Monday, March 21, 2011

My Current Skincare Routine

This is just gonna be a quick post.. I'm in the middle of packing my stuff to go for a holiday.. So, I'm just gonna take a 10 minute break and update this blog a bit..

Anyway, instead of reading my writings in here, you can watch me babble on my skincare products/routine in this post! ;p Well these are my favourite and current skincare regime... Used them daily for about a year now... Lovin' it!

I know I've been changing too many products from the cheapest to the expensive ones (at least for me), as for my skincare products (I just couldn't resist! Heee). So I really really hope I will stick with all of these products for years... =)

By the way, wanna know something? Well this video came up when I was actually just wanted to take my photos a.k.a cam whore using my 'Photo Booth' in my laptop (you know me kannn? heh ;p), but I ended up making a video! LOL.
Lepas main try-try make up, photo session is a must! hahaha ;p

Oh yeah, before I sign off and show you the video, lemme warn you about the lighting in the video. So sorry about it... The lighting in my room was not that good la.. There's this one particular bulb that was about to die I think... And I've yet to change it.. So, sometimes it goes on, and then off. And then sometimes blinking some moree.. Pffft.. So I had to use my study lamp in front of me, so that explains why the lighting is too bright and you can't really see my products.. Only after finishing the video, I realized about this.. - But never mind, I did mention in the video all the brands and the range of my products, just in case some of you are interested to try them! ^_^

Okay.. So here it is.. (Maaf, saya masih kekok sedikit.. Will try to improve! hehe)

That's all from me.. Have a great day everyone! Let me know what you want to see in my next video! ^_~
Take care girls! Drink plenty of water ya? hehe ;)



  1. banyak routine you.......

  2. suka! yeay nak guna baby powder gak :)

  3. ur eyes makeup is soo gorgeous it :)

  4. stick to blogging je lahh video kelakar

  5. kind a usefull info... yeah becoz of too long to write it is good for you to video it... everything seem ok kowt... pasni leh continue video je... Kiut lagi... hahahaha..... :-P
    keep it "CIK WANI" daaa....

  6. wani,
    i used to be your silent reader but this time i just couldn't resist to leave a comment as your eyes make up eg. eye shadow, liner and also your contact are just so stunning.

    maybe next time you can show some tutorial about your eye make up.i'm sure a lot of girls out there dying to know about it.


  7. U have a pair of "gigi arnab"..Cute!

  8. wani..reduced ur slang- not to american as I could see clearly you are trying hard to be so American Accent! Be more natural in your speech - not to imitate their slang...

  9. thanks for sharing, cik wani!

  10. jari kamu chantek!

  11. YOU. ARE. SO. PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR MAKE UP!

  12. teach us pls...ur eye make up! it looks so pretty!!!

  13. so cantik la u wanyyy.. and i really like ur voice! more vidoes pleaseeeeshh!

  14. Wow! That's too much work for me:) Wish I was as dedicated as you.
    It's just the fake accent that I can't stand. And your English.

    But then again, I'm sure you can improve!
    All the best.

  15. cantik nya dia niieeeeee!!!!!!!!

  16. u r the video!!! But ur eye make-up is soo gorgeous, dear.


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