock when she saw me unpacked the stuff! Sambil sambil tengok my barang, she said.."ala..semua best.. Mama nak ni lah.. Umm..ha yang ni pun mama nak jugak..ha yg ni ada orang reserved tak?" hehe..And my sister who came here last night also said the same thing and she said all these things are so menarik to look at! What more if you purchase it! You get to touch, use, feel, smell it and enjoy all by yourself, right?! hehe =)

Okay lah, so I'll see some of you girls tomorrow k!!

Good night!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Buyers..

I will deliver some of the stuff to KLCC this Sunday. I won't be doing it on Saturday as I am really exhausted. On Friday I got back from work and reach home about 10 pm. Got important things to do. And now, it is 4 am (Saturday) and I still have not finished sorting out my mails and the orders as some of you did not follow my instructions properly. And to make it worst, my m2u account is currently unavailable! I've tried many many times.. but I just can't assess. So now I cannot check who has paid me..

Therefore, I think I'm gonna take a day off (because 4 hours of doing so is not enough!) and sort everything in order before I start delivering. Hope you girls understand! I know, mesti tak sabar kan.. I would too! But I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting for extra one day..

I really really hope you girls understand my situation..

Many thanks!

And good night!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coach Sale!

Hey everyone!!

My colleague Annie just told me that we're gonna have a Coach sale at all their boutiques, starting today!! Up to 30% off!

Do drop by and have a look! (Or maybe anyone needs my help? I would love love loveee to do so! hehe. If you want, you know what to do..just email me k!)


Need a favor please..

Hello lovely ladies!

Tonight, I will count everything and sort out the perfumes and cosmetics according to what you guys have ordered. However, I need your help to make my work easier..

For those of you who have ordered and paid, can you please list down what you ordered and how much you paid because my current gmail is kinda messy already with more than 300 emails to reread... There's just soooo many emails and I get confused easily. Plus, there's still people who keep on bombarding me with weird questions and also asking for the list even though the sale has already close! gmail pun sudah pening kepala... =(
(I got no time to sort out my emails! Cuz I need to send out to my customers this weekend. So I only have time for tonight only!)

Plus, some of the names are quite similar and some orders are quite similar too.. So to my dear customers.. I need you to email me to my other email that I created just FOR MY CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE ORDERED AND PAID ONLY. (Not for new order or asking how much I charge, what are the list, etc...whatever whatever...). I REPEAT, FOR MY CUSTOMERS ONLY!! NOT FOR NEW ORDER PLEASE!

However, for those who have placed some orders too, but did not get my confirmation or reply, you can still email me because I did purchase the things you guys ordered even though you still haven't pay yet.

Actually I already have your names in my list, but I need to reconfirm that the stuff is yours without me pening kepala bukak email satu-satu and whatnot..

So what I need you to do is to email me like exactly the same format in my previous posts, (name, add, contact no, orders, paid, etc) to my not please..
And the subject of your email is COD (for COD customers) and POST (for customers who wanted me to post the item). So, I'll be able to differentiate which is which and give priority first for COD because some of them wants me to deliver it this weekend..

Your cooperation is highly appreciated!!! (Sooo sorry kerana menyusahkan!! isk)



Clarins Warehouse Sale!

I read this on Miu's blog.

Siapa nak saya jadi personal shopper untuk Clarins kali ini pula? Sila angkat tangan! hehe. Start Friday (29th May) smpai Saturday. Tapi I tak boleh kot.. sebab I nak rehat la..hehe..Lgpun, banyak nak hantar barang on Saturday la. Sob sobbs..

Seriously, I would love to do so! But well...priority first..kena buat delivery..Sob sob..

Ok tata, sape yang pergi..Sila beritahu saya apa yang best deals so I can borong everything like I did today! haha =P



Mari Terkejut Bersama-sama!


Okay..tak berapa nak terkejut sebab tak nampak..heh.. =P

Jadi mari kita scroll lagii...



My purchased was tremendously freaking insane!!!! Never in my life I had 5 pages of receipts in one transaction on an A4 sized paper!!

I just spent RM 18k ++, I REPEAT, RM 18,000 ++ on cosmetics and fragrances!!!!!

Ya, ini adalah untuk kamu pembeli semuaaa! Err...ada la..sedikit sebanyak yang hok saya punya! Mana boleh tengok orang lain je yang dapat best deals...Saya pun nak jugak! =P

I brought all these 5 boxes filled with all these babies with me!! The boxes were full and heavy!!! Rase macam nak pengsan sangat sangat dah bawak semua benda ni.. But despite all the hardships (stress tahap gaban gile nak mati. Never in my life aku stress sampai macam ni..haha pastu penat, then kena buat entry lagi dlm blog, kena read and reply each emails, kena jawab soalan cepumas lagi, etc etc - and yet some people were complaining my service charge. Duhh.. If u don't wanna pay, go buy yourself the counter price la! Haiyoo. Eh, emo plak.haha. Ok tak, tak. Mari sambung...) that I was going through, I'm really really happy! Tak sabar nak distribute to my customers! It was soooo fun la being a personal shopper!! hehe..
But, all the staff here were really really shocked, amazed, astonished with my purchases!!! hehehee.. =P

Anyways...I really really need my sleep cuz for the past three days I only slept for 3 hours per day..cuz of this sales... So I will reply each and everyone of your email later k!!

Thanks again for your support!!

I love you girls!!

p/s: I still couldn't believe and shock with myself that I just spent RM 18 k on fragrances! haha. Can you believe it? heh.



Sorry if I don't reply your messages. I know, most of you are waiting for my reply but there are just soooooo many emails to get to! I dont have time!

But don't worry, I buy most of the stuff that you girls already ordered.

Later I will post it on my blog!


Love ya all!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello ladies!

Due to some reason, I decided not to publish it in my blog, but instead just via my email. So anyone who wishes to place an order and wanna know what's in the new list, do email me as I will give you the full list of what items are available. If the item that you want does not exist in the list, that means it is out of stock! So please don't bombard me with anymore questions because I really cannot entertain each one of you my dear, as I'm having time constraint as well!

And due to overwhelming support and amounting workload, I am having difficulties in coping with all the orders too! So I'm in need of your help.

Please place your order according to this instruction:

If u need price list on all the items, email me with the SUBJECT OF THE MAIL: I WANT FULL LIST. However, if you're already know what you want, please email me using the format below:





And on another note..

Due to the overwhelming respond and the time constraint that I have, I can only entertain orders up to 2.30 pm, 28th May 2009.

Dukacita dimaklumkan, oleh kerana masa yang terhad dan sambutan yang hangat, para pembaca yang saya amat hargai hanya boleh membuat pesanan sehingga pukul 2.30 pm 28hb Mei 2009.

To those who has confirmed the orders, but haven't bank in the money, please do so before 4 pm, 28th May 2009.

Kepada sesiapa yang telah membuat pesanan, tetapi belum membuat pembayarannya, sila membuat bayaran sebelum pukul 4 pm, 28hb Mei 2009.

Any orders or money transferred after the closing time will not be entertained. In the event of this occurance, I will refund back 100% your money as soon as possible.

Sebarang pesanan selepas masa yang telah ditetapkan, tidak akan dilayan. Walaubagaimanapun, kepada sesiapa yang telah membuat bayaran selepas masa yang telah ditetapkan, akan diberi pulangan wang dengan segera.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. And thank you very much for your support! It is my honor to offer my service to each and everyone of you!

Thank You!

Kerjasama anda adalah amat dihargai. Dan terima kasih di atas sokongan anda. Saya amat berbesar hati kerana dapat menghulurkan bantuan untuk anda semua!

Terima Kasih!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiltilation Balms

I have this cuties right now. I'm selling at RM 50 per box. It was priced at the counter for RM 102!
I got 2 boxes only! Interested? Hurry! Email me!! First come first serve basis. Please add another RM 10 for postage. Thank You!!

*Both already booked and paid! Sorry girls!*


Monday, May 25, 2009

I Hate Them.

I found some photos of the Cruzs.

Oh god.

They are freakingly gorgeous hot women! I am officially a lesbo now. haha =P

Woohhh.. Hotness overload! hehe..

Want moree??


It's official.

I really hate the Cruz.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Valiram Sales

Today is the last day of the Valiram Sales at The Gardens.
I only went there once just to look around what's on sale since quite a number of people asked me whether it is worth to go or not. be honest with you, if you're looking for luxury items that cost slightly (or maybe more) lower than the boutique price, then this is the right place for you. But If you're looking for verry cheap items (and I mean stuff like handbags, watches, etc that cost just a few bucks), then I don't think that this is the right warehouse sales for you. The reason why I said this is because I overheard some girls were complaining while they were in the hall. They said something like "This sales is stupid and ridiculous", "After less also still thousands. Might as well just buy fakes." , "Wtf?! What kinda warehouse sales is this?!", and et cetera. Malas nak panjangkan cerita. hehe.

Anyways.. let me tell you what kinda warehouse sales is this..hehe. =P
Valiram Group carries branded luxury items like Dunhill, Hermes, Asprey, Rolex, Chloe, Jimmy Choo and etc. Their main target customers are from high income people. So based on my observation from just one month of my internship here, I can see that basically their customers are from middle to high-income level people (depending on which stores). And for these people, items that are usually cost like 10k being reduced to like 2k or something is consider cheap. You can't expect a Jimmy Choo snake skin boots that was priced for RM 13k++ being reduced to only a RM 100! Even an Aldo or a J. Lo's shoes cost more than that! ;P

And also, some Chloe's ready-to-wear items that cost 10k has been reduced to only 1k++! Well.. 90% off is a lot, man!!! (Although for an ordinary girl like me still feel that for just a plain normal top that costs more than 1k is madness! What more if it is 10k? huhu). But well, different people have different perspective of what is expensive and what is cheap. For someone who earns RM 50, 000 per month might say that an item that costs RM 10k which then being reduced to just a thousand Ringgit might say that it is bloody cheap! Just like for someone who earns RM 5, 000 per month and saw an item that cost RM 1k being reduced to a hundred Ringgit, right? I bet if he or she loves the item very much, would definately grab it as fast as he/she could! hehe. But..then again, it all depends on what kind of items la. Some people might think that a small car that cost 100 thousand of Ringgits is considered affordable. But for some other people it is bloody ridiculous. all depends on your perception towards how you view things.
Like me, the other day when I went for a store visit in Pavilion, I saw a handphone that costs more than a RM 100k!! I was like..really realllly surprised! I never knew there're handphones that expensive!!! is ridiculously insane la! Well..that's my opinion..cuz I would rather use that money as a trust fund for my baby or whatever that is beneficial for future use.. heh
But then again..for millionaires or bilionaires or whatever..may say that "Oh.. 100k for a handphone is nothing!". hehe.

Eh..entahlah.. Apa entah aku merepek nih.. =P I making any sense here? haha. I just realized that I am starting to blabber ridiculously. =P
(And I refused to press the 'Backspace' button and delete all my words that I just typed. Penat type woo..).
So if you do not understand anything at all that I just state there..just ignore me k.. cuz that is not the topic that I wanted to share with you today! Melalut pulak.. Itulah.. disebabkan dengar orang tu marah-marah and complain2 dgn kawan dia kat situ buat saya membebel kat sini pulak..haha =P


So on Friday after work, I dragged my mom and
sister to go and a have a look at their sales. Umm.. there were not so many people la, for a warehouse sale.. (which is good..because I cannot stand crowds..I could faint, you know. Seriously. Saya tidak boleh berada di tempat yang terlalu sempit atau tempat yang terlalu ramai orang. Nanti tak cukup napas pastu pengsan. Dari kecik lagi asik pengsan. haha. Macam hobi pulak.) =P
Oh.. and I still remember the last time I went to a warehouse sales by FJ Benjamin..oh my goodness.. People are insane you know! The ladies who went there were like piranha ready to attack their enemies who touches things they saw first on the racks! haha. Women are really funny, I tell you! (Teringat scene dalam Shopaholic) ;)

Anyways..this is the catch of the day!

Gucci Horsebit bangle watch. It has diamond and mother of pearl, which adds a little glam to any wrist.

A Fendi B Orologi Watch. Mine's a leather strap though. Hmm.. I think this watch would look great with jeans. =)
It looks kinda big and rugged on my small wrist.. which is good cuz it has been so long since I last wear a big watch or a watch that looks like a man's watch. (My Cartier watch-that-looks-like-a-men's-watch has been stolen by a bitch from hell! isk.. Hmm..well, nevermind. It was 3 years ago.)

And this is a Charles & Keith grey satin clutch. It was the last I grab it! hehe. This clutch reminds me of
Fendi's Stone Belt! I have been eyeing this clutch for months but at that time I decided not to purchase it because it was priced for over a hundred. Fyi, I don't buy a small clutch for over a hundred ringgit. So when the SA told me this is a last piece and has 30% off, I was I bought it =)

And later that evening, we had our tea time at Pastis. My favorite cafe at The Gardens. Food here is really yummy! that's all for my Valiram Sales story..hehe.

Oh, and thank you D! ;)

p/s: To you.. 27 dah dekat.. Nak hadiah! hiks =P



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terlanjur Cinta

Oh I'm in love with this song!

Lagu-lagu from Rossa semua best la..


One of My (Best) Stila Customer

I received an e-mail from one of my customers. =)

Hi Wani...

Geram lah ngan pos Msia ni...pos laju jd pos siput...i xdpt lagi posto of u n Miu..
2-2 pun takde.. Everyday I went to the office n asked our office boy about my parcel...tapi takder..tensen...hampeh..

Tapi terkezut kejap bile u mentioned my name in ur blog..

p/s: It was really nice dealing with you girls! Especially you, Kak Ijan!

terpikir kejap, is it kot...heheh..if I got my own blog I will mention ur name too wani..hope I can meet with u n Miu someday...

You really make my day..muakkksss...u go gurl...selalulah update blog tau Wani.. Bubai..


Wanii.....Yea yea.. I got my parcel this evening....

1. thanx 4 letting me know bout Stila
2. thanx 4 being my personal shopper
3. thanx 4 the freebies (banyak lah, mahal kn lip balm tu, stila bag lg)
4. thanx 4 updating your blog
5. thanx 4 the compliment..hehehe..u also friendly n nice lah
6. thanx 4 your rajin-ness to write me a letter..eventhough u dont have to do that
7. thanx 4 everything..

Yap I think I still need u to assist me in the getting married end of this year. maybe this December..then I think I need your help again..

Get well soon Wani..u slalu sakit..kesian plak.. Jadi, Ijan doakan Wani cepat sembuh dan sihat...




Her name is Ijan. She's from Sarawak. She's very nice, you know. It was soo fun dealing with her!
(And yes, you have such a cute voice!!! Serious tak tipu. Macam suara budak2 comel! hehe)

Well..she trusted me very much that she just gave me a few hundreds bucks the other day, for me to purchase anything from Stila without knowing what stuff she needed and without knowing me personally! She let me chose whatever that I feel like buying on the counter, you know! She said she trusted my taste.. And asked for my help to just buy anything at all with that money!

Considering that she didn't know what to purchase and didn't really know the prices on the counter.. Oh, I felt really honored you know, when people trust me that much to just gave her money to a complete stranger to buy anything at all! I mean, I could just lie to her or maybe purchase any yucky sucky stuff for her or..whatever that is dishonesty.. hehe. But of course.. I wouldn't do that!

So..anyways, I honored her words and purchased whatever that interest me (after learning what type of make up she needed and used). So I bought all the 'must-haves' items for her! =)

Oh, and I even gave her some free gifts! I gave her a perfume purse spray by Lacoste - Touch of Pink, a Stila pink Make up case and a full-sized lipbalm from L'Occitane. All brand new! =)
(I really hope you're happy and satisfied with my purchase and the free items and the discounts! hehe)

Oh hey.. I also wrote a thank you letter for her.. =)

Okay, hope to deal with you again in the future! =)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Corset is Love

Hello ladies..

As you all know, I have a passion and love for corsets..

I fell in love with all these lovely babies the very minute I lay my eyes on them.. I already have on my mind how and what to wear with them. But unfortunately I couldn't get all three of them at a time, due to some budget constraint! So could you girls help me decide which one of these three corsets that you girls think would look great upon wearing? =)

1) A Plain Asymmetric Frill Corset in Brownish Grey

2) An Angel Pleat Corset in Fuschia Pink

3) A Pleated Rose Corset in Baby Blue (or maybe Pale Blue also can..hehe)

Thanks for your votes!!



Thursday, May 21, 2009

VG Sales

Ladies.. Here's some information I managed to get! (But I haven't be able to go there yet! isk)

For Coach bags, they have discount mostly up to 30%.

Jimmy Choo shoes prices from RM 500 to Rm 600. (Just a normal pair of shoes, tho) But the nicer ones do expect some RM 1000++ and above (quite a good bargain bcuz it's Jimmy Choos!!)

Charles & Keith shoes you can get from as low as RM 30!

Chloe Bags around Rm 2000++ (usually the lowest price for Chloe bags are around RM 4000++)

Dior, Fendi, Gucci, etc watches you can get them from as low as RM 1000++ each!

Hermes for RM 1600++ after 70% discount! (Omg..Hermes??!)

Tag Heuer watches around 50 to 60%.

And Cartier perfumes, "buy one free one!!"

Okay, that's all I know for now..

Kawan-kawan, mari kita rompak bank!! hehee =P


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great News!!!

Valiram Group will be having sales from 21st to 24th May 2009 at The Gardens Hotel! And sales up to 70% off, girls! =)

Products Offered

Perfumes & Cosmetics





and more

Brands Offered


Mercedes Benz

Charles & Keith


Jimmy Choo


Shanghai Tang



Naf Naf

and many more!!!

Time : 10am to 8pm

Do come over guys!

Psst..anyone needs my help to buy for you? Do buzz me at! And please leave your contact number and name. Thanks! =)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be careful guys..

Malaysia is no longer safe!

Read here and here!

P/s: I just recovered from my flu. I suffered for 2 weeks! isk. Alhamdulillah dah ok. Lepas ni kena beli mask, just in case!


Delivery Girl

Please excuse the sporadic and boring posting lately. I've so much to do! Apart from doing my work, I've to reply emails, be a personal shopper, write love letters for my customers, find any old boxes at my back store, buy some posting and packing materials, wrap them up, and finally, post! And besides that, I also need to blog, clean the mess in my room, call some important people, play some dress up, and sooo many things! Penat woo...tapi best! heh.
Well, you may find this as an easy job, but trust me, when you deal with various kinds of people, it is not as simple as it sounds, I tell you! hehe..

And I rarely have time for myself lately.. and pimples started to grow again. sob sob.. (But somehow, I love doing all this!). It's fun to be a personal shopper, you know! (Hmm..maybe I should be one la, as my part time job! What do you think?) =)

Okay now, if you'll excuse me, I've some boxes to wrap some more! Tata!

p/s: It was really nice dealing with you girls! Especially you, Kak Ijan! ;)


Friday, May 15, 2009

I'll Think Of You..

I love music.

Any kinds of music actually.

But whenever I'm feeling blue, I choose to listen to songs that could make me cry. And I would listen to it over and over again till I got no tear left to cry. (Just so u know, I like to really feeeeel the meaning and the interpretations of the song).

Like today, I chose this song called You'll Think Of Me by Keith Urban. My God.. he has such a wonderful vocal! I fell in love with this song the very first time I listened to it.. He really made my heart melt.. (And listen to his other songs! You'll love it.. Well, at least I do.)

You know, whenever I listen to music, I don't just listen to the tune and melody of the songs, nor just understand the meaning of it, but I like to put myself in the singer's shoes as if the situation was mine. Especially sad songs! And if the song is so touching, I will cry like nobody's business! Even if the meaning of the song has nothing to do with my life! haha. I know, weird, huh? =P


Here's the song. Take a listen to it. =)



Such a sad song!

Oh hey, I found a YouTuber who sang this song in an acoustic version.


He IS superb! I urge you to listen to it! Suara dia sangat menjiwai lagu ini! =)

hmm.. If there's a guy with this kinda voice and sings this kinda song to me or for me..I DEFINATELY would cry the very second he starts singing it.
Sangat menyentuh hati dan perasaan saya. isk.
(Especially if we just broke up or had some fight or something.)

Oh my God.

I'm such a drama queen la. hehe =P

Oh, I really miss you, Ajeet. Dunno why, somehow this song reminds me of you.isk ='(

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Week's Catch!'s only Wednesday.. hehe.. But well..nevermind..

Anyway, last week my hauls were some lippies and some gorgeous eye shadows for my customers.. Oh and also a refill of compact powder. It was for Kak Iffah. She's very nice n suara dia pun sangat cute! hehe.. I have already posted to each one of them. (Thank you for buying it from me, girls! Nice meeting you girls!)

So for this week.. I bought some eye shadows, mugs, tin cans and etc. Thank God they still have the mugs and tin cans!! Sooo many girls ordered them from me! So the tin cans I sapu semuaaa that were available on the counter..haha.. But the mugs they still have quite a lot according to the SA la..(so if you want to grab it for yourself, go and get it now, baybeh!)

Okay...these are the things that I need to post to my dear readers/customers by this week Insyaallah.
Thanks for buying ladies! It was such a great experience la!! Oh, and to you miss cutie pie.. I will post your gift in this week jugak! hehee ;P (I know.. lambat giler gilerrrr! haha.. But don't worry, to make it up to you, I ada bagi extra gift lagi! hehe.. Lagi pun I baru baik demam.. So..maafkan saya ye kerana menghantarnya sangat lambat! )


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sekuntum Mawar Merah..

Well..not sekuntum actually.

I received a bouquet of flowers on Mother's day from Mr. Anonymous? haha. I'm not a mother yet la! But nevermind.. I love flowers!

In the bouquet, there were 6 red/pink lilies and 6 red roses and some other flowers that I'm not quite familiar with.

Very nice choice, mister!


*wink wink*

Thank You!

Oh, btw.. what does those 6 roses and 6 lilies represents, ey?? hehe


Monday, May 11, 2009

Becoming a Mystery Shopper

On my first week of working in The Company, I have been assigned to be a mystery shopper for their stores in KLIA. Hmm..what exactly is a mystery shopper, ey? And what do they do? Well.. mystery shoppers posing as normal customers, performing specific tasks such as purchasing their product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

And on that day, I have been given evaluation forms for me to assess each and every stores that I visited . There were about 10 stores that I visited altogether which are The Flying Emporium (Cosmetics & Fragrances department store), Dunhill (Men's Fashion & Leather Goods), Coach (Fashion & Leather goods), Hermes (Fashion & Leather goods), Salvatore Ferragamo (Fashion & Leather goods), Swiss Watch Gallery (Luxury Watches), Mercedes Benz (Collectible Items), Tumi (Bags & Luggages), Mont Blanc (Writing Instruments, Leather Goods, etc), Godiva (Fine Chocolates) and lastly Fashion Galleria (Leather goods - One of the competitors).

So on Thursday, 24th of April 2009, I started touring around KLIA to visit their stores at about 5 pm and finished around 7 pm. Just so you know, The Company didn't give me any funds for me to do some shopping. (I know! So sad! isk.). So basically, I shopped using my own pocket money..isk.. Well.. my dad's money to be exact. (I am just a money maa...)
So that morning, he gave me some Euros for me to exchange it with Ringgit at the airport after I told him I had to be the mystery shopper but I ain't got no monayy..heh. (Soo..thank YOUU daddie!)

So anyways.. the first shop that I went to was the Flying Emporium. At first, I never intend to purchase anything at all..cuz you know, I thought I wanted to save and could use that money that dad gave me for something else. Or maybe transfer it to my savings account. Plus, this store sells fragrances and cosmetics. And well.. I had enough of perfumes and make-ups already.. However, the Sales Assistant was very nice to me.. She showed me this and that.. New products la.. the substitutes of this and that, some promo items, and whatnot.. So I was feeling kinda like kesian and all to her after all of her efforts. Plus, she was verry very nice to me! So I decided to make a hole in my purse..and purchased two bottles of perfume from Cartier. One for me, and one for my mom (as her birthday gift!). They were from the
Delices De Cartier range. Oh, and I also bought the Agent Provocateur Titillation balms for Nipple and Lips. hehe. The packaging was so cute you know! Plus, I couldn't resist not to buy anything from Agent Provocateur! Their stuff are just so sexay! ;)

The white balm is for nipple and the red one is for lips. This stuff smells amazing, you know! Love it to bits! ;)
So anyways.. basically this store has won my heart.. cuz I rated this store with all 'Yes' answers on the evaluation sheets. Seriously, the service was superb! I love that girl! =)

Okay, moving on..then I went to Swiss Watch Gallery. Oh my god.. I hate the experience so much. The girl just stood there and did not even greet me. She did not layan me at all! All she did was looking at me like I'm some kinda penyibuk or something.. Ughh.. I spent about 5 minutes only. She made me feel very akward and unwelcome though I asked her quite a number of questions about the watches there - to show that I know about their stuff! heh. But, it didn't work out. haihh =(
Oh, btw I rated this store mostly some 'No' answers..haha. Padan muka. Sape suruh poyo sangat. eheh =P

So after that I went to Mercedes Benz, Tumi (another excellent service!!), Ferragamo (suck!), Hermes (great!), Mont Blanc, Coach, Godiva (awesome! I got to taste some chocs!), and Dunhill.. Well, basically the services that these stores offered were quite okay la.. Only one or two stores je yang macam poyo. Well, probabbly cuz they were luxury items, so the retail assistants tend to be like judgemental or something kot.. Tah la.. Or was it bcuz I don't buy anything? Durhh.. it's their job to give the best service to every customers la, despite the fact that they're frumpy or not! It's customers for God's sake! You don't provide good service only after you judged the potential customers! But well.. then again, they're human. Humans have emotions. So probably they were really tired kot after standing there for God knows how many hours..So, malas nak layan la kot? Plus, it's human nature to judge people. Ain't that right? heh.

Anyways.. here's what I purchased.

Not much though.. Semua benda kecil-kecil sahaja..

Some Mont Blanc pens and refills, keychain holder, Cartier perfumes (for my mum and me), Agent Provocateur balms, Hermes tie (my dad's), and some Godiva chocolates.. Oh, and I almost bought something from Coach. It was something from Bonnie's. Tapi pikir 40 kali, lepas tu tak jadi..huhu. =P

Okay, that's all for today's post!

Thanks for reading! =)



Sunday, May 10, 2009

To whom it may concern..

Hello my dear readers..

I am so sorry I did not reply some of your emails, Yms and text messages.

I have tons of emails and messages to get to, so be patient with me!

I will reply each one of it as soon as possible. (But not in this two days time as I have another event to devote myself. It's Rolex. And it's due tomorrow!)

Okay, I'll revert to you as soon as possible!
Thank You!



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birth Day and Mother's Day

Oh. I totally forgot to make a post about those two important dates.

7th May 2009 was my one and only brother, Aizat's birthday. He turned 18 this year. Well, Happy Birthday, bro. Jangan dok gatai2 carik awek je keja.. Kasi perabis blaja dulu. haha. Look who's talking =P

And 9th May 2009 is a Mother's Day!! Happy Mother's Day mummy! ;)
You know I love youuuu.. (And you too Aizat!)

Hadiah untuk kalian nanti2 lah ye.. Saya pokai. huhu

Your daughter and your sister.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Beauty Picks

Many people asked me the products that I use for my skincare and make up. So today, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products. These are the products that I use whenever I'm out. Usually it would take me about half an hour for me to apply all this! hehe

1. L'Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser - I love the smell of this facial cleanser! And it's ultra-foaming cleanser leaves my skin clean, clear and pure!

2. L' Occitane Purifying Rice Toner - It is fun to shake the toner to mix the powder (the rice) and the liquid together! My face feels very clean and fresh after I applied this!

3. L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum - Loving it to bits! My skin felt smoother and firmer after a few weeks! A total life-saver! Enough said.

4. L'Occitane Riz Rice Ultra Matte Face Fluid - I would highly recommend this moisturizer for those who have a combination or oily skin. It leaves my skin mattified.

5. L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm - My eyes felt cool and relieved after I applied this!

6. Stila Hydrating Primer Spf 15 - I use this as my make-up base.

7. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder - I don't like to use a two-way cake pressed powder or even a loose powder. I prefer to use this baby powder. I've been using baby powders ever since I was a baby! hehe. Not only it smells cute but it's also very cheap!

8. Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation - I loove this foundation! Like what the description said: Never heavy, chalky, or dull, Illuminating Liquid Foundation glides on weightlessly for sheer-to-medium coverage and a silky semi-matte finish that evens out flaws while letting your skin's natural luminescence shine through. Oh, so true!

9. Stila Shadow Pots Eye Mousse in Taupe - It is actually an eye shadow. But I use this mousse as my eye shadow base! hehe. Well, it is great as a base for powder shadows or worn alone! I love it cuz it makes my eyeshadow stays longer throughout the day!

10. Stila Eye Shadows - I must apply Stila eye shadows whenever I'm out! The color that I choose vary according to what I wear for that day. But usually I would pick brown cuz I love natural look.

11. Bloom Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black - It is the best liquid eyeliner so far from all the brands that I've tried! I love the super thin brush which allows me to create the ultimate precision of thick or even fine line!

12. Stila Kajal Eyeliner - Read here. Then you'll know why I love it!

13. Stila Liquid Eyeliner - I only love this product because the packaging and it's size is so short. Drawing and lining the lower lash line has never been so fun and easy!!

14. Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara - One thing I think every girl should use everyday no matter how much of a rush you're in is mascara! I love this mascara as it makes my lashes look full and thick without looking too dramatic for everyday wear.

15. Stila Convertible Color for Lips and Cheeks - It blends in really well and doesn't dry out my skin! I like their color in Peony as it is perfect for everyday brownish pinky color. I use this product either for my blusher or as my lip stick!

16. L'Occitane Shea Butter - This product is a brilliant thing to carry around in your handbag! Seriously, this shea butter cream is a total life-saver with so many uses! Be it your hands, your feet, your cuticles, your lips, and even to tame your frizzy hair! I use this for my hands and lips. This product is simply fabulous! Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!!!

17. The Make-Up Store Lipstick - I lovee their lipsticks. Very moisturizing. My fave ones are Bare and Cute.

18. Stila Plumping Lip Glaze - I love it because it makes my lips feel very cool and minty.

So ladies.. Any beauty products that you're into right now?


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can You Spot Me?

My friend tagged me in this photo on my Facebook.

We were in Form 5.

Kelas 5 Jaya. Macam-macam memories. hehe.

Ini adalah kelas budak-budak pemalas tetapi hebat-hebat belaka orang-orangnya. Ceh! Perasan..haha =P
(Eh..tapi betul wooo.. Wa tak tipu sama lu.huhu)

Hmm... Tetibe je rindu sekolah. Padahal dulu salu ponteng! hahah =P

So... Can you spot me??

Hint: Saya ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Eh silap. hahah.
Saya ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang kecil lagi comel size ketinggiannya. =P


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Federal Emergency!

Oh my God!!!

I have an Asprey event to attend tomorrow night at Starhill and I don't have anything to wear!

Why all of a sudden, everything looks frumpy now??

Sumpah tak tipu. Akuu takde bajuu!!! Ish.

Oh my goddd.. I hate this.

I really hate this.




Monday, May 4, 2009

Colour Me Up on Mondays!

Hey ladies..

I need your opinion. Which colour do you think looks better on me? A dark toned colour tops or a bright ones?

This is a dark olive Forever 21 twisted front top, wore with an off-white Forever 21 singlet, and a black Topshop pants, with a Tie Rack scarf which has shades of yellow, green and brown.
Accessories: yellow shoes by Aldo, and the ivory handbag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I wore this outfit, today. =)


An aquamarine satin shirt with bow from Agenda, a wide-leg white trousers from Warehouse, and a matching scarf from Tie Rack.
Accessories: Squared ring from Diva, a Gucci charm bracelet, a Coach Scribble Hobo purse, and a turquoise platform heels from Rizman Ruzaini.
I wore this last Monday. =)

So which colour suits me the most? Dark or bright?


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