Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Faves at the Moment

These songs has been lingering on my mind and on my mouth since a few weeks ago..

1) Pitbull - Hotel Room Service

This song makes me smile.

"Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room, you can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room.
We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn. "


Lovin' the tune =)

2) Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad

I downloaded this song awhile ago.. Not knowing that the girl who sang the song was Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf! hehe. After watching this vid on MTV the other day, then only I know it's her! heee.
Daynmmm she's hot and can sing very well! (I'm loving her even moree now)

3) Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

Anything from Pitbull is awesome!! I love his gatal voice..heeee =)


Monday, September 28, 2009


People! I am back!


Right now, all I gotta say is..

Bangkok is such an amazing city!!!

Will definitely gonna visit Bangkok again and again and again!!!

Okay that's all for now!

It's 11 pm already. And I am tremendously super duper tired! (It's ironic.. My trip was supposed to be a relaxing getaway! haha). So now I wanna take a goooood rest cuz tomorrow my class is at 8.30 am! And I have to wake up at 6! So bubbyee now!!

Later guys!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Relaxing Getaway

I have only 4 hours to think and to find and to pack what stuff to bring before I fly off to Bangkok, tomorrow morning. The thing is, as I told you earlier..I have gained weight..so most of my baju ain't fit me no moree.. =(
So I don't know what baju am I gonna wear for my trip this time around..hmm.. (maybe I should just bring an empty luggage and shop over there)

And to make it worse, now I gotta dig up the pile of clothes that I've been tossing around this room (that seemed like it would take ages for me to find the right baju..) Ugh. I hate packing.

Anyway..just wanna let you know.. I'll be in Bangkok till Monday. So..there will be no mailing and posting stuff and replying emails. (My dad has some meeting or something in Bangkok, while me and my mom has some spa to go to and some shopping to do. heh)

See you later!


On a different note, my brother-in-law's sister (Kak Lina) has just passed away today. =(
Harap dapat sedekahkan al-fatihah.
Semoga roh Kak Lina ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Salam Eid

On behalf of my family, I would like to wish you and all the muslims in the world..

Happy Eid Mubarak!

May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always.


Shazwani Hamid.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of MaidLess and ShopPink.

My house (well..my parent's house actually) currently has no maid. My bibik has gone back for good to her hometown in Jawa Barat, last June. So..it has been quite a few months since we had a maid.

To be honest with you, I have never experienced a maid-less in our house. We always have had maid since my eldest sister were born. Well..ada la..about a couple of days or so we all takde maid.. Tu pun sebab dia balik Kongsi dia ke, or gi bercuti ke, or whatever..

So basically..rumah ni memang sejak 26 years ago tak pernah takde maid.. Dah biasa ada pembantu. But since my mom has retired, she refused to hire another new maid even when my dad has offered her the other day. She wants to do everything from washing to cooking to making beds herself.

Well not exactly everything la, actually. The doing the dishes and cleaning part is always gonna be me (which I dislike, because my soft hands has turned super very rough in just 4 days back to back of washing the utensils and plates and the cookware! Ughh..Must be the freaking liquid dishwasher..haih.. Hmm.. Well..nevermind).
Oh, please don't get me wrong, I am not that privileged that I have never in my life do the dishes (Of course I have! Many many times).
Well, I am not complaning about the washing part (Oh, I love playing with bubbles!). I'm complaning about the roughing part. My hands feels so old already. Screw you liquid dishwasher for making my fingers cracked! =P
(Mummy..please let me do all the cooking/preparations thingy next time? Dari dulu asik keje basuh pinggan je.. Tak membangun la skills saya..)

So since I was born (and that is about 20 years ago), there's always someone to do things for me, i.e make my bed, clean and wash my toilet, do the dishes, make my sandwiches for lunch at school, iron my clothes and so on and so forth. So of course, for me to automatically know how to do all these things in a day wouldn't be possible, right? *Forgive me*

I gotta admit. Doing all these things wasn't easy for me. But..

Eh, no. They are EASY to do. It's not as difficult like doing Calculus! haha. But it's just that I am not trained to do these house chores and errands, so of course..for me and my lazeyy bum to perform everything accordingly (or at least, to follow my mum's way or rules of doing it), is going to be slowww and imperfect...right? (please agree with me! hehe)

Plus, the cleaning tools and utensils are quite old already. And they don't seem 'approachable' and 'desirable' to me.. =P
Like the brown dusty broom, the white mop that has turned into grey color (or was it black?), the botak brushes, the dirrty sponges, the so called 'kain buruk', 'kain lap pinggan', 'kain lap meja', 'kain lap tingkap', and all those kains for specific purpose and use.. They are all old already and not looking so fabulous to hold. haha =P

And me on the other hand, is a very unpractical person. Fyi I am SO complicated, according to my three besties! haha. (But they still love me, kan kan Ajit, Girl and Naz? heh). So anyways..

My policy is always; Why buy something that is ugly when you can get something that looks so much better that serves the same purpose! heh. =P

Well.. I don't like to use or buy things that doesn't look pretty to my eyes even if the purpose is to make it look unpretty. Err..u get what I mean? Like for example the mop. Some of you must have think that it's just a mop. U use it to clean and wipe up the floor. It'll get dirty the minute it touches the floor! I know!

But for me, that's just not a cool way to do chores. =P

Look at that.. Ugh.

So when my mum asked me to clean and wash all the toilets/bathrooms in my house yesterday.. I purposely delayed it. Cuz I refuse to use the old slimy stuff from the store room. =P

So today, I went out to The Gardens and Mid Valley, to buy some of my own stuff..and some of the toilets' stuff. I never knew shopping for your toilet was fun! haha. I can't wait to wash my toilet tomorrow morning! Normally bibik does it for me..so now, I'm in charge! So yeay! =)

Wanna see what this little girl has bought? These aren't the exact pictures/products, tho. Too lazy to snap and upload, now. So these are googled. But the tools I bought are almost the same..cuz they're PINK!

BANG! To clean every inch and corner in the toilets.

A PINK sponge. To scour the dirt away

The CIF Cream. To clean up the sinks and the racks

A PINK sink brush.

AJAX FABULOSO. For the floors

A PINK bristle broom. Easy to scrub and brush up the floors and in between the tiles

A PINK scrub. To rub, scrub and scour anything that is hard to clean!

HARPIC. The toilet bowl cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner tablets. It's BLUE.
Couldn't find one in PINK. But it's okay bcuz the blue water matches my blue toilet bowl. hehee

That's all I bought! I forgot to buy these things, though:

A PINK toilet brush!
Hmm..so for tomorrow I have to use the old ones. =(

A PINK gloves.
Ajit reminded me to buy one when I said I dunno what else to buy. He said, "What about a pink gloves? You love pink and I'm sure you wanna protect your hands. Nanti kang tangan kasar, you'll start to complain..So better u buy one, to protect your hands from that sabun2. And I don't have to hear you whining. tee hee".

Heh. I find that cute, bcuz it's like he already know what am I gonna say when my hands get so rough. haha. But I refused to buy it, bcuz I don't wanna show to him that I am that mengada-takboleh-kena-sabun. Plus, I already have the pakai-buang latex gloves. So why membazir?

A PINK mop.
I almost wanted to buy this! Exactly like this! But Ajit stoped me, "Why would you want to mop your toilet? Toilet IS supposed to be wet, kan? Plus, are u sure you're going to use all this stuff you bought, for every single week? Entah entah, sehari dua je pakai..pastu dah tak semangat dah balik. Pastu nanti, bila dah tak nak basuh toilet, you'll give the reason that u balik hostel, n selalu takde kat rumah. I know you la, Cik Wani. You don't need that".

Well mister, that mop is for my room la...not my toilet! Plus, it's so cute! Why oh whyy can't I have it? ;P


I think, bit by bit..day by day.. I'm gonna buy every cleaning tools and utensils in my house or at least for my own room.. a PINKIE products!

Baru la comel! But my cabinet, toilet bowl, sink, floors or walls, etc etc must be in WHITE. Baru la cantik, kan? These pink stuff would act like accessories in the toilet! =)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

10 Years!

Oh, I just realized I turned 10 today.

Well, no..not my age.

I am now a woman for 10 years already.

So.. Happy Woman's Day for me! haha ;P

It's been a great journey for being a young adult!


Ok lah, tu je nak bagitau.. Gotta go now..Gotta sleep early..tomorrow am going for a shopping spree (to buy some womanly stuff.heh).

Tapi I pergi sorang je. Sape nak ikut angkat tangan? =)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Deserve Some New Shoes!

Raya is just a few days away. But I haven't really shopped for Raya stuff like last years. Probably cuz I've gained weight and feeling kinda low lately. So that's why I wasn't really in my Shopping Raya mood. I only have some baju kurungs. Tudung pun takde. haih. Nevermind..I can always borrow my mum's.

So the other day, I went out and bought some Raya footwear for myself cuz I thought I deserve some, after been fasting from shopping for quite some time.

Though I've been telling myself, not to indulge (or rather invest) in shoes many many times, cuz I know I own a lot of shoes and have more than enough already. But I just don't know why, I failed to do so. I can't stop myself from buying them whenever I see some great designs esp. those with 5 inches heel. I find shoes are some sort of collectible arts.
A 5 inch heels would always make this shortie little girl feel wonderful, powerful, and confident. =)

Just so you know, whenever I feel so low, I like to treat myself. Shoes (and chocolates!) would always somehow make me feel much better, although it has got nothing to do with my problems/issues. Because shoes always fit even though I gained a few pounds! And just by looking at my pretty feet, makes me feel so happy! I love owning those beautiful pieces of art in my closet. And I love looking down at them with big grin on my face thinking, “Those are mine!”.

I still remember when I was 18, the day I broke up with my ex boyfriend (he cheated), my sisters brought me to KLCC to eat some chocolate cakes and to do a little shopping to take my mind off it.. I bought some Eclipse shoes and wore them straight away. Then after a few walks in it, the weird thing happened. For some weird reason, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. I didn't feel sad or anything like I was. It was such a relieve not to feel sad at that moment. I hate being depressed. So lucky for me, I wore such pretty pink heels at that time that somehow heeled my heart! haha =)

Hmm..I think it is really true what Victoria Beckham said.

Though this may sound so ridiculous to some, but shopping really IS therapeutic for me. Shoe shopping to be exact.

And yes.. I have a confession.

Recently, I bought some shoes when I was so stressed out about something/someone. I bought three high heels and one flats. Well, it's a flip-flops actually. And these four items that I splurged on are so comfy and pretty! I was happy and satisfied. And totally forgot about her. =)

Two out of the four footwear that I purchased were from Juicy Couture. Oh, I loved their footwear range! They're very trendy and classy! (especially their boots range! Why oh why Malaysia doesn't have winter? sobs. Kalau tak, boleh pakai hari-hari. haha)

I love the detail on the bottom/side of these two shoes; "Smells Like Couture"! They are so cute!

Out of all the Juicy Couture ranges, I personally think that their footwear suits the couture label the most. Not the bags, nor the tracksuits (although these two items are one of the most famous products as compared to the other ranges for this brand). They look too bimbo for me. But then again, it's your choice and preference. =)

Hmm..heels versus flats? Which one would you go for?

I love the suede leather red heels the most. It's peep toe (my favourite!) and the chunky heels made it even more comfy to walk it in

Well..Imma true high heel girl, so of course my pick would be heels! That flip flop is for casual wear..or beachy wear..hehe

Oh hey..

I also bought some juicy little make up cases! They're great to put inside your handbag or your main make up case.

I bought this so I can put my make up brushes and lip liners/eyeliners/mascaras and some lip glosses in it, so my handbag would be more organized instead of main campak campak je mascara apa bagai sume dalam handbag..Nanti nak cari susah..

I bought two. One for my handbag. Another is for my make up case

Okay. That's all for now. Gotta do some Raya preparations, clothes packing, and some postings! Chiow!



To those who have reserved the item(s) that you would like to purchase, kindly make your payment before 2 pm, Wednesday (16th September 2009), in order for me to deliver your item on time (before Raya). Otherwise, you'll receive your item after Raya. =)


Have a nice day!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your Last Chance To Buy!!! (Or Regret it Later!)

Hey there gorgeous ladies!

This is your last chance to buy perfumes and cosmetics from me! All these items are still in great condition. These are all items that has been reserved by my previous buyers but refused to pay, or being in silent mode after they've made an order or canceled for some reason. So now, I gotta clean up my one last box, so I can have a peace of mind. hehe. Please help me sell these babies off, by spreading the words, will ya? =)

And since I got a lot of free time (at last!), I will handle all your orders/questions/requests promptly. And here's a good news for you, if you pay within this week (that is before this coming Friday), I can assure you, that you can get your hands on your items before Raya*!!

Hurry! The items are limited..so if you want any of these, do submit the form below a.s.a.p because the sales will be based on first come first serve basis because the quantity for each item/brand is really really limited!!

*That if, the Postman or PosLaju courier doesn't cause any trouble for me as well as the items, to be delivered on time


-All items are authentic! I don't buy fakes! So buy with confidence!
-Only deal with serious buyers.
-Payment: Preferably Maybank2u.
-I don't do COD, only via Poslaju (and yes, I will make sure that your item is securely wrapped with bubble wrap,etc-for those who buy perfumes)
-All goods sold are not refundable & exchangeable

Please, take your time to read all the descriptions or reviews.. and after you have made your decision, kindly fill in the form below!




1) L'Occitane The Vert Green Tea Well-Being Kit. (A Must Buy!!)

Sorry! Very bad picture quality! =(

Product Descriptions: Subtle complex of fresh aromas uplifts your mood. Transporting you to green fields laced with the fragrances of bitter orange, jasmine, cedar and thyme. Invigorating as a Spring day. Appreciated equally by men and women for its tonic green aroma that creates sensations of well-being and freshness. This can make you feel like you are stood in a field of fresh grass and daisies on a summer day.

Size/Amount: Shower Gel 75 ML, Body Milk 75 ML and the Perfume 50 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 175

My Price: RM 150

Product Code: FW 1

Do click on the link, to read more about this Product Reviews on Meg's Make up! (Most of them loved this perfume!)

Status: All SOLD!

2) Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic (So delectable! Seriously. I already have 2 empty bottles of 100ML. Enuf said!)

Product Descriptions: Let this tropical delight tempt you with its sparkling blend of exotic fruits and flowers shimmering in the air around you. It's a seductive fusion of Mango Passion Fruit Cocktail, juicy Citrus Fruits and watery Lychee combined with Island Bamboo Flowers, Orange blossom and dewy Bougainvillea Vine.
Fragrance Type: Tropical Floral

For me, this perfume smells heavenly! It's a warm sexy scent! Whenever I sprayed onto my body, I instantly feel like a gorgeous-young-kindhearted woman! haha (boleh tak gitu?) =P

Eau De Parfum (EDP)

Size/Amount: 100 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 300

My Price: RM 230

Product Code: FW 2

Status: All SOLD!

3) Hermes Un Jardin Apres La Mousson (Hermes perfume is a must have on every stylish woman's dressing table!)

Product Descriptions: Hermes celebrates India and sees it in an unusual light with the creation of the Eau de Toilette Un Jardin apres la Mousson. This Eau de Toilette carries us to Kerala after the monsoon rains, offering the experience of a singular moment in time, marked by Nature's rebirth. Glowing and serene, invigorating and soothing, UnJardin apres la Mousson blends the freshness of ginger and the sweetness of the butterfly-delicate Kahili ginger flower with the spontaneity of cold spices and the subtlety of vetiver. A vegetable, floral and spicy Eau de Toilette which appeals both to men and women.
With the latest Un Jardin Apr├Ęs La Mousson, the least easy and most complex of the garden scents, one encounters a delightful realignment of well-known ideas and sensations that gives in the end an unexpected and very original fragrance. The variegated nature of the scent, yet its harmonious tonality makes you think of a kaleidoscope reshuffling white, transparent, green, and blue crystals -- the colors of Impression, Soleil Levant.

Type: Eau De Toilette (EDT)

Size/Amount: 50 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 285

My Price: RM 200

Product Code: FW 3

Read here, what one of my fave bloggers have to say about this fragrance!

3) Bvlgari Rose Essentielle (Smells rosy and feminine and soft!!)

Product Descriptions: The ultimate in pure luxury, Rose Essentielle is a tribute to the world's most prestigious flower - the rose. The ultimate floral expression of luxury and absolute femininity, it is a rose-floral interpretation of the Pour Femme fragrance.
Notes: Rose Prelude, Blackberry, Feuille de Violette, Living Mimosa, Jasminum Sambac, Patchouli, Bois de Gaiac .

Style: Luxurious. Feminine. Delicate.

Type: Eau De Parfum (EDP)

Size/Amount: 50 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 290

My Price: RM 180

Product Code: FW 4

Status: All Reserved!


1) Dunhill Pure After Shave Lotion

Product Descriptions:
An active smoothing after-shave lotion Instantly soothes your skin after shaving. Removes razor-burns & prolongs a clean shave. Helps ensure & prolong smooth skin result. Suitable for all skin types


Size/Amount: 75 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 165

My Price: RM 95

Product Code: SM 1

Status: All SOLD!

2) L'Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Anti-Regreasing

Product Descriptions: Your forehead is shiny, your nose is greasy, your skin isn't clear... Not very attractive...Take Action!

Action 1: Long lasting shine control for pure, clear and healthier looking skin.

Action 2: Helps reinforce the skin's resistance.

Action 3: Moisturisation and gel texture for men.

Type: Moisturizing Gel

Size/Amount: 50 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 33

My Price: RM 25

Product Code: SM 2

3) L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue for Eyes

Product Descriptions:
Fatigue, stress and nights out show, especially around the eyes. This is the most fragile area of the face where the skin is thinnest. Dark circles and lines set in… Take action!

Action 1 : Brightens eye contour area.

Action 2:
Use it morning and evening all around the eye contour area.

Action 3: Apply by gently patting onto the eye area and then repeatedly smoothing outwards from the corner of the eye to the temple.

Type: Eye Care

Size/Amount: 15 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 34

My Price: RM 25

Product Code: SM 3

4 L'Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti Sagging Moisturizer

Product Description: This revitalizing moisturizer is formulated with Pro-Retinol to firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Shea butter and botanical extracts are added to moisturize and soothe skin. Vita Lift includes L'Oreal's Active Defense System, a powerful formula that helps to strengthen your skins natural defenses. Dermatologist tested.

Type: An anti sagging moisturizer for man

Size/Amount: 50 ML

Retail Selling Price: RM 34

My Price: RM 25

Product Code: SM 4


1) Dior HydrAction Travel Set (Perfect for those who travels a lot! And that includes a sleepover at your BFF's house!)

I couldn't find a better picture.. but basically what you're getting is like these two pictures below

Well..something like that.. 2 bottles of a real sized cleanser/make up remover and the rest is travel sized items.

Product Descriptions: Exclusive products to quench dehydrated or combination skin.What it is formulated to do: The HydrAction Starter Set gives you everything you need to discover Dior Hydraction Skincare. The products contain Aquacapt(TM) Complex, the potent active ingredient that reinforces the skin's natural moisture reserves throughout the day.

This limited-edition set includes a Rinse-Off Cleansing Foam 50 ML, Cleansing water for Face & Eyes 50 ML, Body Sorbet Emulsion 50 ML, a travel-size Hydra-Protective Eye Creme 15 ML, and a travel-size Hydra Protective Light Creme 15 ML. The Hydraction Skincare Collection also includes a sleek airplane-ready tote so that you can quench your skin in style wherever you go!

Type: Skincare for normal to combination skin

Quantity: 6 items in one set (Make up remover, Cleanser, Body Lotion, Eye Cream, Moisturizer and a white Dior cosmetics signature bag!)

Retail Selling Price: RM 290

My Price: RM 220 (Additional free gift from me!)

Product Code: C 1

2) Dior Capture R60/80 XP Travel Set

Well..again, I couldn't find a better picture..so the stuff is basically look like this..

Well..sort of..hehe

Product Description: An innovative, rich, wrinkle-fighting creme.What it is formulated to do: Discover Dior's new 21st century anti-wrinkle skincare. Inspired by the latest dermatological breakthroughs and derived from revolutionary research, Dior Capture R60/80 XP Ultimate Wrinkle Creme reinvents anti-wrinkle care by protecting and relaunching skin cell activity to encourage faster, healthier regeneration, eventually "pushing up" the depressed wrinkle for a smoother, more even look. XP Wrinkle Creme feels uniquely light and fresh, plumping up the skin from beneath lines, nourishing and enveloping it in a luxurious sense of comfort.
You'll see even deep wrinkles immediately smoothed in an hour, reduced after one month, and wrinkle-free skin restored after three months.

This limited-edition set includes: a Rinse-Off Cleansing Foam 50 ML, Cleansing water for Face & Eyes 50 ML, a travel-size Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring Serum 10 ML, and a travel-size Wrinkle Restoring Eye Creme 15 ML and a travel-size Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring Creme Rich Texture 15 ML. The Capture R60/80 XP Skincare Collection also includes a sleek airplane-ready tote so that you can quench your skin in style wherever you go!

Type: Skincare for aging skin (30s to 40s)

Quantity: 6 items in one set (
Make up remover, Cleanser, Face Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturizer and a white Dior cosmetics signature bag!)

Retail Selling Price: RM 320

My Price: RM 240 (Additional free gift from me!)

Product Code: C 2

3) L'Occitane Immortelle Travel Set

Product Descriptions: A creamy moisturizer with anti aging benefits: Rich and velvety, Precious Cream is a smooth, easily absorbed antiaging treatment. Immortelle essential oil is concentrated into microcapsules for controlled, 24-hour release. This set comes with a full size Immortelle Precious Cream, a full size Immortelle Eye Balm and a travel size of Very Precious Creme.

Please read here, and this review! Then you'll know why this product is one of the best seller for moisturizers in the world!

Quantity: 3 items (a Full sized of a Moisturizer for day time, Moisturizer for night time (travel size) and a full sized of an Eye Cream)

Retail Selling Price:
RM 320

My Price: RM 240 (and additional free L'Occitane Make up bag!)

Product Code: C 3
Status: All SOLD!

Lancome Flash Makeup Pro Travel Palette (A perfect thing to have when you're out and about, cuz it contains everything you need for your face! And it does not take a lot of space in your handbag at all!)

Product Description: 1x Blush Focus Powder Blusher #08 (Marshmallow), 2x Concealer, 2x Color Focus Powder Eyeshadow ( #202 & #251 ), 1x Le Rouge Absolu lip color #390 (Rose Cashmere) and 2x Applicator.

Perfect for those 911 touch ups! It contains 2 different tones of concealers! So you can blend those 2 tones to cover up your blemishes/ spots/ scars or even your dark circles! And those two shades of brownish eye shadows are great for everyday wear! Well..the name says it all.. You do your make-up yourself, like a pro in a flash!

Retail Selling Price:
RM 135

My Price: RM 98

Product Code: C 4
Status: Reserved!

5) Estee Lauder Limited Edition Colors Spring Palette (Nice eye shadows for everyday wear!)

Product Description: Limited Edition Colors MakeUp Palette: 3x Pure Color EyeShadow ( #54 Copper Penny, #50 Sand Box, #42 Mint Ice ), 2x Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick ( #118 Bois de Rose, #123 Fig ), 1x Pure Color Crystal Lipstick( #301 Crystal Baby ), 1x Pure Color Crystal Lipstick ( #303 Crystal Pink ) and 2x Applicator.

Oh I love loveee Estee Lauder's eye shadows. They're grrreat!!

Retail Selling Price: RM 139

My Price: RM 98

Product Code: C 5
Status: Reserved!

6) Clarins Lip Colour Tint in Frosted Peach No. 17

Product Descriptions: Experience a new kind of seduction--luscious, luminous, sparkling lips caressed in a subtle, soft hint of colour that's provocative and natural-looking. This lip colour tint smoothes on lasting moisture and comfort with a delicate, fruity fragrance. Its fresh, fruity, vitamin-charged shades create a high-shine look that brightens the face instantly. The semi-transparent colour always looks natural and luminous. The lightweight texture literally melts over lips and leaves them soft and comfortable. Its slightly sweet taste makes this lipstick a real treat.

One of the user of this lip product said: "The colours of Clarins Lip Tint is just like its name, tint. They are transparent with light tinted colours. I did about 3 or 4 swipes to get the swatches below. Compared to Clarins Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipsticks, these have poorer colour payoff but a lot more shimmers. But the shimmers aren't so much that your lips look like they've been shellacked in frosting. These lipsticks reminds me of BeneFit Silky-Finish Lipsticks. I think the two are very similar in terms of colour payoff and style. And that was why I was drawn to them in the first place. If you are fond of BeneFit Silky-Finish Lipsticks, you could be interested in Clarins Lip Tint too. Better yet, Clarins Lip Tint has more varieties of colours. This is definitely a plus."

And I personally like the slim and sleek packaging! And this lipstick smells really yummy, I tell you! My lips remained moist and kissable throughout the day with a fruity fragrance to it!=)

Type: Lipcolor Tint in Frosted Peach No. 17. (Very sweeeet color, seriously!)

Retail Selling Price: RM 68

My Price: RM 50

Product Code: C 6
Status: All SOLD!

7) Maybelline Expert Eyes Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

(Could find the real picture)

Product Description: Soft texture makes it easy to apply on both the outside and inside of the eye. No bleeding or flaking. Long-wear hold. Hypoallergenic, allergy tested and dermatology tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Retail Selling Price:
RM 25++

My Price: RM 10

Product Code: C 7

Status: All Reserved!

8) L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara

Product Description: This revolutionary lash extension mascara helps make your lashes look healthier and longer in seconds. This two-step system offers new "tube" technology. The first step nourishes, while the second step lengthens. No clumping, smudge-proof, longwearing can be removed with water.

Look at her eyes!! (Found on google.com)

Retail Selling Price: RM 49+

My Price: RM 28

Product Code: C 8

9) Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara (This is my mascara for everyday wear! I bought 5 tubes for my own stock! I LOVED IT! So cheap and sooo wonderful product!)

Product Description: Open your eyes to NEW MAYBELLINE Define-A-Lash Mascara! Bring on long, luscious, beautifully-designed lashes for exactly the look you want. The brush design is unlike any other. Carefully placed flexible bristles allow color to coat lashes without causing clumping, smearing, smudging or flaking so that you can wear your mascara regularly. This zero clump mascara creates stunning length with clean definition. Ophthalmologist tested, Contact lens safe. Washable; also available in waterproof formula

This mascara is not available in any drugstores near you! They are only available in overseas and in KLIA only! So, if you want it..do grab fast!! This is one of my hot selling item!

Read this review! And this!

Fyi, I only wear the mascara for one sweep and I get this!

Anyways..here are some video/review on this mascara..

Types: Green Tube is for Lengthening (I love this one very much!!) and the Hot Pink Tube is for Volumizing.

Retail Selling Price: RM 22

My Price: RM 20

Product Code: C 9 (Green Tube Non Waterproof)

Status: All SOLD!

10) Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost

Product Description: Creates 5X the volume, instantly. Turbo Boost formula and patented Anti-Clump Brush quickly thicken lashes. Washable; also available in waterproof formula.

Read here , here and here!

Type: Black mascara that is Non-waterproof

Retail Selling Price: RM 24

My Price: RM 20

Product Code: C 10
Status: All SOLD!

11) Maybelline Volum Express Mascara

Product Description: This mascara delivers up to 3X the volume instantly for a dramatic lash look. Patented Anti-Clump Brush and volume-building express formula quickly thicken lashes without clumps or globs. Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic. Available in washable/waterproof and curved brush.
Type: Black mascara that is Waterproof

Retail Selling Price:
RM 24

My Price: RM 20

Product Code: C 11

Status: Only one left!

12) Maybelline Elixir Watershine Liquid Lip Colour Set (X3)

Product Description: It is a lip gloss that actually provides colour as well as shine! The Watershine Elixir is easy to apply. It gives precision, colour and glossy lips all in one product. This set comes with 3 different colors! All beautiful shades! Just look at the pictures above! The click-stick of the Watershine Elixir liquid lip colour of Maybelline has a moving ring which ensures the desired amount of liquid lipstick. The applicator has a star shaped perforation.

I would really recommend this product!! Not only the colors are very verry nice, but the price is cheap as well!! What a steal!!! Btw.. again, you wouldn't find this brilliant stuff in any drugstores near you beacuse they only have it in KLIA! (One tube of this lippie costs RM 30+!!)

Retail Selling Price: RM 65

My Price: RM 50 (For the price of three lippies?! YUP!)

Product Code: C 12

Status: All SOLD!!

13) Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 20 watts

Product Description: A sheer-to-medium coverage foundation.What it does:Never heavy, chalky, or dull, Illuminating Liquid Foundation glides on weightlessly for sheer-to-medium coverage and a silky semi-matte finish that evens out flaws while letting your skin's natural luminescence shine through.

Retail Selling Price: RM 145

My Price: RM 80

Product Code: C 13

Status: All SOLD!

14) Stila Brow Set Eyebrow Enhancers

Product Descriptions: A brow powder twin set. This handy brow duo allows you to fill-in and define in one kit. Use the filler to enhance and shape brows while the definer allows you to perfect and strengthen brows.

Retail Selling Price: RM 65

My Price: RM 30

Product Code: C 14

Status: All Reserved!

Sorry the following item have no descriptions/picture! Just click on the link to see the products!

15) Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara.

Retail Price: RM 48

My Price: RM 28

Product Code: C15

Status: All SOLD!

16) M.A.C Dark Purple Eye shadow

Retail Price: RM 57

My Price: RM 40

Product Code: C16

17) Stila Lip Glaze in Praline (brownish nude color)

Retail Price: RM 90

My Price: RM 60

Product Code: C17

18) Stila Lip Polish in Brilliance (nude/brownish color)
Retail price: RM 90

My Price: RM 60

Product Code: C18

Status: All SOLD!


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