Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Notebook of Love!

(A sticky post.. Scroll for more entries from me! ^_~)

Whenever I'm having my PMS, that's pre-period mood swings, I would be really sensitive, and for some weird reasons, I'd become so mushy and would hear all the love songs in the world and watch all fave movies until my eyes become red and bengkak alreadyyyy...and looking like a golf ball! Pffft. I am one drama queen ladyyyy! heheheh ;p

I am so weird, aren't I?! hehehe.. Am I the only one like thisss? Does any of you girls having this kinda thing too whenever you gonna hit your period?? Or is it just me?? =/

Last night I spent my time watching all my fave movies and suddenly all things seemed so touchy and so sensitive and so saddddddd! T_T (And so weird? ;p)

Those movies that were supposed to be funny pun boleh nak rasa sensitive. What the?? 


But this movie below, would always be so touching for me..... Never fail to make me cry.. Seriously, I can really feel the LOVE...... hehehehe

Just by watching this "trailer" pun boleh nak nangis.. Apakah?? LOL. It's really funny when I'm PMSing! Seriously... haha.. Haihhh..cepat lah period! Penat la nak sensitive 2-3 hari ni! hehehe ;p

If you still haven't watch The Notebook, go watch already! This movie won so many awards.. It's awesome.. and I love it so much. This is the kind of love that I call BEAUTIFUL.... =)))))

Ok, I know I probably just made you guys puke on your breakfasts... hehehe.. Enough already being mushy and all...hehe. So okay okayyy... I go nowww..

Toodles! ;p



  1. i cry everytime i watch this movie! the best romantic movie ever!!!

  2. owh i havent watch d movie but read the book..tangkap leleh abis..huwaaa

  3. Morning dear..

    I'd been watching this movie for hundred times..hahaha

    BEST kan cite die..


  4. Darl,

    In the attempt to answer one of your question here, maybe I can promote this blog of a friend of mine whose getting married in a month time.

    When She's PMS-ing, she's really dragging about it. But i love it when she does SO CUTE!!

    owh, she is pretty (pause) busy right now for her wedding preparation, so please expect less frequent updates from her. But when it comes to that time of the month...she writes~

  5. Owh.. one example of her PMS-ing:

    So hang in there girl, you are not the only one

  6. Wani yg cute as well...salu mcm ni...kalau xnangis mmg xsah!!!semua benda jd sensitif.kdg2 rsa nk cpt2 sgt period tu...tensen la bergejala mcm tu...

  7. Teringat kalau saya nak PMS, selera saya naik mendadak. Kalau boleh semua nak makan. Tapi bila dah ada depan mata, makan nye tak lah sekadar nimble nimble je.

    Satu lagi yang saya perasan, belah yang sakit akan berselang setiap bulan. Maksudnya bulan lepas sakit/senak/tenderness belah pinggang kiri lepas tu bulan ni sakit/senak/tenderness belah pinggang kanan.

    Selalunya kalau tenderness belah kanan saya akan heavyflow dan period pain...


  8. terjumpa buku tu...terus rasa macam nak beli sebab cik wani kata best!

  9. lagu apa dia nyanyi ni? nak tau?

  10. gotta get myself the dvd then! thanks wani!


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