Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Wedding Favors

2 weeks away from my blog. Wowww.. Hello everyone! o___O

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been sick these past couple of weeks. :( Back and forth to the clinic/hospital, and then when I was a bit better and free, I decided to use my free time to clean up my store room and clear out all my wedding stuff. It has been 5 months in there! - You know like all those extra items you bought for the wedding.. the "just in case they're not enough" kind of items? Like the invitation cards, the organza pouches or ribbons for the deco, or the door gift containers, etc etc? Yeah wedding could be such a waste of money if you don't calculate it precisely, right?! Any ex brides can relate to this? hehe xD

Well..in my case, we had four events, with five door gifts! So how confusing can that be? Haha. First event, was the Khatam Quran, which we gave each of our lovely guests a white fondant lace cupcake from Cake In Cups and a Turkish sejadah as the door gifts. Then the other three events, my parents decided to give the wedding favors from Fidani Chocolates all wrapped in three different boxes. One box is rectangle sized, one is round and another one is oval.. Just like the pictures below!

The rectangular box, for the Nikah Reception

The round box, for the Putrajaya Reception

And the oval one! From the Hilton Reception

So imagine how my parents had to think which chocolate (they're different in flavor/size/wrapper) goes to which box, that goes to which event and how many pieces of chocolates and how many guests at each event! haha. Confusing much? Yes, it was a bit complex at that time, so evidently my dad ended up ordering a lot more boxes than we actually need! LOL.

The chocolates from Fidani were so fine, they finished fast! But for the Khatam Quran event, we had a minor surplus of the sejadah though. Some guests didn't turn up, which is normal.. so I already gave them away to the mosque, as part of charity.

However, we have this one particular item that's left in the room still! And they're too many that we could throw another wedding! Not kidding! haha

It's this beautiful jewelry caskets (the silver oval shaped box) that we used during my reception at the Hilton hotel. I really don't know what to do with it, they're a lot! I already gave some of them away to my friends! But there's still a huge box in the store room now that I decided to sell them off! I'm sure many women would like to have these beautiful pieces! ;)

It would look nice on your guests table, no? ;)

Shot by one of the guests at my wedding, which I'm not sure who. 
(Please let me know who you are so I can credit your name. Got the picture from my wedding Whatsapp group, btw)

Anyways, this Silver Plated Jewelry Casket Box is now for sale! I need to clear these babies off! We still have a few hundreds of them. My dad over bought the caskets for my wedding. This wedding door gift that my parents bought were from Istanbul, Turkey. They purchased them at 30 Turkish Lira (about RM 45) each. They got it at a wholesale price because we ordered more than a thousand of them. So if you were to purchase them individually at a store, it might cost you about RM 100 over EACH! tskkk - Please view Etsy.com, or any other shops if you don't believe me! (I also saw one at Great Eastern Mall, they're selling it at RM 270 each!!)

They've been in my store room for 5 months now and I really need to get rid of them! So right now I'm only selling it at RM 20 per piece! Yes, stock clearance price!  - Price not including shipping though.

The shape is oval, and the thickness in its construction gives a heavy solid feel. The design has this amazing hand embossed and engraved decoration to all four sides and top of scrolling floral and foliate design, exquisite and finely detailed.

The top has a vacant cartouche in the centre which could be engraved with a name or dedication. Perfect for a vintage piece to be an heirloom! ;) The interior is lined with black velvet material giving you that posh feeling! It measures 10.5 cm long x 8 cm wide x 4 cm height. The casket is just so lovely in so many ways! You would love it! :)

Perfect and useful decor item for your vanity or bedroom! If you are interested to possess this beautiful vintage jewelry case for your own personal use or for the VIP wedding gifts, kindly please leave me an email at emailme@shazwanihamid.com.

Thank you and may you have a great day ahead! :)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whisper's Guide to Menstrual Cramps!

Do you experience cramps regularly during your period? Well, you're not alone. Like many women, I too suffer from menstrual pain during those first 2, 3 days. My doctor told me, that the cramps are caused by uterine contractions and can be aggravated by emotional stress, which then tend to cause headaches too. Gosh...the pain is unbearable sometimes, that I just want to be in bed and sleep for hours! It's like sharp, throbbing, burning kind of pain at the lower abdomen, right? I can't imagine how women in labor get through with the contractions and all! Oh, they're so strong! - Women are just so amazing...and definitely superheroes!

Anyway, last week I got my period and was whining for 3 days about my abdomen pain.. Seriously it was too painful! :( Poor my husband, had to hear all that grumble and fuss I made about my tummy pain and acne and feeling bloated and all.

As if having period is not hard enough, now we have to deal with cramps on top of the hormonal imbalances and the regular side effects as well, right?! Sigh.. Being a woman is tough, man! I mean although we get periods for years and years already, it still doesn’t change the fact that periods are uncomfortable! These crippling, can't-get-through-your-normal-day kind of cramps can be really hard to deal with, especially if you are working and have meetings and whatnot. Really troublesome.
And you know what's worse? When you feel icky, and always have to check your back for stains or leakage! Ugh..I really hate it when I see my favourite panty got that red stains that's hard to clean! -___- That's why you need to choose a really good and quality sanitary pad! Like Whisper!

By the way Whisper has come up with their new range of pads, the Cottony Clean. It’s Whisper’s softest protection ever! With the cotton texture with the blue-lock core, it locks in fluid for all-sides, comfortable and cleaner protection! With this pad, you will never have to worry about seeing those red stains and feeling icky down there!

So while some women take pain meds to deal with their menstrual cramps, some just take a bed rest. But I was told that cowering back under the covers won't do much to you, but doing simple exercise will relief the pain!

Exercise will revive you the most!

So last Saturday, Whisper has sponsored me and other fellow bloggers to attend a yoga class as part of the physical exercise to learn how to  help alleviate the menstrual cramps. Yoga is particularly effective in easing your lower abdomen pain. So during my yoga class at mYoga Plaza Damas last week, I learned that yoga incorporates deep breathing, which helps relieve the effects of oxygen deprivation to the tissues, one of the main causes of cramps! And doing simple moves and exercises like yoga, can really help alleviate the cramps as this will increase blood flow which will help the pain to go away!

So you may want to try yoga instead, next time when you get your menstrual cramps! It works!

Well...this looks like a simple move. But try doing it for a few minutes! haha.  

Stretchhhh that muscle! 

You don’t have to worry about leakage in the yoga poses either, not with a pad like Whisper cottony Clean. So give these yoga poses a try, since getting your body moving can really help with cramps and overall wellbeing. You should feel good and take care of yourself while on your period!  

Thank you Whisper for this lesson and opportunity! I'm so gonna start doing yoga from now on! ^__^


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Key to His Consciousness: Always Smell Good!

So I've learned that being irresistible or notice by the husband (or men in general) is all about accentuating every one of your strengths. Whether they're mental (good sense of humor, great personality, smart, etc), physical (attractive face/body, wears pretty clothes, good hygiene, etc), emotional, or....just something that he can detect right off the bat with his nose! - That is smelling your scent, sweetie! I'm sure any woman can do that, no?

Well at least that's what I've learned in my 4 months of marriage so far! I'd get his attention right away when I smell good! hehe. My man really loves it when I spray some cologne, or just done washing my hair with my favourite bubble gum scented shampoo or even light up a lavender scented candle in our room. Scent can really magically set his mood!

If we're at home and I was just done with the laundry, I notice he would hug me more, compliment me more, sniff my neck, my ears, my hair, my hands...and just want to be near me! Oh, I love it when I get his attention! hehe ;)

I don't know about other women, but isn't it such a nice feeling when your husband get hooked on you and your scent? I feel appreciated and loved and adored! Ooh la laa!  ^___^ I love wearing a light, soft feminine scent in general. Some days I do wear sensual/elegant kind of scent though. And some days I'd wear fruity/floral scent too. Glad my husband appreciates them all!

Now....does your man notice you?

Aren't they so cute?! Love the video! 

Well men in general is just not that sensitive to the way we look, but rather sensitive to the way we smell! 72% of women shared the same results with me, according to the poll I took last time! Oh man...wouldn't it be lovely if you could just simply be smelling like a goddess every day, and every time? I'm sure your man would be held spellbound by your lovely sweet scent and never neglect you ever!

Well you can actually! I believe smelling good starts with good hygiene. And that means, keeping your breath fresh, washing your hair often (with a sweet scent that is! ^__^), using scented body wash or soap, investing in a really good deodorant and using some body spray or perfume too, if you like! But most importantly, you must always always have clean clothes because yes, they do also have their own scent too! Although it may sound cliche that I'm telling you to keep your breath fresh and always smell good top to toe, but really, this is actually a very important aspect of your hygiene that you absolutely need to look after! Be it your hair, your face, your body, and even your clothes!

Nowadays, you can buy some really lovely washing powder or fabric softener scented like sunshine, rose, lavender and a whole lot of other lovely things.

Downy has come up with this really unique product that has the ability to “switch” scent with every rub! How cool is that?! Each bottle of Downy’s Parfum Collection has this technology that leaves tiny scent particles which stays on fabrics during storage, and releases different luxurious scent experience that changes with the natural movement of clothes, whilst wearing them, for days and days!

They come in four variant scent; Mystique, Passion, Attraction, Innocence. I personally love washing my clothes using the scent Mystique! While I get to experience a mystical scent all over me, I get to keep my fabrics soft, fresh and comfortable to wear! The best part is that it switches scent with every rub!

Stop. Sniff. Enjoy the feisty freshness that lasts all day long!

They're exclusively sold at Giant hypermarket. Recommended Retail Price is RM 5.85 for 370ml, RM 10.90 for 900ml and RM 20.90 for 1.8 litre. Go get one, and find the perfect scent that best reflects your personality!

By the way, Downy is having a roadshow in selected Giant in Klang Valley and Johor Bharu. You can buy it from the roadshow listed below to get a free Traveler’s Bag (while stocks lasts)

Roadshow Date

Giant Hypermarket  KOTA DAMANSARA: 09 – 11 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  BATU CAVES: 09 – 11 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  STADIUM SHAH ALAM: 23 – 25 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  (PLENTONG JB): 02 – 04 June 2014
Giant Hypermarket (L/MALL JB): 02 – 04 June 2014

To find out more about Downy Parfum Collection Scent Switcher, visit http://www.clozette.co/downy


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Henna Night

I am never really the kind of girl who loves wearing henna. Even my friends thought I would have a nude nail color/French manicure for my wedding day, being a modern/city girl that I am. Well, they're wrong! Wearing henna is one of the pre-wedding preparations that I have always looking forward to do! Although the last time I wore henna when I was only 9, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do the ritual of tattooing the hands and feet of the bride-to-be for the big day, right?! Cuz wearing henna is part of our tradition of getting married.. so of course I'm not gonna miss that moment! Lagipun, bila lagi kan nak conteng tangan? I know I wouldn't do it on any other day! Heee

Monday, May 5, 2014

Specially For My Readers!

Every time I'm almost reaching to my menstrual cycle week since I got married, my husband keeps on asking me, "Are you pregnant?"


He thinks women who are pregnant would be hormonal and sensitive and emotional. Well, in some cases, yes, maybe. But mood swings do happen to most women, a week before having their period too! It's called the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, sweetie. So yeah I'm not pregnant.. My hormone is just teeny bit unstable. I can't win a fight against my own body, right? Hence it definitely can affect the way that I feel, both physically and emotionally. My boobs feels swelling, my tummy hurts, I feel bloated, and I don't know why, I feel rimas all the time! So like a lot of brilliant, funny, wonderfully awesome women, I too, suffer from anxiety and depression - I am a naturally happy person, but during my period I become extremely sensitive! Sigh... I cry easily and I get angry over silly things too. Seeing a stray cat who is hungry and meowing for food also can make me weep! haha.

Unfortunately, while period, mood swings and cramps are facts of life for many girls. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful. Regular exercise can make cramps less painful and help with PMS symptoms too. Plus, exercise is a good mood lifter. For me, I find that aromatherapy scented candles and heating pads or warm baths can help with my cramps and making me feel good about myself a little! Also, it is VERY important that you invest in a really good and quality sanitary pad! Why? Because wrong choice of pads during this "crucial" time can make you even more moody when you see leakage everywhere! I like to use a pad that I feel safe down there..hehe

Whisper has come up with their new range of pads, the Cottony Clean. It’s Whisper’s softest protection ever! With the blue-lock core it locks in fluid for all-sides, comfortable and cleaner protection!

Other than Cottony Clean, there’s another product called Ultra Clean and Dry. Cottony Clean is different from Clean and Dry because it has a soft, cotton top sheet that is gentle to the skin. Now you can have BOTH protection and comfort. Whereas the Clean and Dry has fast (1 second!) absorbency

This product is different from the Whisper Ultra Clean and Dry thanks to a soft, cotton top sheet that is gentle to the skin. Now not only can you get protection but you can get comfort! With this pad, you will never have to worry about seeing those red stains and feeling icky down there!

By the way, on the 10th of May 2014, I'm going to join a yoga class with 2 of my lucky followers at mYoga, Plaza Damas! If you would like to join me for the yoga session, please fill out the slogan: “I would like to join the yoga class with Shazwani Hamid because…..” you can leave at the comment section below, or if you're shy, you can PM me on Facebook or leave me an email!

I will pick two of my favourite slogans! Good luck! :)


Friday, May 2, 2014

Ooh la laaa...

Who doesn't love scented candles?! I know I do! I wear perfume just about everyday because for me it is one of life's little pleasures to smell good and yummy. There's just something about sniffing something that smells good, don't you think? I love making my room smell nice too! 

I opened one of my Diptyque products a couple of days ago. It was this scented candle called Jasmine. Really excited to try it, together with the massage Satin Oil! They've been in the box for 4 months now. They're one of my hantaran gifts from my husband. We exchanged Diptyque products on our wedding as one of the "bath & body" hantaran tray. Well, honestly....we did not really "exchanged" them! They're all mine anyways! haha. What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine too! Ever heard of that phrase? ;p Cuz you know, all these bath and body stuff just don't work for my man. He knew when he bought them last time, they're gonna be mine anyways! So he let me chose whatever I want to put in that tray for him - They're scented candles, cupboard soap, roll-on perfume, bar soap and hand lotion. LOL. Obviously those aren't for him! hahaha. So he gave everything to me! Ahhh..such a good husband I have! Thank you for giving me "your" gifts sweetie! haha. 

This French Perfumer produce scented candles made from a high quality vegetable/paraffin wax mix, that burn cleanly and evenly with a lead-free wick made from cotton and a unique mix of natural ingredients to produce incredibly evocative scents that are reminiscent of exotic destinations. There are around 50 different fragrances available that are split into five categories: Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Spicy and Woody, all packaged in the clear glass tumblers with the trademark black and white labels. Yummy.

Anyway, so one night I decided to get in the romantic mood, hence I lit up the Jasmine scented candle..put it on my bedside table, and slathered on some of that Satin Oil...and straight went to bed! 

My goshhhhh. I've never been so happy going to bed before! I swear, the scent just gives you this one kind of serene feeling! Like you're in a really happy place! It changed my mood tremendously! I felt so relax...and comfortable and happy! It's amazing how scent can trigger and influence the mood! 

I know the lavender scent is for relaxing, but I never quite know that jasmine is also used to calm the nerves too! Now I never wanna sleep without burning my jasmine scented candle! hehe. 

"The Jasmine oil is commonly used as an anti-depressant because of its uplifting capabilities that produce a feeling of confidence, optimism and revitalized energy"

Mmmm. No wonder it gives me such an amazing feeling!

Some scented candles can smell differently when they are burning, but Diptyque candles are very true to the scent of the wax! So you just have to imagine your room filled with the same fragrance as you take a whiff in the glass jars when you're shopping for some candles at their boutique..

I burn it all night long, from 10 pm till 8 am! It just smells amazingggggg!!! I swear! Even after 10 minutes of burning, your room will be filled with a pure aroma that won't get up your nose or make you sneeze, but definitely won't go unnoticed either!  And surprisingly, after a few hours of putting out the candle, my room still subtly filled with the aroma! I'm in love! ^___^

I woke up with a very happy mood on my face! I even got happy dreams, 3 days in a row! I rarely have dreams in my life.. But 3 nights of dreaming happy dreams?! Wow. Now I really believe when they say, scent can really change your mood and intensify the ambiance! The nose just knows what works for you! Ooh la laaa.... I love good quality candles! You're definitely going to be on my "things I can't live without" list, cuz you gave me such happy dreams! haha

So anyway, I've been burning my Diptyque candles ever since that night... My husband knows how much I appreciate bath & body stuff...and really love anything that smells amazing. So the other day, he gave me this beautiful set from Jo Malone, another designer kind of perfumer brand, for our 4-month anniversary gift. 

Thank you sweetie!

I love pretty and classy packaging!

Jo Malone was one of the brands I tried before buying our wedding hantaran gifts last time. Actually, I wanted to buy products from Jo Malone as well, for our "bath & body" hantaran tray. But after much consideration, I think Diptyque has more body products compared to Jo Malone, which is why I chose and bought Diptyque products for both our hantaran trays. (We'll talk about the wedding hantaran later yeah. I know many of you have been asking me to blog about it!) - I refused to buy one tray of Jo Malone products, and another tray of Diptyque products because I love to "synchronize" our wedding hantaran gifts! I think it's cute. hehe. But when I found out that Diptyque has more variety of products, I decided to buy Diptyque products for each him and her tray. So bye-bye Jo Malone. Sad.

But I guess my husband just knows me well, he knew I would like to have some of Jo Malone products when we went there last time. So two weeks ago, he gave me these two bottles of Jo Malone fragrance called Blackberry & Bay, and Peony & Blush Suede perfume, and a limited edition scented candle in a beautiful classy packaging - knowing that I was so hard to decide between Jo Malone & Diptyque products, when we were shopping for our hantaran last November! haha. So thank you hubba, for this lovely gift!

I love them! They smell beautiful! I can't wait to use them! Somehow I feel like Jo Malone candles smell better than Diptyque! But I don't know, we'll see about that! Can't wait to burn it! ;)

Now I have Jo Malone to put into my scented candle collection! Yeay!
From left, Diptyque: Baies, Jo Malone: Blackberry & Bay, TWG Tea: White Earl Grey candles

Honestly, when you find a fragrance that you fall in love with, it's hard not to become obsessed with burning it every day! Considering the wide choice of scents that are available in the market, I think there will be something for everyone at the store! But then your only problem would be maintaining what can turn into a very expensive habit! - Once you are used to your room smelling divine, it's hard to turn back! Oh noo!

P/s: Next on the list: Diptyque Precious Oils and Jo Malone Luxury Candles

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