Monday, November 30, 2009

Disneyland for Shoppers in Johor!

I bet by now, most of you already know about this news.

Yes, Malaysia will have a Factory Outlet in Johor realllly soon! I can't believe this is happening.. first, they said there will be the Universal Studios in Singapore in 2011..or was it 2012? I'm not sure.. But I'm excited already because when I was in Osaka, Japan few years back, I didn't get to visit the Universal Studios now that they'll open it somewhere near Malaysia, specifically Singapore, I will make sure I won't miss out on this! They said USJ is much more cooler than Disneyland.. betul ke? Disneyland pun dah best gilerr..hehe

And then last week, I read on the news, they'll be having Factory Outlets in Johor pulak?! Wooh.. This is SO cool! Turun ke selatan banyak kali lah, gamaknya yer, lepas ni..haha.
(Johor people! You are verrry lucky!)

Factory outlet in Paris... Bally, Lancel, Burberry, Celine, Gucci, Furla, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, etc etc!


P/s: Selalu balik Johor lah lepas ni, ek? haha *wink!*

P/ss: Now I wonder, when will Boots and H&M would ever land on this tanah airku??


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea Time at Harrods

If Audrey Hepburn can have her breakfast at Tiffany's, then Shazwani Hamid will have her tea time at Harrods! hahaha. =P

When I was in the middle of cleaning up my bedroom and getting it more organized and neat, I found a lot of things that I forgot I had or bought it somewhere! There were a lot moments of, "Oh hey.. I have thisss??!", "OMG! There you are!! I've been looking for you for months now!", "Uik..I didn't know, I've bought you?"..and etc.. (Yes, my room was a mess and it was THAT bad! Because when my sister got married last year, I decided to take over her room and wanted to change and transfer from my tiny little crib to her bigger imagine lah, to transfer every little thing from one room to another.. Lepas tu pulak, these ritual activities like going for holidays, working, sales, going back to campus, came in between those times.. So I ended up, kepau kan dua-dua bilik! hahah) - So anyways.. I found my friend's supposedly birthday gift that I purchased awhile back, I found my beloved diamond ring that I thought I had lost it forever, I found a 50 Ringgit note in my drawer, I found my iPod, I found my Vera Wangs, I found a Dior bag(but it's nevermind..), and most importantly, I found these Harrods' goodies!

They are fooood!! OMG! How can I not know of their existence in my room? Luckily the expiry dates are still a long way to go! hehe.

So anyway, that very afternoon, after I have found these foodies, I went straight to kitchen to have some English tea and biscuits with my mom. (Well, not just some normal tea you know, but an English ones!) - Dunno what the heck does that even mean! haha =P

So I prepared for the tea and opened the biscuits can..and tasted some.. And oh boy, those biscuits (Malt, Coffee, Lemon) sure do tasted gooood! Like really creamyy! I can feel and taste the quality =)

My most favorite biscuits would be the Coffee flavor.

So this is my so-called English tea! Does it look English enough to you with all those flowery teapot and cup and everything? haha ;P and I ended up chatting and gossiping and talk about some girlie stuff like we always do. Like where she bought all those kain-kain, about some cooking thing, and etc. Oh, mom also did tell me a story about boys during her uni years and how she met her husband. Comel! =)
(When I get older, I too, shall have this very moment with my daughter-if I have one!)

So that's my tea time story for today! Have a nice day ladies!



Saturday, November 28, 2009

For far too long..

Hello readers,

First of all, I wanna wish all of you a very happy eid ul adha (if it's not to late to wish..). Hope you guys had a good times and had a very special or memorable moments during that weekend. I know I did. =)

And second of all, I owe all of you an apology for leaving this blog boring and dormant for far too long. I've been swarmed with 'my little project' for days now (or was it weeks?). As a result, I just didn't have time to update this journal of mine.. Plus, my mood and emotions lately were kinda weird and abnormal! So I refrained myself to blog during these times because I know, I would talk about craps that you guys won't even understand, so I just don't wanna corrupt your mind, so might as well just shut up, right? hehe. Hence, my blogging mood is just wasn't there for the past few days or weeks. So that explains my muteness and kenapa I selalu ponteng on this blog (ehh..panjangnya I explain! haha)

Lastly, just a quick update, I LOVED Quantum Science Pendant! My body feels so awesome now! (and no..I am still fat. haha)

Love, XOXO,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

If Only

I can't sleep tonight. Somethings been bothering me. I watched 500 days of Summer just now..and tiba tiba jer that movie made me think about something. Something so serious I can't even type it here. (But it has nothing to do with the movie/storyline though.)

Anyway... as my eyes were wide open and my mind were wandering around at 4 am in the morning..I log on to my Friendster account. It's been a while since I last check it. I try to take my mind off things by reading some of my old testimonials. I just wanted to remember things. There are quite a few that made me I deleted them.

Oh but there is one of the testimonials/comments that made me crack a lil bit. It was this;

It was from my very own sister, Iza. I smiled when I read it. That was way back in 2006. And now we're hitting 2010 dah.

Teringat. Hmmm...

What if...well nevermind.. =(

Just a question. What is love? I find it hard to explain myself. Kepala otak saya serabut daripada haritu lagi. Even before exam week lagi.

Cold feet? Pms? Confusion? Delusional? Well.. I don't really know.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bath Room

Cantik kan?


p/s: I really like twittering! Twitter is cool! *tiba-tiba*


Special Entry

Nah, Faruq Yamin. Seperti yang dijanjikan, aku letak gambar kau kat dalam blog aku. Harap kau berpuas hati. hehee =P


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello there.

I know, I'm on my semester break. And I'm supposed to update this blog more frequent than when the days I have classes. But I'm really sorry for the sporadic updates and sorry for making some of you waiting for my blog posts. It's just that my 100 year old laptop got crashed the other day, and I got more than 16, 000 pics in it, and some other things that I need for me to blog.. But now that they're dead and gone, I don't have mood to update anything at all! Plus, for me to blog using someone else's laptop is just very umm...troublesome and uncomfortable.. I mean, I prefer to use my own rather than borrowing people's. The feeling is different. heh.

Anyway, I try to get the laptop fixed and will get back to you, to update more stories as soon as I can, ok?

In the mean time, I will clean up my closet and room and also sort out some of the things I don't use to be given away (and sell)

Ok, signing off now!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have touchdown my house and my rooms!

And guess what??!

I received something cute from my reader! Awwwww...thank you, you!!

Will, snap photo and reveal it to you guys later ok!

Thanks darling! This is one of the reasons why I do not want to stop blogging - I met awesomely cute, kindhearted people!

Ok.. Cik Shazwani mahu kemas barang! Tata!

*masih lagi teruja!*



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

While I was packing and unpacking my stuff..

I saw lots and lotsa stuff that I don't use.. but too sayang to throw (and too old/look used to sell).. So I was thinking.. and I wonder whether these stuff like blouses, jeans, accessories, tudung, shoes, boxes, lotions, books, etc etc (not just some clothing stuff), can be given away to my readers..I mean, do you guys or girls would even want them? Some of the stuff really looked worn out..heehee =P

I got a lot of stuff that I don't use. But too malas to snap pictures and upload one by one.. Hmm..but I know I will do it in the future.. but for now I just want your opinion.. I want to know how many percent of my readers would still want them and wouldn't mind getting a used stuff..If the percentage is more than what I expected, then I think I'll proceed..hehe.. Otherwise, I'll just give it to my bibik or whoever..



Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Feeling Mushy Tonight...

This would be my most fave scene/part/lines in The Notebook (my most favorite movie of all time). I watched this movie for more than a hundred of times. And I can almost hafal most of the lines in the movie already! LOL.

My most favourite this, when they were fighting:

Noah: We're back to that? Are we back there? What about the past couple of days? They happened you know?

Allie: I know that they happened and they were wonderful but they were also very irresponsible.

*pangpungpang* (the sound of Noah's kicking the chair)

Allie: I have a fiance waiting for me at a hotel, who's gonna be crushed when he finds out what I did!

Noah: So you make love to me, and then you go back to your husband?! Was that your plan?! Was that a test that I didn't pass?!

Allie: No I made a promise to a man, he gave me a ring and I gave him my word!

Noah: And your word is shut to hell now, don't you think?!

Allie: I don't- I don't know! I'll find out when I talk to him.

Noah: This is not about keeping your promise. and it's not about following your heart. It's about security.

Allie: What is that suppose to mean?!

Noah: MONEY!

Allie: What are you talk--

Noah: He's got a lot of money!!

Allie: Oh now I hate you! You smug bastard!!!

Noah: Well I hate you. If you leave here, I hate you!

Allie: You know what- Have you been paying attention to anything that's been happening to me?

Noah: I guess not. I think I must have misread all of those signals.

Allie: I guess you did!

(walk away)

Noah: You're bored! You're bored and you know it! You wouldn't be here if there wasn't something missing!

Allie: You arrogant son of a bitch!

Noah: Would you just stay with me?

Allie: Stay with you? What for? Look at us, we're already fighting!

Noah: Well that's what we do! We fight! You tell me when I'm being arrogant son of a bitch. And I tell you when you're being a pain in the ass! Which you are! 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. They have like a two second rebound rate and you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing!

Allie: So what?

Noah: So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you! I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me? Please? Just picture your life for me? 30 years from now, 40 years from now? What's it look like? If it's with that guy, go! Go! I lost you once, I think I could do it again. If I thought it's what you really wanted! But don't you take the easy way out"

Allie: What easy way? There is no easy way. No matter what I do, somebody's get hurt!

Noah: Would you stop thinking what everyone wants?! Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents wants. What do you want?
What do you want?

Allie: It's not that simple!

Noah: Whattt do youu WANT??! Goddammit, WHAT DO YOU WANT??!!

Allie: I have to go..


Ahhhh... I love the movie so much! Somehow I can relate it to my stories and my life. Tsk. Oh..speaking of love, this is another comel movie that I like! This part is the most sweetest line a guy could ever said to a girl! Verry honest, sweet and straight to the point! And I like the way Mandy Moore talked in the movie too. Kinda reminds me of myself! You know..menggelabah and panic and talk so fast that does not make any sense (to some!). hahah =P

*That guy made me meltz!*


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down?

Which one do you prefer to see on me.. I mean..which one do you think looks good on me? Dressing Up or Dressing Down?

Me, dress up: Corset, Belt, Waistcoat, Jackets, Dressy Tops and some other stuff that are in =)

Corset Belt

Tier Corset

Lacey Corset with Bow

High Waisted Belts

Dressy Top

Cropped Jacket/ Skinny Jeans



Or perhaps..something more serious and work attire-look?

Wide Leg Trousers with Suspender


Blouse / Shirt

Or me dressing down: normal t-shirts, cardys, drapes, tudung bawal, sling bags, slippers, etc.

Tudung Bawal / T-shirt (oh btw, why do they called it as tudung bawal ey? Did Bawal the fish invented it? haha)

Plain T-Shirt with Faded Jeans

Dull colored Top (well..I dunno how to categorized this top. I won't call this a dressy top. But it doesn't look like I want to dress down either. haha) Maybe because the material of this top is cotton, so I guess it's suitable for casual ey? So dress down it is! haha

Sling-Bag and Slippers


Cardy / T-shirt



Thursday, November 12, 2009


I like this photo of us. Which was taken last year after we had our dinner and drank a lot of sugar I think.



p/s: My friend, Girl (the one in grey cardy) is so sweet. She texted me last night when I was crying like a lil' girl under my duvet, "No matter how hard your life rite now, remember u still have me, u still have us me and Naz. Don't think too much ok :) I love you."
Awww. Macam tau-tau je tengah nangis (she stays in a different block, btw). And yes, I love you too. =)


Missing Someone.

These words keep on lingering on my mind ever since I read that messages on Friendster.

"this is a matter of taking chances. Well, don't let it slip away."

Oh. I miss you.

You always have something nice to say.

hmm.. where did you go?





Cats Arguing A Very Serious Relationship Issue! Saw this video on Mia's blog. I just need to share with you guys and post it up here too because it is SO funny!

Watch it!


Monday, November 9, 2009

21 Questions

Hello there.

My name is Shazwani Hamid. I am the author of this blog. This is my personal blog. This is my space to talk when my lips are sealed. Lately I received some new readers! (Hellloww my new readers..waving at youuu!) Thank you for following this blog and thank you for reading it. And to those who have been reading my blog all along this while, I thanked you too! mwah mwahh

Now..I noticed that after been blogging for about a year, I never really introduced myself to my readers..hehe..
So today, I will answer some random 21 questions that I picked from my readers via comments or emails or Facebook or what not which I never really get the chance to reply before this.. (Sorry!) goes

1. What is your real name?

It's N. Shazwani A. Hamid. I leave you to wonder what are the N and A letters stand for..heh. So anyways.. I shortened it to Shazwani Hamid because I got this name since I was in primary school. That time, there were so many girls named Shazwani. (Oh daddie and mommie..why do you named me the common name ones? hehee). So anyway they made it easy to identify which Shazwanis by calling all Shazwanis with their surname or daddy's name I suppose. Because other wise, people will always ask whenever one mentions the name Shazwani or Wani, "Which Wani?", "Cop..Shazwani mana ni?"

2. So your name is not actually spelled Schazwany Hameed lah?

Nope nope nope. I'm not the cousin of Nicole Scherzinger! hahah. Well I got this idea to spell it this way when there was this one time where I got so bored and had nothing to do.. so I went to E-dictionary and type Shazwani Hamid, and asked the thing to pronounce it.. But it sounded "Sheh-we-nai Ha-maid". So I tried to type words that could make the dictionary pronounce it as Shazwani Hamid and it turned out to be Schaz-wany Ha-meed! haha =P

3. So why do you named your blog Schazwany Hameed, and not Shazwani Hamid then?

Oh..good question.. hehe. Well, back then before I started to blog..there was this one guy who always googled about me. So when I was in the middle to set up my blog..I thought about instead of putting my real name, I spelled it like that cuz I do not want him to know anything about me! Anyway, this guy would always try to korek if there's anything about me on the net. Friendster, Facebook, Myspace or whatsoever that he could find, to find out moree about me..more like stalking I guess..haha. And at that time, he wanted to know whether I had a blog or not, by typing every possible words that might appear on the Google result. He typed my sisters name (since they have blogs too), my brother's name, my nephew's name etc etc..just hoping that I mentioned it somewhere in my blog it would appear on the Google site and hoping that he found me! I found out about this from someone, by the way. Andd.. well..well..well.. it didn't work that way because I spelled it as Schazwany Hameed and he couldn't trace me! hehe. So I win! haha. But after about 8 months of blogging..then only he found out! And that's only because people linked me.. So I plan kinda worked, huh..hehe. (Oh and I don't intend to change the name now bcuz I don't really care anymore if he stalk me or whatever.. but..maybe later in the future I guess! We'll see!)

4. So how do I call you now? Wani, is it? can call me Shazwani or Wani or Shaz..which ever you like. Or maybe The Girl who Has The Most Fabulous Shoes also can! hahaha =P
Just don't call me Shazwina la. That's my friend's name!

5. What are you like in the real world?

Err..what do you mean? What am I like? Hmm...this question is verry subjective.. But well..try to answer it ok.. Hmm..let see.. I am 155 cm (super short, I know!), I weigh about ** kg. haha. I won't tell you my weight bcuz I am hugeee! I have super black straight hair. I have never dyed my hair and never will. I have very pretty fingers and nails (ha. ha). I am tanned. I have very ugly teeth and cheeks. Umm...what else? Oh..and my shoe size is 6. And for the past 20 years of living in this world, I only have one sneakers or trainers or whatever you guys call it and more than a hundred of stilettos and heels. heh. Yup, I am a true high heel girl =)


What am I like in the real world, ey? Hmmmm... *still thinking*
Oh..I am so bad at this question! Maybe you meant like my attitude and stuff is it? Well..can't really say much.. I mean tak kan nak cakap pasal diri sendiri pulak kan? Mesti la puji diri je memanjang! LOL.

Okay..these descriptions about me are based from my fellow friends/family descriptions.

  • I am very manja with the ones I love. Maybe bcuz I'm the last girl in the family kot. So I tend to be manja with the people surrounded me. But not mengada. (there's a fine line between manja and mengada, ok)
  • I can be so nice to people that sometimes it made me look stupid. (bcuz they took advantage of it)
  • I am not a mean person. (only if I have to be! haha)
  • I am gedik. Not with people. But with myself. Gedik in the sense that I like girly stuff. I like pretty stuff.
  • I am a loser and I suck in making friends with the boys.
  • I panic all the time. Yes, all the time.
  • I am so not a bimbo.
  • I may look girly, but I am SO like a boy. haha. I sleep at weird hours like boys do. Or sometimes I didn't sleep at all. I drive like a boy. I don't wake up at 6 am in the morning like other girls do. My car and room is a mess. I always get warning letters. And summons from the IIUM's police. I don't like to follow rules. I like to turn on the music sampai nak pecah speaker tu. Sometimes I forgot to take my bath while I'm at home. Ish Ishh. And I like to laugh out loud. Oh..but I don't swear like boys do. And my sweat don't smell like boy's too. Eeuww. =P
  • Friends always call me bangang and sengal without me intend to make anything lawak pon.
  • I'm not a joker but girlfriends always call me a clown.
  • I like to laugh. (Like a lot.)
  • I don't like to associate myself with bimbos who think they're hot and bitches who think they're cool.
  • I like to sing even though I have very ugly voice. But singing makes me happy. I feel alive whenever I sing (But I always annoy people with my songs! haha. Sorry!!)
  • I'm nice. (Okayy, this one came out from my mouth. haha) =P
  • I'm a weeper. I cry all the time. Good book. Good movies. Good song. Everything!!
  • Oh..and I whine a lot too! haha
  • I am not a sombong person like people always thought I am. That's just the way my face is. Once you get to know me, you'll know how comel I can be (Okayyy..this one came out from myself too!) Ishh..enough Wani..enough!
  • Saya seorang yang sangat sangat penakot. Penakot dengan cicak. Penakot dengan lipas. Penakot dengan pervert.
  • Oh..and I can be a hot tempered woman too, sometimes (only when you trigger something that makes me mad!) Heyy..I'm only human!

6. How old are you actually?

Oh. I am very young.

7. What do you like the most about yourself?

I like the fact that I'm a girl's girl. Girls always come and ask me about some girly stuff. Be it in the blogging world or the real world or the sms world =)
Even though I know I am not that hebat for people to come and see me!

8. Do you think you are a confident person?

Haha. Ask my friends..and they'll answer you: HELL NO!!!
Yupp..I am SO not a confident person. I hate it when people look and stare at me. Seriously. I really hate it. Bcuz I feel so low and rasa macam tak sesuai untuk di stare. Ish ishh..
My dear, I know I got a fabulous shoe on..but please don't stare..I feel so ashamed and uncomfortable when you do that!

9. So what do you do when you don't feel comfortable?

I'll have this look on my face:

" pehal? Mau apaa? Mau cari gado ka?"

Fyi, I always have this look on me.. so that means I am uncomfortable all the time!! haha

10. Are you on a diet?

Hehe. That's a question I'll never be able to answer yes. I eat all the time. I like to eat. When I'm happy I'll eat. When I feel sad, I'll definitely gonna find chocolate to stuff my face! I like to eat burgers, mountain rice (is there such term? Nasi menggunung! hahah) , fries and lotsa fries, chocolate, cili padi banyak banyak, masak lemak ikan patin (perghh sedap nyee!), ice cream, all the time! Hey..anyone..wanna go and grab a coffee with me? I'll definitely say YES! =)
I eat anything!! And that explains why I look like a baloon that about to pop!

11. I like your style.

Okay. That's not a question =P
But thank you!

12. Do you wear hijab all the time? answer would be...Umm..honestly, no. I don't wear it while I sleep and while I'm taking my 2 hour bath! haha =P

13. Can you teach us how do you wear your scarf? It looks good on you.

Thanks. I'll a have a tutorial on it when I get the time k darling! =)

14. Are you a happy person?

Definitely. I'm a bubbly girl. See..this is the look on my face when I'm with friends and happiee! =P

15. Do you get mad easily?

Nope! Like I said..only when a person triggers something that can make me go haywire. I'm usually very cool and relax. (and very nice too!) =P

16. What is your skin type?

Ha? Very the bumpy and pimply one! haha =P

17. Are you in love?

Yes indeed.

18. When are you going to get married? I can't wait to see your wedding dress!

Oh my goodness! Dear..please do not ask me this kinda questions. It's in the God's hands. Jodoh saya pun saya tak tahu siapa. Inikan pulak designer baju kahwin nanti! haha.

19. I've seen your pictures a lot in your FB. You must really love the camera and like to pose huh? that bad? huhu. Read here and you'll know why!

20. Do you love blogging?

Of course I do! Blogging has taken my life over the past few months! I can not sleep, eat, shop or go out just because I'm busy blogging! haha. And I super love it!

21. What is your body stats?

Err..let's not talk about each other's boob size or butt size shall we?

Okay..I'm done! If you have any questions at all..just leave a comment and ask ok! Yes you, the one who reads this! Just ask me whatever you need to know and want to know! And I'll try my best to answer 'em ok! =)

Shazwani Hamid.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

She Got a New Hairdo!!!

Look who has the new hairdo!!

I always love with whatever style she did! Be it the ever so popular her Pob cut, the pixie cut and now..this one! So pweety!!





I saw this video after Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it! Can't believe he actually watched it!!
These two girls are comel ok!

Kakak dia suara sedap..adik dia suara comel!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's Follow Me with These Simple Skincare Tips!

Picking an outfit to wear is hard enough as it is. Not to mention getting that cute someone next door to notice you! Now, you also have to worry about the worst skin disaster ever – PIMPLES!! They always pop at the most unlikely time! So how can you enjoy your teenage life then?

Well, you have two options. Either you spend all your teenage years at home and miss out on all of the fun.. OR you can choose the right skincare products for your skin!

FOLLOW ME Oil Control skincare range will solve your skin woes while simplify your life tremendously! Confidence and healthy skin at last! Phew!

This skincare range is designed specially for people living an active lifestyle and helps your skin to stay beautiful, clean and fresh all day long.

The products contain breakthrough ingredients such as Sea Algae which reduce sebum, remove oil and unclog pores; Tea Tree Oil which regulates oil production, helps reduce blemish-causing bacteria; Solar White-C that prevents pigmentation; and Pre-Biotic that stimulates and maintains balance of friendly bacteria on the skin.

The range of the products includes the Anti-Shine Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Mattifying Moisturizer, Poreless Blackhead Remover and Spotless Pimple Gel.

Now girls, let me coach you step by step on how to use the entire product for your daily basic care, so you can say bye bye to your zits!

Step One to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Anti Shine Cleanser

It works by deep cleansing your skin and removing excess oil. It washes away impurities and oil to reveal a smoother and fairer complexion.

Lather and apply on face and neck areas. Avoid your eye areas, girls!

It has a non-drying effect on skin. And I love this one the most, as it has some minty effect on my skin. So refreshing! Oh me likey! =)

Feels like a Banana Smoothie has covered my whole face! Its soo creameyyy!

Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water. You should use this cleanser, twice a day (morning and before your bedtime)

Step Two to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Purifying Toner

Apply using a facial cotton, after cleansing

Complements cleanser and clears away impurities, traces of debris and blemishes for a fairer and radiant skin. It is formulated with active ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of pores for a smoother and more refine skin texture.

I love the smell of it! Very invigorating.

Step Three to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

This stuff is enriched with active ingredients that control shine by absorbing excess oil while its natural formula helps reduce oiliness of skin. I love the fact that this moisturizer is easily absorbed by skin and ideal as a make up base. You can use it to complete your daily skin care routine for a fairer and matte looking skin.

Make sure you cleanse and tone your skin before applying a moisturizer!

Apply it evenly around your face and neck area.

I really love this moisturizer! The texture of this gel made my skin look so clear and even. And best of all, my skin stays matte for hours!

Okay, for the following products are for your weekly treatment ya.. (just use them like twice or maybe thrice a week)

Treatment Care 1: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Poreless Blackhead Remover

It is effective in dissolving blackheads and exfoliating dead skin cells with micro spheres. Its active ingredients reduce excess sebum and help to prevent clog pores, for clearer and fairer looking complexion.

This product would be really great for slowly exfoliating and getting rid of some of your dead skin cells which could cause pimples.

You should apply this on a dry T-Zone and cheek areas by massaging gently onto your skin for one minute till the lumps of dead skin cells, marks, blackheads and impurities surface. And when your done massaging your face, rinse thoroughly with water. You should use this twice a week, and followed by a cleanser, Ok? =)

Treatment Care 2: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Spotless Pimple Gel

This treatment gel is enriched with active ingredients that reduce spots and pimples by penetrating deep into the skin. Natural extracts in fragrance-free formulation work to fight pimple and smoothen skin complexion in 3 days without leaving scars.

Just apply this gel directly onto your blemish spots and pimples before applying moisturizer. Andddd... Zapppp! your zit will be gone in just 3 days!* =)

So that’s five products for you to use faithfully, to prevent pimples from growing on your precious skin!

Oh..and today I would also like to announce to you that FOLLOW ME is also kicking off a Funny Foto Model Search contest, girls!!! So this is your chance to be a ‘Cover Girl’ and win other fabulous prizes! The contest is called “Funny Foto” Model Search.
And it ends on 30 November 2009. So hurry!!

How to enter? It’s so simple, really!

Step 1: Purchase RM 20 and above of FOLLOW ME Oil Control products

Step 2: Strike a funny and creative pose with the FOLLOW ME Oil Control product(s) and have your picture taken!

Step 3: Scan or snap a shot of your receipt. Send it together with your photo by MMS or by email to, or post to:

FOLLOW ME Funny Foto Model Search
10 Jalan TP2, Taman Perindustrian UEP
Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Step 4: Just wait for a miracle to happen for your name to be announced to win these great prizes!

Ok jom jom jom!!! Jom masuk contest ni beramai ramai jommm!=D

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