Friday, June 29, 2012

Being Me

Who's going to the Being Me Conference tomorrow?! :)

I'm going! -With my sister, and her sister-in-law, who is also one of the Being Me committee member. Hope to see you girls there!

I'm so excited to go to this talk! There will be lotsa programs over there. You can view here to find out more about the programs.

Anyways, there is no dress code can even wear your casual attire, but of course, it has to be sopan la kannn to respect the majlis... So instead of jeans or my usual tops...I thought of wearing thissss....

A black Baju Kurung by Rizman Ruzaini. Or, an abaya/jubah 

But then, my sister told me all committee member would be wearing black abaya/jubah too. Nanti orang ingat I'm a committee member pulak! hehe.. And she said she would be wearing her usual attire. And that means, you knowww... Topshop, Zara, Mango and whatnot! haha..

Oh, I don't know what to wear! Because later that evening I have a meeting at Mandarin Oriental pulak. Hmm... what should I wear? Or what do you girls wear?? :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Favourite Jacket for this year! :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

The Milan and Paris Trip

Hey sweethearts!

So sorry for the lack of updates in here! I just came back from the city of fashion - Paris and Milan about a week ago! And so, my body just felt soooo tired all from that walking and shopping and packing and unpacking and flying and traveling! haha. So that just explains why I was so lazy and tired to blog ;p

Yes, traveling really is fun, but the un-fun part would be the after effect! - The exhaustion for days! haha. body felt so weak and so really tired for a few days, last week.. Every inch of my body just felt sooo sore and it's aching all over! I was weak for a few days when I got back in KL, and to make it worse, I had fever two days after I arrived here! So yeah.. Don't travel next time! haha. Yeah righttt ;p

Anyway, my mood to blog is back again! My room is not a mess anymore (Done unpacking!). And my body is back to normal again.. So yeah, I'm a happy kid now. haha. So today I'm just going to post some pics of mine while I was in Paris and Milan (and yessss..I'm well aware that I've yet to update my Switzerland stories, my Indonesia stories, my Hong Kong trip, my Amsterdam trip..and so on! Heeeeee.. I'm such a badddddd blogger! ;P - Anyone wants to be my unpaid PA? Feel free to drop me an email! I have task for you to do! - Choose pics for me, from that thousands of pics and folders I have, and resize/edit it for me! Then my blogging job would be easier! heheheh ;p)

Anyways...enough of babbling and craps.. So here are some of the pics I let you see first before I start story-telling you guys about my trip on the two awesome cities that I visited this month! It's kinda like a preview.. or maybe a (long) summary, I should say. haha ;P

This Paris trip would be my third time visiting the city, and Milan would be second..

...but this kampong girl would always be so excited to travel just about anyyyy where in the world regardless she's been to that place for the 100th time or not or...whateverrr! hehe ;p

My traveling shoes that is so comfortable!

I loveeee MAS... anddddd the stewardess!! Particularly thissssss one! Her name is Zahida. hehe.
(Just cuz she is so damn gorgeous! From top to toe, I tell you! LOL ;p)

"Bonjour! Good morning!"
That day was the longest 13 hours of my life! haha. Bangun tidur bangun tidur...and finally, I arrived Pareeeeee!

20 minutes to touch down Paris!

Had breakfast at Paul! I always love this cafe! It's so classic..and their breads are awesome!

La Vallee Village! Shopper's paradise! hehe

Look! Ferragamo shoes are displayed like thissss. Like Pasar Malam shoes onlyyyy! haha. Price starts around 200 euro and above! So cheapo, right?! Gotta borong! In KL, everything is so expensive! =___='

My place that I stayed. Park and Suite Hotel

Bringing the kids to Disneyland!

With my favourite kid!

That's Disneyland at my back! I didn't go though... I just came back from Hong Kong Disneyland last April, remember? hehe. Plus, I've visited this Disneyland, last 6 years already! LOL 

Oh! Disney Village! I remember! Lotsa cool shops in there! But.. I didn't go though. huhu

Traveling by train in Paris is super convenient and super easy!

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when she's in the ladies! haha ;p

Shopping heaven!


Gotta queue to go to Chanel..

Macarons are so popular in here!

Ahhh....the cute Eiffel sweet treats!

This mirror makes me look slimmer, no? hahaa 

Val d'Europe. Please visit here if you ever go to Paris. Saya tawaf ulang alik, pergi balik, siang malam 3 hari berturut-turut, ok! Nak habiskan semua kedai, and belek setiap satu in the shop! I don't wanna miss a thing! Lotsa cool stuff and shops around here! teeheeee ;p

Whoops! Caught on tape for being so vain! hahaha ;p

Sightseeing in Milan. 

"I'm lost.."

The best hot chocolate drink I ever tasted in my life! 

The friendly Italian guy. 
We talked like dogs and cats. He doesn't know English..but still talking to me in Italian. haha. But it was soooo cute! The fact that he kept on explaining though he knew that I don't understand a word he said, is really really cute! With all that hand gestures and whatnot. haha.. The only word I understand was "poco poco". Which means little. Or in our language, sikit-sikit. Well...he was telling me that he can only talk sikit-sikit in English! haha..


Back in Paris!

The Arc de Trompet

The tunnel where Princess Diana died in a car accident! O__O

The view from my room! 

The tired traveller! 

Oh...that's it for today's post! Blog soon! Have a great day everyone! ;)

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