Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Fasting Everyone!

Wishing you..


Ikhlas dari,

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hangin' out with Hatta Dolmat

Today, me and my mom went to KLCC with Hatta Dolmat, the designer..
I fetch him at his place then we go for makan..

This was my second time meeting him.. He's such a sweet guy.. Baikkk sangat.. Dah la comel..hehe..
Oh, I love ur hair,btw! =)

While waiting for mama tadi.. I got so bored that I played with my camera..haha ;p

Mommy wanted baju kurungs/baju kurung moden/jubah for her upcoming events,Raya,etc..
So he designed all 6 of them..
and hey, I got one for myself too! Yeay me! hehe ;)

My outfit is gonna be deep red with black details/lace/sequins,etc..
This time, I wanted to try a bright color.. I'm tired of wearing too much pink. So now, I chose red to be my baju raya..
I can't wait to look at the outcome! By looking at all his fantastic drawings, I knew I'd love all his design and style..hehe..
But I still love Rizman Ruzaini's design too..
2-2 best.. Fresh, cool and young.. =)

Anyway, we had our lunch at CPK..

Starter: Avocado Club Egg Rolls.

Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

He's drawing new designs for mama..

Then..later kitorang jalan2 sket..tgk2 baju,handbags, skincare products,etc..
Mama bought a brand spankin' new shoes, while me.. I got a whole new range of skincare products..huhu. Well, not exactly whole products la. They only have four items for this Riz Rice range.. and I left one. Which is their scrub.. I still have my Clarins and St Ives facial scrub. So why buy a new one right? heh..
So I just took the basic ones. You know, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. But they still haven't got a mask yet for this range. Hmm..nvm..

Erk..tukar product lagik! ;p

Anyway, when we were at Lancel.. Oh, I saw one of their handbags that I fell so in love! The name's Easy Flirt.. hehe. What a cute name! =)
I like the orange one..

ouh.. Red's not bad too! ;)

and..urm..what color is this? Pink+brown or what? heh.. It's nice too..

Hmm..I imagine wearing this bag(esp. the orange or red one) with a nice simple white top with jeans, white heels and a scarf that matches the bag and the top..

Oh..Abah, can I have one pleaseeee..? hehehe..

Anyways.. I dream to become a designer one day..hehe ;p
But I suck at drawings! huhu.. and look, I drew this!

Look at the shoes! They're the ugliest! How can I be a shoe designer,then? iskk..

huhu..nevermind.. ok la tu kan.. for a no-basic-at-all-in-drawings. heh. ;p


Friday, August 29, 2008

Souvenirs from Abroad

I received quite a few stuffs from aboard this month.. Perfumes, tumblers, chocs,etc.. =)

Tommy Hilfiger top, Guess watch, Gucci II EDP and chocs from Canada: Abah.

Wawel milk chocolate from New Zealand: Kak Z.

J. Lo Still EDP and Starbucks tumblers and chocs from Singapore: Paksu



Thursday, August 28, 2008

News Updated

I have not been updating my blog for quite some time now.. I guess I'm too busy with my life..hehe..
Plus I was not really in good condition for the past week.. I always had headache and stomach ache at the same time.. And on top of that, I had diarrhea too.. =(
Oh, and my insomnia has returned! Demnn.

and also, I've been occupied with midterms, test 1, assignments,etc..
So that's why I didn't reply any of my emails, or updating my blog, and etc.
Haihh.. Its tiring being a student larh.. Can I quit? and not doing anythinggg at all? heh. =P
I just want to have a good rest. And sleep all day! hehe..

Anyway, I manage to combat my sleepless night and force my eyes to close by sticking up cellotape on my eyes! haha.. =P
Seriously, it works! I don't need my sleeping pills now! hehe.. But of course, I'm still gonna need my silky smooth sleeping mask. =)
..and the other night I also put on my earplugs and my warm socks from my amenity kit.. They're very comfortable. No wonder they call it amenity, which means: "Pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions"

Thank God I could sleep after that! =)

Anyways, since a picture's worth a thousand words.. So I guess I'll just put up all the episodes of my past two weeks..hehe =)

Apart from doing all my studying and homeworks.. I did take my time off too..

~Outing with buddies

Pok Pek at Kopitiam

Bakal Datuk dan Datin..hehe

Mak-Nam tgh berceritaa..huhu ;p

~Did some shopping last week..
For Hariz Rifqi and for myself! hehe..

I bought 2 tops n 1 pants from UCB for Hariz and for me, 2 tops n 1 jeans from Warehouse, 2 Sisley tops and a polka-dot babyblue scarf..
hmm..I really hope he fits all the clothes that I bought for him..kalau tak,sayang jerr.. =(

~Watched You Don't Mess With The Zohan with Naz the other day. We bought tickets from one of Along's blog reader.. Dapat diskaun 2 ringgit..hehe.. Thanks babe! =)

The movie was hilarious!! I like it!
Oh and that girl, Emmanuelle Chriqui stars as Dalia..was damn gorgeous,ok! Geram tgk! hehe

~Went to Pavillion..

"hmm..what to buy eh?"

Our drinks: Cranberry Cooler & Guava Juice

Naz's: Olio Pasta

Mine: Spicy Chicken Pasta

Tak habes2 lagi cerita si Mak-Nam nih..huhuh

~Went for sightseeing at G Hills. =)

Verry beautiful view =)

~Muhammad Hariz Rifqi's 1st Birthday Bash

Held at my parents place. Theme was Elmo & Friends. so the color theme was supposed to be red, yellow and blue.. but I wore grey instead! huhu.. Auntie punye baju merah tinggal kat hostel la.. ;p


Kak Leen the party planner

Uncle Zack busy tying all the helium balloons

"I am ONE already.."

Goodie bags for kids.. err..but I took one! hehe. Inside got chocolates maa..heh

Cake cutting

Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake.. yummehh! =)

Makan time..

Pinata Game

Hariz's got so many presents!


*All pictures I cilok from Hanis & Along's.

~Went to A Cut Above.. and..I chopped my hair! hehe =)

~Dine at Tony Roma's

Our yummilicious drink: Pina Colada & Vanilla milkshakes

Mine: Tony's Asian Salads with Salmon.. I truly really love salmon!! sedapp bangett!

P/S: Along, I borrowed ur tudung,yea! hehee.. Thanksss sistaa!! ;)

P/SS: erkk..I just noticed that in the past 2 weeks, I wore the same silky blue top twice! huhuh.. ;p

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