Sunday, March 6, 2011

Style Sunday: The Snake Skin

Today I had a nice dinner at a hotel with my family. We had a Chinese cuisine.. It was a fine dining, and the food was really good.. except I hate the part where I had to control everything..from the way I hold my fork and spoon, to the way I chew... Cuz everyone in the room would look at you, to see how you behave and to see how you actually eat and swallow...including the servants! Pfffft.. That's the thing I hate about eating at a fine restaurants/hotels.  - Cuz this kampung girl doesn't know how to behave. LOL ;p

Anyway... So what did I wear today? Well..nothing extravagant. Just my normal style.. Except that this time, I wore a different printed animal top! - Usually it would always be cheetah or zebra or giraffe, but this time it was a snake! This is my first time wearing a snake printed dress, and I like it! Gotta find/buy more of this type of tops! hehe

Real snake skin vs printed snake skin

I wanted to wear something bright or colored actually.. But then the top that I wanted to wear, has got no pants to pair it up with, because the pants were sent to the dry cleaners, so in the end...I decided to wear some brown hues outfit for tonight...

1. Snake Printed with Tuck Detail Dress from Topshop 
2. Black Satin Straight Leg Trousers from Topshop
3. A brown colored chiffon Scarf from one of the bazaars (at The Curve)
4. Twisted Black Satin waist belt from Parkson
5. Ferragamo Snake Skin Clutch 
6. Steve Madden Pumps in Soft Bronze
7. Rose Carved Black Flower Ring from Accessorize

Well actually I don't really like my outfit tonight as much as I like my make up. hehe.. I mean, I think my make up looked better than my outfit.. Blame the scarf and the clutch! - I washed three of my black scarves, so I can't team it up with a black scarf. And then, my black little miss Chanel bag is missing in action and my other two black clutches are with my sisters. So..I had no other choice, but to replace them with a brown tone scarf, clutch and shoes.
(I think this top would look really nice with blackies.)

Getting ready to go out..

Anyway, even though this dress already have a black stripe around the waist area, which looked like a belt, but because I wanted to wear it shorter without having to go under the scissors, so I shorten the dress by folding it around the waist area, and then tucked them in my belt! So I get the shorten effect/version.. And the best part is, next time I can wear the longer version too! hehee

Anyway, here's what I use for my cosmetics...

For the eyes:
Eye Palettes in brown tones from Stila and Maybelline

Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express, Lancome Oscillation Mascara, 
Stila Brow Polish and Lancome Artliner Liquid Eyeliner

For the face:
Maybelline Angel Fit Liquid Foundation
Bobbi Brown Concealer
Chanel Loose Powder

For the cheeks:
Clinique All-Over-Color 

For the lips:
Maybelline Watershine Lipstick
Estee Lauder Lipgloss

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 

And here's the make up look for tonight..

I gotta say, I love my eye make up! ;)

And my lippies too! heheh ;p
(Yes, I camwhored in my room..before going out! HA HA)

So did you have a great weekend? Well I did! Somebody came from JB! heh ^_^

P/s: I just realized, last time when I had a Chinese cuisine, I wore a cheetah printed top..and this time, it was snake! LOL ;p



  1. wani.. sies lawa ur makeup ;)
    wani pakai maybelline watershine warna ape.. sangat comellah dear!

  2. OMG! I love your style. Love your make up... so natural.. tak over :)

  3. i love all ur outfit n i think the shawl match the top better than black shawl but hate the fact that the clutch is real snake skin T__T

    the rest OK esp makeup looks nice on u ;)

  4. Wani, i love your belt & eye makeup too!

  5. Hey Wani! I love your make-up! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. eye makeup really pretty on u..n the lippies too..gosh, u should do an eye makeup tutorial..

  7. i luv the way u look 4 the day! n luv ur pumps too! crazy color i m looking 4! ;)

  8. baguslah u tak geli pakai kulit ular. huhuhu..kalau i dah menggigil satu badan. hahaha

  9. comel lah!! mcm nak cubit2 pipi tu.. hoho.. ^_^

  10. u're one hot hijabi girl ive ever seennnn! n ure very very pretty toooo!


  11. Reena x respect org yg mewah sbb parents mcm wani kan?

  12. hey, lovely outfits you featured here in your blog - do you have a lookbook already? - if you havent, u should consider setting up one! BTW Would love to get some comments on my daughter's style, do visit her lookbook blog :)

  13. to anonymous: hahaha. Reena tu siapa je yang dia respect? tah2 diri sendiri pon dia tak respect.. haha.
    Tp dgn semua org pun ada je benda yg dia tak puas hati. dia je lah yg betul. dia je lah yg up sgt. dia je lah yg paling tahu semua, yg paling cantik kunun! aku meluat baca blog atau komen2 dia. tah hape2. tak percaya, cuba bukak la, and baca sendiri..what she have 2 say about people's lives/blogposts

    to wani: dont worry about what people say about u okayh? ur way better then her. who is her to judge u? kenai u pun idak... tetibe lak nak respect tak respect org.. tah paper.
    btw, u look nice as usuall.. (:

    n sorry beb, terpanjang. i just have to say something, bila i dpt tahu sumthing psl si Reena ni.

    Just beware k

  14. who is reena yg u all talking about ni? nak tau gak..huhu

  15. Anon & sarah amir: i tak nak carik gaduh, tapi tolong jangan tuduh i.

  16. yeah reena x respect org yg mewah sbb parents...

  17. Eyyyy... Maybe I'm missing something here
    I don't see any disrespect comments from Reena. What I can is she just complimenting Wani's belt and make up

    Anyway, I love your top Wani!

  18. macam majalaj EH! pulak huhuh best2 main dress up ni

  19. Maybelline Watershine Lipstick yang u pakai tu yang mana satu ekk???

  20. ardinihumaira: thank u dear! the maybelline lipstick is number: P11 =)

    fabscarf: awww thanks! its maybelline n stila that made it for me! hehe

    kak suzie: heh.. u geli eh? i suka kulit ular! lol ;p

    reena: thank u =)

    rachel: thank u darling!

    the girang gumbira: aww really? heheh.. hmm..maybe one day i'll do it k? (when im less shy..heheh ;p)

    sara: thanks! ;)

    lily lotus: haha.. i suka ular, actually... kulit dia unique..hehee ;p

    pinkyheart: alaa jgn la..nnt lg kembang my pipi yg dah sedia kembang. hahaa ;p

    anonymous: geeeee...ure being too sweet! alhamdulillah, thanks darl =)

    anonymous: really? i don't know about that. even so, I'm not affected, cuz I am not one =)

    diya's look book: thanks! n that blog is awesomeeee! me likey! =))

    sarah amir: Hmm... =/

    nana: i dunno which reena they're talking about. what i know is, i am not affected =)

    anonymous: heh. and why so?

    lina: kan.. i am so blur. i really dunno what is the real issue actually! hehe

    hanis: lol ;p

    berry: it's P11 darl! =)

  21. Why eat Chinese food with fork and spoon.. I am baffled??


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