Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Tears..

Today I am forty weeks (plus) pregnant with our first baby. Yes, I'm #StillPregnant! haha. Well that's almost 10 months of carrying a precious life, that is half of him and half of me inside my womb! O__o With Baby A's arrival only days away inshaallah, I can't help but think about how our marriage and friendship will change when we become a family.

It seems like just yesterday we got married..and decided to get pregnant after 8 months of blissfully being a newlywed! Hehe. And now I can't believe that we're just a few days away of starting a family and a new phase of life! ☺️

Throughout this three years of knowing Hazim and being married for a year and a half now, there is never a day that passes by I don't feel happy with him, alhamdullilah. We couldn't believe that we have made it over a year already. We both felt like we're only been married for about 3 months or so! haha. I guess when you're having fun, you won't realize how fast time flies! All praise to Allah, the Creator and Owner of happiness. I know a year is only a short period of time to judge and say this, and we have a long way to go still, but I am grateful with the blessings Allah has given me so far, and I will try to remember everyday that all these are from Allah, and not to take things for granted because he could easily take away everything that I have now... And I know, with a baby comes new responsibilities and a lot of exhaustion. So I hope that no matter what obstacles lie ahead of us, we can get through the early stages of parenthood together and grow closer as a family, Inshaallah.

Well..I never really share this with anyone, but tonight I think I just let my emotions write this... Sorry if I sounded a lil' cheesy here. Because who knows, after having kids, I won't be as romantic as I used to be, and I'll forget how and why did I fell in love with my husband.. - Not that I intend to, but with all the "mommy mode" I'll be having later on for the next 20 years, you never really know right..? So I would like to take this opportunity to say that you're an amazing person and and I will love you forever and will strive to be the best wife and mommy to your children, inshaalllah.  
Thank you for always being by my side through this life creating journey that we will some day tell to our kids as big adventures.. I know when I need someone you will be there. Thank you for being the one I can count on and trust with even my darkest fears and biggest dreams. It's not the big things that you do, but the little things can mean enough for me. I would pick no one besides you to be my partner in life. You are my love. You are my sunshine after the rain..

I know all this sounds cliché but sorry, like I said..tonight I am extra emotional.... thinking and remembering everything that has happened to me before, and how God has planned my life (so far) for the best, inshaallah.. ☺️
I have put all the negative memories behind, the day I met Hazim..but I don't know why, all of a sudden, everything came back in a flash to me tonight, and I remembered how destroyed I felt with everything last time - love, life, friends, etc... and how different my life is now! Syukur Ya Allah. Sometimes I wonder, what did I do right, that I get all these blessings from Him. Alhamdullilah.. I can't thank Him enough.. :'(

I remembered I cried horribly on my wedding day (you know the kind of cry where you can't control your chin and it starts to wobble and making your face look so damn ugly? Haha. Yeah, that type of cry!)  *Yes, big surprise here.. I'm a big weeper! Haha* - I just can't control the feeling of being SO happy, mashaallah. Probably because I was hurt so badly...and suddenly everything changed 360 degrees? So maybe that's why I am feeling a little bit emotional, I guess. -- I even cried in my sleep/dream even after I am already married at the time, because I just couldn't believe how happy I am and how different I feel inside out - Bahagiaaaaaa je rasa. Hahaha. xD

You know that feeling right..when you're too happy that you cry instead of smile? Uh-huh, that one! After the wedding, I actually cried almost every night for a month, when he already went to sleep! Yes, almost every night! LOL. When I looked at him, I just couldn't believe that I am married. That he is my husband and my beautiful fate. I just never thought I would ever feel this way and meet someone who would love and appreciate me in every way, and always strive to make me happy and speak so kindly towards me. It's like Allah answered my prayers and hear my thoughts and rintihan hati.. :') And that someone is not just a boyfriend to me but a life partner, a best friend, a husband and soon Inshaallah the father of my children. Someone that Allah has written his name in Luh Mahfuz as the one for me in this world and in His beautiful Jannah, Inshaallah.  --- He actually got a little confused whether or not I am happy being married to him, on the first few weeks, cuz I always woke him up that time, with the sound of me sobbing like a child in the middle of the night. Hahaha! :p

But I'm all stable now. Dah tak emotional dah. Dah normal balik. hahaha. Everyday I keep reminding myself about how I felt last time so I would always appreciate my husband, and love him whole heartedly and never take things for granted. He is really such an amazing person and husband and inshaallah an amazing dad as well. I am really, truly grateful for everything that has happened in my life, good or bad that leads me to finding this guy and be his lawfully wedded wife. And soon, a mother to his children! :)

All praise to the Almighty, the Owner of Happiness, the best of Planner and the Creator of everything that exists in this world.

I know all these happiness and kebahagiaan that I feel now is just a "loan" to me and a test in this dunya. Someone once told me that a spouse is a bless and a test from God. And I know in just seconds, He can take all these away... And I also know that it takes two people for a successful marriage, so I just wanted to let you know that having a child together will not hinder my duties as a wife to you, Inshaallah. If at first I struggle with the balance of the two, please have patience. We can grow together as parents as we have grown together into the adults we've recently become. My love for you has always been the strongest kind and will always be, inshallah. There's no other person I'd rather be on this journey with. All praise to Allah, the Creator of all things in this life. I know nothing lasts forever except Allah. So my only wish is for Him to be pleased with me and with us. Ameen. Ya rabb al ameen  :)

Enjoying the last few days as one!

Anyway....speaking about happy tears, I just can't even imagine when the day my child is born! Must be 10,000 times more happy than that bahagia feeling I felt when I got married, I guess? Tengok video orang lain beranak pun dah menangis, inikan pulak tengok baby sendiri. Such a beautiful gift! - A gift from heaven and Allah! Oh, I cannot wait!! Hopefully Allah will ease everything for me and for us, inshaallah.. ☺️

Wish me luck guys! Here's to MOMMYHOOD!!!!! :D


Friday, April 17, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey!

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been receiving some emails asking about pregnancy-related kind of questions like what products I use, what I have done so far, what I felt, what I'm allergic to, what I eat, what I buy and etc! I'm not really the best role model for pregnancy/motherhood but since some of you would like to know, I thought I would like to share my journey with other moms-to-be or first-time-moms like me, of my own pregnancy story, experience and journey so far.

The First Trimester:

Oh, this was the worst time ever! I hated my first trimester. It was horrible (the horrible part is actually around 8 weeks to 13 weeks!) I was so weak and tired and sick all the timeeeee!! When I was about 4-5 weeks (unknowingly) pregnant I suddenly was extremely fatigued and felt dizzy. I just wanted to sleep all day long. This was my first sign of pregnancy actually, but I didn't realized it at first. I thought I was just exhausted. haha. Then I also noticed that I get nausea when I ride the car. I didn't know it was motion sickness at that time..I thought I was just not well that week. haha

Around week 3 to 4, we went to Surabaya in September.. and I did notice that I couldn't stand the smoke from those cigarettes. Like I had a really bad headache and I wanted to throw up every time there's someone smoking in front of me! - Another sign of pregnancy! At that time, I didn't realize that it was part of the morning sickness, I thought I just couldn't stand the smell of the smoke since I have always hated smokers. >_<

I only found out I was pregnant when I was already in my 6 or 7 weeks, by the way! I checked earlier, quite a few times because I just had a feeling that I'm pregnant after realizing all these changes in me like being tired, nausea, sensitive boobs, always peeing and etc...but the test I did, showed a negative or a faintly positive result. So I thought, oh, false instinct! haha (You should wait another few days or a week and try again if you still haven't gotten your period).

So anyway...when we were back in KL from Surabaya, I realized I haven't had my period yet. And I realized, I love and want soupy food all of a sudden. Like weird craving for soups! But I refused to believe that I am pregnant because of the tests I did a few weeks before, so I didn't wanna check it just yet. haha. But after missing my period for about 2 weeks, I decided to purchase the pregnancy kit test again...

...and the results are positive!

I couldn't believe it. I'm pregnant??! For real? But it was only just that one time? LOL. So I went and purchased 10 more tests just to make sure I really am pregnant, before I get too excited! haha.

So yeah...every one of the test says I'm pregnant! I screamed and laughed and cried when I was in the bathroom because my instinct was right! Hazim ran to the bathroom and asked me, "Why did you laugh and cried at the same time? Are we pregnant??!",  I nodded and we hugged.  - I've been telling him "I think I'm pregnant" since week 3 of my pregnancy actually! I just had a feeling! :)

From that moment on, I was soooo cautious about what I eat and put on/in my body. So I went for organic and natural stuff. Then we went for our very first check up at Prince Court Medical Centre. I remembered the first time I heard the heartbeat! Awwwww... me and Hazim teared a little. We couldn't believe there's a life inside me! It was such a happy day for both of us.. Such an amazing and beautiful, beautiful feeling! (I can't imagine how I would feel on the day the baby arrives! Must be 1000000 times the feeling I had when I first heard the heartbeat and saw it beating on the monitor! Right, mommies? ^_^ )

Anyway, the happy pregnancy mood only lasted for a couple of weeks, because when I hit the 8 weeks of my pregnancy, I was so weak. I can't sleep, I can't rest. And I couldn't really eat anything. Everything makes me sick! My tummy bloated like crazyyyy!!! I didn't really vomited, but I just had a horrible, horrible feeling all over my body, especially my tummy..to the extent that I had a slight feeling that maybe I shouldn't get pregnant yet because maybe my body isn't ready to be pregnant?? tskk. (Well, the body is actually preparing the best for the baby! That's why we get this sick feeling! - Looking back, I don't really mind being sick for my baby actually!)

So anyway, nothing I did, or ate can make the feeling go away. We tried a lot of things including massage to eliminate the bloatedness, but nothing has really worked out, and I ended up in hospital. But still, they couldn't really give me drugs because I am pregnant, so again...I just had to tahan and sabar and suffer..for about 2 weeks! :(

We went for a check up at PCMC for the second time, doctor said there's nothing really I can do apart from tahan the pain because I can't take strong drugs. So my doctor prescribed me some Gaviscon liquid, which work for only a few days...then maybe my body got so used to it, it didn't really do its job and I'm back to being sick, weak and helpless :(

If you ever feel bloated, try Gaviscon! It might help!

Then in October, we went for a holiday again, to Tokyo, Japan. I was already in my 9-10 weeks that time, and things were still the same. I was still gassy and bloated like crazy for 24/7. At first we wanted to cancel the trip, but since everything has been paid, I decided to still go for the trip because I thought maybe a holiday would make me feel a lot better? haha

Well....I was wrong! I am still sick despite taking a lot of Gaviscon. No shopping, no vacation, no ubat whatsoever can make the pain go away! So I ended up resting in our room and wasted 3 days there! haha. We only got out from the room on the fourth day! Kesian Hazim..he had to stay with me in the room, and had to take care of me while the others enjoyed touring Tokyo city, DisneyLand & DisneySea. - He has been such a GREAT husband throughout my pregnancy, by the way!!! From day one until today! I love you so much and thanks for everythinggggg!!! And oh, sorry baby we didn't get the chance to go to DisneySea/Land when we were in Tokyo...(but you did this to me! LOL) - we will go there again when Baby A is a bit bigger k? hehe

After the 13 weeks, my body got better. Well, I already entered the second trimester that time. The body is a bit stable I guess. So I got my energy and mood back! - This is the best time of your pregnancy! They called it the "honeymoon period" because all nausea or morning sickness typically subsides and you feel normal again and got your energy back! :) If you ever wanna travel during your pregnancy, well this is the time to do so! I never got the chance for a babymoon because our Bali trip was canceled as my husband had to work/travel on the week that we planned. tskkk

The Second Trimester:

As soon as I reached the second trimester, my energy was back and I hardly felt pregnant! It was the best time throughout this pregnancy! Normally people would begin to tell the world that they're pregnant around this time. But I didn't dare to say it just yet. In fact, I was hiding from my followers and only tell close friends/family. This was because when I was in my first trimester and got admitted to the hospital, my husband made a post on my Instagram telling people I was sick and to pray for me. But it turns out, some haters figured that I was pregnant I guess, so they made some cheap shot emails to me, sending me some really really disturbing images of babies and videos! >_< Not one but a few emails! I don't know why someone would do that! Just to mess up my mind I think? So I blocked them! I cried for days and days! The images/videos are soooo disturbing and scary to watch, I just can't handle it! T_T I don't know why in the world people would do such thing when you're pregnant and emotions are unstable! Especially when you're only in your first trimester where your emotions are all over the place and the fetus is not that strong yet! That's just pure cruel to me! Sigh.. I haven't even told the world that I'm pregnant yet, and already they made such thing to me! People can be so evil and cruel sometimes...Sigh :(

So I decided to keep my mouth shut until I'm mentally and emotionally prepared. I did whatever it takes to hide my pregnancy. But after awhile... I decided to just grab hold of my fears and move forward with my life. Once I learn how to be happy and positive, I won't tolerate people who make me feel anything less. - Someone once told me to “Let go of the thoughts that don’t make you strong.” It’s a quote I now use whenever my mind starts to slip. We should all strive to be our best especially during pregnancy. To me this means keeping your thoughts positive, staying active and eating clean most of the time. So after about 5 months of being pregnant, I decided it's time to tell my followers that I'm pregnant...

Anyways, when I hit 23-24 weeks (6 months), this is when I started having symptoms of SPD. Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction which is caused by the hormone relaxin. It’s job is to make your ligaments stretchy so your baby can ease his/her way into the world. When relaxin does its job too well, the ligaments around your pelvic bone become too loose too soon and causes instability and extreme pain in the pelvic area. It was the separation of the pubic bones from producing too much of the hormone relaxin too soon. So getting out of bed or rolling over in bed is enough to make tears roll down your face and lifting one foot off the ground to put on pants (while standing on the other foot) was impossibly painful too!! Seriously rasa macam kena tumbuk at that part! But the doctor told me this is completely normal because the body is preparing the pathway for the baby later on, and again I just have to bear with it.. The pain goes on until I reached 7 months pregnant! That's about a month of bearing the pain! T_T (Not all women experience this SPD though. Every woman carries every pregnancy differently and unfortunately I'm not really the lucky one!)

The Third Trimester:

I’m now in my third trimester and actually in my last few weeks of my pregnancy! Almost reaching to an end now! So exciting! hehe. This is the period where the baby grows rapidly! Especially now that I'm in my last few weeks, I am constantly hungry...like every one to two hour I need to eat! I can feel the baby growing bigger and bigger each day! The third trimester is when you can really really feel the baby moves, kicks and turns. Mashaallah, the feeling is amazing!!! - But do take note that the third trimester is the most exhausting one! Seriously cepat gila penat...and susah nak bernafas, sometimes. tskk. But despite all these...I love being pregnant!!! It's the best feeling ever!

So anyway.. Let me just share with you guys what I have done so far throughout my journey of being pregnant..

Of Diet/Vitamins/Herbs:

When I became pregnant, I was suddenly craving foods I usually don't eat a lot, like breads. I hated our usual nasi with lauk. I just can't stand it! They make me bloated! When I was in my first trimester, I notice I love soupy food, fish, and also pasta. Mostly western food. I hated nasi so much. Then when I entered the second trimester, I begin to like beef, eggs and breads. I eat a lot of bread, which is weird because I don't really like bread before, unlike my husband who loves bread so much. I guess the baby is following daddy's footsteps. haha. So my main food throughout this pregnancy are sandwiches. I ate a lotttttt of sandwiches during this pregnancy!

I love buns from the bakery shops too!

After the first trimester, I don't really watch what I eat anymore because there's nothing much I can eat that won't make my tummy bloat. (Yes, even after the first trimester, my tummy still get bloated every now and then until now, but not as bad as the first trimester - Still bearable). So I still give in and eat what I want as long as it is not too much. - Surprisingly, McDonald's food are one of the foods that won't and don't make me bloat and sick at all! ishhh. I know tak elok, but I have NEVER vomited after I ate McD's! T__T

We also keep a mini bar in our room for late night snacks because being pregnant means hungry all the time! haha. The baby always asks for food in the middle of the night. So I stock up a lot healthy food like greek yogurts, cheese, milk, fruits, cereals, biscuits, oats, breads, etc.

The picture below is the actual vitamins and herbs I take daily as recommended by my doctor.

Prenatal Vitamins, Folic Acid, Calcium, Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Zinc, Bilberry, Olive Oil & Habbastussauda capsules. 

Please check with your doctor about what vitamins you should be taking and remember your prenatal vitamin has just the minimum of what you should be taking. So you need to add the other vitamins in your daily supplements! In addition to this, I have been reading that I should be drinking the herbal tea starting week 30 to tone the muscles of the uterus (womb), to help it to work better during labour.

Not sure how effective this is, but it won't hurt to try as they're organic.  So I have purchased these two herbal teas from Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) the Organic Third Trimester Tea, and another one from Yogi brand, the Raspberry Leaf tea.. I drink it every day since I reached my third trimester.

Of Skincare and Products I use:

Like I have mentioned before, since becoming pregnant..I have stop using a lot of my usual products that I use before I was pregnant. I use a lot of natural/organic products on my body.. Especially coconut oil. I used it as my make up remover, my moisturizer, my lip balm, and my anti-stretch mark oil for the body.

I recently just purchased the EMAB baby's products. I have been using their Mama-To-Be range quite religiously ever since I got it. I loveeee this brand because they're organic and work wonders! They smell nice too!

The yellow one is the for the baby range, the pink one is for new mummies, and the green one is for pregnant ladies - I will make a review for each of the products in another post!

As for the stretch marks, many will argue that it comes down to genetics, and while I agree with that, I do still think that it is important to use lotions or creams or oils to keep your skin moisturized and help in preventing dry itchy skin...and possibly stretch marks as well, regardless genetic or not.

So here is what I did. I ordered a bunch of all natural and raw butters as mentioned in the video above and made my very own home made body butter! - I used an old glass containers and kept it by my bedside and applied day and night. I love it!! The texture is awesome and it smells delicious too!

Many of you have asked me for this. Unfortunately, for the time being..I have to stop making/selling it because two of the ingredients are always out of stock when I wanted to repurchased them. So I'm still looking for it. Will announce it once I am able to find them!

Of Baby Shopping:

Unlike my other pregnant friends, I did not start shopping the minute I found out I was pregnant. My husband forbade me from doing so. haha. He said, we should wait until the baby is at least 6-7 months old. So I waited anxiously for 7 months...and in the mean time, I have spent my free time reading and doing a lot of research on baby products!

....and this is what happened when your husband forbade you from shopping for 7 months! LOL. 
I went buck wild and shop everyday for a month! hahahah. Ok I'm exaggerating... but you know what I mean. I went crazyy because I'm freaking out! haha
(Note to husbands: Don't forbid your wife from shopping for 7 months, and waited until 3 months before the arrival of your baby to buy things! Let her shop bit by bit every month, otherwise this would happen!! LOL)  

Anyway, since I was already in my third trimester that time, I was so lazy to go and check out the retail stores. So I did most of my baby shopping online. It's so much convenient...and not to mention, some of them are cheaper! When I look at the Baby Shopping Checklist that the Mothercare suggested, I got a headache! I mean...where do I start when I only have about 3 months before the baby arrives? Apparently there are a lot of categories and each one of them has a long list! - If you need to know, well here are basically the categories that they suggested:
  1. Clothing
  2. Feeding
  3. Cleaning Essentials
  4. Diapering
  5. Bath & Body
  6. Baby Care/Necessities  
  7. Blankets/Swaddlers
  8. Bed Time
  9. Traveling
  10. Play Time
  11. Weaning 
  12. Home Safety
So when I saw the list, I got freaked out a little as I really didn't know where to start! Then...I consulted my sisters and friends. Some say I can start off with the little things first like the baby clothes, but some also say that I should start with the big, important things like feeding items. So yeah, I shop according to the category and started off with the feeding essentials first. The first thing I ever bought for this pregnancy was the Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump. Then the list continue to grow from there..you know like the breast pads, milk storage containers, sterilizers, etc..

Then after I'm done purchasing the feeding items, I moved on to clothing. I have purchased quite a bit from Mothercare and Carter's. At first we didn't want to know the sex of the baby yet, so we bought gender neutral colors. But then after awhile..when I was already in my 7th month, we decided to find out the sex of the baby! - It's a....?! hehe

Even the clothing also got me a little headache. It's hard to predict which size clothing your baby will need at first, as many babies outgrow newborn or 0-3 months clothes so quickly, and some larger babies skip the newborn sizes completely and start with 3 months or 3-6 months sizes. And others will start out in preemie sizes and wear newborn clothes for months. So yeah, babies grow so rapidly within weeks/months, so you really gotta think how many clothing you should buy. The best tip is to buy clothing in several sizes.

I was told that how many of each item you'll need will depend on how often you plan to do laundry. So when I went to Mothercare, I grabbed a lot of 0-3 months size and a few 3-6 months, 6-9 months. Their sizes run big, so hopefully the baby can wear them for quite some time. I didn't really purchase a lot of newborn sizes, because newborns grow so fast! My friend told me, her newborn baby only wore the onesies that she bought from Carter's for about 10 days or so...and then the baby can't fit them anymore! So yeah...clothing also is another pening punya subject! tskk

Don't forget to buy swaddlers as well when you're shopping for the baby's clothes

A little preparation goes a long way when shopping for baby clothes. I was told that we will be changing the baby's clothing, swaddlers, blankets several times a day as babies can be messy, with all those pooping and vomiting! So you gotta make sure outfits are uncomplicated and can open easily for diaper changes. In general, you want soft, comfortable clothing with no irritating tags or seams. Mothercare clothing are one of the good ones!

Anyhow, I am lucky because my sister decided to give me all of her baby's clothes from 0 to 18 months! All from Mothercare! - Now I don't have to think so much what's the next size to buy in case my baby grows so fast..because I basically have about a year punya stock!

Thank you sister! 
But I wish you could have told me earlier so I don't have to spend a lot on my baby's clothes the other day! haha

Then after feeding and clothing items are checked, I decided to buy the diaper and baby bath/body care next..

I bought Honest products! Because they're organic, safe for baby and awesome!

I bought a few brands for the diapers and bath/body care, just to see which ones I like the most and which one suits for my baby. I will definitely let you guys know which one is the best once I have started using all those brands I bought for my baby.. The next category I bought are the bedding items, and lastly traveling items. For me, I think it is easier to purchase according to the category.. Because that way, I won't miss any of the important items that are on the list.

As of now, my essential baby items are quite completed, I think? - It's funny how so many items needed, for such a small person! haha

Of preparing for the arrival of the baby!

Apart from buying all those baby stuff, other preparations are needed to do before the baby comes home.. One of them is of course, to wash your baby's clothes, blankets, beddings, swaddlers, etc.

I used this organic and natural laundry soap to clean my baby's clothes

Then I also arranged all the clothes based on sizes and store them accordingly in the drawer to avoid skipping/forgetting about certain clothes. I gotta tell you that it's quite challenging to sort and store the baby's clothes because no two clothing brands label their clothes the same way, and even clothes of the same size by the same brand can seem wildly different!!

Like these! The red sleepsuit is from Mothercare and the yellow one is from Carter's but both labeled for 0-3 months! And then the white onesies are all labeled as newborn size, but all from different brands. The left one is from Mothercare, middle is Carter's and right one is from Gerber. Mana mak tak pening nak susun baju? huhu

I've tried as much as possible to organize my baby's clothing not so much by what the label says but how the clothes match up to each other. That 0-3 month footed outfit from Mothercare is the same size as the 6-month footed outfit from Carter's, so those items are side-by-side in the closet. If you stick to what the label tells you, there's a good chance you'll wind up forgetting about certain articles of clothing and by the time you remember them your baby will have outgrown them.

The next preparation that we did before welcoming our little one is spring cleaning our room. I am now so big and heavy, I can't really do chores anymore. So I called up a cleaning agency to clean everything for me. I will call them again this week before the baby arrives.

Then the next thing that we did is buying a new set of bed since ours are quite old (taken from my old room) and quite sempit (Queen sized). So we switch to King sized bed in case the baby needs to sleep with me on the bed - my husband is a very wild sleeper. I have fell too many times in my sleep because of him. LOL. So I won't risk my baby's life by sleeping on a small bed with my husband..

Also, don't forget to plan for your confinement period. Who will take care of you and the baby during that crucial time. If you are blessed with a caring mother who will do everything for you while you regain your energy and strength, good for you! But if you prefer to get help from a professional confinement lady/nanny services, please book early as they usually all booked up for months!

The last thing that we did in preparing for the arrival of Baby A, is packing for our hospital bag!

I did a video on what to pack for your hospital bag, on my Instagram. If you wish to know, do check out my Instagram

Packing the toiletries bag for mummy and daddy! ;)

And lastly....put the bags near the front door so it'd be easier to grab on the panic day!

That's all, I guess? Let me know what have I missed out..

Now....all I have to do is to wait for the labor signs to show! Wish me luck! hehe. I cannot wait to meet my darling baby. Waited for almost 10 months now! Can't wait to be parents for the rest of our lives! - To create a life with the person I love more than anything will be my greatest achievement. I love you forever, dear husband! :)

 Hmm...I wonder who will Baby A look like? 
Sweet like daddy or garang like mummy? haha


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Almost Ready!

So I am officially full term - 38 weeks pregnant! Technically, I could go into labor at anytime now, and my baby would be just fine, God willing. Oh man...I couldn't believe that it's almost 10 months now that I'm carrying a life inside me! If the baby hasn't come out in another 2 weeks time, that means I am pregnant for exactly 10 months! - Wow, that's like almost a year!! A year of being tired all the timeeee! tskk T_T

Anyway... being pregnant has made me read a lot. Which is weird because I don't really like to read actually. Heee. From a fiction Shopaholic & Baby book, to reading some shopping catalogues on what products to get, to what happens to the body when you're pregnant, to breastfeeding tips and to birthing stories, etc. I have yet to read what happens after the baby is born though.. Still kinda clueless on the baby care and needs! - Some may call me obsessed or OCD or something (as I heard), but I am a first time mom..so it's only natural to want everything the best for my precious little one! So I gotta educate myself and READ!

Some of my pregnancy reads

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I have been watching a lot of birthing and labor video until today! Some may find these videos disturbing or scary to watch, but I really do think that labor is a beautiful process. It's such a natural and a miracle thing, though I know it hurts SOOOO bad! - Otherwise, in Islam, it wouldn't be called as mati syahid, if we die from giving birth, right? It must be thaaaaatttttt hurt! But the rewards from Allah are hugeeee! Anyhow, I trust Allah and I know His creation is perfect! We women are designed to give birth and we could handle the pain, inshaallah. So which is why after watching a lotttttt of labor videos, I have decided to go completely natural.  I have written my birth plan and planning to give it to my doctor for my next visit to Prince Court. - I want completely natural labor, with no pain relief, no inducing drugs, no epidural, no laughing gas whatsoever, and I want to delay the clamping of the cord and have a skin-to-skin moment right after the birth. Well...you get the picture - COMPLETELY NATURAL! Thank God that PCMC is a baby-friendly hospital so they will respect my decision and support this I guess?

At first, I wanted to have a water birth actually. Somehow I can imagine that I would be more comfortable and confident when I'm in water (I spent most of my nights during this pregnancy, bathing and sitting in warm water for 1 to 2 hour, as it helps to keep me calm and happy).

This is how I spend my sweet me-time! Sitting in the tub for an hour or two!

But too bad, PCMC didn't have that option, and my husband didn't want to change hospitals and doctors after 8 months of being with the same doctor when I said I wanted to change hospital. Well, I guess I will have a water birth for my second child, maybe? hehe.

Anyway, so I have been listening to some Hypnobirthing audio, and I have read some of the methods, hoping that when the day comes, I will be in control, relax and calm. But I know... we can only plan, but Allah is the best of planners. As much as I want my labor to happen exactly like how I plan and want it to be, I know that it is not up to me, so whatever that is going to happen on that day, it's fate I guess. So, saya berserah, redha and tawakal :)  

Antenatal class/Parent Craft class that was held at Prince Court, 2 weeks ago! 
(I hope we will still be able to go to a Hypnobirthing class that I signed up, this coming Saturday!)

I still haven't finish reading this awesome book by Gina Yong. We went to her breastfeeding class a couple of months ago, and we're so glad we went for it! Seriously, after going to her class I learned a lot about breastfeeding and I hope I can breastfeed my baby exclusively!

Right now...I am still enjoying every bit of my pregnancy (Read: Eat a lot and Sleep! hehe) but also preparing mentally and physically for my labor. I have done packing my hospital bag...and put them near the door instead of inside the car because we haven't decide which car to take with us on that day..

Here are our things! If you want to know what are the stuff I bring, you may view my Instagram, or you may read this Baby Checklist I did a few weeks ago, and look under the Hospital Checklist

I have also been asked if I have a confinement lady or a nanny and help to take care of me after the labor. Well, since my mom is not well, I decided to berpantang on my own and hire a confinement lady that will be staying with us for 5 weeks. My sweet mother-in-law has offered to stay at her house and she can take care of me like she did with her daughter/my sister-in-law - She just gave birth, 2 months ago, so the gap between my baby and her baby is not much. So I don't want to susahkan dia lagi. Hence I decided to berpantang sendiri.. :)

The first few days, I will be taken care by a nurse, then after that, the confinement lady will take care of me for the rest of my pantang for 40 days. She will be cooking healthy, clean meals for me, giving me a postnatal massage, bertungku, bertangas, mandi herba, and all those traditional pantang stuff, and also she will help take care of the baby as well. Basically everything that a postnatal woman needs, will be taken care of! I really hope I can get back in shape and shrink to size S as fast as I can with her taking care of me for a month! hehe

Okay...the baby is kicking for food. We both are really hungry, so I guess I better eat something and stop writing now! Will write more inshaallah! :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby Gears I like!

I am now in my baby countdown mode! Only a few weeks left, I'm freaking outtttt! Not really on the labor process so much, but more on being a mother. I'm so worried I wouldn't know what to do! Every other night when I have time (and not tired), I would spend some time reading about breastfeeding or baby care and needs.. I even did a research on what books to get for the baby and how to get the baby read at 6 months! haha I knowww...I'm SO way overthinking about all this! - I'm just so paranoid of not being a good mother! =/ But anyhow.....most of the time, I still read about what baby products to get! haha. Although I can pretty much say that my list is 95% completed, I kinda still feel something is missing! (typical!) xD

We only started purchasing our baby products when I was 7 months pregnant. Now that I'm half way finishing my 8 month milestone and almost reaching to the end of my pregnancy journey, I still feel slightly unsatisfied with my baby shopping experience since we did it at one go in a month time! I mean...all of my pregnant friends started baby shopping as early as 12 weeks pregnant! They have more time to experience the shopping process, while me...only a month! Rasa tak puas la shopping...haha. So yeah, this mommy-to-be don't feel satisfied just yet, and kinda feel like she needed to browse more and more things! Heeee. My husband said I'm obsessed with baby products! LOL (But really, I never knew that browsing baby stuff is so much fun than browsing shoes and bags! haha)

Dad brought home this awesome Mothercare catalogue from UK for me to see what I would like to have... And I gotta say, I love this book! Everything in here is awesome! hehe

So I’ve been researching safety and reviews of baby products from cribs, to strollers to bouncers to car seats and etc almost since I’ve become pregnant until almost reaching to the end of my pregnancy journey. There are so many important things to consider buying for your baby, thus you gotta make a wise choice, no? So I told my husband that the things that we need to spend more money on are the breast pump, baby crib/cot, the car seat, the stroller, the travel cot, and hmm...what else? Well..those are basically the large things that I can think of right now.. Others are more like the things that are nice to have :)

Anyway, here are the list of some of my favorite baby items, by the way!

For the Nursery:

What a pretty nursery!!

Many people told me to just get the baby cot and forget about everything else. And some even said there's no need for all those bassinet, crib, cot etc, as the baby can sleep on the same bed as yours. Well, I wouldn't risk my baby's life by sleeping together on the bed with me. A lot of accidents has happened before. Plus, my husband is a wild sleeper, so I wouldn't risk it. Hence, I decided to buy some proper sleeping place for my baby to sleep in..

I thought since this is my first baby and inshaallah, if in the future we have more kids, I'm sure I will be using all of the items that I have purchased for all my babies' first years. Otherwise, I will be selling them to parents that won't mind buying a secondhand item, when I don't need them anymore.

Thus, I decided to follow the Mothercare list, and purchase the things that they suggested in the book; a Moses Basket, a bassinet/cradle, and a cot or cot-bed.

Moses basket, bassinet/cradle/crib, cot, or cot-bed?

Moses Basket:

I love the Moses Basket. It's great to be used as a portable crib. It's simple, cute & stylish, and practical as well. They make it easy to always have somewhere secure and cozy to lie your baby down for the first few months. It also comes in handy for when the visitors come to visit the baby in the early months. Just bring this Moses Basket downstairs to your guests! (I also purchased the stand to make it as a cradle).

I might be using this for only a few months, but I'm sure I will keep it for our next baby...or lend it to my sister's next baby or something! It's such a great item to have for those early days of your baby's life! I purchased my Moses Basket and stand from Mamas and Papas from UK, by the way


At first, I thought of buying the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper for the baby's bassinet as it is such a great item to have if the baby is sleeping next to our bed. - I'm planning to co-sleep with my baby so I thought this bassinet is great for me to use up to 6 months! Please see the review on YouTube!!

It adjusts to the bed level and swings over top of bed if you want it to. It’s not as nice/cute to look at as compared to this type of bassinet with frills, lace and all that nice stuff... but I’ve been told it's all about what is functional and practical. So I thought this Halo Bassinest is great after watching the reviews on YouTube!

But since babies are in bassinets for such a short time (maximum 5 to 6 months), I think I may have to pass on this option because for the price of RM 2k (including shipping to Malaysia that is), I could get a nice, sturdy cot-bed to be used for such a longer period of time! -- I would really love to get this Halo Bassinest actually.. because of its functionality, but I would also like to have that pretty bassinet with all the custom-made frills and ribbons all around it as well, though not as practical. (But if they have this brand in Malaysia, I think I might just buy it because of the practicality!)

So after doing some thinking and more research and findings, I think I'd rather spend a few hundreds Ringgit than a couple of thousands of my money for something I'd use for only a few months! So I decided to get just the normal bassinet/cradle where I can have the pretty frills, skirting etc! hehe.

For those who have a bigger budget, please go to Amazon and buy this bassinest! It's awesome..I wish I have it! (I already asked, the price is RM 1k for the bassinet, and you must add another RM 1k to ship to Malaysia because it's heavy! *cries*)

Another option to consider if you're buying a bassinet is this Bednest. It's almost similar to the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, except that it cannot swing/swivel, doesn't have side pockets and other digital functions like the Halo Bassinest have. You can view the video on this Bednest here. I love the modern design and the fact that it can fold to make a travel bassinet is such a great thing to consider as well! But again, we don't have this in Malaysia though. And shipping to Malaysia is crazy expensive! Bummer!


Okay enough on the baby's bassinet. Now...I am still contemplating whether to get the baby cot or the cot-bed. Baby cot is smaller, while the cot-bed is bigger and slightly more expensive than the baby cot. I prefer the cot-bed actually...as it can convert into a toddler bed which will be useful in the future! But my husband said, just get the baby cot because, "Being you...I'm sure by the time our child needs a toddler bed, you would want to buy a new one pulak" - ha ha. Very funny. But I could be practical too, you know? ;p

Anyway, below are my favourites! - I love the cot and the beddings! All custom made. I wonder if we have a custom made baby cot and crib bedding like this, here in KL? 

Why is it everything that is nice, is made from/in the US or UK?! I checked, these baby bedding sets cost about RM 1500 not including shipping! If include shipping, it'll be almost RM 2k! - For a baby's bedding?! Kalau baby kencing and muntah atas bed set ni, nangissss! haha. The bedding set is more expensive than the Swiss-made baby cot I saw at Pavilion the other day! *cry again*


Travel Bassinet and Travel Cot/Playpen:

We spend a lot of time traveling here and there so I’ve tried to find items to specifically use when traveling and to keep on the plane if we were to fly, to make our life easier. I find travel bassinet is lightweight and easier to bring when the baby is still small..but I also find the travel cot convenient for when the baby is bigger..

If you're traveling with a newborn/small baby this Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround sleeper is a good choice. If you don't plan to buy a travel bassinet or cot that you put next to your bed, and if you have a large bed, and your partner is not a wild sleeper, do consider buying this! It kinda works the same as the bedside crib/bassinet except that this is placed on the bed. Suitable to place on the king size bed and very convenient to travel with!

This sleeper is very convenient to sleep close to the baby as you don't need to get out from the bed for nighttime feedings. You can soothe and comfort your baby easily too when he/she cries in the middle of the night. The only disadvantage is that the baby will outgrow the sleeper very fast. I think it can be used for up to 3 to 4 months depending on your baby's size - I'm not really a fan for this kind of sleeper, but I may consider buying this, if we were to travel a lot to the granddad's house after the baby is born. Otherwise, I'll just use my Moses Basket for the baby to sleep in.

This Brica Fold N Go travel bassinet is another great option too! It's just like a Moses Basket, except that it has mesh panels, breathable fabric and can FOLD! - which is great for when you're traveling! It's kinda like the modern Moses Basket. So if you're planning to buy this, you can forget about that old traditional Moses Basket and just get this!

Same goes with this Phil & Teds Nest Baby Bassinet. Great for traveling as well! (You can make it as a storage bag as well!)

I love the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib as well! I think this crib is super cool. I've seen a few videos reviewing this travel crib. It folds up into nothing but can be easily set up or broken down in under 10 seconds!! It's great for newborns till when the baby has started standing up on their own. The great advantage is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is only 11 lbs! You can use this from birth till your baby is big enough that he/she doesn't need this anymore!

The next travel crib I love is the 4Moms Breeze. It's just like the Nuna Sena Travel Cot, but I personally like 4Moms' design more. Just one button will open or close it! It comes with a carry case like the others as well. Suitable from birth-30 pounds or 35 inches (or able to crawl out). The downfall is that it weighs a heavy 30 lbs! The upside is it can be set up and taken down with just one hand. If you aren’t traveling much or far I think it is a great option because it will make trips to see the relatives a bit more bearable. No more pinching of your fingers. No more cursing and kicking and screaming at your old, traditional Pack n Play. hehe. Watch the review here, by one of my fave Youtubers, BabyGizmo!

Car Seat/Baby Carrier:

When I was doing my research on baby car seats, I didn't know that there are different types of car seats for different age/weight group. I only found out about this when I was 15 weeks pregnant.. I thought they all are the same and we only need one car seat for the baby because I rarely see Malaysians using car seats for their kids under 10! Tak payah 10 years old pun la, even around 4 to 6 years old pun susah nak nampak pakai car seat! - Turns out, car seats are divided into groups, and weight/height that matters actually (not really age, as not all babies/kids have the same weight at the same age)

Choose the car seats according to your kid's weight!

The UK law states that all children must use a car seat until they are either 135 cm in height or the age of 12 - whichever they reach first. With all the recent accidents in the news, I really feel like Malaysia should start practicing this law as well! I'm definitely buying all the age-appropriate car seats for my baby! Safety first!

Anyway, we all know that children grow up fast and before you know it, your baby will be a toddler. Thus they created a baby/toddler combination car seat that takes your child from birth all the way to 3½ years in the market. It's called the convertible. One where you can use from newborn up to 3-4 years old depending on your baby's weight/size. Well...in other words, pakai lama and jimat duitlah.

At first I thought of getting this type of car seat, to save money and buy other stuff. But after doing much research, I think I prefer to get a baby carrier first rather than a convertible straight away. Reason being not only it is a safer choice to use a car seat according to the baby's age, but also because when the baby is small, it is much convenient to lift baby in his/her car seat straight onto her stroller frame. So, you won’t disturb the baby who might be sleeping while transferring from the car seat to the stroller. But the problem with the infant carrier is that it gets outgrown way too fast! If your baby is big, sometimes you may not even get to use it for a year! Only for a few months! But for safety wise, I think it is better to use infant carrier first, then upgrade rather than use a convertible straight away, which might be way too big for your newborn/baby. Kesian baby tak selesa.. Also, some convertible car seats cannot recline flat. So again, not suitable for your newborn!

I love the designs of these Maxi-Cosi car seats. The CabrioFix, Pebble and Opal. Opal is the convertible one, by the way. I'm still thinking of getting the CabrioFix or the Pebble for the baby carrier. Both functions are equally almost the same.

The next car seat that I like is the Nuna Pipa. I like this because of the safety and it’s super light weight at just under 8 lbs! I also love the built in canopy that protects baby from both preying eyes and weather elements. It’s available in many colors but if I were to get this, I'm leaning towards the grey or black because I think it is the most clean and chic option! Plus, it matches my leather car seat! ;)

There's another car seat made by Simple Parenting called the Doona that is currently only available in the UK. (Bummer!) This brand is still new in the market..but it has won quite a few innovation awards already! I heard they will reach other parts of Europe this year and for the US, end of this year. I reaaaaalllly love this car seat! It's the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution! It is perfect as you don’t have to carry the seat or carry a stroller for a short/quick in and out trips. The seat is the stroller all in one! Pretty cool, huh? No need to purchase those travel system adaptors for your stroller. I’m trying to have one brought back to Malaysia for me since I got to know that you can actually order this in Malaysia via Mothercare Malaysia, BUT..... the price would be RM 5k! (again, because of the shipping rates, I guess! T__T)

It comes with some cool accessories as well!

Ahhhh...decisions..decisions! Which car seat should I get? So many cool stuff in the market, pening kepala mak nak decide..hehe  =/


I have seven favorite strollers right now. Yes 7! And I need at least 3! One for travel (lightweight) and one for brisk walk/strolling around the park (sturdy/easy to maneuver) and another one for mommy to use for when she walks around the mall alone with her baby (easy to open) ;p

The first stroller that I like is the Stokke Xplory. I like that this stroller have the option to have the baby face the world or face you. Plus, the height is really high compared to the other typical strollers in the market, which makes it away from dust/dirt on the ground! Also, mommies don't really need to bend when putting the baby down. It brings child closer to parents. So I love the height and the parent-child bonding level it provides! It comes with a carry cot attachment too. Perfect for your newborn!

I love all the colors they have! Will ask my friends who are using this for their feedback on this stroller. - Although I saw some comments/reviews saying that this stroller is too bulky and too heavy. But hey...if I were to get this stroller, I'll leave that job to my husband to do that for me! hehehe

I am also in love with the design of the Mima Xari Stroller. It looks so modern and chic! Especially in white! It’s also available in black and caramel color by the way, but I personally love the white one...although I think nanti mesti cepat kotor.. Anyway, just like the Stokke Xplory, it also has the ability to face either you or the world. What I like about this stroller is that the bassinet and carrier are one piece and convert by unzipping a hidden zipper! It's pretty cool actually as you don't need to find some space in your home to store the carry cot/bassinet, unlike the Stokke Xplory. So this is great for space-saving!
However, living in Malaysia weather, I don't think the Mima Xari would be a great buy because of the material that is made of leather. People has been telling me, nanti baby panas kat dalam tu nanti.. Hmm... Maybe? =/

Another stroller that is in my list is the 4Moms Origami Stroller! It folds up with just a push of a button on it’s own! It also has running lights and is self charging while you're on the move. Oh and it charges your cell phone as well! It's great for outings without the husband to fold/unfold the stroller for you! It’s a lot sportier than the others too. But it's quite heavy actually, because of the built in generator it has. But despite it being heavy...I really loveeeeee all the features of this futuristic stroller! I'm definitely going to consider buying this stroller once my baby is able to sit-up/6 months old.. =D

Okay...this one is really really not practical. And kinda ridiculous to buy actually (unless you're Jennifer Lopez). haha. It's the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram, of course! The Rolls Royce of strollers! - Of course I only like it because of the look, not really on the functions! For such an expensive price tag, this pram is really not that practical because you can only use it for your newborn up to 5-6 months baby because there's no seat to recline...Only a bassinet! haha. Plus, you can't even fold it to fit in your car! And it's sooooo big and bulky too! So really, this beautiful piece of pram is really not that practical! But I personally think it's pretty cool to have this pram. It's so classic and classy! I like! They don't sell it here in Malaysia though! hehe.

The next strollers that I might consider buying is the Babyzen YOYO! After reading and watching lotsa reviews, I gotta say, the Babyzen YOYO is brilliant! It's a lightweight stroller (only weighs about 5.8 kg!), perfect for traveling, or city living, or flying with a baby, and for fitting into the car along with all of your other essentials! They claim this is the first stroller in the world to fully comply with the cabin baggage recommendations. The design is super cute and practical as well. If you need a lightweight buggy for traveling – whether it’s for traveling on a plane, underground or car, I think this is one of the best strollers to get!

Another lightweight stroller I like is the Baby Jogger City Mini. It is one of my favorite strollers because it has a huge canopy, roomy seat, and can hold a child up to 25 kg! But the best feature of this stroller is the one-hand fold! It's awesome.. I think this is one of the easiest folds I’ve seen besides the Babyzen YOYO! Watch the review here! This stroller is perfect for traveling and an everyday stroller as well, that you can take to the shopping malls, cafes, doctor appointments and park

Lastly, the MINI Easywalker Stroller. Your little one can travel in style and comfort in this stroller! What I like the most about this stroller is the design and the weight. Only 6.8 kg! It's suitable from birth up to 20kg. I love the Union Jack design, btw! You can view the review here

There are so many baby items I want to buy and have read about. These are the largest items I can think of right now. I plan to do another list of the smaller items I love, like the baby feeding bottles, baby shampoos/lotions/etc, the diapers, the bouncer, the highchair and so on! There are so many baby items out there (just look at my Baby Shopping Checklist!) and the reason why I'm listing out all my fave items here before purchasing them is because I want to ensure I'm buying the smartest and most practical item as baby's stuff are so expensive these days! So I gotta make sure all the items I purchased worth every penny I spent! I'm also planning to share with you guys what I love and what I regret buying..after using all the items I have purchased for future mommies out there! :)

If you have any of the above items or if you have any recommendations on what product to get, I would love to hear about them!

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