Saturday, February 14, 2015

Of Being Pregnant

I am almost reaching 30 weeks now. About 10 weeks or so to go till I meet my darling baby, inshaallah! Gosh...I am so excited! Scared a little actually, but really excited. I cannot imagine what mommyhood is gonna be like! So many people say it's gonna be tiring but so worth it. So I really cannot wait to experience all of that! :)

Last time (before I got pregnant that is), I never really see myself as a mommy. I always thought being a mom is hard and not everyone can do it. I've seen and read so many stories about parents who are irresponsible, mean, crazy, and so on! So I wondered...which category am I gonna be like? Can I be a good mother? I mean, I'm the last girl in the family...and the gap between us siblings are only 4 years. So I never really get to take care of anyone when I was little. We're just like buddies. And I hardly had the chance to take care of my nieces and nephews when they were little as well! So I guess, I am not really good in handling babies and kids..

I don't even dare to hold babies! Cuz I feel like I'm going to hurt them as they are so fragile! >_< So because of this, I feel like I'm not a mommy material! haha. But despite feeling that way, my husband always say that I'm gonna be a great mom because of how I've always treated him all these while.. (Hmm..Really? Phew! :D ) - Well I hope he meant it and I hope I will be a good mom who will love my children unconditionally. Inshaallah..

Anyways...ever since I announced to the public that I am pregnant, I have been receiving some messages asking me "how" did I get pregnant! LOL - My answer for that would be the natural way, of course! hahaha.

I guess people were asking because we've been married for almost a year and nothing happened with us so far, and then now after 8 months of being together, perut saya tiba-tiba dah ada isi! hehe. Well, some of the ladies who asked me, have been trying to conceive but I guess belum rezeki diorang lagi. So they wanted tips from me on how did I get lucky! heh. Oh dear, I wish I could help...but really, it's all in God's hands.

When Hazim and I got married in 2013, I told him that I didn't want to get pregnant straight away like everyone else. I wanted to wait for a few months before we try on getting pregnant..because I only know him for like 1-2 years before we got married. So I still want to enjoy being just "husband and wife", rather than "mommy and daddy" staright away after kahwin.

As people always say, "before kahwin lain, after kahwin lain", so I wanted to know him more and more before we call ourselves parents and have a lot of responsibilities to carry. He agreed on this. - Because I believe that a happy family, starts with a happy couple. Thus I want us to really get to know each other, and be really transparent with everything without anyone else interfere with our lives just yet. Something like "just us against the world" like thattt..hahaha. So we wanted to have a little more fun, and bercinta habis-habisan before we have our little ones. And so we did! :)

They always say "bercinta selepas kahwin" is awesome. Well it's true! Sometimes we both wonder why laaaa, some people don't want to get married just yet (those yang dah mampu  and have everything I mean), because really...Hidup berkahwin ni best! I've never been happier in my life! We are so in love and happy with each other that we didn't realize that it has been a year since we tied the knot! I guess it's true what people say.. when you're having fun, time flies so fast! ^__^

So after enjoying each other for about 8 months, Hazim said he is ready to be a daddy already, and didn't want to wait anymore and asked me when I'm going to ovulate. haha. Cute. day, it happened! Little #shazim is on the way now! LOL. About 3 months to go inshaallah!

Being pregnant has changed a lot in my life so far. I can't wear most of my clothes. I can only wear abayas or baju kurung. And I sleep a lot during the day too (always tired and sleepy!). I get weird dreams almost everyday as well! And sometimes I cried in my sleep! ishh. I also became sooooooo lazy and feel like crap everyday! I don't really drive anymore. I can't remember a lot of things. I became soooo forgetful and clumsy (blame the pregnancy brain!). I hate shopping malls. I hate seeing people. My skin and hair became so dry. I didn't really like make up and fashion anymore (which is weird!). I can't eat sushi which I love so much! T__T And I find myself always struggling to eat rice/our Malaysian dishes. Ughh. My tummy get super bloated each time I eat rice. But I LOVEEEE bread, pasta, pizza, eggs, fast food (T__T) and cheese, by the way!

My kind of food!!

I read in my pregnancy book, that our body absorbs about 60% of what you put in it. You know like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, lotions, perfumes, all that face creams and lotions and make up, etc etc. So that made me really think about everything I was using all these while! All those chemicals that I slather on my face, hair and body! Goshh...too much chemicals inside my body! So now that I'm pregnant, I didn't want to continue using crap products for my body knowing that it's going to absorb all that and transfer it to the baby.. So I went completely natural for my face/body products. I use lotsa natural stuff like shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and also some organic brands..

One of my favourite brands for mama! The Earth Mama & Angel Baby brand. Love all their products!!! The bath foam smells really really good!

I even use the natural laundry soap for my laundry! I use the Eco Nuts that I ordered off Amazon! I heard they make great shampoo as well! Can't wait to give it a try!

So I kept all my SK II products, my Kérastase shampoo, my Sephora stuff and etc in the cupboard, and start using oils as my skin moisturizer. I only wear make up occasionally when I want to go out and meet people...just to make me feel a little better about myself as being pregnant has made me feel like crap everyday! haha.

I'm lucky though I didn't really get morning sickness for this pregnancy. Only nausea and bloated tummy.. but no vomiting (except only when I intended to - by self induced vomiting that is. Yuck, I know! Don't ask me why I did that.. Hard for me to explain to people to make them understand why I did that. Different people, different pregnancy, ok? huhu).

My journey so far....

Anyways, I love being pregnant. The feeling you get when the baby kicks and turns is amazing, mashaallah! One thing I don't really like about being pregnant would be to wake up every few hours to pee! Oh my is sooooo tiring! Sometimes I couldn't sleep at all because I would be going to the loo every 1 hour! And now that I'm in my third trimester, lagiiiii lah! I'd be sitting on the toilet for every 20-30 minutes sometimes! *cries*. Sometimes I feel like wearing an adult diaper just so I don't have to walk to my bathroom every few minutes or hours! LOL. But seriously penat! I'm sure this is something every pregnant woman will complain about! hahaha. But I love drinking A LOT of water since becoming pregnant. Like...3 to 4 litres per day! So imagine lah..kalau orang pregnant yang tak selalu minum pun selalu akan kencing, inikan pula saya yang kerap haus & minum air every hour! Kena tidur dalam toilet je la jawabnya..tskk T__T

And oh! Of course..the body changes is also something I'm not so happy about! My boobies became so sensitive, swelling, painful.. It's hard to sleep sometimes because the pain is just unbearable at times. tskkk. And then people keep on telling me there will be lotsa red, ugly stretch marks on the belly, thighs, bums and boobies! Oh no.... *another problem in my life!*

All of my friends who have had babies told me to start right away so your body absorbs the lotions and oils and will help it stretch and prevent stretch marks. So the minute I found out I was pregnant, I went crazy and bought all the lotions and oils I think I need, for my boobies and belly, hoping I won't get stretch marks! haha. As of now..I have about 10 different oils and lotions for my belly! Tatau lah sempat habis before beranak ke tak ni.. hahaha *paranoid mummy-to-be*

I also bought a pregnancy pillow too, because I normally sleep with pillows in between my legs to get comfortable in bed. But since I hit the second trimester, I find it hard to sleep comfortably as I need some back support while I turn sideway and hug the pillows. So this pregnancy body pillow has helped me getting a good night sleep, apart from my wonderful husband who never fail to massage me before I go to bed! ^__^

Ever since I got pregnant, he became even more gentle and loving towards me. He loves my big and growing belly and is sooo excited when the baby kicks! hehe. He would fulfill whatever things I want and need. Ahhh....I am so blessed to have this man in my life! I am truly grateful for these two gifts in my life; my husband and our baby.

Anyway, last week we both went for a breastfeeding class that was held in Publika. It was a 4.5 hour class. Quite long, but so worth it! We learnt a lot from it! I cannot wait for our antenatal class next month! And definitely can't wait for my next appointment with my doctor in Prince Court for my 32 week ultrasound! I love hearing the baby's heart beat and seeing my baby even just from the monitor! :)


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