Sunday, November 30, 2008

TGI Fridays.

Thank God It's Friday!

No, today's not Friday. heh. But me, my sis and Leen when to T.G.I Friday's last Friday. =)

Kak Leen blanje sempena Along's 'Baby Shower'! (She showered us with foods! hehee) Haihh..baik sgt2 laa Leen nih! (Semoga anda sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki!!!)


Saya malas nak menaip ye kawan kawan.. Jadi, silalah mencuci mata anda melihat makanan makanan yang tertera di bawah ini.. YUMMY!!

Our Appetizer:

Fried Mac and Cheese

Friday's Three For All

Main Course:

Mine: JD Chicken & Shrimp

Along's: Sizzling Chicken & Cheese

Leen's: Garlic Chicken Primavera


Chocolate Malt Cake

The 5 Dessert Minis

Along, Me, Kak Leen



Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends Reunite!

Oh, finally!

Finally, I got to meet my beloved friends! hehe.. They are super busy with the Royal Debate thing in Uia these days. But they managed to get out and hang out with me the other day. It's a total delight to see you guys and catch up on things before I left.
Oh, love u guys! ;D

All the three of us wore PINK! We didn't plan at all! hehe.. The girlfriends instinct I guess..haha

I'll be missing you guys!! =)


Just so you know, we bought a friendship t-shirt for each of us when we were in JB last time. Naz's bought in black cuz she loved black so much and me & Girl bought in white cuz we're white people. ha. ha =P

Yes, we are colourful!!!

Or maybe the Triple S girls.. hehe. Know why?

Cuz I'm Schazwany and I have always loved Stilettos.

Girl's name is Siti (haha. Girl? ;p ) and she always wears Sneakers.

and Syarifah Nazirah, who constantly prefers Slippers, than any other shoes on this earth.

Stilettos, Sneakers and Slippers? hehe..

We are from three different worlds. And somehow, we're connected with each other! ;)

Fyi, this is the first time I have ever had this kind of friends or friendship in my life! Where I or we, can shout at each other, scream, angry, yell, do or say crazy things to one another, laugh out loud sampai saket perut gile nak mati, cry like a baby in front of each of us, say meanful things, help out one another when someone's in need, and lots of other crazy/beautiful/stupid/fun/sad things.. hehee..

I love you guys.


You Know You Love Me, S.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Weird Dream.

I had a weird dream last night..

I thought I was acting in one of the episodes of Prison Break! haha =P

Thank God Mr. Scofield was in that dream! And I kissed him! I'm really happy! hahaha..
But it was just a dream laa.. isk..

Probably cuz I watched Prison Break back-to-back till 730am! So sampai terbawak2 dalam tidur! hehee..

I'm so obsessed! I've watched the Season 4 up to the 12th episode already! Another 4 to go! Weeeeeee! ;)


I think I'm in love with this guy laa... heh =P

He is just so gorgeous! *meltz*

I love everything about him! His voice, his body, his EYES!, his botakness, his EVERYTHING! hahaha =P

Tuff boy! Oh me likey! heh

Just look at these pictures! Look how gorgeous he is! hik hik.


Oh, I am sooo going to be unfaithful if I ever get to meet him! haha =P


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bonuslink Members' Day

I just received an sms from the SA guy at Stila counter in Pavillion.

"Hi Stila Girl. On the 27th and 28th of November Parkson Pavillion is going to have a presale, u'll get to get 10x Bonuslink Points and Double Vouchers. And if u purchase products from Stila up to Rm 300, u'll get a full sized lipstick and if Rm 400, u'll get a handbag,etc. We have the new Xmas collection sets btw"

Oh.. I love the way it sounds.

'Stila Girl'. hehehe =p


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Closet Clearance!

Hye girls! =)

Okayy.. Since I got lotsa things to be done this week, so I'm just gonna sell my stuff bit by bit kay..

As of today, I only got 14 tops to let go. So hurry babes! hehe

I promise I'll update more stuff, as soon as possible! Just stay tuned. hehee =P

Please click on the pictures to enlarge. Thank You!

Let's start with floral tops first..heh ;)

1) Marks & Spencer Per Una Dark Purple Floral Top

Description: A stretchable floral top with ruffle detailings at the bust and sleeves. Two layered collar. Verry nice color. Size UK 8 (S). Material: 100% Polyester.
Condition: Worn for only about 3 or 4 times
Retail price: RM199
Selling price: RM85
Status: SOLD!

2) Esprit Pink Floral Shirt

Description: A sweet pink-purple floral long-sleeved shirt with velvet ribbon detailings at the cuffs. Size M. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn for a couple of times
Retail price: RM169
Selling price: RM60
Status: SOLD!

3) Esprit White & Blue Floral Blouse

Description: A white & blue floral blouse. 3/4 Sleeves. Size UK 10 (M). It can fit size S too, cuz this blouse is quite small for sized M actually. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn a few times
Retail price: RM169
Selling price: RM50
Status: Available

4) Marks & Spencer Red Floral Shirt with Sequins

Description: A floral shirt with beads and sequins detailing at the front part of the shirt. Size UK 8 (S). Can fit sized M as well. Material: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester.
Condition: Worn twice only
Retail price: RM159
Selling price: RM60
Status: SOLD!

5) Esprit Floral Shirt

Description: A floral shirt. Size M. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn a few times
Retail price: Can't really remember the exact price
Selling price: RM50
Status: SOLD!

6) Nafnaf Floral Top

Description: A sheer red/orange floral top. Size S. Material: 100% Polyester.
Condition: Worn only once
Retail price: RM159
Selling price: RM55
Status: SOLD!

7) Key Ng Pink Floral Blouse

Description: A floral top with frills at the front part, and has Cheongsam-like buttons.
Very feminine. Size M. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn twice
Retail price: RM159
Selling price: RM55
Status: SOLD!

8) Warehouse Pink/Maroon Tunic Top

Description: A pink & maroon floral tunic top. Long sleeve kimono style with back tie. V-neck with ruching at the bust. Size S. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn twice only
Retail price: RM215
Selling price: RM85
Status: SOLD!

9) Purple Tunic Top from a vintage shop

Description: A stretchable tunic top. Size S or M. Material: 100% Acetate.
Condition: Worn once only
Retail price: RM89
Selling price: RM40
Status: SOLD!

10) Dorothy Perkins Black/Grey Striped Tunic Top

It looks very much the same like this top. Except for the long sleeves and cowl-neck.

Description: A black/grey stripe V-neck tunic. 3/4 Sleeves. Back tie(exactly like the pic above). Size UK 8 (S). Material: 65% Viscose, 32% Polyester and 3% Elastane.
Condition: Worn twice only
Retail price: RM 159
Selling price: RM 60
Status: SOLD!

11) Abercrombie & Fitch Blue Stripe Shirt

Description: A nice pale blue stripes shirt with one small front pocket with logo. Very comfy. Size M. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn for a few times only
Retail price: Around RM 100++ I think

Selling price: RM20
Status: Available

12) Black & White Polka-Dot Top from a vintage shop

Description: A satin polka-dot top. Puffed sleeves. Size S or M. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn only once
Retail price: RM 79
Selling price: RM 35
Status: SOLD!

13) MNG Purple Casual T-Shirt

Description: A soft purple stretchable t-shirt with velvet writings in brown . Size L. But it can only fit sized S or M. Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.
Condition: Worn for about a few times
Retail price: RM 149
Selling price: RM 15
Status: Available

14) La Senza Pink Cropped Cardigan

Description: A really cute cropped cardy with a twist detail at the bust. Size S. Very soft and comfy. Material: 100% Cotton.
Condition: Worn only once
Retail price: RM 79
Selling price: RM45
Status: SOLD!


All items are based on first come first serve basis.

Serious buyers only!

Payment must be made to my Maybank account before items can be delivered.

The maximum period for reservation is 3 days. Otherwise, the items will be sold to others waiting in line.

Please inform me if you wish to cancel your reservation.

Please ensure the item you're buying is of the right size because items sold are non-returnable/refundable/exchangeable.

Prices are not including shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling cost is RM 10.

Please allow 2-7 days for delivery (excluding weekends & public holidays).

I will send the items via Pos Laju.

Interested? Place your orders at
(Please include your name, mailing address, phone number and the item you wish to purchase).

If you have any questions or anything regarding the sales/items, please leave a message at the comment section. Thank you!


Saya Bizik.


I'm busy.


HEHE.. ;)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To My Dear Naz..

I really miss you, Naz.. isk.. =(

Bila laa nak start class ni? Eh tapi taknak pi klass.. Nak lepak borak ngan ko je..hahaha ;p

Naz dan Dedel, sila lah jumpa saya!! Saya merindui kamu berdua lah! hehe ;)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Addicted!

I've been watching Prison Break Season 1, 2 and 3 all over again!! Can't get enough of them!!! Can't get enough of Michael Scofield, actually! (Oh, and Sara Tancredi too!) hehe.. =)

And now, I'm still in the process of downloading the whole Season 4..
Here's a sneak preview of the Season 4..

Aaaa... I can't wait to watch!!

Oh, very nice song btw..
By: Cold - Wasted Years. (there's a piano version too! Pun best jugak!)

Go download it! ;)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Heree!!

I met Mr. X just now..

And he gave me this!




















It's the Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet! Remember in my previous post, that I asked u guys to vote which ones the best?
So I chose this! hehe..

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Johore Trip.

My Johor trip was FUN! Hee Hee ;)

Well.. actually the main purpose of the trip was to accompany my friend, Girl to visit her daddy in Pontian (before he left Mecca to perform Hajj).

We managed to visit a few other places like Kulai, Skudai and Johor Bahru, btw. heh. Johor was awesome! It was such a great experience for me, as I haven't been to Johor before this! least not Pontian, Kulai and Skudai la. (I went to JB when I was 6 yrs old.. And I forgot what it's like already..). Heh.

And the train part, was a very new experience for me! That was the first time I had a loooong journey by a train! I was so excited! heehee. I felt like a kid! I couldn't sleep or behave or duduk diam2. haha. We played around on the train! Everybody was sleeping soundly, but we were busy talking and gossiping and laughing and making noises. haha. =P

Jalan ke hulu ke hilir dalam train la..
Checked out other people's sleeping style la.. =P
Lepak kat cafe and borak2 la and etc..haha.
Sampai the train officers and the guys yg jaga cafe pun dah kenal kitorang..haha ;p

I think I'm just gonna post up some of my pictures here.. (kinda lazy to story morry morning glory la..heh)

Arrived at KL Sentral on Wednesday (12th Nov) around 8 pm. Our train departed at 9.40 pm.

Before boarding..

A Backpacker whose Bag lagi besar dari Badannya.Haha

I brought 1 luggage (my clothes, undies & telekung), 1 brief case (to put my handbags, clutch, slippers, chargers for handphones n cam,etc) , 1 paperbag (to put my butterfly pillow and traveller's pillow) , 1 make up case, and 1 sling bag (to stuff my handphones, camera, book, purse, tissues, eyemask, etc).
The number of my bags are very much the same like what I brought to PD last time..hehe.. These are my essentials!! hehe ;p

Hurm.. we got nothing much to do in the train..
Just cam whoring, to kill time..haha =P

"Want some,mister??"

Nasi Lemak dia sedapp! ;)

Stopped at Kluang's 4 am

At 5 am we're starting to feel a bit sleepy...

My satin traveller's pillow! hehe


Beauty Queen at rest! hahaha ;p

Oh..dah sampai Johor Bahru! At 6 am, on Thursday (13th Nov).

Dah sampai pun! hehe

Girl..while waiting for her Daddy to pick us up..

Sampai je Pontian (Girl's Daddy's house), kitorang had our breakfast and pastu terus tido tak ingat duniaaa... Penat sangat! haha ;p

And around 4 pm, Girl's sister brought us around Pontian for sight seeing..
And we went to Taman Negara Tanjung Piai..

On the way to Tanjung Piai

What kind of pose is thiss??
Err.. Hindustani it is..haha =P

Tanah merekah..

"Hey look! What's that thing floppin' around?!"

Oh, it's Ikan Tembakul!

I found a bike!!

Oh..We're lost.. Which direction shall we take?

"Hmm..what is this thing called?"

Paya Bakau..

Us, at the Southernmost tip of mainland Asia! this is Selat Melaka

Oh, I can see Indonesia from here! ;)

The Tanjung Piai Landmark

Next.. we went to pasar malam..

Jagung sedapp! ;)

And then we got back..
And after dinner terus terlelap n tidur.. Tak cukup rest and we're exhausted! What a long and tiring day we had!

The next morning (Friday), after we had our breakfast, we went to Johor Bahru..
To City Square.. to watch Madagascar 2! What a cute movie!! I loike! hehe

Camwhoring in the car..hehe

That's Singapore over there!

We stopped around the area Kampung Melayu Majidee to have our lunch

Yummeh ABC!

Oh, this Asma Rojak sangattt sedapp ok! Sumpah tak tipu..huhu ;p

The awesome Yong Tau Foo!

And their Mee Bandung Muar pun best! ;)

I'm happie..cuz I got an ice cream on top of my Ay Bee Cie..haha

Later we went to Pasar something..I forgot already the name of the place.. but it's the coolest pasar ever.. Know why? Cuz their parkingticket ticket's, looks like the creditcard card's. Keras like a credit card! Hahahaa.. Err.. U know what I mean? =P
Even Pavillion didn't come up with this! hehe

Jalan2..cari kaftan dan DVD..hehe

"hurm.. Nak beli ape eh?"

Somewhere around Danga Bay..

The next day, which is on Saturday.. we didn't do anything much..
Jalan2 around Kulai.. and then around 6pm baru gi Jusco Tebrau City.
It was the coolest Jusco in M'sia, I think! hehe.. (Cuz they have DP,Topshop,Topman,Roxy, MNG,Mac,Body Shop,TNS,Esprit, NafNaf,Warehouse, etc,etc)..hee hee ;p

I bought 5 tops from Warehouse, 1 MNG scarf, 1 leather glove and 2 high waisted belts from a vintage shop

Ahh.. I got my Iced Toffee Nut Latte! Weeee =D

And then.. It's time to go home.. (Yeay!)
Our train departed around 11.30 pm..

And we arrived KL around 8am on Sunday..'s great to be home!

Home is where the heart is! hehe ;p

P/s: It's not just about the place that we went to or what we did or our activities.. but the experience that we shared and the time that we spent together that made this journey was so much fun! I love u guys! Eh..I mean..babes..hehe ;)
Pp/s: Girl, puh-leaseee.. gimme more pics!! I need to upload it here before my laptop die again! hahaha ;p

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