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Probably the Most BusieSt PlaCe, Yet the Calmest Zone On Earth!

Yes, the Makkah city that is!

There's no other place in this world, that is sooooooo busy and full of people from all over the world, and always always so crowded with humans ranging from 0 year olds to 100++ year olds, 24/7-365, every minute, every hour, every day, all year long! But still feel SO CONTENTED and CALM!

Yes, no other place but only in the Holy Land, Makkah and Madinah! =)

These two places would never be empty. People keep on coming every hour, to serve our one and only God..and to earn as much pahala as possible.. Amazing, isn't it? =)

I felt really really happy when I was in Makkah and Madinah. Like really really happy inside out. It's hard to explain..but it was something that I feel deep down inside my heart.. A really nice feeling. It's like I get to "talk" with God.. Oh crap.. I'm not explaining it righttt! Ishh..I've always have this hard-to-explain problem! Well..nevermind.. That's between me and God =)
But anyway.. I'm so happy that all of my wishes came true, while I was there.. It was like a magic! hehe.. That's one of the best part of being in the Holy Land! this post, I'm just gonna put up my pictures, instead of babbling, aite..hehe. I bet a picture tells a whole lot more stories than words, do they? So here, I'd share with you guys some of the photos I took during my 10 day trip in Saudi Arabia, kay.. - Just in case any one of you wanted to go or have never been to Saudi before, and have no idea how they look like (some thought it was padang pasir all over Saudi! LOL. It's the 21st century honey! They even have LV stores! hehehe ;p), so...I hope this might give you a little picture on Saudi Arabia.. Ok? =)

Enjoy the photos!
(Yes, it's a long post! Typical me! ;p)

For women (and maybe men as well), this might be the easiest trip for you to pack! Because all you need is a black or white outfit! hehe. Not that you can't wear any other colors, but..most women here wear only these colors, don't wanna be left out! hehe. But don't go to the mosque wearing a hot pink abaya with lots of kerawang and labuci, k? Unless if you're 10 year old or something ;p

Anyway, what did I bring? Well..only the basics! Because we're here not to jalan-jalan nor makan angin... But we're here to serve our one and only God, and do as much ibadah as we could! So..of course, not my usual forbidden clothes.. ;p Only abayas, abayas, and more abayas! All in black! And black pants too.. oh and a few t-shirts (to be worn in your abaya and at your hotel), your PJs, your white telekung (prayer outfit), your hijabs, sunglasses (bring more than one, just in case! - I brought 3 actually. One of it which was my Prada aviators went missing in Jeddah! tskkk T_T), and underwears, of course. So those are the basics.. the rest, it's really up to you what to pack! ;)

Seriously, I like wearing abaya.. I wear them every other day, even in KL. (Yes, not just in Saudi). I think it's the most easiest, simplest, and safest outfit ever! least I feel safe when wearing them! You should try's better than wearing baju kurung! - I mean the feelings! At least, to me.. ;)


Hmm.. Ok. Let's not talk so much, shall we? ;p

Arrived our hotel in Jeddah, InterContinental

Since my parents were out at that time, I ordered a room service for my lunch. I've always love dining in bed! I find it comforting! hehe 
(Dearly future husband, if you're reading this..and if you're so blur, let me tell you that this is actually a hint. Yes, a hint! So please make a breakfast for me on a Sunday.. and bring it to our bed, ok hon? I loveee breakfast in bed! And I love surprises tooo! And I love you for that! LOL ;p)

Next, the limo took us to a place called Jeddah Old City. I couldn't snap the whole area.. Only from inside the car. Pffft. - the driver was driving too fast..and he couldn't really understand English or even Bahasa Malaysia (yes, some arabs in Makkah speak our language, but not in Jeddah I suppose!), so when I asked him to stop, he kept on driving to find a parking space. Pfft. So I couldn't take pictures of that Old City (So many very very old buildings, by the way! You would feel like you were back in the...err 20's I think? I dunno. hehe)

This is the only not-so-unshaken picture that I have of the building in that area!
Vintage, ey? =)

Then we arrived at the souk area, in that Old City itself..

When I first arrived here, the first thing that came into my mind was the scene of Carrie from SATC2, arrived the souk in Abu Dhabi and saw her ex boyfriend while buying some 20 dollars shoes and a kajal eyeliner. hehe.. Then I smiled, feeling like a Carrie Bradshaw....only to find a Pakistani guy in front of me, smiling from ear to ear.. - Thinking I was into him, I think? Then I realized, he's not my ex lover. So I turned back, and went to a perfume shop instead! 
Anyway, did you watch that movie? Go watch! It's awesome! ;)

So I went to this shop..

He sells some invigorating fumes!

...and thissss, I don't know what they are for! But they do smell great!

I don't know what these are. But the colors looked pretty attractive!

...ahhhh... My fave department! ^_^

These are for belly dancers! I wish I bought one of these! hehe

You can find some really nice unique things in here if you really know how to choose! They have lotsa things in the souk!!

See...I told ya, they're niceee! And cheap too!

Had my dinner a Mc Donalds set. I had a Chicken Gourmet. 
I really wish they have this in M'sia. It tasted damn goooood! And by the way, apparently these are the Medium-sized set!! Even their fries portion was bigger than our Large-sized portion! And the size of my drinks is almost the same size as the Big Gulp container from 7-Eleven! Oh my...they sure do eat a lot!! 

The next day, we went for a ziarah.. We visited a few places..

This is Mina. There are so many camps! Can fit millions of people in here during Hadj, I think?

Climb up the hill!

Jabal Rahmah. The place where Adam met Eve after being separated for 200 years... So this is the place where they reunited..

So many people came here to pray and to wish that they'll find their one and only love - or if they've found one/already married, they'll pray that they'll live happily ever after... =)
It's good that we do our solat sunat up here..
Some even write their names on that wall. (that explains why it is black at the bottom part) But those are not required. It is better that you pray, rather than do such unnecessary things..
Because du’a is the only weapon for the believer. So lets make more effort in sharpening it! ^_~

And just so you know, after been here about 3-4 times in my life, only now I wanted to climb up the hill and pray to find THE ONE! hehehe. Last time, I was so small.. didn't even bother about love! haha ;p

Anyways..then we went to the Makkah city... - Wow, seven years I have not been here... a lot has changed!

This is their 'Big Ben'. They call it as the Zam Zam Tower. Very hugeeeee! And talll! In there, there are a lot of hotels and shopping malls! Awesome shopping malls, I tell you! ^_^

It is just opposite the Masjidilharam..

This is one of the gates to the Masjidilharam

And that's Hilton and another shopping centre! There's Bin Dawood in there! And I like that store.. They sell great food! hehe ;p
(There's also an old Body Shop store, which I remember purchasing my very very first "make up" item in there. I bought their Born Lippy lip balm when I visited the store at the age of 11. And they're still there! I was so excited when I see it! hehe)

See...The Zam Zam Tower and Bin Dawood mall, are just next to each other..

So many shops around Masjidilharam, actually! If you're not focus, you would go crazy! hehe.. Seriously, I was amazed with myself that I did not go crazy like I would, whenever I find ANY shops in the world. haha. I think it was all because of my du'a.. I prayed that I would be focusing on praying and nothing else! So to you (shopaholic) ladies, better pasang niat elok2 yer...Takut nanti tiba2 sampai sana, niat jadi lain! Happened to other women before! Heee


This is the best ice cream shop ever! Murah. Sedap. Creamy. Banyak! ^_^
They are everywhere in Makkah.. It's only about 2 Riyal per cup! Puasss! hehe

LOL. "Samoua" instead of "Semua". hehe

Ahhh I love these kettle! So classic!

They sell "Lolex" watches in here! hehehee ;p

Pretty materials..

This is where I get my kajal eyeliner

What's this for?

If you prefer like the high-end stores to could walk into their malls... They have such awesome boutiques and stores!

Oh look! They even have Claire's in here! I wonder when will they arrive Kuala Lumpur! I loveee their accessories and their girl stuff in here!

And here's where I buy my 'Dinner Date Dress'! At a boutique called Femi9!

And I bought this pretty black abaya with beads too, in one of the shops in Zam Zam Tower malls are the rest of the photos that is unrelated to shops. hehe ;p

Ahh..Breakfast in bed!

Try imagine...your dearly hubby set the table like thisss...and bring you some pancakes and omelet with some toasted buns and a cotton serviette! (Oh..and not to forget, a little note near your plate that says "Made with love.. Enjoy your breakfast, pretty! And yes, I love you always and forever" - Awwwwww!). Wouldn't you just want to hug him all day long?? LOL. Ada ke, suami nak buat macam tu? Bertuahnyeee lahai.. hahaha ;p

Ok enough of showing my romantic/mengada side. Back to my story. heh ;p

Going to Madinah... gonna need these for your long hours of journey in the car!
I usually brought with me my satin eye mask, my neck pillow and my digital tasbih

This is the outside area of Masjid Nabawi in Madinah

Got these foods during iftar! Awesome!

Everyone is waiting patiently for Maghrib time to buka puasa!

The little girl sitting next to me during iftar in Masjid Nabawi, is so really pretty!

Iftar at our hotel.. 
I like that Tea Man! He carried with him a really huge teapot on his back! ^_^

LOL. Attempted to look like Mak Arab! ;p
And yes... I failed terribly! I got no nose maaa! hehe

Kota Makkah

People ushering to the mosque for Maghrib prayer..

Look at the crowds that coming from far! ;)

It's really beautiful that everyone tried to gain as much pahala as they could.. At times like'll see so many people being so generous and big hearted! So many free foods!

Like this! I got this set! ^_^
Biscuits, dates, cream bun, and a box of juice!
Thank you mister anonymous!

This is called Mandi Rice! It's an arabic traditional dish or something.. 
Yes, the name is Mandi..haha. I guess they mandi-ed the whole kambing with those nasi, thus call it nasi mandi. heh

We all tak habis! It was too dry! We don't like arab food! >_<

(Until now..I am still amazed that A'ai could eat this whole nasi mandi alone! And loves arabic cuisine so much! tekak could not just take it...)

.....except for this thinggggg!

This is the only arabic food that I like! 
Eh wait a minute...besides Lamb Shawarma too! heheh ;p

Inside Masjidilharam, on my last day in Mecca.. 
I took one shot of picture, right after I got my seat! hehe

It was soooooo crowded. I had to pray on a staircase steps! Very limited space to solat! =(
Seriously, last Ramadhan was toooooo full and crowded!

This is the view from the inside..
(second floor)

Lautan manusia! These are the people who just came back from Tarawih..

The Zam Zam Tower looks so pretty and bright at night!

We just came back from our last Tarawih in Mecca. 
"Now we're going shopping!" ;p

Their each other's soul mates.

My dearly parents

Tawaf Wida'

It was too hot! I couldn't open my eyes! >_<

Ready to board to Jeddah again!

Bukit Uhud.. - Perang Uhud berlaku di sini... =/

Makam para syuhada' Perang Uhud

Their highway is too "dull". No green at all. Kiri kanan padang pasir. hehee

This probably would be the biggest Quran ever! hehe

Arrived Jeddah. They have a road name Al Andalus! - you know the famous Andalus arabic cafe in Jalan Damai has moved to Jalan Delima? Just fyi.. =)

Checked into Crowne Plaza.. 

.....and I fell asleep instantly (and dreamt about that dream, - if you know which dream I'm talking about! hehe ;p)

Sunset! Let's buka puasa!!

Errr...with chillies as our appetizers? Nahh...

I'd prefer their roti!

Hummus. Whenever I saw the word hummus, or saw the hummus itself, I would remember Zohan. haha

I don't know what this is..

Or this... But I like the balang thing..

Fresh dates!

The next day, we had dinner at my dad's friend's mansion house! It's a fine dining. My first time ever, having a fine dining in someone's house! Normally, I'd have it at a hotel or something! hehe ;p

On the way to their palace..
(I don't really like my contact lenses. It made me look "scary"..right? Hmm..I think I should stop using iEnhance contact lenses from now on lah. No more looking scary wany =_=')

These pretty ladies are the daughters. They are really cool people! (I like the tallest girl! She's too pretty! Her name is Nihal)

Then the next day, we fly home to Kuala Lumpur! Yeayyy!

In Jeddah airport

Distance to Kuala Lumpur: 6765 km moreee!

Remember in my previous post I mentioned that I don't have a camera with me, cuz my camera were dead (God "made" me forgot to bring my charger)? Well..all these pictures were taken on the first two days while I'm in Jeddah, and on the last day when I'm in Makkah (that's when I found a Canon shop that sells my camera charger! ^_^) and while I was staying 2 days in Jeddah. Pheww! Lucky that I got some photos with me! At least some memories to keep! ^_^

Oh God...I miss Mecca nowww... T_T

P/s: It's kinda nice traveling just alone with your parents. I feel like I'm their only kid. ;p

P/ss: If you want some details regarding Umrah/Hadj package/service, you can email me at, to ask for the contact details and more info about it! I know someone who's really good! =)



  1. Bestnya..Bilalah nak sampai sana ni..

  2. hey wani, can u take a pic of ur kajal eyeliner? kat sini ada jual but very limited. i want one, tapi kena order. thnk you.

  3. hey wani, can u take a pic of ur kajal eyeliner? kat msia ada jual but very limited and kena tunggu order. i want one. i nak tgk u punya n how u apply it. tq. :P

  4. hye wani.

    seronok baca entry u ni. i sentiasa berniat nak ke Mekah tapi belum ada kemampuan lagi. i wish i can go there as soon as possible. when i dah ready is it okay i ask your guidance? thanks wani.

  5. Yang, you beli jubah hitam tu kat mana ek? cantiknya..please please share info :)


  6. true wany, i sampai skrg masih lagi mindset yg "mekah penuh padang pasir sana sini".. huhu.. never knew pulak banyak kedai macam that zamzam tower tu..

    seronoknye.. i almost fainted tengok kedai gelang tu.. n kedai eyeliner.. lepastu semua org pun shopping pakai abaya, takde seksi2.. rasa mcm 'nur kasih' sangat.. hehe

    doa2 biar i dpt g sana jugak bwk family.. aminnn~

  7. dapat nur gambaran mekah tuh mcm mana thanks yer wanie :)

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  12. dear,

    tq cos buatkan rindu i ke makkah terubat sekejap. since being preggy, i "rindu" kaabah.went thr end of ramadhan last yr.mmg sgt2 ramai. esp mlm 7likur.




  14. reena: insha Allah..ada rezeki, nanti u pergi la k.. Doa byk2! =)

    mushymush: sure. later i'll blog abt it k! ;)

    syafa: insha allah kalau ada rezeki, nanti pergi la eh.. =) n of course, u can ask me for guidance or anythingg.. i'd be more than happy to help! ;)

    anonymous: jubah2 i semua i beli dkt mekah.. no brand pon.. just some random shops =)
    thanks anyway

    efa fairuz: lol! tu friend pon ingatkan mcm tu, with the padang pasir etc! haha.. n yes, i masuk kedai Guess, tgk baju2 (sexy2) kinda amazed bila customer perempuan yg masuk, semua pakai jubah n bertudung litup with purdah etc! hehehe ;p

    cik nur: ur welcome!

    lily lotus: alhamdullilah..

    miss jue: rindu kannn.. i pon rindu jugak ni..tskk

    along: reallyyy?? ok nnt nak try!

    anonymous: alhamdulillah..

    azreen: ur welcome! =)

    nemo ooh nemo: really? thanks.. tp i mmg dah tak nak pki lens tu dah..huhu..

  15. Thank you for the insights of Land of God :)It is really an eye opener to me :)

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    Usman Qureshi,


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