Friday, September 26, 2014

Fashion Accessory For Your Eyes!

Colored contact lenses are the most amazing innovation of the fashion industry. Me, myself cannot live without them! It either enhances your original eye color or completely masks it behind opaque contact lenses. I'm a seriously shortsighted girl, so I need glasses to see the world but I hate wearing them! I feel like I'm not free to do my things somehow, as the spectacles tend to move or drop as I move around. So that's why I opted for lenses. I know it's a bit tedious job to insert them in your eyes every morning, adding one more step of getting ready in the bathroom, but once you get used to it, you'll like it! And you'll feel like your eyes are normal again! haha. When I was in school, I used to wear the clear lens but now I prefer the colored ones. Cuz I thought, while I'm wearing them, why not add a little glam to it by wearing the colored ones, right? It's like instant make up for my eye! haha. A lot of people are now switching from glasses to colored contact lenses as they are more attractive, handy, beneficial and can give you a complete transformation!

Light makeup application is required to create a blending-effect with the colored lenses.

The underlying fact behind every successful makeup application is to go “natural”. Do not self-assume that more makeup means more beautiful eyes. Remember: less is more! Unless if you have a costume party or glam dinner or something to go to, then it should be fine to wear a little more. Otherwise, if it's just a normal day, you should just go natural. "As long as you focus on natural strokes, you are staying pretty", a make up guru once told me!

Enhancing the way your eyes look with colored contact lenses by proper makeup application can beautify your eyes and add glamour if you wear them properly with the right technique. According to my make up artist that I used during my wedding, which was the amazing BOSCO, you can embellish your eyes with the right choice of eye shadows to complement your contact lenses. I still remember, he asked me what were my dress' color and the color of my contact lenses, before applying my make up on that day. He wanted to ensure everything synchronizes and complements with each other! --- And I loved my look that night!!!

I love how unique the lace detailing circling the lenses

Anyways, today I'm going to share with you some tips that make your eyes look sexy with colored contact lenses. I have one new product that I recently tried on! A brand called Lacelle by Bausch + Lomb. Their colors are amazing, perfect accessory for the eyes! So when wearing a colored contact lenses, it's all about blending with colors! - Your overall make up look, your eye color and of course, your outfit of the day plays an important role as well!

Eye Makeup with Grey Colored Contact Lenses

I'm using Lacelle by Bausch + Lomb in Frozen Grey 

While wearing grey lenses, apply beige highlighter on brow bones and stroke lightly on the eye lids. Apply brown eye shadow to create depth into the eye socket. Light warm pink blush on the inner corner of eyes will really open up the eyes. And don't forget, the eyeliner and mascara to pop the eye of course!

I'm wearing a grey/black outfit to complement my make up and lenses

Eye Makeup with Purple Colored Contact Lenses

I loveee how natural this Jubilee Violet by Lacelle look on me. It doesn't look weird or "too purple" for the eyes, even up close! 

Apply white or beige eye shadow as a highlighter on brow bones. This will also give volume to your eye lids if applied on sparingly. Apply purplish grey or dark brown eye shadow to give depth to the eye socket while wearing purple lenses. Some sheer light pink eye shadow application at the inner corner of your eyes will make them sparkle!

Does my eye match with my outfit? ;)

Outfit of the day: Purple!

Eye Makeup with Black/Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Wearing Modest Black by Lacelle

Highlight your eyes using gold eye shadow when you wear black lenses. Apply a thin line of eyeliner. Wear your blackest mascara. Lastly, add a healthy fresh look by adding a touch of soft peach at the inner corner of eyes.

Wear a natural color outfits like brown/black to go with the look!

Lacelle Colors daily disposable contact lenses come in five different colors that are sure to accentuate your eyes’ natural color. They are Jubilee Violet, Sparkling Brown, Frozen Grey, Tender Brown and Modest Black. Each daily disposable contact lens has an intricate lace pattern that gives your eyes a fascinating and more appealing look. Whether you’re attending a formal event or an outrageous party, the colorful and unique lace pattern will surely turn heads your way! Wear it for extended periods of time all throughout the night without worrying about protein build-up and dry eyes. These contact lenses are made with materials that allow for high water content with an especially smooth and build-up resisting surface that will keep you feeling fresh even after sundown!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Jewelry Collection Tour!

Hello hello hello girls! Such a looooooong hiatus! I'm sorry! I've been busy moving/rearranging stuff in my closet and traveling here and there, I didn't have the leisure time to update this blog. I promised once everything has settled, I will start blogging regularly like usual, inshaallah! ^__^

If you follow my instagram, you'd know that this is what's going on for a few weeks now.. 
(...and it's still haven't finished yet! Heee) 

Anyway, lately I've been so focused organizing my stuff to store in my closet which explains the silence on the blog. My husband says I'm obsessed with it because I've been carrying my drawing of the closet everywhere to get inspirations on what to put in each area. LOL :p

So whenever there's a bit of a free time, I would list out what are the things that I have, and what/how/which to put in each space/drawers that I have, so everything is gonna be well-organized and easy to see and look for! Gosh...moving from one place to another is so exhausting, man! And so is being an OCD! haha. But I like it! So it's fine with me! ;)

Remember this mirror? hehe. Now this mirror has a new place! ^__^
Last time, I always take my #OOTD / #WIWT / Outfit Of The Day / What I Wear Today pics in front of this mirror every morning! I kinda miss doing it though! Will probably start doing that again when everything is settled. 

Anyways... As requested by my followers on Instagram/Blog, here is my jewelry collection tour! Please note that this video is for the people who shared the same interests as mine. If you don't like it, it's fine, I know everyone has different interests. This is my interests and I have collected them for years and years already, and I don't throw away my stuff, thus explains why they're kinda a lot.. hehe.


By the way if you're wondering, the black suede inserts in the drawers are custom made. While the black tray and bangle holders, I bought them on eBay! - I love eBay! They have amazing stuff!!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment/email me. I will try my best to answer your questions! Thanks for watching girls!

Till my next update!

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