Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak!

After we have completed a whole month of fasting in Ramadhan, and now Fitri(which means the breaking of the fasting period) has come!! Yeay! Raya time!! hehe ;)

Eid-ul-Fitri is a day of forgiveness, moral victory and peace, fellowship, brotherhood and unity.. And therefore, I wanna take this opportunity to seek forgiveness for all my wrong doings from the very bottom of my heart..


"There's no ivory that doesn't crack, and there's no human with no mistakes"

1001 apologies from head to toe, everyone! Please do forgive me!



Have a blessed eid and a blast one people!!

Ikhlas dari,
Schazwany Hameed.

Monday, September 29, 2008

When acne strikes continue..

Just when I thought my "very bad skin" days were over, stupid ugliest acne strikes back!!!

It's not fair. =(

I thought I've successfully navigated the problems on my skin, but when I woke up, I found acne.

As far as I remember, it was only one or two...

And now..it's already FIVE of them!!

Gosh. It's really annoying!! What can I do to really vanish them far far away from me??

The market is loaded with all kinds of products. But which ones should I use?
It's not an easy choice, u know!! =(

And what's more sad is that I have spent a fortune on doctors, dermatologist and over-the-counter medicines and skin care products! But once I stop visting them or using their products, the same old problem would then occur back! I really hate this.. It's like it won't stop, if I don't use their products!

Can't they just stop loving me and living on my skin??

Dah la nak raya dah.. Jerawat aku bersepah satu muka! isk =(

hmm.. but then again, maybe it's just me being so paranoid and stressed out myself lately. And that I have not getting enough sleep for myself..
And maybe that's the reason why my body kinda memberontak to me..hehe ;p


Oh.. I think I am PMS-ing too.. cuz I think my period is about to happen in another few days.. So I guess maybe that's why I've grown some pimples on my skin..hmm..


haihh... nevermind... I just have to deal with it larh.. =(

And so...

I had no other choice but to run down to the drug stores, and buy some treatment products that interests me to give it a try, as I want to kill all of them as fast as I could! hehe ;p

So I bought...

Bought some cleansers,scrubs,masks,vitamins,etc

Few little things at Watsons! hehe..
Anyways.. I've tried the mask by Freeman Clay Mask. and it's really good!! Not that it vanishes my pimples away in seconds(how I wish!), but I really like this kind of clay mask! It's very tight and smells very nice (avocado and oatmeal!) and so invigorating! It has a light heat sensation, which I like very much! ;)
And best of all, it's only RM18.90!! and it's 150ml!!

Oh I lovee Watsons!! So many interesting things you can find here!! hehe ;)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

45 Trivia Questions.

1. How old are you?-
Oh..I'm old. I'm 21. Was born in 198X. ;p

2. How old will you be in 3 years?
- Durh.. 21 + 3 = 24 la..huhu..

3. Will you be married then?
- Err.. I'm not sure about that.. Because I can't predict the future.

4. Are your parents married or divorced?
- Alhamdullillah,married.

5. Are you currently in a relationship?
- No.

6. Have you ever been given a rose?
- Yes. And I loved it verry much!

7. What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
- The Notebook! I cried every single time I watch it! hehe..

8. Have you ever been in love?
- No.

9. Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
- Yes I do.

10. Have you ever had your heartbroken?
- Nope.

11. Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
- Yes.

12. Do you believe on the statement of "once a cheater always a cheater"?
- Hell yeah!

13. Do you like anyone right now?
- Absolutely yes.

14. Scared to fall in love?
- erm..I don't really know the answer actually.

15. At what age did you start liking the opposite sex?
- As early as Standard 6. hihi ;p

16. Are you and your ex(s) friends?
- Never! He's a complete jerk. Ewww.. =S

17. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
- Talk! I can't hide it.. I'm a lousy liar! haha

18. What song do u want to be played at your wedding?
- Loads of lovely songs! hehe..

19. Three things you can't live without?
- hmm..things? erm... Money, money, money!! Without money, one can never buy anything!! Of course, people always say money can't buy love. But then again, without money, we can't buy ANY THING at all! Oh, but love is not a material THING pun! haha ;p
Love is emotional needs and it is categorized under Social Needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs..hehee ;p

20. Name the people you can tell almost anything to
- Naz. She knows me better than anyone else do! hehe

21. Things you want to do before you die?
- Apart from doing all the ibadah, I wanna help people as many as I can(in whatever ways,be it educational, shelter, food, etc). And also, I wanna build a mosque. And name it The Schazwany Hameed's Mosque! hahaha ;p

22. Are you happy right now?
- Yes I am. =D

23. Are you a vegetarian?
- No way. I love chicks! hehe.

24. Do you eat the stems of broccolli?
- Yes. Why not?

25. Do you only drink bottled water?
- Erm..sort of.hehe ;p

26. Makeup?
- Yup. Eyeliner and mascara is a must!

27. What do you wear to bed?
- Err... Well.. my nightshirt, a comfy knicker, socks if it's cold, and my usual beauty regime after cleansing my face: toner+essence+moisturizer+eye gel+pimple gel+lip balm, hand moisturizer, hair serum, body sprays, pillow and bedsheets mist and lastly, my silky sleeping mask..
Then only I sleep! hehe ;p

28. Have you ever done anything illegal?
- Yes. All the time! Rules are made to be broken,aite? haha =)

29. Have you ever had a panic attack?
- Haha.. Yes! and I fainted at that time! ;p

30. Can you roll your tongue?
- Yeah?

31. Are you a cold person?
- Not at all. More like a kecoh person actually..haha.
Eh no, yes I can be cold sometimes. Only with jerks. hihih ;p

32. What's your favourite holiday?
- Parissssss!!

33. Hair color?
- Very Black. And I like it! I wish I can dye my hair black some more.. Because I so want a really verry dark black hair!!! haha

34. Ever dyed your hair?
- Never have and never will!

35. Hair type?
- Very straight. =(

36. Future child's name?

- Yup. Already have it! hehe

37. How many kids do you want to have?
- 3 only! (or maybe 4 kut)

38. Do you cry a lot?
- Yes. Like all the time! haha.. even small2 things that don't even 'require' u to cry also, I can cry! hehe

39. If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation, where would you go?
- Venice and LA

40. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
- Nope. Eh yes. My pillows are stuffed with duck feathers! hehe

41. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?
- Erm.. Yes. =(

42. Beach, city, or country?

- City!! (more shops..haha)

43. Who was the last person you touched?

- Hariz my nephew, the cutest little thing! hehe

44. When's the last time you cried?
- urm....not sure. Maybe last 2 days,I think. cuz I always cry.. So I always forgot when was the last time I cried. huhu ;p

45. Do you wish for something?

Oh yes! I saw a really cute winter jacket in purple, just now!! But I ain't goin' anywhere cold..So no point buying it.isk..


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Food Frenzy!

For three days in a row, I've been eating out..

Well..to be exact, I had my dinner back to back at
CPK on Wednesday and Thursday and then yesterday at Bubba Gump Shrimps Co ..

Huh.. Puassnya makan!! ;)

On Wednesday, my Uncle blanja me and
Naz to berbuka puasa at CPK.. I soo love to dine here.. First because the food here is very tasty and yummy. Second because the Iced Lemon Tea is refillable! (and I love Ice Lemon Tea,btw!). And third because I have the CPK card, which entitles me to get 20% off each time I eat here!! Great food with great price! Now that's what I call a great deal! hehe ;)

Although I wasn't feeling very well on that day (was having sore throat, eye infections, and was feeling a bit dizzy and dulled & jaded), but bcuz orang nak belanja punya pasal, ikutkan jugak laa..heheh ;p

My all-time fave: Grilled Sausage & Pepper Penne and Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza

The guy who always give me Starbucks tumblers..hehe..

On Thursday, was a Bonuslink Members' Day at Pavillion, and there were so many great deals like 10x bonuslink points and double vouchers, and plus the store was opened up to 11pm, so I was soo excited and don't wanna miss it, so I dragged along my sister to go shopping since she said she wanna find some baby botttles or sterilizer or breast pump or something..

But we went to KLCC first since she said she wanted to break fast with her friends a.k.a The Mirilyeas-Don't really know what that means..
But anyways, we ate at CPK.. and I ordered the same thing I had the day before;Grilled Sausage & Pepper Penne..hehe. One thing about me eating great food is that I always 'scared' to try out other meals if I haven't taste it before..hehe.. Then I always end up ordered the same thing! Tak confident la..Takot tak sedap.. haha ;p

Sedappp! tapi Along punya lagi sedap rupanyaa..huhu..

With Kak Noreen

..and then after we finished our meals, I went straight to Pavillion to hunt for things that I can get my hands on! hehe ;p

Ok balik time..hihi ;p

Yours truly has bought:

Warehouse Waterfall Ruffle Top
2. Warehouse Stripe Waistcoat.. Couldn't find any pictures on the web.. But it looks something like
3. A makeup base from Stila-
Hydrating Primer SPF 15
4. Stila Petal Infusions Eye Makeup Dissolver
5. Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara. Ouh, this one is really mayjah!! Love it to bits! It makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller. It looks like fake and I like it! hehe ;)
6. And I got myself a giraffe print shoes! And it's made of pony hair! Loving it! Its the
Guess Carrielee Pumps. Seriously, mine looks so much better than this! This one looks like a cow print rather than a giraffe print..hehe ;p

and I receive some freebies too!
Stila Plumping Lipglaze in Vanila Mint
2. Stila small makeup case in pink.
3. and Stila Petal Infusion H2Off Cleansing Cloths case! (for me to refill my Tesco's Baby Wipes!)

Look at this!

Isn't that brilliant? I mean, my babywipes case will look so much cooler than the actual one! hihi ;)


On Friday, went to The Curve. It was my
other sister's 24th Birthday Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimps Co . The place was nice.. Very classic and vintage and all.. There are lotsa signs, license plates and some other decorations.. Adjacent to the restaurant is the gift shop with clothing, glasses and everything Forest Gump. Cool. Mcm Planet Hollywood punya kedai pun ada gak.. hehe..

But to be honest, the food was not really that good.. Of course yeah, I do love shrimps but...I dunno what went wrong.. I mean..maybe their food are so 'fashionable and hi-tech'.. or.. too complicated I suppose, and makes it not very pleasing to the sense of my taste! hehe..

But overall..hmm.. Ok2 lar.. the place was FUN!

Mine: "I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp and AIzat's: Dixie Style Baby Back Ribs..This one sedapp!!

Along's. Dunno the name..

Our desserts: Strawberry Shortcake and Bread Butter Pudding

They sang, something like, "If u want your birthday cake, let me see your booty shake!"..huhu

The Birthday Girl.

Make a wish and blow out your candles!

P/s: Your birthday gift will be given later! (tunggu duit raya from abah.. my savings tinggal sikit! hahaha ;p


Friday, September 26, 2008

Stila Girlfriend Club


I finally completed my stila stickers and receipts! So now I can redeem them! Woohoo!

*big smile plastered on my face*

Thanks to
Miu(whom I know her through just this blogging thingy), who generously gave me one of her stila receipt, for me to get my freebies! Fyi, her receipt was my ticket to get my free RM800 worth of Stila products! Ouh, I am soo lucky to have found you,babe!! ;)
Isn't that fantastic? I mean.. I find it absolutely amazing that I can connect to her and so many other people out there, through just a keyboard and my lappy screen! hehe..

the Stila Girlfriend Club card

hmm.. Remember in my previous post, I mentioned about the Stila receipt which I was searching for?
Well..I was so frustrated and upset the other day when the SA told me that I cannot redeem my stuff if I can't complete the 10 receipts. (I only have 9 receipts at that time.. I lost one of my receipts).. and was so desperately in need of the receipt as I really felt like I've wasted soo much money and don't even get hadiah or something..iskk =(

They are so cruel, u know! How can they do that to me? I've been supporting Stila ever since it came to Malaysia.. And it's just ONE bloody receipt okay??! haihh..

Nvm..So..since posting that entry doesn't really help me to find the one and only receipt, so..I decided to try my luck and googled Stila on the web.

And guess what..

I found one! *happiness*

..and she's a Stila freak just like me! hehe ;p
She's also a Stila Girlfriend Club member.. So that's why she kept all her receipts.. and was able to give me one of hers!

I guess I really am lucky! hehe ;)

Okay, so here's an explanation about what's Stila Girlfriend Club is all about..

If you're a Citibank/MTV credit card holder, and you purchase RM 200 and above, you are entitle to become a Stila Girlfriend Club member. But if you do not have those credit cards, you'll have to purchase RM 300 and above in order for you to become their member.

And as a Stila Girlfriend Club member, you'll get these privileges:

1. First to receive Stila updates on new launches & programmes.
2. Get invited to Stila events/parties.
3. Birthday Specials. (free Stila star and a makeover on your birthday)

The Redemption Program:
1st star - Stila Girlfriend Mug
5th star - Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 300
10th star - Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 500 and a Stila Makeup Case

I completed all the 10th stars! ;)

The Requirements:
1) The First Star is awarded with purchase of RM300 or RM200(if you're a citibank cc holder).
2) Each subsequent Star is awarded with purchase of RM150.
3) Must retain all receipts of purchases from Stila.(above RM 150 only)
4) The redemption/membership is only valid for 6 months upon application. (What the heck?? I never heard any membership clubs that last only for 6 months! And on top of that, if your card has expired and u wanna be their member again, u'll have to spend another RM300 again! Demn. I'll never be a Stila Girlfriend Club member everr again!)

Oh, and this is another ridiculous redemption program..

Notice that on the card has 3 little Heart shapes.. They are for redemption gifts for introducing another Girlfriend:
1. The first Heart - Receive a Stila Lip Glaze worth RM 85
2. The second Heart - Receive a Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 350
3. The third Heart - Receive a Stila Brush Set

Note that each Heart is awarded with every 3 friends joining and each of them has to purchase RM 300 in order to become a member too!
That is sooo ridiculous and unbelievable and unrational and unreasonable!!

Stupid. Stupid bloody membership program!!
Sumpah, after this I won't become their member anymoree or even if I do(unintentionally of course), I won't complete the whole bloody crappy membership thing!

Gila apa nak spend for makeup for at least RM 1650 in 6 months time!!


and I only did that because I wanted the makeup case so badly! huhuh ;p

No more Stila membership club or whatsoever after this. I promise..


How I wish my makeup case looks like this!

This one looks more serious and poshy yet girly

The one that I'll be getting is more to erm..girly and cutey..I think.heh.. But it's nice too!

Anyways.. I also received a letter from Miu! hehe..

You're such a doll! ;)

P/s: I promise as soon as I get my freebies, I'll post some of your Stila stuff to ur address ok!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On the 7th of September was my buddy's birthday. And due to berderet2-ness of my midterm papers, and was attentively engaged in some assignments/presentations and studies, I totally forgot to wish my closest friend everr!!

Gosh. I am a complete jerk. How can I forget?

I'm sooo sorry Naz! No wonder I felt like there's something else going on besides my paper on the 7th tu.. hurmm... Anyhow..anyways..

Happy Birthday, my friend!

(I guess it's not too late to wish aite..since it's still September! hehe)

Anyways.. to make it up to her, I went out with her yesterday, to belanja her dinner at Italiannies.. =)

..and for the first time I wore my
Topshop corset. And team it up with a black wide-leg pants and a grey satin silk shirt.. or rather a nightshirt! (which I actually altered it to look like a shirt!) hehe ;p

hmm..I think it looks better with a white shirt la.. Doncha think so? hurm..nvm..

The Birthday Girl.

Complimentary bread.. I almost dipped the bread in their olive oil+balsamic dipping sauce! Thank God I remembered I cannot eat balsamic..so I quickly asked for them to change it..or not, sia2 je puasa..tapi berbuka with alcohol..huhu

Our beef pepperoni pizza

Oh..I got a strawberry colada smoothies! hehe..But it tastes banana moree than the strawberries! =(

I looveee strawberry! heheh =)

This is what we girls do in the elevator! haha. ;p

hurm.. next, i'll blanje u ice cream or cake ok? Choose either one only! haha. ;p

and..ouh, what hadiah u want? Dunno what to buy la babe..heh.

P/s: On the 16th was my 'birthday' too! Well, not exactly a birthday la..but, I'd like to think so.. hehe.. Because it was the date I got my very first period! hehe.. So it's like the birth of a new woman! haha..

So...basically..erm.. It has been 9 years since I became a WOMAN! hehe ;p


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Retail Therapy

Shopping has always been said to be a therapeutic agent. And it has long been referred to as "retail therapy". Many women said it can offer a healthy release for tension and stress. They view shopping as a truly enjoyable and uplifting experience..


Is that really true?

Not for me, I guess.
Well..not at least when there were sales and promotions everywhere in the world!! huhu..

When so many shops announced that they are having a preview sale or members' day or mega sales or something, I wouldn't be so excited about it..
Because unfortunately it can cause stress and anxiety for me! =(

I just couldn't stand the crowd and the enormous number of human beings! and not to mention the smell! hehe ;p
I mean, when there were so many people gathering together, and the act of catching and snatching and grabbing stuffs would happen, so then of course we would eventually sweat a lot! Rightt? hehe..
So that's why I don't really fancy shopping during sales period. I mean, I won't enjoy as much as I would during off peak season larh...hehe.. ;p

But what to do? To get great discounts and bargain stuff, the price that we have to pay is to berebut with other people la kan? hehe..

Anyways, I went to KLCC with my darling
sister on Friday, to have our buka puasa and shopping! hehe.. ;)

It was the Parkson Elite Day and Isetan Members' Day. So many good stuff they were offering..
So I guess that's why there were so many humans! hehe.
I almost pass out when we were at the Isetan Ladies Department.. Gosh! Women are crazy, I tell u! hehee..

I managed to grab a few tops and some hair care products and some other stuff..

and then..because there were sooo many people in KLCC, so we moved to Pavilion pulak. haha.. ;p

And we had this for our buka puasa:

Instead of eating something heavy or ricey, I opt for something nice and light cuz I don't feel that hungry pun..so I chose a Pancake Stack with Ice Cream.. Yummoe! Tapi tak habis pun..dah kenyang sgt.hehe

and Along ate a Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie..

And look what we chose for our drinks!

Drinks for two persons! hehe.. We were so thirsty before that.. and look what this two little tamak persons have ordered! Bukan nye habis pun! haha ;p

It's true what they said.. Orang tamak, selalu rugi! haha ;p


This is a little summary of my catch of the day.. heh.

  • L'Occitane Radiant Shine Hair Mask
  • L'Occitane Aromachologie Shampoo & Conditioner
  • The Body Shop Guarana Berry Hair Volumizing Mousse
  • Mphosis Leather Woven Wedge Thongs in Black (as my flip-flops!)
  • Naf Naf Chain Necklace
  • Naf Naf Yellow Mustard Shirt
  • Forever 21 Satin Tunic Top in Navy
  • Forever 21 Black Satin Shirt
  • Topshop Lace Bolero
  • Topshop Satin Ruffle Corset
  • Topshop Slinky Pintuck Corset
  • Stila Lipgloss
  • Stila Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - The Red Carpet Look (it comes with a Kajal eyeliner!)

And I got a complimentary eye make-up by purchasing the Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette. There are two types for this range; one is The Front Row Look and another is The Red Carpet Look.. I bought the latter one.. =)

hurm.. Is this how a "Red Carpet Look" is supposed to look like? haha ;p

Oh, and also..I received another Starbucks tumblers from Paksu..and some cute little teddy bears.. Thank you! =)


Being a Parkson Elite member, I was entitled to receive a knicker from
Valisere!! It's worth Rm99! Gila laa.. one brief cost almost a hundred bux! ishh.. But who cares.. I got it for free! And it's pure silk! hehe ;p

Thank You Parkson!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic the Movie!

Sophie Kinsella's fans like me, must be really excited to watch this movie!! I have been reading all her books since I was in high schools.. I have all of her books and I love all of them! They are too good to pass up! hehe.. ;)

Anyway, the movie will be released in 2009, in february of next year in the US. Malaysia, I'm not sure.. maybe in May or June..or maybe later than that.. *sigh* =(

I really can't wait to watch this movie!!
At last, Isla fisher will bring to life the character of Rebecca Bloomwood and Hugh Dancy will be Luke Brandon! =)

At first, I had a doubt that Isla Fisher can pull off the character Becky Bloomwood..but after I watched the movie trailer..hmm..I think she fits to be Becky! hehe. But, that guy doesn't look so right to be Luke. I don't know. But we'll see! ;)

I can't wait to see all those fabulous outfits, what Isla Fisher is wearing!
Although in this movie she looks so stylish and fabulous,but for me it's kinda too much of colours la, don't u think? Some of those pieces of her outfits are really crazy, venturous I would say. But some are really nice!
Like these!

But this outfit looks so weird.. I mean, who would wear this kinda skirt in real life? hmm..

and these are some of the shots in the set of the movie..

hmm..I still think that the setting of this movie is supposed to be in London instead of New York.
I personally think that british accent is much much fabulous-er than american accent for a glamourous and stylish women..hehe.

I always imagine all the gorgeous, fabulous people speak british accent.. Just look at Victoria Beckham! hehehe ;p

Oh, I can't wait to watch this movie! Can someone fly me to the US next february,please?

P/s: I have finished download the audio of Remember Me? and Confessions of a Shopaholic! Yeay! and they're in british accent! ;)

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