Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I Normally Would Get Ready and Get Dress for Outing... or maybe Dating! heh :p

First, I would spend some time standing in front of my closet thinking what to wear....

"Oh snappppp! I have nothing to wear!!! Help meeeeee...."

Then after choosing what I wanted for God knows how long that'd take me, you know like what to wear for the the bottom, which skirt or jeans or pants or whateverrr to match with the top, and the scarf, then to choose the bag, the shoes, the accessories..etc.. huhu ;p

Then after I've made my decision, I would lay it on my bed, and if the top/scarf/etc needs to be ironed, I would iron all of them beforehand.. and then I'll proceed with my shower...for at least 20 minutes up to 45 minutes.. Apa aku sental pon tak tahuuu lah.. hahaha (tapi kalau dah super duper lambat, I'll slash it to 2 minutes je! LOL. From 45 min to 2 min??! haha ;p)

So after showered and lotion up a bit and spray my deodorant and a lil' perfume on the body and all, I would proceed with my facial regime... and followed by make up! My fave part..hehe ;)

Then, after everything is ready, then only I would wear my outfit that I choose for the day, and get dressed! And take my bag and heels and run downstairs, and start the engine! hehe

.....or maybe I would cam whore a bit (if I have time! LOL ;p)

And yes, you just wasted your 2 minutes of your day reading this post on how Cik Wani getting ready to go out! Hahaha ;p



  1. comel sgt wany camwhore mcmtu.. :p

  2. always had the same problem..hehe..standing dpn closet then tak tau nak pakai apa..hehe..

    lps dah pilih top,try match dgn tudung n accessories etc

    haihhhh woman will always be a woman kan?tu blm masuk bab mekap lg :)

  3. ni for sure ur bf seorang yg very understanding dgn cara u mencantikkan diri :) tak kisah pon tunggu lama...


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