Monday, July 30, 2012

It's been awhile..

Hi girls! It has been awhile since I last blog. You really blogging....with some words that is, not just pictures! haha. It's just that I am not so inspired to write in here these days.. Well...more like taking my sweet time off to enjoy the great life I'm having right now! hehehe ;p

Plus, it's the fasting month, so most of my free time I would be either sleeping..or hanging out shopping or.. performing terawikh..or reciting the Quran. So, there's not much space in my day for me to really blog. tskk

I promise I will write soon! What would you like me to blog about, ey? Gimme ideas! I'll try to do it for you, inshaallah in my next post! hehe ;)

Okay...happy fasting peeps! Don't run away ya! Stay tune! Love you guys! xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loving the Mint!


Mint Green Lover.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan Mubarak

It's that time of the year again... Ramadhan is here! Let's do good, strengthen our faith, seek forgiveness, give more charity, and trying to be a better person all together! ^__^

For now, these would be my current reads. - I'm trying to recite them each morning after my Subuh prayer (if I'm not running late for work! hehe). Otherwise, maybe I'll just read them at work during my free time.

Anyways, how's your Ramadhan treating you so far? Hope you guys are doing great! As for me, I wasn't so well on my second day of Ramadhan.. Blood pressure was low again. sobs.. Anyhow..I'm okay now, Alhamdullilah. So anywayss...this isn't going to be a long post. Just a quick update before I go for my solat.. hehe. - I will update more stories soon yeah. You knoww..the usual stuff. hehee..

Before I go, let me share with you one of the du'a/prayers in one of my books:

So I hope you guys are having a great Ramadhan this year, ok! To all my Muslim followers, I would like to wish you a Ramadan Mubarak and the well-being of your families in this wonderful time of year. I hope the fasts will teach you patience and bring you and your family together. May Allah Bring us Joy and Happiness, inshaallah! :)

Stay tune for more updates! xx


Sunday, July 15, 2012

My lovely weekend in Pictures

Went to Nurita Harith, and tempah a few Baju Kurungs for Raya

Had delicious cake at Delicious

Went to Farhana's Baby Shower! Dress code: Pregnant Lady! haha ;p

My bump is bigger than Farhana's, the real pregnant lady! haha

Haha..My bump is sooooo big! Ada 5 anak kat dalam. LOL ;p

A lot of fun activities was held that day! Will blog soon! :)

I had a great weekend. How about you?
Okayy darlings..will talk later! 


Friday, July 13, 2012

What I Wore

Last weekend I purchased a full length mirror for my room.. Though I already have a mirror here, but that mirror just won't do any justice to take a gooooooood look at myself (fully). heh.

So anyway, it was a great deal purchasing this mirror.. It's only RM 150 from RM 300+! It's a white frame stand mirror.. which I placed it at my open wardrobe area, next to my mannequin brooch.. It is not that big, which is great because I have a very small space here! tskk..But I'm still loving it! hehe

Now.... I love getting dress every morning.. waking up to see yourself in a room full with clothes, is such a nice feeling..hehe. Choosing shoes, tops, pants, scarf, bags, etc etc..and mix and match them in front of this mirror is fun for me! I feel like I'm in a dressing room of a boutique or something! haha. ;p

Last time, I didn't really get to do this or rather..I didn't really have mood for it, as much as now, because my mirror wasn't placed in a dressing area.. Plus, that mirror wasn't a full-length one. And it was placed at the nonstrategic area. Which is in front of the door and next to the bathroom....and far from my closet  =___=' 

So it's a bit leceh for me to walk back and forth from my wardrobe to mirror, just to see if things look okay on me.. (Note: I'd try more than 3 outfits every time I play dress up in my room / or choosing outfits to go out. Ha ha.)

So yes...I'm one happy girl now. I love this mirror that stays in my open closet! It's easier to play dress up this way! And it's perfect! hehe :)

Anyways...since I just got this full length mirror in my room, I like to take a shot of What I Wear Today, before going to work..hehe

So here's what I wore last few days...

Green coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, H&M printed top, Victoria Secret's black jeans, Eclipse grey pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs green bag and H&M accessories 

Yellow coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, Zara tiger printed blouse, Victoria Secret's red jeans, Celine red bag, Salvatore Ferragamo nude coloured wedges and Diva accessories

Teal coloured scarf from Pasar Malam, Banana Republic white cardigan, H&M mint green sleeveless top, Warehouse white jeans, H&M mint green sandals, Furla mint green bag, and Diva & MNG accessories 

Purple-pink scarf from Arzu, mummy's chiffon silk Baju Kurung  in Yellow and Pink (which I think..the kain was bought at her fave store, Euro Moda), Louboutin shoes, Kelly bag and a diamond ring

That's all! Will take more outfit photos soon!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It was time for her to go..

Sorry for the lack of updates in here..

I had a busy weekend attending events, so I didn't have time to update.. And on Tuesday, my only grandmother (my dad's side) passed away that morning. :(
So, the whole family were in Pahang that day and Wednesday. This was the first time I get to see the burial event.. Normally I won't be following people to the grave.. - I'm somewhat afraid to see the burial of the deceased or something... But now that she was my only grandparent who was left, I wanted to go and see how do people actually bury the janazah..

I must say, it was such a sad and eye-opening event..after hearing the talkin/prayers recited by the ustaz, I felt insaf and I feel like I wanna improve myself and be a good muslim! The age of the grave/barzakh world is soo scary, if you're not prepared and not a good/faithful muslim! We never know when is our time! So we all must strive to become a better and faithful muslim, inshaallah so we all could be in Jannah for eternity! (This is a reminder to myself too!)


Anyway, I'm very happy to hear from the maid who took care of my grandmother...that she passed away so easily. - On that Tuesday morning, after Subuh, she took her bath (she wanted to go shopping at some market called Pekan Sari in Lanchang, like her usual routine on Tuesdays). After she cleaned herself and getting dressed, she wanted to rest on her day bed while waiting for my aunty which is her first daughter, to pick her up.... But before she lie down, she said the kalimah  "la ilaha illallah" about 3 times and then she rest on the bed and sleep..andddd.....little that we know, it was time for her to go......
She was gone right after she sleeps..

She wasn't sick. She didn't have any sickness/disease at all throughout her 92 years. (Only fever or cough or something like that every other month) She was a very strong lady.

And when I saw her face that day, when we wanted to kiss a goodbye for the very last time before burying her, I saw that her face is somewhat...glowing! Like....there's nurWow...this is my first time seeing that kind of face of the deceased.. I hope she will be placed among the righteous and enter paradise by The Grace and Mercy of Allah. Amin

We will miss your lemang and your Pahang accent and also your melatah, Wan. May you rest in peace. Al fatihah.

Your Granddaughter.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In the mood to travel...

Was bored in the office during lunch time yesterday... I was fasting, so I didn't go out to have my lunch. So I browsed through my old pics..and saw my holidays back in December 2011. Oh, I miss Switzerland. It is one of the beautiful country I have seen so far. It is very clean. Nice weather. Friendly and beautiful people. And shopping there is awesome! hehe.. And I must say, Lucern city is sooooo pretty! Please visit this city if you ever gonna travel to Switzerland! :)

Hmm...anyway...I have no idea what to update today. I mean, I do know what to blog about, -  I owe this blog lotsa stories right? haha, but all that are such a long post. So I'm gonna spare some time to do that later.. For now, let me just share with you the 30 countries/cities I would like to visit some day, insha Allah..

1. USA - New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, San Francisco, Hawaii, Alaska (Never been to the states at all! It's in my wish list! hehe)
2. Canada
3. Germany - Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich
4. Greece
5. Sweden
6. Portugal
7. Austria - Vienna
8. Italy - I've visited Milan twice, but would love to see Rome, Florence, Capri, Verona, Monte Carlo and Venice! (Venice would be such a perfect spot for honeymoon, ey? hehe)
9. Spain - Madrid. I've visited Malaga last time. It's beautiful city, but I would like to visit their capital city, pulak! ^__^
10. All over UK. 
11. Russia 
12. Finland 
13. Finland
14. Monaco
15. France - Nice
16. South Korea
17. Bora Bora, Tahiti and her islands
18. Indonesia - Bali 
19. New Zealand
20. Barbados 
21. Maui
22. South Africa - Cape Town
23. Galapagos Island
24. Kenya
25. Japan, again
26. Brazil
27. Jordan, again (I was 11 years old. Not much memory of it! Would love to visit Petra!)
28. Australia - any parts. Would love to say hi to those kangaroos again!
29. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc 
30. MECCA and MADINAH again! (Every year if possible! ^__^)

*Countries that I don't state the city, it means, I don't mind going to any parts of the country! 

Phew. I have a lot of list, huh? hehe. I loveee traveling. I love Europe especially! Alhamdullilah, I'm lucky enough to get to travel to more than 30 countries for the past 20 years.. I think traveling makes you more open minded and you learn a lot of things and get to broaden your horizon. You get to see different people with different cultures, etc.. And I loveee seeing God's creation especially when I travel. Different countries, different scenery! Makes me think/feel that God is the most powerful and Almighty! ....and PERFECT!

My 2012 wish list: To travel more, insha Allah, and if my rezqi murah of course! Amin! hehe


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craving for Meat

Lately I have a sudden weird cravings for meat. Meatballs. Kebabs. Any food with minced meat. Mc Donald's Double Cheese Burger. Meat Curry. Steak. Anyyyyy kinds of food that contains......cow in it. LOL

picture taken at one of the Lebanese restaurant, during my trip to Switzerland in December 2011

I don't like meat. I prefer chicken or fish...but now, lately I wonder why all of a sudden, my tummy or should I say my throat wants to taste meat soooo bad. This rarely happen to me.. I'm more of a chick kinda person...and I only eat meat when I feel so angry with someone. hahah. JK. But yes, this meat craving is so weird for me!? =/

Is it PMSing? Do you crave for meat as well when you're on PMS? Or is something happening in my body right now that needs me to eat meat? Why the sudden crave laa? Hmmm... I know that the foods you eat can affect the chemical composition of the brain and your mood.. And I guess that's why when people on PMS, when their hormone is imbalance - either they always sad or mad, they always wanting comfort food, that's high in sugar and calories to make their mood feel better somehow...

And I'm on PMS right now. And I thought when PMSing, you're only craving for sweet stuff? Normally I would be wanting a cupcake. Or a slice of a Red Velvet. Or...a Starbucks Frappuccino. Or ice cream.. Or cream puff. Or any sweet stuff! But now...It's M.E.A.T! Oh, sounds so macho..I eat meat, man! haha.. (It's weird! Cuz I don't eat meat.. Although on my first date, I did order a steak. haha)

Hmmm... I need meat so badly right now! Probably I should break my fast this evening having a Carl's Jr burger, huh? Oh yums..that sounds so good right nowww...O______O

Or...KL Burger Bakar is awesome too! But it's too far. 40 km from here to get to it. tskk.

I need meat. Help.

P/s: I wonder...macam mana lah kalau aku  pregnant one day nanti ek? Cravings aku ni selalu mengarut-ngarut! >__<

Meat Eater.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Fun-Filled Weekend!

Hi babes!

How was your weekend? Mine? I had an enjoyable one! hehe. Oh, I just loveeee having a fun filled day! I know people say that you don't count it as a 'weekend', unless you spend them doing something completely pointless..? hahah.. (Really? LOL ;p) But believe me, when you had such a day full with fun activities, for the whole Saturday and Sunday, you'll love it! You knoww...rather than spend it all day on your bed being a lazy bum! haha ;p

Now let's see what I did..

On Saturday morning, at 10 am, I attended the Being Me conference held at Matrade, with my sister, and her SIL who was one of the committee members..

Wore a color block; Orange-Cobalt Blue outfit 
(my sister ended up wearing abaya, and I wore the usual style. Terbalik pulak! haha)

There were soooooo many sisters over there! More than they expected. It's such an amazing feeling, seeing so many people turn up, and wanna improve themselves and attend this conference/talk. 
We didn't get a seat though at first. But later, we managed to squeeze in and get to rest our bums! hehe :)

Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

I didn't stay there until evening. Sobs. A lot of awesome talks that I missed... I went off around 2 something as I have another thing to attend at Mandarin Oriental that afternoon..

Anyways, when I was there, I sat one row with this arab-looking girl. She excitedly said hi to me the moment she saw me, and said that she read my blog..I was like awww so cute and sweet. But.....what made it even more cuter and sweeter is that, before she left her seat, she passed me this sweet note to me! hehe

Isn't it too cute?! and sweet? hehe..
Noww...this note is safely tucked in my purse now! hehe. She's too sweet! Kan? 
Now...go on and visit her site, girls! hehe
(Hi Salmah! Waving at youuu! hehe)

So anyways, on the way to M.O, me and my bestfriend had a nice lunch - a Nasi Ayam that I always wanted to try! hehe.. It was a nice one, but I still think that the one in Mancongkam, Gombak is better... heh

And then, later that evening, after the meeting at M.O, we went back home, and mom and dad surveyed a few paint shops, for the new place in Pahang.. - I still don't know what color should I choose. I thought of choosing blue. But blue would look nice with white furnitures. Over there, my furnitures would all be in light brown. More like caramel I guess. And also, blue is out of the list because the room here, I'm going to choose..would be a tiffany blue, I think? Not sure yet.. Haih. Choosing colors for the feature wall is soooo hard!

I thought about mint green - the color that I love currently, but.....somehow I think, that color is seasonal. Few years after that, I'm afraid I might think and feel that the color is too boring...or too pastel/soft, and then later, I decided I want something bold or something, you know.. It's hard being a fickle-minded person like me when it comes to COLORS! One minute you want this. the next minute you want that. Sighhh..

Hmm...never mind now. Let the i.d mom decides for me I guess! ;p

Anyway, around 6 pm, I went to Jusco to buy some groceries and toiletries... and around 7.30 pm I arrived home, rushing to get ready for Vivy's wedding reception in Royale Chulan Hotel

Her wedding is soooo gorgeous, just like her! hehe. Didn't take lotsa pics though. I had a good time laughing with my sister and my friend, that I forgot to take lotsa pics like usual. LOL ;p
Plus, I can't really walk around the ballroom, can I? People would say I'm so kampung or rather jakun..although I really am a jakun girl. haha.. So yeah.. I just took a few snaps..

Sequin table cloth is pretty!!! And I love the table setting!
I sat one table with bloggers. - Tim from Nuffnang, and her fiancee, the pretty Audrey, Redmummy and her husband, and my sister

I loveeee this doorgift! A heart-shaped case, full with bling-blings! 
It looks soooo pretty on my jewelry rack now! hehe

The bride and groom!

The husband and wife

...and me!

With the King and Queen of the night!

Congrats Vivy! You're one of the gorgeous bride I have ever seen! hehe.


Morning: Went groceries shopping with my bestfriend. And a hardware shop.

Afternoon: Had Teppanyaki for lunch. Continue browsing/shopping.

Evening: Went for a spa session at Martha Tilaar in Marriott..

I always looking forward to have this drink whenever I go to Martha Tilaar!

Night: Did a bit of rearranging stuff in my room. Iron my office pants and tops and scarf. And sleep!

Phewww....I had a full weekend! And I loved it! So what did you girls do last weekend? :)

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