Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh yeahhh.. I'm doing so good now! =)

I have recover bit by bit..

Good to know that everything seems to be okay.. Well, at least half of them la..heh =)

I thought about what Aizat has told me long long time ago.. It's really true la.. Well, at least it happens to me many many times already! haha

Here's what he said..

"Kalau kau happy sangat hari ni, mesti esok-esoknya ada benda yang akan buat kau sedih sangat. N kalau sedih sangat hari ni, mesti esok-esoknya akan happpyyyyyy sangat-sangat.. Maka dengan itu, jangan extreme sangat happy sebab nanti sedih pun dapat extreme.."

Haha. Boleh percaya ke tak agaknya ayat tersebut?

I think boleh.. Sebab memang dah banyak kali sangat dah jadi macam tu kepada diriku ini. Masa bulan 12 iaitu di Amsterdam paling takleh lupa. Memang betul apa dia cakap. haha. Padan muka diri sendiri. (Note to self, lain kali happy sikit-sikit je!)

Hmm.. And last week I was soo happy with work and life, then tiba-tiba this week macam tah pape sangat je.. Sampai pening kepala for four days non stop! Heesh.

Fyi, saya ini dilarang extreme sedih atau happy. Nanti mesti dalam masa yang terdekat dapat yang sebaliknya. Kalau extreme happy, memang la takpe. Tapi, "kena" lalui saat extreme sedih pulak nanti.. haha..Tak mau la.. So better, moderate je.. huhu

Macam hari ini,

Saya sudah kembali di paras normal.

It's because some of the things that has been on my mind for the past few days, I already cleared them up! hehe. All thanks to Kelly, my supervisor! Oh my God... I love her la.. She is very nice!! She was really concern about me, and asked me so many questions. And the best part is, she was very professional! She can also read my mind and is a really good observer, cuz some of the things that she told me about her first impression, and her evaluation or thoughts on me after 2 weeks, most of them were quite true!!! And I loveee her words and her intonation very much! I don't feel akward at all! (Usually I would, if I talk to people who is much much older than my age..huhu).

We talked about my work, the people there, my issues that has been bothering me, and some other stuff.. And she even tried to solve them for me.. (How great!!)

And I feel sooooo relieved after telling her.. =)

And to make my day even more graceful, I got my paycheck, and I am allowed to come to the office at 2 pm on Monday! (Cuz I've got some issues to settle. huhu).

And also, mom shipped me out to a Thai Odyssey for me to have my body massage for about 1 hour 30 minutes tadi. Fuhh.. badan lega dah.. So thank you, mother! =)

Oh, and another thing!! I just indulged myself with Cadburiess! Oh..chocolates really can make you feel a lot better la!! =) (Tapi kena makan banyak la pulak untuk bagi efective..tapi..effect nye..kat my bums! haihh)

And now.. I'm going to have and enjoy a hot and longgggg bath to make my day even more relax and meaningful..hehe

BUT hey, I am not in my extreme happy mood! So.. good to know that! haha =P

Oh by the way, thanks for your kind words, ladies! Love y'all very much! Mmuahh! ;)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heal me with this Heels!

Oh! How I wish I possess this baby!! I tried this very shoes the other day when I went to a store visit with Kelly. They looked very pretty on my feet! heheh =P

It's a Patent Lace-up Platform Heels. Verry nice, ey??

From Giuseppe Zanotti.

Ughh.. so of course I couldn't afford yet! It's RM 3k ++! Gilo apo.. huhuh..

But it's really nice.. Don't ya think? =)


A Note from Yours Truly.

Hello my dear readers.. =)

How are you? I hope you are doing fine.

As of now, I am not doing so great. I'm in the state of 'unstable' actually. =(

Well, first of all, sorry for not replying any of your emails, comments, YMs, or text messages. (I'll get back to you as soon as possible,ok).

Life's a little too busy and shaky now. I just don't know why I don't feel like doing anything. Not even to reply a "Hello" back to my friend. (I know, I'm suck!). But well, what can I say, I'm only human. Erm.. a weirdo human being, actually. So I do have my ups and downs.

This week has been really really sucks, man!!! =(

Well..probabbly cuz I've got tons of stuff to think about. Most of the time, my mind will wander around.. Only my body's there. But my mind and soul has gone to everywhere in the world! heh. Most of them are negative thoughts and destructive sentiments. So basically it has affected my moods. And I easily get upset. And I super hate it.

And unfortunately, this week pulak, my workload has increased tremendously! (And I am now officially hating accounting!). And to make it worst, there are two ladies that has really really make my days become so awful and nasty. One is from that place. And another one is from this place. (The one who is from 'that place' is the one that I am furious with. I just can't forget the way she looked at me! Seriously, if you did 'that thing' on purpose, I swear I will curse your life to be so difficult as you have made mine! haha. *Evil laugh* ) =P

And also, May is coming in another 2 days. And I have not done anything yet. Haih. What a loser I am.

And I still haven't figure how to work things out between you and me.




Entah lah.. banyaknya lagi benda nak fikir!! Sumpah banyak. Ishhh..

Tah la. Dah 4 hari sakit kepala non stop. Even if I take that happy pills, it won't stop. Penipu punya ubat! =(

Only chocolates can make me feel better. But then again, I cannot eat it! I'll have more and more fatties in my bums. =(

Hmm.. I just don't feel like doing anything la. Anything at all. Can, ah?

Nak cuti satu minggu duduk dalam spa boleh? heesshh.. duit pulak takde. Dok perabis parking ticket, tol, minyak,makan, etc etc.. haiyoo.

Bila la...nak abis PMS ni.. menyampah la perasaan tah pape camni.. isk ='(

p/s: And sorry for not updating any interesting stories to share! I'll revert as soon as possible!! isk. =(

Yours Truly,

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Shitty Day.

I had the worst day of my life.

First the Chinese lady.

Then comes the money part.

And then you.


The End?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wani on-the-job. Her first week.

So here’s a brief overview or a snapshot of my workplace.. (And work attire -as requested. hehe..)

Day 2

On my second day of my practical training which was Tuesday, I wore a navy blue Banana Republic silky top, a black Topshop pants, a black & blue Pieces cinch waist belt, a black & blue Tie Rack scarf, a black Bally bag, and a black Aldo shoes (not in the picture)

Oh and just for the record, on that day, the Store Manager of Coach Malaysia invited me to a fashion show event by Coach at The Gardens.. but I passed it up as the event was held during maghrib time.. sob sob.. =(

Day 3

And on Wednesday, I was feeling a lil’ bit malas, so I chose to wear something that looks casual and effortless, and so I picked out a suntanned Forever 21 very soft cardigan, an off-white singlet from Forever 21, a dark brown Agenda pants, a polka-dot Tie Rack scarf, a dark brown Gucci bag and a black Vincci wedges (both bag and shoes are not in the picture)

Day 4

On Thursday, the day I had to be the mystery shopper at KLIA, I wore a black Dorothy Perkins top, a lace corset from Agenda, a dark brown Agenda pants, a scarf from Mortada, an LV Mini Lin bag, and my fave Eclipse black platform (All these are not in this picture because I forgot to snap a picture on that day! But only the top was the exact top that I wore! Hehe)

Day 5

On Friday, we can wear casual and that means we are allowed to wear jeans! How cool, isn’t it? hehe.. So, I chose to wear a mustard yellow cardigan by Dorothy Perkins (It’s kinda ‘loghat’ with all the ruffles detailing at the front, but who cares..hehe), a grey Seed t-shirt, my lovable stone-washed dVb jeans, a scarf from Tie Rack, my sayang Aldo yellow mellow platform, and my usual daily bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs (Again, I didn’t take my picture cuz I was in a hurry. This picture was taken on the day I went to watch the Bride Wars movie preview with Miu)

Just so you know, I haven’t really shop for my work outfits the other day, after the exams were over. Cuz I didn’t have the mood to go to all the ‘big’ shopping malls as I was exhausted from the stresses and tensions that I went through during the exams.. Plus, I was feeling so fat (which I am, due to consuming tremendous amount of sugar (Coke and coffee) and fastfoods (Mc Donalds, Maggie and Chipster!!) during the exam week. And yes, I know I have an overabundance of flesh. So you don’t have to tell me over and over again whenever you see me! Haiyoo..). So anyways.. I just bought myself a couple of pants and some blouses. All from Jaya Jusco. I looove to shop here! They have such affordable yet nice clothes, I tell you! =)


I only take one picture of my workplace. I didn’t have the guts to snap pictures of all over the place lah! Takut kena marah..Hehe. =P

So this is the entrance area.. This picture does not really depict the actual view of the place, cuz the lighting in real life, is quite dimmed and the flat screen tvs (on the left) are usually switched on with all the fashion shows or the video of all the brands that they carry.. with such harmonious sound of music are being played all day.. (it’s the kind of music in luxury stores. Dunno how to explain..hehe) and also, all the sofas in this area are covered with velvet! Hmm.. very luxurious! Seriously, the moment you stepped into the entrance, you’ll feel the vibe of classy and posh! Hehe =P

So for this week, I’ll be assigned under HR department. Next week will be Auditing, Finance and Accounting. So.. Kelly is my training consultant for this week. And I sit in a cubicle next to her..

And here’s my desk!

My desk is still clean (yeah, what do you expect, I’m just an intern..hehe).
I haven’t arrange and bring my necessary stuff yet like my M&S calendar (that calendar is Kelly’s), my pink organizer, some books, pictures of the people in my life, complete stationeries with magic colors & markers-so I can scribble on my cute white board, and also some fridge magnets to stick any notes on the white board, and some other things.. hmm..

And these are some of the materials (mags, newspapers, and the event book) that Kelly asked me to read..

And here are some coffees that I bought for Kelly and for myself! Hehe

The famous Frappucino for two.. Umm..Yummy! =)


This is me with my colleagues during lunch time..

Mari saya perkenalkan.. This is the HR team. From left: Tina, Crystal, Wani, Diana, Maran (he's the funniest guy I've ever met!) hehe =)

Me with Diana, my ex ex ex ex senior in UIA! hehe =)

We ate at the near Thai restaurant, which is in Crown Plaza hotel. And I ordered a Pineapple Fried Rice and an Iced Lemon Tea. The nasi goreng that I ordered wasn’t that nice though.. I miss lauk kat Nusaibah (my hostel’s café). My favourite is Ikan Keli/Kembung dengan Cili Padi. Perghh.. sedapnyeee. Rindu la! Dah terliur dah ni.. I want cili padi!! =(

Hmm.. Ok la, that’s all for now..

I’ll write again soon.. Thanks for reading!


Signing off..


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Peraduan Bibir Menawan Lip Ice.

Hey ladies!

Do you remember your very first moment of wearing a lip stick or a lip gloss or any other lip care products?

Well, I do! I still remember my very first purchase of a lip product. I was just about 10 years old at that time. For years and years, I’ve been watching my mom and my aunts wearing lipsticks or lip glosses everywhere they go. And so, I wanted one too! But mom wouldn’t let me have it because she said I was too small to be wearing a lip stick! Hehe. But I was really curious to know, how it feels like to put something on my lips!

To me, they all looked like crayons and chalks and a set of watercolor pallet ready for painting activities! And for this reason, I always find myself standing before the makeup counters or sections at the drug stores or department stores and stared dazedly at the lip products, magnetizing at my attention.

And so, after visiting the Watson’s near my house for about a few times, wanting and lusting to possess a lip product, at last, my mom allowed me to have a lip balm as lip balms are colorless and can be used for school or any other occasion! Hehe. I was really excited, as that was the first time ever I was gonna buy and pick a lippy with my own choice!

As I was browsing through the lip products that were displayed on the racks, something unique caught my eyes.. It was Lip Ice! I was attracted by the word ‘ice’ that were stated on the packaging. And also, there were so many flavors that they offered. I had a really hard time finding the perfect one because they were all so darn cute (the size and the colors), so how was I to pick the perfect one?! hehe.

But at last, I settled for the blue one, which was a Vanilla flavor. (Blue was my favorite color at that time! hehe). However, they have discontinued producing for this flavor, as they have redesigned all of their packaging and flavors.
Now, Lip Ice offered such a variety of flavors from Strawberry to Grape-Blackcurrant, which I think is so much more fun! The lip balm that I have right now is the newer packaging but there really is no difference between the old and new. =)

And I personally think that a packaging of a beauty product is a bit of a factor when you’re deciding which ones to buy. So that’s why when my mom offered to buy me a lip balm, I chose Lip Ice. Because it was the only brand for lip balms that were offered that has such a cute, fun and sleek packaging! Plus, I loved how the smell of its flavor and the icy and minty effect it gave me! It's really refreshing! And the best thing about this lip balm is that it is light weight and the flavors are really true to the scent!

So since then, I decided to collect all! Lip Ice was my ultimate favorite lip balm when I was in primary and high school! I would always carry one in my school uniform’s pocket! The packaging is brilliant (slim and cute), and it is a fun and fashionable product to use while it also moisturizes and protects my lips!

As up until today, I still use Lip Ice products! I love the Lip Ice Sheer Color especially! I love the fact that my lips will magically turns into a really nice natural pinkish color! I also love the Lip Ice Color Gloss too! It gives me rich moisturizing effects on my lips, which would give me fuller and plumper lips that I always wanted!

And today, I have great news for you, ladies! Lip Ice is having a contest called ‘Peraduan Bibir Menawan Lip Ice’! And I am so gonna enter! =)
I’ve got two reasons for it. First because I love Lip Ice’s products as it was my very first lippy product. So it has some sentimental value to me! And second because of the cool prizes that they offered! If I ever win this contest, oh my God.. It would mean very much to me, and such a dream come true!

Fyi, since I was a little girl, I always wanted to appear on a cover page of a magazine. And excitingly, Lip Ice is having a contest with such great prizes to be won! So when I heard about this contest, I was thrilled! This is a great chance for me to try my luck! So ladies, let’s try our luck together! =)

Do you have what it takes to be the next big star? Imagine yourself appearing on the cover page of Remaja magazine alongside with Lip Ice brand ambassador, LISA SURIHANI, the gorgeous girl!! Wooh! It would be TOTALLY AWESOME, girls!! Plus, you could even stand a chance to win cool other prizes too like these!

1 x Grand Prize Winner:
A chance to appear on a cover page of Remaja magazine with Lisa Surihani
RM 3000 cash prize
12 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM500

1 x Miss Popular:
The most popular girl will be featured in Remaja magazine
RM 1000 cash prize
12 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM300

10 x Finalist:
All 10 finalist will be featured in Remaja magazine
RM 500 cash prize
6 free issues of Remaja magazines
FREE LIPICE products worth RM300

50 x Consolation Winners:
FREE LIPICE gift set consisting of 1 hand mirror
2 variants of LIPICE Fruity

So how do you enter this contest? It is so simple, girls!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Just purchase any one of the fabulous Lip Ice products - Fruity, Sheer Color, Lip balm or Color gloss.

2. Take a picture of yourself with the product.

3. Register and upload at

4. And get your friends to vote for you!!!

Contest runs from 1st April to 31st May.

So what are you waiting for girls!

Take your chances! Get that Picture Perfect Lips shot!

"Lip Pot is my favorite spot as it makes my lips look fuller and plumper! And I feel so sexy wearing a Lip Ice!"

To my dear readers, please VOTE FOR ME!

Just click here, and click on the 'Gallery' section, and then enter my email at the email section, to find my picture, and

You can vote for me as many times as you want, if you think I got what it takes to be the next big star! hahaha =P

LIP ICE. For Noticeably Smooth Lips!

P/s: I would highly recommend this lip care product to anyone for its super cheap and affordable price, the scent and flavor it offers and the SPF15 that it contains in their lip balm!




Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My KLIA visit was cancelled on Tuesday because the drivers had to send all the directors to somewhere for meetings..

So, it'll be replace on Thursday.. =)

...and guess what???!!

I'll be assigned as a mystery shopper at Hermes, Tumi, Dunhill, Montblanc, Coach, Swiss Watch Gallery, Flying Emporium and Godiva!

Wooh!!! So cool la!

I love my job! hehehe.. =P

And later on I have to do the evaluation and the report and presentation to the Vice President of Human Resource! erk.. huhuh..

But..nevermind, they give me plenty of time for me to get myself ready and prepared.. hehe.. Plus, it's something that I love, so I don't really get freak out like I would if it's something that I am not really familiar.. heh.

Oh, I'm excited already.. hehe

Wish me luck!!



Monday, April 20, 2009

Working is…


Seriously, I dunno where should I start story-ing! Hehee.. Everrryything about the company was just so awesome! least up till now la.. hehe.. =P

I couldn’t sleep the night before. Dunno why. Excited + a lil’ bit nervous I guess.. So I got up from bed, and get myself ready around 6.45 am. Put on my
Warehouse Waterfall top, a grey pants from Agenda, my Tie Rack scarf, my lucky shoes and a black Bally bag. Had my breakfast while I was on the way to work.. And I got off from home around 7.45 am..

The traffic was congested reallllly bad. But I dunno why I was smiling all the way! I was really happy to go to work! This is my very first experience of working life! Of course I’m excited! Hehe.. I even talked to myself while I was in the car.. I said.. “Huiyyoo.. Wani dah kerja la!”. Haha. =P

Anyways.. It’s really funny you know.. to see the faces of people who stuck with traffic jams! Haha. I dunno why people always find traffic jams are stressful. I never felt that way about traffic jams. Well.. not that I liked to be stuck in jams, just that I just dunno why some people make a big deal out of it while he or she knew that she’s gonna stuck in jams.. heh.
Unless, if you’re really late for something very important, then that’s another different story la. heh.
I mean, if you already knew that you’re gonna face jams every morning, then why don’t you try to make yourself more relax and comfortable in your car by doing something like singing your heart out of your fave songs ke.. Or maybe eat something.. Call someone. Whatever that won’t make you feel bored lar. I always have something to do while stuck in jams you know! (I just can’t seem to duduk diam-diam whenever and wherever I go!) Huhu =P


I arrived the office around 8.45 am. Then, upon arriving at the entrance hall, Kelly Wong my supervisor greeted me. (Oh, and she complimented me! Hehe. Thank you! ^_^ )

So.. today’s activities were fun!

First, I was being introduced to the HR department, then to Directors’ rooms (I met the CEO, COO, their P.As, etc), then I went to the Marketing department, and then to the Pantry section (Oh my goodness! I have never seen such a nice pantry area! I’ve visited and been to a few offices and big companies in KL before this, but none has such a big and nice pantry area like the one in that company!! Their chairs were so colorful, they have a feature wall that were put up with green grasses with bird’s cage!, they have a Cafe machine that you can just press to have your Milo, teh tarik or white coffee, etc etc.. They have Pepsi, 7up, Isotonic drinks, etc in a Pepsi Fridge, and also the cabinet and microwave and refrigerators were all modern and contemporary! I was really excited and feeling a bit jakun for awhile! hehee) then, we move on to all the meeting rooms, and then to Designing unit (the coolest section! they have a Coach's mannequin, baju2,etc), Inventory department, IT, Accounting and Finance, and lastly, Administration department.

I was being introduced to the staff one by one, you know! It was quite tiring to salam all of them and say, “Hello, I’m Wani. Nice to meet you!”. Hehe.. I think I may have said those lines more than a hundred times already. huhuh.
But it was fun though.. They were all so friendly and so nice! They don’t make me feel nervous at all! How fantastic isn’t it? huhu. (Just so you know, I always feel a little bit uneasy and anxious and nervous and whatnot, whenever I’m with someone that I am not really familiar).

After being introduced to the Valiram team, I had a short orientation program with Maran and Kelly. They both are so friendly! I felt really really comfortable! =)

The short and simple induction course was for me to get to know and have a clearer picture of the company’s background and business and stuff.. And you know where was it held? It was at one of the Kopitiam downstairs! Hehehe. So informal and so cool! Heh. My supervisor blanja me Hazelnut White Coffee. It was realllly nice! And we had a little chat too.. =)

After knowing about the business, the people, and the culture of the company, I set-up a thumb print and got myself a card to swipe at the entrance as well! Oh, and I also got a new email! It’s How cool is that? I never have a company’s email before! Hehe. I only have gmail, ymail and hmail..blablabla.. hee hee =P
(Okay.. wth. I sound so jakun now. Haha)
But seriously, they really really treat me nicely! They gave me a laptop, a company's email, my own set of stationaries (I can just order what I need), they even asked me do I need a telephone on my desk! OMG! huhu..
And I really felt like I am one of their permanent staff already! haha..

Then.. at around 11.30 am.. Comes the fun part!

We visited KLCC and Pavilion to have a store visits! We walked all the way from the office to KLCC and Pavilion! And I was wearing a 5-inch heel! Haha. It’s not the height and heels that I have to carry all the way that makes me felt uneasy. It was the weather! EEEK. It was frigging HOT!!!!!!!! I sweat like hell.. Ishh… Tak suka.. dah la baju dry clean.. pastu, lencun..huhuh.. But nvm, I had fun! I had the privileged to meet all the Brand Managers, the back stores where they keep all of the bags and stuff.. And I even got some free chocolates from Godiva when I visited them! Coolies,huh? Hehe.. =)

And also, Kelly belanja me lunch at Dome! Haiyoo.. I feel like kissing her you know! Haha.. She paid for my mineral water&chewing gums at Kiosk, my coffee at Kopitiam and a Dome too? Haihh… Sooooo nice lah this Kelly! Dahla comel!! =)

So anyways, altogether, I visited 13 stores, both in Pavilion and KLCC! And tomorrow on Tuesday, I’m gonna have a store visit at KLIA pula! Hehe.. Seronoknya! =)

Just for your information, the brands that they carry in KLCC are: Godiva, Coach, Jimmy Choo and Pedro.

And in Pavilion; Coach, IWC, Rolex, Swiss Watch Gallery (I met Irwan there!), Shanghai Tang, Giuseppe Zanotti (my goodness, they have such killer hottie devil shoes to die for! Haha), Charles & Keith, Chloe, and Godiva Café.

And then after that… I got back home… Yippie me.. Penat gila.. dah la semalam tak tido.. pastu jalan satu hari suntuk..huhu..

Oh, and my parking fee for today was RM16!! Crazy, huh??! Hadoi.. Macam mana nak pegi kije ari2 cenggini nih..isk. =(
Takpe, dah jumpa satu parking RM 10 flat per day. Hmm.. mahal gak..but at least cheaper than the one yang kira per hour tuh.. haih..But least, they pay me well. heh. Well enough for me to pay the parking fees. =P

Ok la.. I wanna have some good rest!!!



Sunday, April 19, 2009


I still can't believe that my practical training will start tomorrow morning!

I have never work my whole life! Not even at a small shop or something.

Oh Gosh..

I'm so nervous.

Plus, I don't have anything to wear!



Ok la.. I wanna play some dress up game for work outfits in my room. haha.. =P


P/s: To my faithful readers, please do not get bored of my blog due to the lack of interesting updates lately. I'm just not in the mood to blog. And oh yeah, a few people asked me why I haven't post my Amsterdam stories yet.. Well firstly because it's gonna be such a looong entry, so I'm lazy to type them..hehe.. and secondly because, I looked dreadful in my trench coats and pea coat (cuz I think I looked bigger than I should..haha. wth.). Plus, my eyes were so puffy and face looked sembab! Ughh. This is the thing I hate about going somewhere cold! Haihh.. But nvm..


Will get back to you later! Got some baju-baju to catch! hehe =)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guess what..


Oh it feels so great to be home! Good to know that I won't be staying in a hostel for 3 months! Yippppie..

Being away from house for 3 weeks makes me homesick. heh

Plus, I misss my room, my bed, online in my room without any one to disturb who I stalk (haha), going out to JJ whenever I'm bored, I miss my parents, borak2 with my brother, My mom's cook especially! Plus, makanan rumah pulak tu.. hehee


Ok la, saya nak tido.. semalam tak dapat tido langsung. isk..

Catch you laterr..



Friday, April 17, 2009

Weird Beard

There are soo many styles of beard these days..

And, now I finally know what type of beard that I love to see on a guy.. hee hee =P

Oh..I looove the Petit Goaatee.. and Chin puff especially!(refer to the above image-but minus the handle bar la..hehe)

Ohh.. So macho larh! haihh..

Just so you know, my type of guy would be the one that has a set of kening tebal, pandangan mata yang tajam dan garang, rambut ala2 botak, janggut seperti yang saya nyatakan di atas, dan juga..haruslah ada naughty or bad boy look! huhuh..

Seperti lelaki ini:

Haihh... Aku angau. tsk.

So..tell me girls, which one of these styles of beard do you prefer on your guy?

Oh..Wani, sila belajar lah!! Hadoi..internet ni memang la... suka kacau hidup aku..huhu..

Ok babai now!



Someone from Valiram called just now..

She has a very nice and friendly voice. I forgot her name, though..isk. Hopefully my supervisor will be very nice to me too! haha.. Anyway, she said that I'll be starting my practical training this Monday (Yes, thank you for reminding me but I already know that! hee hee) and that I will be working from 9 am to 4 pm only!! Just so you know, the real employees work from 9 am to 6 pm. But me, on the other hand, only work for 6 hours per day! Woohoo! She said they don't want me to feel the pressure, as I am just an intern and I come to learn.. hehe. =) ( great!)

I'll be working at the Finance and Accounting department for a few weeks, and Inventory for a few weeks and lastly, at the Marketing department for a few weeks (I requested on this! hehe.). The marketing division sounds so much cooler as they deal with magazines, media..VIPs..whatsoever..huhuh. but I dunno. Maybe the job isn't as cool as it sounds. huhu.
But we'll see. =)

Considering the amount that they'll pay me, with the period of time (6 hours per day) that I'll be working there, is just so great.. hehe =P

Hmm.. as of right now, I'm in the state of I'm-excited-to-work-but-at-the-same-time-feel-so-damn-scared!

Oh..I got one more paper to go! And tomorrow, I got some work-attire shopping to do! hehee



Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Please pray for me... =(

My next exam will be on the 16th and 18th.. 9 am.

Both papers are so damn hard nak matiiii...

Tolong akuu..

I never felt so damn stress like this my whole life before! isk.

I have not sleep for two days now. And my head is spinning round and a roller coaster.. And the scariest part is that, I don't even know what I read!! Oh god.. How am I gonna answer them!! isk..

Pleaseee pleasee mama abah, kakak2, abang2, adik2, ibu2, bapa2, kawan2 dan sesiape sekali pun..
Pleaseee pray for me....

Saya takut..isk.

Oh, I need all the luck in the world...


Yang Benar,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saya Tidak Suka.

Saya tidak suka peperiksaan.


Kerana peperiksaan menakutkan saya.

Kerana peperiksaan, saya selalu stress dan tension.

Kerana peperiksaan memeningkan kepala saya.

Kerana peperiksaan mendebar dan menggegarkan jantung saya.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan banyak jerawat tumbuh sesuka hati mereka di sana sini dan di situ.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan haid saya tidak betul atau tidak normal.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan saya tidak cukup tidur atau tidak boleh tidur sama sekali atau dua kali atau tiga kali.

Kerana peperiksaan, mata saya kurang menawan hati kalbu kamu. Lingkaran hitam sudah meraih tempat masing-masing.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan hati ini tidak tenang.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan saya tidak boleh berblog.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan saya selalu makan dengan banyak dan rakus sekali.

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan saya selalu lapar!

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan pemakanan dan diet saya tidak betul. Kerana saya asyik makan makanan segera ataupun makanan ringan sahaja.

Kerana peperiksaan, saya haruslah membeli bermacam jenis stok makanan untuk dimakan ketika saya stay-up di dalam bilik saya.

Kerana peperiksaan akan memaksa saya belajar dengan lebih lama dan lebih lanjut untuk mengetahui keterangan yang lebih spesifik.
Dan disamping itu juga, saya suka minum air mineral banyak-banyak sambil belajar. Maka dengan itu, kerana peperiksaan, saya akan selalu ke tandas untuk membuang air yang telah diminum tadi.

Kerana peperiksaan, saya haruslah membeli air mineral banyak-banyak dan juga tisu tandas dengan banyak sekali.

Kerana peperiksaan, saya haruslah memfotostat banyak nota-nota ataupun kertas peperiksaan tahun-tahun yang lalu dan juga mem-print nota-nota slides atau nota apa jua sekalipun, demi membantu dan memudahkan saya untuk membaca ayat-ayat dalam buku teks yang tebal nak mati itu dan juga mempermudahkan saya menjawab soalan. (ye la tuh!)

Kerana peperiksaan, saya terpaksa membeli bermacam jenis ubat jerawat dan krim penjagaan muka dan juga losyen untuk mata saya ini.

Kerana peperiksaan, saya dilarang keluar ke tempat-tempat yang menarik seperti Warehouse Sales atau Pusat Membeli-belah yang terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur atau di mana-mana sahaja!

Kerana peperiksaan membosankan!

Kerana peperiksaan yang lama sebegini memenatkan akuuu laaaaaa!!

Kerana peperiksaan menyebabkan duit aku keluar banyakkkkkkkk sangatttt la weh!!!

Justeru itu, saya tidak sabar untuk tunggu 15 hari bulan. Kerana gaji saya masuk ketika itu. hehe. =P

Maka dengan itu, bila nak habis exam nii oi??!

Oh.. saya telah buang masa. Maka saya seharusnya berhenti di sini dahulu.

Selamat jalan! Tata!

budak yang sedang tension.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Mom.

Still young at 52. =)

Today is 9th of April 2009.

It's my beloved mother's birthday!

Happy Birthday, mommy!

If there was a Bestest Mom contest, do you know who would have sailed out with the crown?

Of course YOU MOM! You are simply the best!!

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!



p/s: I miss you already.. Come back home soon! Oh, and buy me a jubah! hehee


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Girl.

Today is 7th of April 2009.

It's my sister's birthday!

You are a big girl already!! heh.

Time flies so fast, huh?! I was just a few days old when this pic was taken, and you were 4 years old at that time.

And now you're 26. And a mommy lagi tuu..heh. Apa rasa dah besar ek?? huhu =P

Anyways..just wanna wish you a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

I'm so glad to have a sister like you!

P/S: I can't afford a Bonnie larh! Choose other things! huhu

Hugs and Kisses,

Happy Day..

Sesuatu telah berlaku...

Dan saya sangat happppieeeee!


Walopon saya ada lagi 4 paper.. haih.. Tetapi tidak mengapa..



Monday, April 6, 2009

Selamat Maju Jaya Untuk Saya

Esok bermulalah peperiksaan penggal akhir saya.

Oh. Banyaknya nak kena baca. isk. =(

Maka, saya akan berhenti di sini dahalu.


P/S: Banyak-banyakkan la doa untuk saya ye, kawan-kawan!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little confession..

I know, I know I said in my previous post that the movie wasn't that great..

But.. in some way, I kinda like the movie actually.. haha.. (That is after watching it for the second time. hehee)

Well.. the first time I watched the movie, I kinda expect and hope that the film will be such a pleasure thing to watch and that the movie will be exactly like the book. So that's why I was quite dissappointed when they changed the storyline a lil' bit here and there..

But then when I went to watch it for the second time, I did not expect for anything. Just came to watch the movie (and the guy! hehe).

And surprisingly, the movie somehow turned up to be very entertaining and fun! Oh, maybe I was in a good mood kot. huhu. And I love Isla's clothes and shoes, especially!! There was this one scene where she wears a polka dot top with a fabulous crinkled blue corset with a belt! Oh I lovee that corset verry much!! Where can I get it,eh?? heh..

And I love Luke Brandon character and persona too! Kinda reminds me of Radzique in some way. hehe.


Oh... I wanna watch it again!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Study Mode is ON!!!

My first paper will start on this 7th. And my last one will be on the 18th.

And my practical training will start on the 20th.


Cuti dan rehat sehari jer!!!!!!


Aku Emo.

Thursday, April 2, 2009



Tadi saya ada interview..


Saya akan bekerja di Valiram Group tidak lama lagi! Yeayy! heheh..

You know what, their office is sooo damn nice and glamourous I should say! heh. Durhh.. it's Valiram! It's the biggest luxury goods company in Malaysia! hehe =P

For a moment there I thought I was in the setting of The Devil Wears Prada film! hehe.. Seriously, it doesn't look like an office for me! The lighting and the music and the interior design and colors are just fabulous!! HOWEVER... the receptionist was so snobbish. Ughh. I really felt like I was the Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada when she first came to Runway to have her interview.. haha. Probabbly cuz I wear tudung, kot? I dunno la. But, I just hate the way she looked at me and the way she sounded just now.. "And you are frommm..???", with that snobby face and the frizzy hair look and the poyo tone. Ughh. I hated people who discriminates tudung-wearing gal! Like you know, they have that look, like, "Who the hell are you?? Are you supposed to be here? This is Valiram for God sake!".

But I dunno la. Maybe she doesn't mean that way. Or maybe she was just having a bad day or Pms-ing.. or whatever.. Hmm.. But my friend was there too. And she saw her look too! So... erm.. entah la.. hehee.

But come on la.. whatever the reason pun la kan.. She's a receptionist! A front-line desk people! She shouldn't act that way! First impression brings great significance or value. Doesn't she know that? Hmmm..

But nevermind.. Sooner or later, I'll try to be nice with her and become friends, maybe? huhuh =P

Ok la.. Gotta get back to work, work, and work!! Exams coming real soon!!! isk.

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