Monday, February 28, 2011

Scarves for Sale!!


YES, you read that right... TEN BUCKS! - Not that 'bucks' as in US dollars, but Ringgit Malaysia, of course! heheh ;p (Oh.. err.. except for one scarf.. but the rest are all TEN BUCKS per piece!)

These are all my collections.. I bought them, about months ago, but never got the chance to wear them because I have so many similar colors like those scarves, and thus I abandoned them.. So, I think I might just sell it to the person who would wear them, rather than just hang it in the closet (Read: me ;p)

These are all oblong scarves, except for one - It's square. And they are very pretty (Hence, they're in my collection. heh ;p). But I really had to let them go because I just bought a few new scarves and I got no space to hang my scarves anymore.. so then I realized, what's the point of buying and keeping these scarves but didn't even wear them. Not even once! T_T, I wanted to hand it over to youuuu! ^_~

Go on and choose! SHIPPING IS FREE!

Scarf #1: The Blue Swirls
I wore the green one, here

Scarf #2: A cute polka dots scarf in Purple/Blue

Scarf #3: Purple+Blue-ish 

Scarf #4: Cotton pink shawls with stripes

Scarf #5: Red stripes, retro-ish design

Scarf #6: Pretty pink/orange/yellow stripes scarf

Scarf #7: The Pink Swirls scarf

Scarf #8: Orange polka dots scarf

Scarf #9: Brown/Orangey scarf

Scarf #10: A square silk scarf from MNG. Bought at RM 90. Never wore.
Selling price: RM 55

INTERESTED? Email me at


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guess who won some awesome little pressies last weekend??! :)

The presents include a full make up set with some fragrances + cosmetic vouchers + 2 free tickets to Phnom Penh! =))))))

How awesomeeeeeeeeee!!!

But I'm more interested in these gifts! hehe ^_^

They gave me a full set make up from Lancome!! How cool! The set includes: eyeliner, mascaras, eye shadows, make up base, two-way cake powder, blushers, etc.. And oh, two bottles of perfume! Phewww... Dah macam set for hantaran pulak! LOL.

Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!  Thank YOU!

P/s: Macam tahu tahu je, my make up base and powder is about to finish..hehe ;p


Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Leave Your House Without Brushing Your Lashes!

Yes girls. Do not leave your eye lashes go nude when you're going out, and all dress up! Do brush them, and coat them with your mascara! They too, need something to wear when you're out and about in town! ^_^

Mascara is an absolute essential element in your makeup routine. If you weren't blessed with long dark lashes, then wearing mascara is a necessary evil. No question! If you're really late for whatever day and date at all, never ever leave your mascara! At least toss it in your handbag, and you can wear it in the car, or in the loo later on..or something.

You can forget your foundation, your eye liner, and even your lipstick when you're running late..but not mascara! Of all the basic make up essentials, mascara should be on top of your list, ok?!

So wear mascara everyday, everywhere. Got it? hehe ;p

Different brushes, give you different result.. So..choose wisely and according to your preference!

Just think about what a great mascara can do for you! - It could open up your eye and make it look bigger (and maybe flirtier) and then you pair it with your beautiful smile, and... Walla! - It instantly can create an entire look on your pretty face, honey!

So, wear mascara no matter what! Okie? ^_^

"I want long, long, longerrrr lashes pleaseeee!"

Anyway...I'd like to share with you girls my favourite mascaras in the world! I have tons of them! (This indecisive girl can never have one item that she likes! Everything also want to like oneee. Pffft). So here's my stash of my mascaras that I have currently, and the ones that I likeee...

I have 3 cute mascara containers from Stila, which I got years ago when I was their Girlfriend Club member. So anyway, each container I put different category of mascaras..

LOL. I arrange them according to their prices, and not according to their brushes! Like volumizing, lengthening etc! haha. 

Anyway, obviously the cheap ones are the most crowded ones! Just cause I wear them practically they'd run out so fast. Thus, I need a lot of back ups in there! (Yes, even to mamak stall, I'd wear my mascara. Heeee ;p)
Then, the medium price range, I'll put in another different container. These are the ones I wear occasionally.. like for outings ke.. and maybe sometimes to work/school..
Then the expensive ones. I only wear these on my special days. And on a date too! ;) let see what are my favourites among all these 30++ tube of mascaras that I have in there!

The "Not so Pricey" Range (RM 40 and below):
1. Rimmel Sexy Curves
2. Kate Dolly Lash
3. Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eye
4. Maybelline Define-A-Lash
5. Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express
6. In2it (I don't know the full name, but the brush is something like this!)
7. Maybelline Sky High Curves (Sorry forgot to add this!)

The "Quite Pricey" Range (RM 50 to RM 65):
1. Stila Multi-Effect
2. Stila MAJOR Major Lash (Oh,I love the name! hehe)
3. Bloom Full and Flirty
4. Stila Fibre Optic
5. Stila Major Lash
6. Clinique Lash Power (sorry, not in the picture - I left it in my handbag, I think!)
7. Make Up Forever Lengthening (sorry, not in the picture - it's inside my gym bag!)

(Btw, I got my Stila dosage from a friend who lives in the US. Thank God for that! ^_^)

The "Pricey" Range (RM 70 to RM 100++):
1. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic
2. Lancome Hynose
3. Christian Dior DiorShow
4. Christian Dior DiorShow Iconic (sorry, not in the picture- it's inside my handbag!)
5. Lancome Oscillation (sorry, not in the picture- it's inside my car! LOL)

So these are the ones that I like! What do you like, ladies? =)
Oh and by the way, I usually would wear at least, 2 different mascaras at a time! - Paling banyak pernah pakai, 5 sekaligus! LOL. And, in my handbag, I'd usually carry 3 different mascaras with me.. I don't know why.. Sometimes I don't even wear them to touch up or's just, my habit. I'm used to carry a lot of mascaras with me, wherever I go.. I just feel safe doing that..hehe

So..which mascara do you girls like to wear? Share with me! Maybe I can try too! - Or maybe we share the same taste in mascara? If yes, gimme five, honey! ^_^

P/s: Sorry for the low quality pictures. I only use my iPhone for this post, as my fat camera is inside my car! - Haihh..I left everything in the car, kann? Haiya. =/


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Probably the Most BusieSt PlaCe, Yet the Calmest Zone On Earth!

Yes, the Makkah city that is!

There's no other place in this world, that is sooooooo busy and full of people from all over the world, and always always so crowded with humans ranging from 0 year olds to 100++ year olds, 24/7-365, every minute, every hour, every day, all year long! But still feel SO CONTENTED and CALM!

Yes, no other place but only in the Holy Land, Makkah and Madinah! =)

These two places would never be empty. People keep on coming every hour, to serve our one and only God..and to earn as much pahala as possible.. Amazing, isn't it? =)

I felt really really happy when I was in Makkah and Madinah. Like really really happy inside out. It's hard to explain..but it was something that I feel deep down inside my heart.. A really nice feeling. It's like I get to "talk" with God.. Oh crap.. I'm not explaining it righttt! Ishh..I've always have this hard-to-explain problem! Well..nevermind.. That's between me and God =)
But anyway.. I'm so happy that all of my wishes came true, while I was there.. It was like a magic! hehe.. That's one of the best part of being in the Holy Land! this post, I'm just gonna put up my pictures, instead of babbling, aite..hehe. I bet a picture tells a whole lot more stories than words, do they? So here, I'd share with you guys some of the photos I took during my 10 day trip in Saudi Arabia, kay.. - Just in case any one of you wanted to go or have never been to Saudi before, and have no idea how they look like (some thought it was padang pasir all over Saudi! LOL. It's the 21st century honey! They even have LV stores! hehehe ;p), so...I hope this might give you a little picture on Saudi Arabia.. Ok? =)

Enjoy the photos!
(Yes, it's a long post! Typical me! ;p)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steal the Beam with Teal

I find myself wearing too much boring colors these days. It's either Black, White, Brown, Grey or Black and White. Pffftt.

Black and white could be boring if you wear them from top to toe. You needa add a little bit of color to make them appear less boring than usual, and to create some intensity in your outfit... Be it your bag, or shoes or anything! ;)

Say...purple/pink with black and white, or dark green with your black and white... or teal/aquamarine colors, to pop in some hue in your outfit! ^_^

Top: Cheetah printed black and white silk top from Zara

Pants: Plain silk black trousers from Topshop

Scarf: Teal colored chiffon oblong scarf from Pasar Malam

White ribboned pearl brooch from Accessorize
Amalfi teardrop stone ring from Accessorize
White patent satchel bag from Dior
Dark blue watch from Fendi

Shoes: Teal colored heels with beads and studs from Nine West

Last time I wear this top with my black scarf and a black pants (how boring) but then I wore it with a venetian red Celine handbag, just to paint a lil' color in that outfit.. 
Or... I wore it with my hot pink pants with a hot pink scarf, and with my pink Kelly bag! ;) - Just as long as I don't look black and white all the way from top, to my toes! ^_^


Sunday, February 20, 2011

50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend!


Can't believe my blog is featured in the fabulous InTrend magazine, again! - Last year, my blog was listed and chosen as the "Blog Pilihan InTrend" in their April 2010 issue. (And they gave me an Anna Sui items for that! - So thank you! ^_^) And this year... my blog was listed in their March 2011 issue as the "50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend" pulakk! How awesome!!
God..I love InTrend!!!! I feel like hugging the InTrend people now! hehe ^_^

I still remember, back in the days when InTrend was still new in the magazine world..and when I was not a blogger yet, I started buying lots of magazines, every month and read them faithfully as my fave pastime - and yes, InTrend was one of them! How can I not purchased them? It's a fabulous Bahasa Malaysia's magazine so far! ;)

So..anyway, everyday, whenever I have a free time during my high school and uni years, I would flip through all the pretty dresses, beautiful people, fabulous cosmetics, fantastic stories, and everything nice in those magazines, and cut them out, and put on this one board in my room, which I call it as a Hall of Fame Board, and named/wrote it as "Be Beautiful. Be Awesome" on top of the photo board, for the title.. - as an inspiration, motivation, to achieve all that when I look at the words and photos! hehe. (And I also secretly hoping to be featured in one of those magazines too.. one day, some day! HAHA ;p)

And little that I know... My little dreams came true. LOL! ;p

After flipping through the magazines for years and years, and not expecting to be featured in a fab mag or anywheree at all... Suddenly... somebody told me, that I was featured in the InTrend mag! I'm so surprised and exciteddd! hehe ^_^

Well...ok fine. Not exactly me, myself. But... my blog! haha. ;p
But who cares.. Still the same thinggg! I owned this blog right..and most importantly, they still put my face in there! can be counted as "masuk majalah" still, rightt??! Hahahahahaa! ;p

Anyway, enough babbling. Here's a little piece of me and my blog in the magazine! I'm so excited! Cuz they put so many of my fave stuff in there! I'm pretty sure my flower brooches/corsages, my rings, and my clothes would be very thankful to me! haha ^_^

My blog is listed in the Fashionista blog category, alongside with Emmagem, Fashion Online Malaysia, Proudduck, Tongue Chic, and other fabulous bloggers!

By the way, in that 50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend, they have 5 categories altogether, which includes Usahawan, Fesyenista, Perkahwinan, Hijab, and Cahaya Mata. - I thought mine would be in the Hijab category! Never mind..let's hope for that, for next year pulak! hehehe ;p

Go get yourself a copy now..and see what are those 50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend, and add them in your Bookmark/Favourite page!!! ^_^



You don't know how much this means to me! hehee. So thank you so much for listing me and my little blog in there! Here's to the team that has made this amazing Klik dan Blog column! Mmmmmmuacks!! ;)

P/s: I never knew I'm a "Fashionista"?? Heeee. ;p
Hurm...maybe after this, I should blog more about what I wear from top to toe, ey? Would that be good? What do you think? hehe


Friday, February 18, 2011

An Evening At Pizza Hut Subang 2

People these days (including me. Erkk ;p) are spending less and less time being together with their friends or family. It's either because they're hooked on the internet, doing God knows what.. YouTubing or Facebooking or whatever.. (Like me. heh) OR, they are simply a workaholic who always does not have free time to get together with the people that matters the most to them.. The only thing that they know in their world, is their job. Pffft. How boring!

Well, besides going for a karaoke, or watching movies and do some other stuff with your relatives or acquaintances to spend more time together, I really think eating out or having lunch/dinner with your friends and family, is the best way to have a bonding, get together sessions with them! It's a great time to catch up on things while enjoying the great food, don't you think?

Andd.. Pizza Hut will definitely be the place to do so, as they have a relaxed, casual place where you can share conversations, companionships, laughter and memories and not to mention, a GREAT FOOD to share it with the people that matters the most to you! ^_^

Anyway, last week I was invited to have an eat-out session with some of the top bloggers, at Pizza Hut Subang 2. Well..this is their new outlet. A very different kind of layout and ambience than the other Pizza Hut outlets. This new design and ambience is very casual, and very relaxing...and not to mention, very nice too!! nice it is, kan?! ^_~

This is the Pizza Hut Subang 2. The standalone building is very big with ample parking space too!

Here's the address:
No. 1, Jalan Apollo CH U5/CH, 
Seksyen U5, 40150, Shah Alam, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Well...the eat out session was started at around 2 pm. And me and A'ai was in the area at about 2 o'clock, actually.. BUT because we are so not familiar with the area and got lost in our directions... and apparently our GPS thingy was unusable at that moment... so, we ended up going round and round in that area for more than an hour! So yes....we came late. Heeeee ;p

But anyways..when I arrived, the managers greeted me.. And while I was waiting to be seated, I saw a bunch of famous, top bloggers.. (I was so excited! hehee)

But most of the bloggers were already there for an hour or so, and done with their food! Sobs... So yeah, I don't get the chance to snap with the other fabulous bloggers (because they were about to leave when I arrived!) Bummer... =(


Luckily I was not alone! Hanis Zalikha came late too.. She came a bit later than me.. So yeayyy, I wasn't alone! hahaha ;p

We were fashionably late! heh

Anyways... I'm not here to talk about who were there first. LOL. I'm here to talk about their newly launch pizza, their Ring of Fortune Pizza specially made for the Chinese New Year festive.

Double the Fortune, Double the Happiness!

So... we were fed with their new menus like:

This pizza, the Ring of Fortune! 
The succulent char-grilled chicken on a special double crust stuffed with golden cheese and sprinkled with crispy cornflakes for that added crunch!! Oh, and inner and outer crusts loaded with 3 flavoured cheeses too!! Mmmm! And made even more auspicious with the red capsicums, pineapple tidbits and yellow onions. Yumm yum mmmmmmm... Everything that they put onto this pizza is really working, I mean.. it's super duper yummy!!!! YOU REALLY GOTTA TRY IT! I swear, it's too good!!

Triple Platter
Oriental Wings OR Honey BBQ Wings, Masala Spin Roll and Criss-Cut Fries, Served with Cool Lime Mayo

Oriental Wings
Fried chicken drumettes and mid-wings coated in a special sweet garlic sauce.

Seafood Marinara Pasta
Tempura Prawns, squid strips, tomatoes, onions, olives, Napolitana sauce and parsley.

And their new dessert:

Mango Pudding
A tropical delight. Mango pudding with nata de coco, drizzled with strawberry sauce with whipped cream on top.

But I chose my all-time fave, their Chocolate Volcano!

Mmmmmm...mmmm gooooooooood!

With the two most beautiful bloggers in Malaysia, Hanis and Vivy

I had a very good and chilled time eating the fortune pizza, drinking my Iced Lemon Tea, and talking and such a nice ambience

So anyways, even though you and your family are so busy, do get some free time, at least once a month to eat-out together. Because it’s not only very fulfilling for our stomachs, but for our souls also.

Spend more time with your family and friends by eating out at Pizza Hut, ok? Because spending time with your loved ones is the greatest fortune anyone could have!

Eat, Laugh, Share at Pizza Hut.  


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the Extra Money Pops In..

......................................................... I went for a little retail therapy!!! ^_^

The stuff I Zara. 

I've always loved this store. It's either this, or TopShop. These are the two brands that I would always pop in, whenever I'm looking for some new tops to add into my wardrobe... Just cuz they have such amazingly magical outfits, that could make you look so pretty! ;)

Ahhh...going home feeling so happyyyyy!

The thing I love to do whenever I'm back from shopping is, to try them on for hours and hours in front of the mirror, trying to mix and match with different colors/styles, accessories, scarves, bags and shoes! And prancing around in my room until I'm tired. LOL.

Girls will be girls...right?? hehe

P/s: To my Chinese friends.. How was your CNY? Got a lot of Ang Pau, ah? Share with me some, lorhh... heheh. Anyway, Happy Cap Goh Meh to you guys! ;)


Monday, February 14, 2011

The Phone Issue

I am not really a gadget freak. So I don't really change my gadget stuff every now and then.. Be it camera, handphones, laptop, mp3 player/iPod etc etc.. (But they always come up with some cool new devices, I couldn't keep up! - Unless if they're designing some new fashion for shoes, that's a whole different story then! ;p)

So I really don't know what's in and what's not for all the gadgets in the world.. (Ok I lie.. I kinda know a bit. At least those from Blackberry and Apple. But what I usually don't know is 'why' they're hot and stuff). - I don't bother to find out about them..maybe cuz..gadget is just not my thing... So I don't bother to know unless if I'm looking for a new one to replace them..
We don't change our handphones everyday, like we change our shoes to match with the bags, do we? ;p

So anyway.. I've been using my old phone for almost 3 years now.. (That is quite looong for a handphone life, ain't it?) Dad gave me my first Blackberry Bold when it first came out.. So I use it since then, until recently.. it always makes me go crazy that I feel like smashing it down! >_<

Really, my phone can be such a pain in the arse! It always hangs and lags..and the one thing I really hate the most is, when I can't hear what the other person on the line is saying to me.. (I don't know whether it was because of Maxis, or because of that phone itself. But whatever it was, I still hate the phone!) Pfft.

But well...actually, it doesn't really happen all the time.. Some day, it's really fine.. But most of the days, it'll go crazy like usual..and makes me go crazy as well! (I have to restart the phone, for it to be okay again, every like..few hours..or maybe one hour. Sigh)
Does that annoy you? Haihh..
(To Blackberry users, does this ever occur to you? Does your BB always hang?)

So last Saturday when I came back home with lotsa missed calls that I don't even hear them ringing - Bcuz at the time when the caller calls, the phone hangs and can't even register who the caller is. Tau-tau je, tiba-tiba dah 'Missed Call' from an UNKNOWN NUMBER! Pftttt. Geramnyeee >_<
And look what this crazy woman babbled about how she hates her phone so much on her Facebook statuses, last Saturday.. (Sorry guys, if I flooded your NewsFeed/Walls on FB with my complaints. hahaa ;p)

LOL. 3 different statuses, same message, in one night. 
I was really, really REALLY pissed off with my phone for making me live my life miserably! tskk

So..after the many many incidents that my phone lagged, and made me missed some very important calls, I lost some SMSes, the alarm clock was not working (due to the phone hanged at the time that it's supposed to wake me up), and some other annoying things.. which got me into little miscommunications between all the people who have been trying to reach me.. So I figured, I don't want to send it to the clinic and repair it.. I just want a new phones already.. Plus, it was almost 3 years I'm using the same thang.. So it's really time to buy myself a new handphone..right?! ^_^
( more throwing off the phones on the floor! ;p)

After much thought between Blackberry Torch and the iPhone 4... I chose....


An iPhone 4!

Yeayyyy! I am now a happily converted BB user, to the iPhone owner! This phone is going to be my main line now.. And I need to change my telco line from Celcom to Maxis or DiGi.. Hmm.. which one is good? Anyone? =)

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