Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before hitting the sack...

These days, there are 5 things that I would do and use (excluding the facial regime) before hitting my bed, everyday.. And they are; using miswak, kohl eye liner, put some attar oil on my neck and wrists, take one glass/sachet of my GoGeous drink, spread some body butter onto my body and lastly, wear my eye mask! I know it sounds a lot..but if I don't do all these, I would feel incomplete! hehe.. ;p
(Unless of course, if I am dead exhausted, then I might just jump onto my bed and doze off within seconds..and couldn't care about any beauty products to apply!)

Anyway, I would do all these, right after I apply my night time beauty regime on my face. Before this, I would apply my usual skincare routine, and then after that, it was just gonna be some body lotions, and take my beauty drink, and yes of course my sleeping mask too (this is really essential for me, otherwise I really can't sleep), then only I go to sleep in peace..

But...after reading a book that I got months ago, about our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w's personality, characteristics, practice and sunnah (- which means that its a really good example to follow),  I now have some new other 'beauty' products in my regime before I hit the sack! ;)

This is a great book! Thought me a lot of things that I don't know about our Prophet

There are many many many interesting topics.. And one of the things that caught my eye is the "Bercelak" section.. hehe =)

I'll do this everyday, before bedtime now! - I really like the sound of " dapat menumbuhkan bulu mata"!! hehe ;p

And I really really do believe whatever our Prophet did/said, must have a reason. So yes, I am going to wear the kohl eyeliner to bed everyday, to improve my eye sight...

And read this, taken from some Hadiths:

"If anybody amongst you applies Kohl (in his eye), he has to do that in odd numbers". 

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) also said:
"Stick to applying the antimony, as it clarifies the sight and grows the eyelids". - By Ibn Majah and Al albani
"Kohl protects the health of the eye and strengthens the sight. Some kinds of Kohl add beauty to the eye, and when sleeping it has more benefit as the eye is still." - Zad Al-Miad, 4/280]
Ibn Majah and others, Ibn Abbas, (Radiya Allahu Anhuma) said:
"The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) used to have a Kohl container and used to apply Kohl 3 times in each eye".

Anyway, this book has a lot of things that tells you about our Rasullulah and his practice.. But today, I'm just gonna share about some tiny part of beauty/health things that he did..
First, that kohl eye liner, second is...some perfume! Yes, he too, wears a perfume! They call it attar =) does not say in here that he would wear it before bed time.. hehe.. But he was known to love good smells.. And the Hadith indicates that perfume was an important article in the Prophet’s home, and that his wives were keen to ensure that he had some perfume to wear when he left home. He wanted to make sure that he had a pleasant smell when he met people..

And because it is sunnah to wear some perfume, so I am keen to have a pleasant smell anytime, anywhere, every time and always! - Including bed time! (As an aromatherapy!) hehee ;p

So the third one that I would want to follow from now on would be the miswak. What is miswak? Well.. it is a teeth cleaning twig. 

picture source: google

Studies have inferred that Miswak is better than toothpaste for preventing gum disease. It is being known as chewing stick in the western world and is being looked upon as a form of alternative medicine. - taken from here.
Go read that great article! Even the westerners have agreed on this amazing miswak thingy! ;)

Maybe you should try it yourself too!!

So..there you have it..

That's the three additional things I'd do before my bedtime these days! ;)

Seriouslyyyy... I like cleaning my teeth using miswak! It felt really really clean! Gotta buy more of these twigs whenever I go to Saudi again! (Or do they have it in here? Where can I buy, anyone know?)

So these are my current beauty regime before bedtime! ^_^

I would clean my teeth using miswak, then after using all my beauty products on my face, I'll wear the kohl eye liner, and next, I'll drink my beauty drinks, and then slather some body butter on my skin..and lastly, put on my sleeping mask..and ready to hit the sack! ;)

I've used miswak, and applied my eyeliner, my attar oil.. And now I'm all wangi and ready to hit my bed! Oh kaftan matches my duvet la! hehe 

Buenas Noches, Tesbaheen ala Khair, Selamat Malam, and Good Night everyone!! ^_^



  1. great info! btw, you can get miswak at mydin store. mydin has lots of things from Mecca including zam zam water.just found it few weeks ago! good luck!

  2. hurm kalo nur suka tido wangi2 itu pun sembur body spary jaa hehehe but next time nk try la pkai celak skali

  3. Wany, u mkn beauty drnk ape ye? can we share? yummy!



  4. kat mana nak dapat buku ni? mph ada? tq.


    Dear, can't help but to inform you on this audition :-)
    You clearly fit the bill! Click the link above & check it out!

  6. Nice entry...where can i get kohl eyeliner?? Jual kat mana ekk??

  7. comel je pakai kaftan! hehe

  8. we hv the same carpet :) haha tu pun nak bagitau :P

  9. yup, where can i get the kohl eyeliner?

  10. kohl eyeliner bleh dpt kt mydin gak...

  11. purplelurve: oh really?? thanks for the info!! ;)

    nur: hehe. yeah, do try it! best pulak tdo mlm pakai celak ni..hehe

    admin jobsentral: thanks =)

    CT/anonymous: nama dia Go Geous. that one is for cells. If u wanna know more info, u can email me at ;)

    seri: erm.. i tak sure la dear.. buku ni org kasi kat i..

    riena: awwwww thats very cute of u! thanks! will try..hehe

    sheriffa: not sure about that.. i bought them in mekah.. maybe mydin ada kot? tah la.. =/

    lady in the mirror: thank u! ;)

    anonymous: hehehe.. selesa!

    white purple flower: lol really? got it at jusco! hehe.. murah kannn?! ^_^

    siti radz: i think from mydin boleh dpt kot.. or jln2 masjid india tuh... Not sure la, sbb i beli kat mekah..huhu ;p

    asyida: thanks for the info babe!

  12. Dear owner,

    I agree with you about the book. However, based on my little knowledge and humble opinions, when you read the book please refer to the hadiths or ustazs or ustazahs regarding certain area that need further expalantion about it. For eg: the perfume, if I am not mistaken woman are forbid to wear perfume that could make man arouse or looking at us different way. Man here means not our mahram. But we can have it if we (woman) has terible body odour but just wear to cover the bad smells.

    Please, please do not get me wrong, I just nobody, just want to share small things that I learnt and hear from knowledgeable people.


  13. strongly agree with rin. pembacaan hadith perlu dengan rujukan dan tafsiran para ulama'.


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