Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Salmon Sisters

Out with this lady last Sunday. 

We had an event to attend. So after the event, we went for a makan session at a japanese restaurant in Pavilion. We both love japanese..salmon, especially! We share the same taste in fashion as well as food too! hahaa.. I guess our mother taught us well! haha. So anyway, since it is my birthday month, my sweet sister decided to treat me that day! Yeayyyy...thank you kak long! ^____^

So what did we had??? Oh well....I was so starving, so I decided to ruin my diet (again), and ordered a heck amount of salmon menu on our table! hihihiiiii... (and later my trainer scolded me because he saw my Instagram pic! Pffft. I knew, I shouldn't post my food pic on Instagram. I forgot I have a stalker ;p)

Gosh......I love salmon. I could eat salmon for a year! Yes, nothing but salmon and salmon! hehee

So we did a lot of catching up and gossiping over there. LOL. The things women do when they gather! haha. Hanging out with the sister is fun, especially when we both have the same taste in fashion, foods and opinions on certain topics! hehe.. She did a lot of shopping too that day. Too bad my paycheck is not here yet, otherwise I can join her as well! Oh, but then again, these days I feel like I don't know what else to buy already, except for buying a house! haha. Then again, that one requires a lot of money! And I can't buy it just yet! So...really, I don't know what to buy these days! HAHAHA ;p

I mean, my wardrobe is about to explode.. There's not enough space to hang my clothes anymore, and I keep on having to buy new hangers for new outfits that I was so itching to buy jugak-jugak! And I have enough bedsheets for my bed already, enough shoes... and my make up is not expiring anytime soon, and I have quit buying bath/body and skin products that I knowww, I'm not really gonna use! haha. So instead of buying another pair of pants or a leopard printed tank top or whatever, I got myself some sanitary pads and tissues that day. - The things I really need right now! LOL ;p

It's nice having a big sister! Tapi teringin jugak nak ada adik perempuan! hehe..

Anyway, the thing that people would ask me these days would be this magic question: "Bila nak kahwin?" hahah. This sister especially! LOL. She's too excited for a big event like that I guess! Hmm..She can't wait to be my maid of honor, I suppose? hehe.. Oh, I'd be delighted to have her as my MOH! ;p 
But anywayss...well, getting married is not as easy as Bruno Mars said it. - Cuz it requires A LOT of things to consider, especially when you had an experience of "almost" getting hitched to the wrong one! hehe. So...things like this you reallllllly can't play-play, right?! hehe. I mean, you gotta be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc well-prepared! And honestly...I'm not sure whether I am one hundred percent prepared for all that! Heeee.  So, now.....let's just chill. And stop asking me the cute question, because I really don't know what God has planned for me! Kalau dah jodoh, takkan ke mana, right? hehe ;)

Anyway, why are we talking about this, la? haha. Ok I'll stop. Maybe I'll continue blabbering about that in another post ;p

Yes...we're romantic like that.
Tengah hujan pun nak camwhore ;p

Love you, my sister! And thanks for treating me lunch/dinner that day! Hang out soon k! ;)

Your youngest and awesome sister ;p

Monday, January 28, 2013

HiShop Launch Event

About a week ago, I was invited to attend the, a beauty and cosmetics online store launching event. It was held at the Roof Deck Binjai 8 in Kuala Lumpur.. I was a little late that day, because I had a meeting earlier on, so I missed the intro session, where there was a jazz performance and a bit of introduction on HiShop. I was supposed to go there with my friend, Zarina, but due to some circumstances, she couldn't make it so I had to attend alone...and take her goodie bag with me! haha :p

Anyways, HiShop is an online beauty store, that sells only genuine products. Their aim to make beauty accessible for all Malaysian. They provide a variety of beauty products and brands and value buy items. So if you're running out of mascara or moisturizer or even a dramatic false eyelashes for that special occasion, you can just get your source of beauty products on their site! ^__^

They have over 30 brands on their site such as Arty Professional, Touch In Sol, Yadah, Farmasi, Nature & Co, Shangpree, Mircoz and Nature’s Lab and many more!

Linora Low, from Red FM announcer, was the emcee for the event. 

Dress code was Smart Casual. 
I was from office that I guess this outfit would do just fine for a smart casual, no? hehe

Each of the bloggers who were there were lucky enough to get a goodie bag that is worth RM 200, that contains a lot of fun products to try! There are the fun and quirky Touch In Sol products, Toc Toc Toning Capsule Base, Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base, Yadah products, Arty make up, Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream and many more!!!

There were also a make-up show by Arty Professional make-up. 

And then there's a lucky draw. Too bad I wasn't the lucky one! Sob

Then I met my twin, Cik Epal! hehe.. They said we look alike!

Do we? hehe.. 
(But of course, she's prettier! ^__^)

Anyway, from now till  31st January 2013, you can enjoy 20% off on ALL ITEMS when you shop at! And free nationwide delivery for purchases above RM50. Also, you can stand a chance to win an iPad Mini when you  subscribe to HiShop’s newsletters! - Contest ends 31st March 2013. So go “like” their Facebook page nowww to show your support!! ;)


Sunday, January 27, 2013


So I had allocated some of my free time to do the hijab tutorial video as requested by you guys... But unfortunately my darlings, nowwww....the recorded video is giving me a hard time! - the audio and video are out of sync!!! And it's reallllly hard to edit it! Ishhh...I'm so sad! >__<

I tried recording the video three times now on my PhotoBooth and every time I'm making a video through it, the audio and video is out of sync! Haih... Anyone knows anything about this and how to fix it?? tskk. I'm SO sad and annoyed with this! Because now it means I have to do it again! - It's either I'll edit this video dengan sepenuh hati dan perasaan sabar, or.... I will just have to make a new one, using other camera that I have because my PhotoBooth just doesn't seem to like me anymore! Sigh. :(

Tapi...Both pun require a lot of time! So bear with me ya..for those who have waited for this video for months... Because you will have to wait a little bit more! Heee ;p (By the way, please know that this is just a really simple video. And it's the oblong scarf tutorial, anyways. - I will do the square scarf next! ^__^ )

Ok, have a great week ahead! Take care!

P/S: I was on TV 9 today! hehee. It's so weird seeing yourself on TV bcuz I always see myself typing/reading. haha. That's why nowww, I'm gonna go and make another video by myself so I will be a bit familiar seeing this Cik Wani in motion. hahah ;p

Cik Wani.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Retreat Challenge with Friends!

Last two weekends ago, I had a trip to Melaka with  my buddies. We went to The Philea Resort & Spa to enjoy our weekend there with some fun activities that we did around the place! Oh, I would say that the place is such a nice environment, that is perfect for a little weekend getaway! ^___^

Pack my suitcase with the things I'll need for my little weekend getaway!

These days, we all have become so stressed and so goal oriented that it can be quite hard to actually relax and unwind. Most of us have our to do list that actually built into our brains, which got us SO stressed out  just to ensure that we follow each and every thing that is on the list, that sometimes could lead us to eating disorders, lack of sleep, pimples started popping out like nobody's business, and so on and so forth! :( For some people, life can be really hard sometimes.. We programmed ourselves so well to meet our goals, our deadlines and our responsibilities that we have forgotten how to relax and unwind! Some may say that they don't know how to relax... Well, simple things like taking a deep breath...or walking around the park can really make you feel at ease and less tense! Or better yet...maybe you can go for a vacation with your loved ones! That'll do the trick...but of course, you gotta leave all your work laptop, Blackberrys, iPads, etc etc, and just enjoy your time there! ^___^ that weekend we went to The Philea Resort & Spa...

The place was impressive! For a moment there, I thought I was not in Malaysia, but at some cold countries instead! hehe.. The place is really unlike any other resort that I have stayed in our country... It's SO cozy and so nice!  The logs made me feel like I was at a ski resort in the Alaska or something! haha.. But of course, there's no white thing called snow surrounded the area....but instead, some beautiful greens! - Which made the place even more breathtaking....Perfect to unwind and relax! ;)

With my buddies, Ivy and Jessica

Our mission to go for this retreat was just to learn how to relax and have fun! So they have organized a lot of really fun activities for us, during our stay there! I gotta say, I really really had a lot of  fun that weekend! Perfect place, perfect companions and perfect activities! ;)

After checking in, I took a rest in their beautiful room for awhile.. Great thing that each of us have our own room to ourselves for more privacy to do anything we want and just relax our butt off! hehe ;p

Yesss....all this to myself! Mmmm....

I love it when a hotel room that I stayed in, provide me a decent looking iron and an ironing board as well!

And oh, this is even nicer! They provide us some flip-flops that we can take home! Perfect for someone like me, who wears heels all the time and doesn't have flat shoes to bring for a vacation! hahaha ;p

The bathroom...

Our first activity....

Just hanging out with them...and listening to everyone's story about their daily life routine and activities!

We had a good laugh when Hafiz is around! He is such a diva, which I like so much! So cute, so funny! hehehe

From left, Ivy, Jessica, Hafiz, Qua Chee and me! They're such fun people to hang out with!

Next activity, we played a game!

We had two teams. Each team need to take off the things that we have on our bodies...and make it in one line. The longest line would be the winner! Thank God nobody's strip off their clothes that day! hahaa.. ;p

We put our shoes, rings, watches, phones, cardigans...whatever at all that we can find on our body! hehe

My team!

The other team! Their line was so long that they can even make a u-turn! Pffft... 
Somebody used shoe strings! Patut la boleh menang! hehehe ;p

Congrats Jessica, QuaChee and Hafiz! ;)

Next, we went for our lunch!

And then it was free and easy... 
Some of us went for a swim.. But I didn't, although I brought  my swimming attire with me.. instead, I walked around the area, for some fresh air!

Isn't it nice...strolling around this place? :)

Later in the evening, around 5.30 pm I think... we had another activity! 
It was a treasure hunt! Man....the last time I was in a treasure hunting game was like 3 years ago. So I was really excited for this!

We were given some clue cards to find for the next clue!

A lot of running involved!

"Where is it?? Is it there??!"

Ivy got lost....hehe

Run for your lifeeeee!!!

This man got the first place! Second was Jessica and third was me! heheh. 

The prize was a 16 gig pen-drive! Cool!

So these are the five words that we found!

Later that night, we had a nice dinner by the pool at Bayu Cabana. We had steamboat! 

After the dinner, I got back to my room, thinking of getting a body massage to tranquilize myself, but then it was a little too late already and the Tanjung Wellness Spa is almost closed, so instead, I make my own bubble bath in my room, to  take my time off and just sit back and relax! ;)

I brought a few bubble bars and soaps with me!

I love making my tub full with bubbles! was so good! ^__^

After getting a nice warm bubble bath, I was ready for bed!

The next morning, after we all had a nice breakfast, we had a chat session with the guest of the day, Dr. Hew from Malaysian Aesthetic Clinic. He is a skin specialist who's very experienced and expert with dermatology concern..

Dr. Hew

We had a question and answer session with him for a good one hour!

It's so nice to have a session like this... I gained a lot of information about our skin that day!

Everyone were free to ask him any questions and solutions to our concerns..

I love how detailed he explained things to us!

By the way, if you wish to see him, you can visit his clinic in Bangsar Shopping Centre! ;)

Next, we had a pop-quiz session regarding skin! ^__^

And I won!!!! Weehooo! ;)

Thank youuuu!

My early birthday present! hehe

And then it was time for us to check out and drive back to KL!
I had such a great weekend spending it with them!!!Thank you guys!!!! 
I had soooo much fun!!

Anyways, in conclusion, I think it is so important to relax and unwind ourselves every now and then. We live this life daily five days a week, or six days a week and for some, even seven days a week! So be kind to your mind and body. Don't stressed out too much! I really think that it's very important for you to balance out your life with work/study, play, entertainment, resting/relaxing, praying/meditating and whatever things that make your life a little sweeter! ;)

Take care guys and have a great week ahead!

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