Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tips Of The Day..

Saya ada satu tips untuk dikongsi bersama anda. Baru discover tadi. haha. =P
Jikalau kamu mahu membasuh kerak nasi yang payah sangat. Tak payah susah susah rendam dalam air lama lama sebab nak bagi dia lembut sikit. Tak perlu itu semua. Biar kan saja nasi tuh kat dalam rice cooker tu selama 2 atau 3 hari. haha =P

Ia pasti akan kelihatan seperti ini:

Picture taken from my sister's blog. Tapi saya punya ada color hitam, hijau, lumut, kulat, semua ada. Lengkap.

Euww. haha.

Well.. mom cooked dinner for the family on Thursday night before my parents flew to Chiang Mai that night. And I didn't know that there were still some leftovers. I thought she had cleared everything after our dinner. She did tell me to finish up all the lauk pauk yang tinggal for my next day's lunch which is on Friday. But I told her that I would be going out and back to my no point simpan simpan lauk cuz I know I won't be eating them. So I thought she had cleared everything la. So after I was done doing the dishes, I didn't check under the tudung saji. Lupa. huhu =P

And then terus naik and did my assignments sampai pukul 6 pagi. And then tidur. After I woke up, I went out and I was back in campus.

And then on Saturday, balik rumah balik sebab nak ambil barang and nak kena buat assignment yang kena banyak guna internet (UIA's wifi sucked, btw!). Tapi masa sampai rumah pun, dah nak malam dah. And I was in my room the whole night. Tak keluar bilik langsung. So memang lupa lah about the nasi and lauk pauk tuh!

And this morning (Sunday) when I went downstairs, I saw a note from my mother. About what are the things that she wanted me to do..And oh gosh.. time tu baru teringat about nasi tuu!

So I lifted up the tudung saji slowwwyyy, to see what had happened to those lauk pauk under the tudung.. Anddd...oh gosh!! Nak termuntah haku tengok!!! Bluekk.. Sumpah bau macam haram jerr! haha. Yang lauk sayur jadi macam kulat kulat.. Yang sambal ikan pun busuk gilaaaa.

Tapi paling geli nasi tu la! Sebab portion paling banyak kot! huhu.

Dia macam lembik lembik jadi air! Pastu ada macam kulat and everything.. Ugh.. I almost puked when I was throwing out everything in the bin.

Tapi..good thing is, senang nak buang la. Dia lembik. Macam half bubur dah jadi. haha. So senang la nak buang and basuh! Phewww..

So..kepada rakan taulan sekalian, lain kali kalau susah sangat nak basuh kerak kerak nasi tuh, tinggal kan je sampai 3 hari. Nescaya kerja anda dipermudahkan! haha =P


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Fourth Day in Perth.

It's funny you know... I went to Perth in December 2009. And after came back from there for about 2 months plus noww, I only managed to update you guys on Perth up until Day 3 only? Hahaha. That just shows how busy I was (and still am) for this semester! Oh...and I have another ermm...maybe 4 or 5 days more stories on Perth to tell you! I dunno when am I gonna reach till the end of the story! Hee!

Anyways. Let's cut the crap. So here goes my story on Day 4 in Perth!

(Warning! This entry might be the most longest post I've ever done. It contains a lot of photos! I repeat, it's full with pictures! So be prepared to be bored! Heee..) =P

Okayy let's proceed..

On our fourth day in Perth, while daddy went out with his friends to play golf for the whole day, we (my mom, my brother and I) went to six places on that day! (That explains the longest post everr! hehe). First we went to the Hyde Park (No..not the one in London! Heee. This one is in Bulwer Street, West Perth).

A little info about this Hyde Park..

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Little Helper!

Heyyy! Wanna know something?! I prepared and cooked for today's dinner!! How weird or rather cool is that?! haha. I mean.. did I ever tell you that I still don't know how to cook? I the real meal, the heavy course! heeee. Yang senang senang/simple/instant food tu tau la.haha.. =P (What a spoilt brat rite?! Ishhh ishh..)
So of course for me to do this kinda thing would mean very much to me! =D

I used to know how to make Sayur Kangkung Masak Belacan, Masak Lemak Udang, Sambal Ikan, etc. Tapi sebab masak nye 2-3 kali je. Pastu dah ada maid balik masa tu...So pastu ilmu itu tidak di praktik kan. Maka terlupa kembali.
So..saya pun jadi tak reti nak masak balik lah! haha ;p

And well.. well well.. Today, I helped my mom to prepare for the dinner! Bangga siot..cuz most of the things, saya yang buat! haha. Ceh.. Padahal sebab mama yang bagi arahan! (Wani masuk kan tu, Wani potong sayur, Wani basuh ni, Wani duduk diam diam!...and blablablabla) LOL! ;p

Anyways..I like today's dinner! Sangat SEDAP!!! Here's what I did! (according to mama's recipes and orders, of course!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Wear the Square Scarf like Shazwani Hamid!

Since I started to make my blog public, I have received sooo many kinds of questions about myself and about my stuff or about the things that I wear. And the most common question/email/comment that I have received is this: "Wani, please show us how you wear your scarf! / How do you wear a scarf like that?!"

I received this kind of email/comment/question quite the whole time! hehe. It's so cute to see this kinda emails/comments you know.. because I felt flattered cuz that means I look good wearing that kinda style! Heee. Dan terasa comel/cair bila tengok message/email korang =)
(Oh, and I've seen so many people has started to wear this kinda style and followed us - me and my sister.. How comel is that?! It's like we are the trend setter. eheh! =P )

Just so you know, since I started my days in IIU, I've seen so many styles of wearing hijab/scarf/tudung/shawl/etc. But most of the students here wear the oblong scarf. And I started to wear the oblong too, before starting to wear the square ones. But then I tried using the square, and it turned out to be okay and menjadi! hehe. Tu yang terus pakai macam ni sampai sekarang..
And turns out, many people liked it and requested to do a tutorial on that..

Here are some of the emails that I picked, to publish it here..

"You and your Along look very nice with the tudung (I mean selendang). I really interested to know how you wear your tudung. Can u show me on how to wear that. I have been trying so many times but failed. .and what type of inner scarf (anak tudung) u have been using?" From H.

"Assalamualaikum Kak Wani... Ermm... Mesti terkejut & tertanya tanya siapa saya... Just know me as your fan. huhuhu. I started to know you when my friend introduce me your blog last friday.. N I lurve to read blogs. Now I have about 9 blogs that I wajib review every day & your blog was the lucky number 10. But I dont have any. N I know you have thousand, million or even trillion of fans. hehehe.. but I just wanna you to know that you are so adorable..
I admire the way you dress up... Especially because Kak Wani wear selendang... Saya pun lebih prefer selendang compare to tudung bawal biasa... Selendang does really suit you... Maybe sebab bentuk muka Kak Wani sesuai bila pakai selendang... I wish I can be like you...

Erm.. Kak Wani, may I know where you bought all your selendang? Selendang2 yang Kak Wani pakai tak macam yang selalu saya nampak kat kedai... Mesti mahal kan??? Kalau Kak Wani tak keberatan, boleh tak Kak Wani tunjukkan koleksi tudung & selendang Kak Wani kat semua readers? I'll be excited to see all your scarf collection
I'm sorry if this email will make you feel annoying... I'm just a normal gurl that admire an adorable woman. Thank u so much for reading this... Wassalam. " From Z.

"Hi Wani,

Nak tanya ni... you pakai tudung ni jenis apa ye ? TieRack ke?
Sebab bila I pakai tak de pun awning tu terbentuk
leper jek kat dahi...susah nak tegak kan...heheheheh" From R.

"Dear Wany

Do you know that you are so lucky? I love you blog so much. I dunno why. I don't even know you, but I just love you. You have 'the aura'. You're cute and adorable! And please please show us how you wear your beautiful scarf..pleasee!" From P.

"Hi !

I really adore the way you wear your tudung, boleh ajar sikit and share the secret? Looks sooo chic! Loving it. I've tried, tapi most of the time, very frustrating. You look so gorgoeus in every fashion! I simply adore you….really. Thank u sis, if you don’t mind sharing. :)

Thanks. " From A.

"Salam... Hai.. I am ur blog reader.. Ok,straight to the point. Do you mind to teach me to wear Tie Rack? I just adore the way you wear it. Maybe you can upload in your blog so others can learn too. I baru start nak bertudung. I juz want it simple yet stylish. Thanks" From L.

"Assalamualaikum Miss Shazwani Hamid, I am your avid silent reader. I love your blog. You and your blog are just too cute. I love your eyes. I love your smile. I love your life. I love your style. I love your stuffs. I love your bags. I love your shoes. I love your clothes. I love your taste. I love the way you make up and style up yourself. I love everything about you! Please don't be scared..I'm not a stalker or a crazy fan or whatever..I just adore you! You live such an amazing life..yet you are so humble and wear scarf! I've been following your blog since last year and I never fail to read anything that you wrote and also all the comments. And by reading those things..I can tell that you are such a nice person. That makes me like you even more! You are pretty, lovely and wear a decent clothes! That is one thing that is very rare and very hard to find in a person these days! Anyway..the reason why I email you today is because I want you to teach me (or us the readers) how do you wear your lovely scarfs. It's great to see someone who are so fashionable yet can pull off the style with hijab! I've seen so many people with hijab trying to be fashionable but looking like a disaster! But youuu, wow. Just wow! Congratulations you really deserve the credit! Thanks for taking your time to read this! Hope to hear from you soon! =)" From N.

"Hi Wani.. Hope you're doing fine :) Actually kan, I like the way you wear your tudung. And if you don't mind, boleh tak kalau you ajar cara-cara how to pusing-pusing tudung tu by making an entry about it? Kalau tak menyusahkan la..

Thank you :)" From L.

Hye wani.. Saya silent reader awak.. Tapi saya takde blog pun..hehehe.. Tapi minat baca blog orang. Happy je rasa nya. Erm....saja nak mintak pembelajaran dari awak..hehe....Ayat skema.. Saya suka tengok awak pakai tudung.....boleh tak awak ajar or tunjukkan cara awak pakai tudung...tudung 4 segi kan awak pakai? Dah lama saya ingin kan untuk pakai tudung macam tu...Tapi tak tau lorh nak lilit2 kat kepala ni...huhuhu.. Tengok awak pakai cantik je... Menarik....saya ada search kat youtube tapi tak ada tunjukan cara pakai tudung macam awak.. Boleh tak awak ajar saya macam mana awak lilit tudung awak tu...tu pun kalo awak tak keberatan.." From K.

"Dear schazwany..

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t

Hope you are well there :)
I am one of your silent blog reader..
I love your fashion style..
Would love to know how you wear that tudung..
Baru berjinak-jinak nak jadi muslimah sejati.. huhu..
Could you please show in your blog step by step how to wear tudung your style?
Tutorial is what I'm asking for please if you don't mind..
I admire your style so much.. :x are so beautiful...subhanallah.. :) :)

Salam.." From A.

"Hyee Wanee,

Sorry if mengganggu masa busy you. Btw, nice to know you from your blog. I'm from Kuching. But now I'm not in Kuching, tengah study di perantauan somewhere in UK. Now tgh cuti Easter, so bosan giler tu yang dok belek2 blog especially your blog & your sisters I selalu jugak laa jenguk :)

I nak tanye ni, if you tak keberatan boleh share sikit tak, how you belit2 your scarf?? I sekarang comfortable wearing selendang rather than scarf segi empat tue sbb dah terbiasa kot. I byk jugak beli selendang from Tie Racks sebab kain dia macam best je kan & senang sangat nak belit. Hehe. I ade jugak beli scarf segi empat tu tapi macam tension je nak belit2. I dah try my own version punye belit tp I tak berapa comfortable laa especially kat bahagian tengkuk ni & lagi lambat laa nak bersiap. Hehehe. Tengok you & Iza belit2 your scarf macam simple & nice jerrr..

Hope to hear from u soon. Kalau bole, u letak kat blog u laa some pics How To Belit2 Your Scarf. Hehehe kerjasama mu amat saya hargai nnt :D" From E.


Okayy. First of all, thank you so much for the compliments! Really. I'm so flattered. You guys are awesome (and cute!). I wish I could post all the emails that I received here...but it'll be macam poyo ke apa pulak kan.. Heeee ;p

Secondly, I would like to warn you that wearing this kinda style would be kinda hard for those yang tak ada kesabaran and for those yang jenis tak suka nak leceh leceh. So for those yang suka nak siap cepat, just forget it kay. Because I gotta be honest here, wearing this kinda style can be quite tricky especially when you're running out of time to get yourself ready! It can take you about 5 to 25 minutes to wear it depending on how your scarf 'behave' on that day!!

Yes, most of my scarves are from Tie Rack. But I do have some other cheap scarves that look quite the same like Tie Rack's. (I got them from Jalan TAR or in UIA). And I purchased my Tie Rack scarves via online or whenever I went overseas or in KLIA. (In Malaysia, Tie Rack boutique only available in KLIA, fyi.)

One scarf normally would cost £ 9.90 (I think. I forgot. Please correct me, if I'm wrong). In KLIA, I'm not so sure. About RM 60 - RM 70 per scarf I think? And you can get 'em online from as low as RM 40 to RM 70 per scarf, depending on which sites you're viewing.

The types of the scarves that they usually sell are Polyester and Chiffon. Which is great because the fabric used are not too soft nor too keras for you to bentuk and lilit. =)
And I only use the black RM 5 bucks anak tudung. I don't wear any other type - Yang keras keras tu ke, yang ada awning ke apa entah they call it, or whatever. I don't. Because for me, I tak suka nampak macam loghat sangat. Macam banyak benda kat kepala. Dengan manik lah, awning lagi lah, etc etc. hehe. I prefer simple.

The size of these scarves would be 90 cm X 90 cm. It's not so small, and it's not so big either. For me, this is a perfect size for my kind of style to lilit on your head. Kalau besar sangat susah nak adjust sebab banyak kain terlebih. And you'll end up looking like sarang tebuan ada dekat kepala sebab kembung-kembung banyak sangat! hehe.

Getting ready in hostel

Okay, here's one tip: In order for you to look good with these kind of style, I gotta say you have to balance out your look. I'm not just saying this untuk baju and tudung je. You have to imagine first what do you want to wear on that day. Which top you're going to wear, what scarf, and with which shoes and bag does the outfit go with.. So baru lah nampak cantik if everything that you're gonna wear macam ada kena mengena with each other! (I think). hehe. And make sure you don't go overboard. Because some people I see, they wear everything on them. I mean, macam nak letak semua benda kat badan dia. huhu. The key is to keep it simple. And if your top is already look 'busy' or rather over, then keep everything else simple. If your top is flowery or abstract or stripes or anything, don't team it up with 'busy-looking' kind of printed scarf too! I mean, tak kan dua-dua nak corak-corak, ey? Pening kepala and juling mata orang nanti! hehe. JK.
But if both your top and scarf are plain, then you should wear some accessories like rantai ke, belt ke, bangle ke or anything that would look good on you!

Oh, and another thing, do not wear something that you don't feel comfortable with! Seriously, faktor ini sangat penting sebab barulah kamu akan nampak confident. Buat apa nak pakai somthing yang you know you tak kan rasa selesa kan? Nanti kamu tidak akan jadi diri sendiri. Plus, when you're confident with the way you look, it'll reflect in your eyes dan kamu akan nampak lebih comel. hehee =)

Anyway, I baru je nak buat video on this scarf thing.. So I youtubed it. Sebab nak tengok macam mana orang lain buat tutorial sebab tak pernah lagi buat. Sekali terjumpa Kak Leeds punya. Wahhh...senang kerja saya!! hehe. This is exactly how I wear it!

So girls.. Here's the vid on how to wear this Tie Rack square scarf like Shazwani Hamid's style! heee. Selamat mencuba! =)

So tudung bawal VS tudung lilit. Which one do you prefer, ladies?


Scarf Girl.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Of Stereotype and Sombong.


Sudah lama betul saya tidak meng-update blog ini, kan? Maaf. Saya sangat busy. Ada banyak kerja yang perlu dilangsaikan dan peperiksaan pertengahan semester yang berderet-deret. Lagi pun, sejak kebelakangan ini, saya agak kurang sihat mentally, physically and emotionally. Saya muntah-muntah (Ceh.. bunyi macam banyak sangat je. Padahal 2 kali je) sebab gastric hari itu. Dan asyik migraine saja. Dah la tambah tambah cuaca sekarang memang sangat panas ya rabbi ya karimSelamat. Maka..saya asyik rasa macam nak marah je. Lantas, tidak ada mood untuk meng-update blog ini. Haihh. Dan masalah lain pun sudah mula mengacau hidupku kembali. Hati tidak tenang. Adeh. Tapi tidak mengapa. Saya wanita kuat (lah sangatt). Heee =P

Anyway.. I had a good talk with one of my buddies the other day. We talked about partners and love life and those qualities that most people want in their partner/lover. I'm glad to know that he loves his girlfriend so much that he wanted to get married as soon as possible. How comel is that? Yela, my friend tu jenis yang gila gila punya type. Yang kalau tengok dia, macam boleh agak dia bukan jenis nak kahwin cepat cepat. Jenis yang suka nak have fun dulu. (Sorry weh aku judge kau. heee. Sebab kau pun suka judge aku dulu. hahaha =P ). But seriously, after hearing he talked about marriage and stuff and that dia tak sabar nak grad la, nak kerja la, nak kahwin la kan, made me realized about something.. Wow, love can really change someone, ey? How come I never felt that way? How come bila saya kenal kenal dengan siapa siapa pun (haha. macam banyakkk je. padahal berapa kerat je. hee), agak susah untuk saya rasa macam tu? Hati keringkerasbatu ke apa aku ni? Ke they said.. belum jumpa 'the one' kot? Sebab yang saya dengarlah kan.. Kalau dah jumpa 'the one' tu, mesti boleh rasa kat hati, kat dada, kat jantung, kat boobs dan kat pankreas. Tapi saya tak pernah pun rasa macam tu?

Ke sebab aku ni memang tak reti dan tongong sangat dalam bab bercinta? hahah ;p

Hurm.. entahlah.

All I know is, I want to be happy. No.. salah ayat tu. I want to feel happy. Because literally, I AM happy. I know, that I'm not a miserable b*tch. hehee. It's just that, emotionally..I don't feel that happy. Eh..apa ayat aku ni weyy. Ahhh..susahlah nak explain. haha. Tidak mengapa, saya je yang tahu. =)

Anyway enough about that. Saya tidak boleh komen panjang panjang kat sini. Banyak mata melihat dan membaca. Nanti salah faham pula. Dah la memang saya selalu susah nak menyampaikan apa yang saya rasa. Lepas tu kang..kalau orang tu interpret lain dan saya maksudkan yang lain kang... Dahhh lain pulak jadinya. Because I don't think I'm explaining it right. haha! Lantak lah. So baik diam tentang topic ini di sini sahaja. =P

So anyways..

Masa borak borak dengan my friend tu, dia ada cakap tentang diri saya yang menyebabkan saya terfikir 23 kali. Saya tanya dia berbagai bagai soalan tentang saya. Sebab rasa macam tidak puas hati bila ada seseorang berkata sesuatu kepada saya yang saya agak tak berapa nak berkenan. Umm..saya tak reti nak put in words and cerita satu satu kat sini la, kamu semuaa. Saya hanya akan bercerita melalui conversation kitorang, kay.

So.. one of the question was, "Weh, kalau kau tak kenal aku kan..apa yang kau anggap and nampak kat aku?" Pastu dia cakap satu je. "Sombong"

Dia cakap, muka saya nampak sombong. Cara saya nampak sombong. Dia cakap jenis yang macam nampak 'pilih bulu'. Yeesh. Cukup tak suka orang cakap aku sombong lah. Weh sumpah weh, aku tak sombong langsung dowh. Aku cukup anti orang yang sombong. Aku tak pernah sekali pun dalam hidup aku, aku nak pilih kawan. Aku kawan/tegur je dengan semua orang.
Sumpah. (Haa..siap bersumpah dah aku ni.)
Ye lah. My parents thought me well. I love to see how my mum and my dad with people. Mereka bukan jenis pilih bulu. Sikit pun tak. Eh japp..pilih jugak la. Yang macam perangai teruk teruk tu. Mereka tak kawan (macam saya la. haha). But really, my mom and my dad sangat hebat. Saya salute cara mereka. I want to be like them. =)
Cuma.. saya agak tak berapa suka orang label saya itu ini just because kamu tak kenal saya macam mana. Kenal/kawan lah dulu beb. This implies to everyone out there yang suka sangat judge orang lain sebelum kenal.

Takde la, sebab to be honest with you, saya agak penat dah la dengar orang asyik cakap saya sombong dan sebagainya. Yang kelakar tu sebab orang orang yang cakap saya sombong tu semuanya yang tak pernah berbicara dengan saya walau sebutir perkataan. I mean..cakap borak betul betul lah. Bukan setakat tahu nama saya. Haihh.. Manusia manusia.. Suka betul judge orang.
How am I supposed to say hi to you if I don't even know youu? Hmm... Kamu nak kenal/nak kawan dengan saya, kamu lah yang tegur saya dulu.. hee ;p

Eh sebab aku tak bercampur orang sangat? Erkk..

Ohh. Rightttt.

Lupa. Saya pemalu sebenarnya. Tapi bukan sombong! (There's a huge difference between sombong and pemalu hokay!)

But... as far as I knoww.. aku tegur je pak guard pak guard sekalian, siap angkat tabik lagi - baik di UIA atau yang kat rumah punya, pastu all my maids sepanjang saya dibesarkan semua cakap mama dan saya yang paling baik sekali (haha! Ok ini memang angkat bakul! Ye la. Bangga siot orang cakap kita baik. haha. Tak percaya, tanya my mum! heeee. Takde lah, maybe sebab saya suka tanya tanya maid saya kot. Suka borak. Make her feel comfortable dalam rumah tu and bukan macam orang asing. Plus, saya memang tak reti nak marah orang orang susah ni. Rasa macam kesian sebab dah la dia datang jauh jauh menumpang rumah orang nak kerja, cari makan..lepas tu kena marah pulak dengan tuan tuan dan puan puan hadirin hadirat sekalian bila dia buat salah sikit (atau banyak..hehe). Bukan apa, saya fikir sebab dia pun manusia jugak. So saya rasa macam tak baik nak marah marah macam tu. Tegur sikit takpe lah kot. Entahlah. Saya belum mempunyai maid sendiri lagi), anyways.. pastu saya selalu je senyum dekat makcik makcik cleaner kat dalam hostel saya.. dan juga saya selalu senyum dekat kawan kawan saya (yang saya kenal lah). which part of sombong yang kau maksudkan tuh wahai kawanku? hehee. Cuma aku jarang nak bercampur aduk dengan orang. Senyum memanglah aku senyum. Tapi nak lepak dan bergelak kentut sama sama tu macam agak payah sikit lah dengan orang baru. Dengan cik Siti Nafizatul dan Syarifah Nazirah tu jangan ceritalah. Mereka dah biasa bau kentut saya. haha =P
(Okayyy.. Cik Wani. Please behave. You're being tak senonoh in public. Uk-owww..)

Tapi pastu my friend tarik balik sebab dia kata "Yelahhh. Tu dulu lah wey. Masa aku baru kenal kau kat matrik dulu. Mana la aku nak tau yang kau ni 'boleh bla' rupanya. Ye la, kau senyapppp jer." (Note: boleh bla means boleh masuk/boleh kawan ataupun boleh kawin. haha. JK)

And I said, "Ek elehh..just because aku senyap and pendiam doesn't mean aku sombong! Aku pemalu dowh. Aku kena orang yang tegur aku dulu lah. Sebab nanti aku akan rasa macam malu-sebab-rasa-macam-orang-tu-tak-nak-kawan-dengan-aku-pun-sebenarnya. So sebab tu aku senyap je. There's a fine line between sombong and pemalu, ok! And kalau orang Hye kat aku, aku Hye je lah balik. Kau pun tahu kan, clique aku macam mana. Bukannya anak raja pun. Semua yang jenis rilex rilex je".

And he replied, "Ye lah. Aku tau lah yang kau ok je sebenarnye. And macam tak ada sebab untuk lelaki tak nak kenal dengan kau. Tapi dah kau tanya tadi, aku cakap je lah. Lagi pun aku nak menjawab soalan kau yang sebelum tu.. Tu sebab lah ramai orang takut nak tegur kau, tahu tak? Lagipun kebanyakan lelaki kalau tak kenal dengan kau, kalau tengok kau sekali pandang je, mesti ingatkan kau ni jenis yang social. Jenis yang banyak boyfriend, jenis yang reti bersocial dan bergedik dengan lelaki. Sebab cara kau kot. And lifestyle kau. So tu yang susah tu untuk lelaki yang baik baik nak tegur/kawan dengan kau."

"Whaattt?! Itu ke perception kau kat aku? haha. Aduihh weh. Muka aku jahat sangat ke? And lifestyle akuu?? Amendeee nyeee? Aku tak pernah pulak pergi clubbing. Tak pernah pulak hisap rokok ke apa ke. Keluar malam balik lambat sangat sangat ke. Ngada ngada dengan laki ke. Tak pernah pun. Kawan laki aku pun berapa kerat. Boleh kira dengan jari. Rumah aku siap ada curfew lagi. Aku bukannya jenis wild pun. Sebab apa kau cakap macam tu weh?

"Entah. Cara kau la kot. Cara kau pakai baju. Lifestyle kau. Pastu cam kau banyak pi sana sini so pastu macam nampak social la kot. Entah lah."

"What the hell man! Aku pakai baju kurung pulak pergi kelas. haha. And selama ni aku pakai baju sopan jerrr. Tak lah sopan sangat macam orang lain. Tapi kira tahap sopan lah lagi weh kalau nak banding dengan budak budak lain sebaya kite sekarang nih. Aku takde la sexy pon. Sebab apa kau boleh nak cakap macam tu ek? Sebab aku suka nak gi jalan jalan ke? Alah..jalan mana lah sangat. Setakat pergi mall kau cakap aku social. Aku selalu pergi seorang lah pulak, dowh. Social mende nyee? haha. Ke sebab aku suka fashion? Ye la, dah aku pakai tudung, and I've to admit, pakai tudung memang sangat susah nak nampak lain. And I don't want to be common. Sebab tu aku suka nak pakai macam lain sikit. Cuz I don't wanna look boring and plain. Tapi sumpah aku tak boleh bla dengan statement kau lah weh. Gila stereotype kau ni".

"Takde la. Aku just bagi pendapat aku dari pandangan lelaki tentang kau, kalau untuk orang yang tak kenal kau. Dah la kau tu bukan jenis bersosial sangat. Lagi la orang susah nak tahu kau ni macam mana dowh. Kau ok je sebenarnya. Takde slack pun. Aku pun macam tak percaya and tak paham jugak la asal kau tak ********* ************"

"Ye la. Memang la aku suruh kau bagi pendapat. Tapi takde la, aku just rasa macam takleh bla dowh orang suka judge aku. Aku serious tak kesah lagi kalau orang tu dah lepak borak borak minum teh tarik dengan aku ke apa ke..Ha pastu dia nak kata aku jahat ke aku tah pape ke aku sombong ke apa...Ha then ok la. Adil la. Ni tak. Dari dulu orang kata aku sombong. Pastu bila dah kenal, buat statement: Ehhh youuu macam ni ker? Dia tak tahu aku sebenarnya bangang lagi comel. haha".

"Ha tu lah. Aku rasa kau ni boleh je bla. (What kind of phrase is thiss? haha. Sabo je lah.) Aku rasa kau okay je. Tapi tu lah, masalah kau. Kau ni pemalu sangat. Kau kena bersosial sikit. Kalau tak, orang tak kan tahu kau ni macam mana. Jangan lah jadi pemalu sangat. Tegur je semua orang. Seriously, kau sangat okay".

Haha. Baiklah. Tah la weh. Saya selesa kawan dengan perempuan je kot. Sebab lelaki ni pelik sikit. Heee ;p

Anyways.. we chatted quite long actually. Too many things that he told me. But I can't really write it here. Sebab macam tak sesuai lagi tak sopan untuk tatapan umum. haha

But..what I wanted to stress about here is that..I don't really like it when people always always always misjudged me before they even know me. Sangat selalu. Sampai dah biasa dah dengar. Dan dah malas nak layan.

Ada yang cakap sombong. Ada yang cakap garang. Ada yang cakap err...let's not mention it here. Because I don't like it. Cuz I know I'm not! =P

Tapi bila dah kenal, haaa baru tahu siapa sebenarnya cik Shazwani anak pak Hamid nih. =P
Saya berani cakap macam tu sebab dah ramai dah yang saya dengar.. macam 'terkejut' bila dengar yang rupa rupanya saya macam ni macam tu. (Haha. Gila tak boleh bla. Angkat bakul sendiri! LOL) No..what I actually mean is that I'm not what you thought I am. Bukan la baik mana pun. Tapi bukan jahat either. Senang cerita, I'm normal. Seriously. Macam orang lain jugak. Bangun pagi pagi (atau tengah hari ;p ), dan kalau dah lambat tak payah mandi, tapi kalau sempat ada la mandi dalam seminit ke, lepas tu pakai baju (atau jubah bila dah lambat, sebab kat dalam tu ada baju tidur! LOL), selepas tu lilit lilit sikit tudung saya tu, and then ambil selipar jamban saya dan terus ke kelas, and then tengah hari makan nasik for lunch, lepas makan masuk kelas balik, balik bilik terbungkang, solat, etc etc, lepas tu bila malam sebab ada masa lebih sikit, maka saya mandi pun lebih sikit la dalam 2 minit macam tu. Lepas tu makan malam pulak pergi beli kat mamak ke, yong tau foo Nusaibah ke apa ke, pastu makan dengan cik Nazirah dan cik Nafizatul sambil bergelak ketawa seperti biasa, lepas tu bila rajin, adalah baca buku sikit, lepas tu tidur (Kalau dapat tidur lah. Kalau tak, berangan je lah sampai ke siang. haha). Ha macam tu lah kehidupan seharian saya. haha

Haa... Kan ke normal tuu? Haha normal lah sangat. Orang yang normal bangun seawal 6 pagi tiap tiap hari. Lepas tu mandi at least 20 minutes, lepas tu..err..ntahlah. Tak tahu nak jadi normal. So tak tahu la nak explain. haha =P

But just so you know, I am a very very VERRY pemalu + penakut + tak reti dengan orang yang saya tak kenal. So it's kinda hard for me to start first. Usually, I will become myself when I really really feel comfortable talking to that person. And thissss would take some time. heee. Kalau orang tu jenis berlagak (berlagak in any things. Kaya ke, pandai ke, lawa ke, hebat ke, kurus ke, body hot ke, baju dia cantik ke, handbag dia ada 2 ke, kasut dia ada 6 ke, banyak boyfriend/girlfriend ke, hinglish dia hebat ke, mandarin dia fasih ke, or whatsoever), jenis hidung dia tinggi macam Pinocchio, atau jenis mulut jahat a.k.a suka kutuk kutuk orang/suka perlekehkan orang lain/suka make fun of other people/suka buli orang, ataupun jenis bahasa dia cakap/cara dia cakap macam agak pelik untuk saya dengari,ataupun jenis yang terlalu nerd, ataupun jenis suka menipu, ataupun jenis pilih bulu, jenis suka judge orang..dan sebagainya, maka di situ akan wujud perasaan gentar untuk berkata kata sebab tak reti nak fit in. Maka saya akan diam je most of the time. haha. =P

Apalah yang aku merepek dari tadi ni weh..

Takde, sebab sebenarnya saya tak puas hati kenapa dia cakap saya macam tu. Tu je motif entry ini. Dia orang penting kot. Haih.


Budak tak Sombong.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little update..

I miss my blog so much! Everyday, when I log in, I feel like updating it..but I ended up doing some bohring assignment or studying or some other unnecessary stuff. Hmm.. I want to update my blog on Perth, on my updates about myself, about meatballs session with friends, about my poor little dented rims/tyre, about my ride in an ambulance, and some other things! But I just couldn't find the right time to blog just yet! Ishh. Been really busy with assignments and exams (and daydreaming!)
I need 36 hours in a day, pleaseee! So I can balance my studies, my blogging time, my hibernating time and my lepak time! Heee..

Anyways.. so these are just some of the random pics that I took during my Fourth Day in Perth. Will update on the stories soon! =)

Dah, tu je dulu. nanti lah yer.. Mak busy ni! Nak sambung tido! Bubbyeee!

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