Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Girl in the Fab Scarf! :p

Or...The Fab Girl in Scarf? Which one do you think I am? HA HA HA ;p

Okayyy.. fine. I knowww, both also are definitely not me. I mean, my scarves are surely not as fabulous as it seemed. (They're not from Chanel! Or at least, they're not from 'Denny & George'! hehe ;p). 
And I am absolutely not a fab girl. I have a bad breath, when I wake up in the morning. Euwww.

Okay whatever ;p

Anyway.. yesterday when I was looking through my scarves collection, to see which one shall I let go to get more space for my new scarves that I just bought, I realized that I got a lot of scarves that I did not even know they existed in my closet! - because they're too crowded in there, and I couldn't see that poor little scarves that were hiding underneath the other scarves! Sorry honey, mummy didn't know you're there! I promise I'll bring you out to see the world soon, ok?

Anyway, I really need to buy a new hanger for my scarves! Four still isn't enough! >_< I got no space to hang the 10 scarves I just bought! sob sobb.. (One hanger, can put about 32 scarves, btw)
And I don't like putting them on top of one another.. I find that so leceh..and sometimes, I won't be able to see them, and can't seem to remember I have this or that color/style...especially when I'm running late..
And that to me, is really annoying sometimes.. Especially when I thought the tops that I'm gonna wear do not have a matchy scarf to go with it..and then, I ended up wearing something else.. Sigh.

But at least, arranging and putting them according to color, does make my life easier.. Seriously, color coding your outfits or shoes or even your scarves, is such a way of thing! You'll save more time to think on what and which outfit to choose and wear! ^_^

My favourite hanger among these four, would be these two! - I always find myself wearing these two shades, the most!

Shades of Purple/Pink

...and Shades of Blue!

Anyway, I always get questions like where did I buy my scarves, what type of material, the size/shape, etc etc...

Well my dear.... My scarves are mostly bought from Jln TAR shops or Pasar Malam or Tie Rack. And others would be from Arzu in KLCC, or bought in overseas and very little from designer boutiques (Most designers scarves are pure silk. And I don't really like it. I find them too lembut to bentuk)
And lastly, I wear both oblong and square scarves.. But usually I prefer the oblong ones as I think, they're easier and quicker to wear! Kan..kan kan?? Now who's with me? hehe

Oh ya..and also, a little tip here, I find the cheapest scarf is mostly the nicest to wear on your head, as normally they'd use cheap fabrics like cotton or georgette or polyester, which they don't slip easily..and can be shaped with ease! ^_~
Thus you won't ended up looking like Makcik Kiah Takde Iron Dekat Rumah, if you wear the not so lembut type of materials on your head.. - But if you do wear any of the silky types, then don't forget to put a handful amount of starch before you iron them!

Okay darling? Got it? heh =)

Scarf Girl.


  1. Wahhh banyaknya!

    I ada 3 je hanger of Tie Rack scarves. Tapi still rasa tak cukup kan? Nampak je yang cantik, mesti rasa nak beli lagi.

  2. weh wanie!! betol la..becoz of the crowdedness, usually i hang up my scarves on top of another jek! pastu dah x sedar dh kewujudan beliau2 di hanger berkenaan..huhuuuu..

    But, rily la! ko patot tambah hanger lg..hahahaaa

  3. hi wani. i really love the way you arrange your shoes and scarves.

  4. omg i think i need to do this color coded.. senannggg... haku main campak2 jee lol

  5. omg. there's a lot! love it!

  6. wow, 4 hanger? I had only 1 and tindih2 je...tp betulla, sometimes sampai, aik? bila lak aku ada tudung ni? hehe...and, arranging according to colors is brialliant idea. thx~

  7. super duper nice collection!!!!!....like it...and u keep it very welll

  8. so true (bout the soft material part)! me also putting my scarves collection according t ocolor walaupun i sebenarnya free hair sbb i do tie the one yg silky as headband, neck, bags dan kalau ada afew occasion yg perlukan i bertudung :)

  9. hye wani, i never thought dat this arrangement was so interested..mayb i'll do it on my own 2...:-p

  10. waaa..kak..very useful tipss..anyway, this is my first time i come to your blog, and two word>>>>> YOU'RE AWESOME! love your blog! xoxo

  11. Thanksfor giving me an ideas! oh i loveee your blog! never fail to light up my day! INDEED, YOU'RE AN AWESOME GIRL!!!!

    N i would say, youre THE FAB girl with scarf... AND the girl in the FAB SCARF tooooo! hihihihi

    Love you wany! Love all your stuff! awesome collections!

    Kudos to u!

  12. reena: hehe. kan? i pon.. kadang2 mmg i sengaja tak nak tgk mana2 kedai yg jual tdg lawa2 ni..sbb takot terbeli byk lg..hahaha

    nonie: hahaha! tu la pasal...aku kena beli lg ni dowhh..tatau mana nak gantung ni..heee ;p

    miss jue: awww thanks! u shud try arrange them according to color too! ;)

    hanis: yess...sila buat

    nard.z: hehehe.. thanks!

    yani: thanks! yeah, maybe u shud do it too! senang nak pilih scarf nnt!

    anonymous: thank u!

    mommy of fiona et thalia: kan kan..kadang susah nak pakai yg licin2 ni.. so thats y kena bubuh starch

    juliet: awwwww ure so sweet! thanks honey! ;)

    anonymous: LOL. u're funny! hehe.. u made me smile! thanks dear! *hugs*

  13. i just bought oblong shawl too from jln TAR,borong sampai 10pcs siap dgn inner...inspired by u sbb nampak cantik pakai tp selalunya mine will always jadi tak kemas :(

    mcm mana tips nak bagi nampak kemas mcm wani pakai,i do beli jarum peniti utk bagi kemas...dlm tu wani pakai scarf yg tutup semua rambut kan b4 pakai shawl ni

  14. cik adik wanie yg manis, boleh buat video tutorial pakai scarf tak? ke u dah pernah buat..hehe

  15. wahh..banyaknya.susun ikt kaler plk tu.cantik banyak!!hee

  16. ya Allahhhhhhhhhhhhh. berupisng maata tengok koleksi awak wani oi.

  17. hi dear,

    suka sangat tengok u susun2 macam tu. mmg nampak sangat kemas dan senang nak pilih utk matching2 dengan baju :)

    have a good day yea.

  18. Ha'ah la Wani.. i pon nak tanya soalan yg sama.. macamana u pakai skarf ni yer? sebab bila i pakai, selalllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sangat nak jatuh ke depan.. macam badut pulak.. haha.. tak kemas langsung.. plz wani bg tips sikit... n cara nak pakai skarf ni.. thx..

  19. banyak nyeee :) suka tengok banyak2 cenggini.

  20. Wah. da mcm color pencil.ada tone lagi.nice ^^

    silent reader^^

  21. wah... cantik2 la design skaft u..
    muka i ni bulat n tembam... tapi teringin nk pakai macam uols pakai


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