Friday, November 30, 2012

Creepy Baby Shower Cakes!

I love any showers and parties.. Bridal showers, baby showers, engagement showers, etc etc! They're fun, right?! A sweet and fun afternoon with the ladies eating cakes, hanging out with good friends and family with lotsa laughters, opening presents, yummy finger foods, fun games etc etc!

My first baby shower that I attended was Farhana's (she already delivered a beautiful baby boy! ^__^). I love everything about her baby shower. It was so fun, cute and sweet!! The excitement at the thought of a new baby is just so exciting, right?! hehe.

Anyways...these days, there are some sick and totally inappropriate people that made super strange cakes and made their Baby Showers seem creepy instead of sweet!! O____o



I mean really, who would dare eating this cake???! I know the person who had this idea just wanna take the "traditional cake" of the baby shower's cake up to a next level, and show their creativity.. And they intended to make a joke out of it. But really...this has gone too far now for a fancy little cake!!!

Let's see some more what else do these sick people had bake! Eeek.

Just the idea of putting this cake into the oven freaks me out!

Placenta cake?? Yuck.

You can view how they cut the Sleeping Baby cake here! 

Now, who wants to cut into a peacefully sleeping baby??

This looks like a baby has been buried alive!

The lady in labour looks scary! haha

This one is not as creepy as the others (maybe because it's small?), I would just remove the baby before I take a big bite of it! hehe

So life-like...

Okay...this is funny! >__<


I know they're just cakes...But really, who would dare cutting a baby's head and butt?! I know I don't!  Can't these people just stick to a normal round or rectangular shaped cakes?? O__o

P/s: Dear my loved ones...please don't surprise me with a Cicak-looking cakes. I will kill you guys! haha


Monday, November 26, 2012

So Girlish!

I'm the kind of person who would buy things not just for their practicality and functionality,  but I buy things that also speak "I'm pretty!". heheh. If you haven't notice it already, I am one girly girl. - I love ALL things pretty and girly.... ever since..forever I guess? hehe. My friends/peers would know that I am one girly girl... Whether be it in my choice of clothes, or my shoes, or how I arrange stuff on my office desk, my room in hostel last time, my current bedroom, my bathroom, my make up table or whatever place that I spend most of my time'll see some girly items in there, because I just love making normal place...looking so girly or..should I say, ME! hehe. 

So anyways, being the girlish girl that I am, whatever things that says pretty and girly, I would definitely buy or collect them! ^__^ Even if it's just some stupid pens.. or calendar or tissue paper.. Or notepads or whatever! I would collect them...because I believe in this little quote someone used to say to me; it's the little things that make a house a home!  - So small things do matter to make a place look decent and pretty! Right girls?? - Who's with me? hehe ;)

So anyway..the other day when I was in Takashimaya in Singapore, I saw some Jordi Labanda's notebooks. I've been collecting her stuff since high school and uni... I love her books! So when I saw them, I just had to have them!! Cuz I couldn't find any Jordi Labanda in Kinokuniya or Isetan KL anymore! *cries* So buying them is a must! ;p

I know they're just books...and I can still write my notes in a normal book like my dad said so to me. But I guess men just don't get it, do they? hehe.. Cuz I just feel like...while I'm at it, why not add a little fun, and buy pretty notebooks that caught my eye....then I can look all girlish, cool and fun, right?! haha ;p

So these are the lovely Jordi Labandas that I've purchased!

Some little notebooks, and files 

Bought a few sizes...small, medium, large... They're all so pretty and too girly, I know I would keep them for such a long time! ^___^ I bought a few for myself, and for my readers, and also for my sister..

I don't know yet what I wanna use these notebooks for.. One is for work, for sure...but the rest, I'm still deciding. Hmm...maybe, one of them can be my To-Do book...and maybe Shopping List book...or...whatever!

These are for my readers..

These are file and a notebook

These are for my friends and my sister. 
Obviously my sister got the "It's Blogging Time" book, because she's a blogger and maybe she could use this book to write her inspirations or something in there..haha

The little notebook I gave my blog readers as a little random gift.. 
These are the girls who made the surprise birthday party for me last time.. 
I lost my mind though when I purchased these, hence I forgot a few names who were there..And only got 6 of them! Pffft. I shall give the rest of the girls that I didn't include here, some other gift to be fair! So please remind me! hehe ;p

This is my Sketch Book or my Doodle Book

This....would be my...umm.. I don't know. 
Maybe.. Recipe/Cook Book? haha.'s too glamourous for a cooking book, no? haha.. Maybe this would be my Style Book, where I write my style and fashion ideas...or something like that?  
Or maybe this could be my Debit-Credit book, where I jot down my I can know my spending? Hmmm.....


This is my file.. for work stuff. ;p

This is another file. This is a different type of file. It's a ring type file

This Natural Style notebook were for Nurul and Ashikin

This 5 Tips on How To Keep Your Boyfriend Away From Other Girls notebook were for Aishah and Yati

And this purple book were for Lina and Zuen

(Hope you girls like it!)

This was for my friends.. 
And mine, I use it as my To-Do Book

And this is for me and my sister.. To write some blogging stuff!
So this would be my Blogging Book. - topics, ideas, inspirations, blog job, meetings, events, due dates, etc etc

This is my Work notebook..

Aren't they fun and pretty? hehe. I love notebooks! What about you collect pretty notebook like I do too? Do share! ;)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spa Drinks

Do you know that drink you drink after you had your body massage at a Balinese Spa or something? Those gingery tea...or herbal ginseng tea...and that super wangi smelling tea that tastes so refreshing and spicy?

Yup. That tea.

Nice, isn't it?? I've always loved that kinda tea.. The kind of tea that makes you feel so..... calm somehow after taking the first satisfying sip! The kind of tea that just makes you wanna say "Ahhhh....." or "Mmmmmm...this is sooooo gooood!". Well, I've always been a coffee person, but I can never say no to herbal, gingery tea. That warm, spicy and tingly taste just feels good.

Teh Jahe is quite popular in Indonesia.. They brew it differently than our normal Teh Halia I guess...that's why it tastes so good. I heard that they charcoal-broiled the ginger first before brewing it together with the tea..and then they mixed it with a special sugar called Gula Aring - Not too sure about this part though, gotta check with my maid later! Anyhow, whenever I'm in Indonesia, I won't miss my Teh Jahe....especially when I'm at Martha Tilaar Spa! amazing tea!!! ^___^

Fortunately, great-tasting herbal tea is sooo easy to make at home, that you don't necessarily have to have it at your spa centres! And there are lotsa recipe over the internet that you can get these days to make the perfect cup of ginger/herbal tea!

So I'm gonna share with you what I did for my sore throat and cough last week..It's a recipe I found on the internet that could help with your cough ;)

It's the Magic Drink, I call it.. haha

I didn't use tea in this drink...but it definitely tastes something similar to the kind of tea I'd drink in the spa centres! hehe. And also, this drink didn't make my cough go away in an instant...but at least, it does soothe my throat a bit.. So that's good enough!

So what you'll need?
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric  
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Water
  • (you can add ginger too if you like - but I didn't use it the other day)

Smash the black pepper and cut the turmeric into small pieces. 

Put them into hot, boiling water..together with your honey and cinnamon stick.

Stir well..and brew it for a couple minutes. And then drain the liquid into a mug using a drainer and discard the leftover spices.

You can add fresh lemon juice to the drink as well if you like.. Or add more honey if you think the taste is funny...or strong...or whatever! hehe.

Try it! it's good for your cough! ;)

Hope everyone will have a good day and week ahead! Happy Monday! 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sick Girl..

Alhamdullillah, praise to God.. I'm all well now (umm...just a lil' bit of coughing, but that's alright) - If you didn't follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, the reason I was being away for a week is because I had a terrible fever since Monday. I've been down for the whole one week. I didn't know what I did wrong... I mean, this is the first time I had a fever all of a sudden! Normally I'd get some signs like...a few days before, like maybe coughing or having sore throat first...or flu..or whatever.. But this time, there's no signs of it coming at all! I had it right after I got back from Pavilion (happily buying some Christmas set while drinking my Toffee Nut Latte. heh), and then on my way back home, while driving...I felt weird, and my temperature went straight up! I checked my temperature the minute I got home, it was about 39 or 40°C! I was sooo hot, that I couldn't believe my temperature stick cuz I thought it was damaged! haha.. So anyways, that night I slept with 3 clothes on and one very thick jacket (so 4 tops on me), and I wore a wool pajama pants (for winter), socks and slept with 2 blankets on me.. with no fan nor air-cond that night... - And I was still shivering! tskkk... Gosh I hate fever. 

So I was in bed all the time since then.. Only on Wednesday night where I got out with my sister, to watch the special screening of the Twilight Part 2 that my sister got from Nuffnang. I thought I was recovering and doing okay that night..because my body didn't seem to be warm that day... so I decided to go out for one night since I've been in bed for the whole 3 days already, hence I thought I needed a break..? (I only went away from my bed for eating at the kitchen, or toilet and solat break). So 90% of my day was spent on the bed...with no laptop or iPad whatsoever entertainment for me.. - Do you know how stressful it is to be sick and stay in bed doing nothing but sleep?! It's torturing me. That's why when the sister asked me out..I said yes.

I thought I was okay. But my body lied to me that night. The next day I was back to having a fever again! Until Friday.. Went to the clinic twice this week. The doctor suspected dengue...but thank God it wasn't dengue! I just had some viral infections or something like that.. Couldn't really remember what the doctor said. But one thing I know for sure is that I had a swelling tonsil. And hurts so bad! T___T

So anyways... by the time it was Friday, the medicine that my doctor gave me (antibiotics, paracetamols, etc) has already finished..  But my fever, cough, flu, etc didn't seem to go away..and I couldn't stand it anymore..cuz it just sucks being sick, although my mom used to tell me that being sick is God's way of forgiving our sins...and that I just have to sabar a bit..

But one week in bed is really torturing me.. I needed to do something. So on Friday morning, after taking my medicine, I went out to the pharmacy near my house..

...and I took whatever medicine I see on the rack that I thought would heal me..

I bought a few there, but I only took two medicines (Although the pharmacist did say I could mix some of the meds here) - so I took the Mucosolvan and the Panadol Soluble... The rest, I kept it in my medicine box for future use..

And man...I gotta say, I LOVED THIS MEDICINE!!!!!!
I stopped coughing when I take this! And it has only been about two capsules now! It's working! I could sleep peacefully since Friday night!! So happy!

Breacol or the doctor's cough syrup didn't work for me. But this one does! And I love it!!! I had terrible, teribleeeeeee cough the other day.. (I cough until I puke...and I cough so hard until my muscle around my tummy hurt so bad that it feels like I just did a 100 sit ups) So that's why I'm in love with this medicine..because it gives me minor coughs now... And it's bearable. - It's more like a sexy cough! haha ;p

Anyways... here's to a new, fresh week ahead!! I'm all better! No more fever, no more weakness. Only sexy cough. LOL ;p So let's hope for a bright, happy week for all of us, insha Allah! ;)

Take care girls! Salam.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snake Skin, I Love!

There's something about animal prints that says "elegant" or "sophisticated" or "chic", I would say! That's why I loveee them! I love cow prints, zebra prints, giraffe prints, tiger prints, cheetah prints, leopard prints and snake prints especially! They're so pretty! But it's kinda hard to find nice ones (with a nice price tag that is) for these animal printed tops in the market. I'm a big fan of animal prints, if you must know! I just think that they're kind of elegant and "glamourous" somehow. hehe. 

Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons; whether in fashion or even in interior designs. They are generally expensive and considered rather exotic; hence they are a symbol of wealth and status, in the old days. And throughout history, kings and other high status people have used animal print rugs and such, as a sign of status.

But these days, you can find a lot of the "fake" animal printed stuff already. So, buying or wearing an animal printed items nowadays is no longer means a symbol of wealth! It just means, it is a symbol of I have a prevailing taste! hahahah ;p

What I wore: a Zara snake printed top, Topshop black satin pants, Pasar Malam olive green scarf, Diva necklace, TSL ring, Chanel beige bag, Aldo nude heels.

Like a bawse! haha ;p

I almost wanted to 'design' my eyeshadows looking like a snake print too! But then I realized, I'm only going to work, so...the two-toned ones will do! haha 

I've always love the classy look. Hence, I always wear those kind of style. I know a lot of people (anonymous people, that is. LOL ;p) have been telling me that I dress not according to my age, and that I look mature/old with this kind of dressings. But then again..for me, style is subjective. There's no specific style for a specific age. At least... I think so? hehe. I mean who says that for a 60 year old woman, you haveee to wear those frumpy cardigans and a dull colored pants?? O___o

And who says, that a 10 year olds gotta wear kiddies looking outfit? Just look at Zara kids collection! They have a bunch of elegant pieces for kids! I know I would prefer to buy my kids some Zara outfits than Kiko stuff, when I have one, someday! hehe. So my point here is that, elegant doesn't mean "old", honey. It just means I got taste! LOL ;p Ok, I'm kidding here..but you get my point right? hehe.

And tell me, what do early twenties women like me, wear to work then, if it's not a blouse and a slack pants? ;)


For the lazy people like me..


Always on the go.

The first person who invented the "drive-through" concept is a genius! Or.....simply lazy like me. LOL. I mean, finding parking in the business district could be such a pain in the a$$ sometimes...right?!  It's too much work to be done, just to curb the cravings for some flavored iced coffee during the PMS week;

So you arrive at the area.. Search for a parking space. Make one round because you are still finding for a perfect spot that is near the entrance/cafe. Make another round because you thought in another few seconds someone might just get out from the area.  You saw the perfect parking space...but you missed it and overlooked at it just now..but you were just a few meters away now, so you thought you wanted to make a U-turn or just make another one more round. So you did.

By the time you were there, someone already stole your spot though. You get piss off and start swearing at the driver and calling him stupid, simply because you're on PMS. And then you start searching for another spot AGAIN. And now, you're super hungry, super thirsty and very impatient. It was a sunny, super hot day. You're getting hotter and grumpier. And you've made two rounds now...

Then you saw a parking space from afar. So you press the accelerator pedal very fast to make sure that you are the first person who'd get the space. And you did. You parked your car. But it was quite far from the cafe that you want to get to. But you park it anyway. Then you walked. For 15 minutes. In your 5 inch high heels. You feel very sad and mad at the same time at the situation, while walking..because of such hassle just for an iced latte. But you still want it, and hate yourself for wanting for it..but you know you just can't help it.

Then you arrived at the cafe. It was at a peak hour. So, the queue was long. Queued for 15 minutes. Ordered your Iced Toffee Nut Latte in Large size. 2 minutes later, you get your coffee. You're a happy kid now. So you walk back to your car. Paid the parking fees. And get back to work.

Overall time spent in that area was about 50 minutes! O__o

See? It's too much hassle! That's why I loveee the "Drive-Thru" concept simply because I hate finding for a parking space especially during the peak hour! And I'm just so lazy to get in and out of my car especially when I'm just going to one spot. I prefer to just sit in my car, listen to the music and just wait for my orders to arrive at me..then I'm good to go! hehe

Anyway, these can find a lot of Mc Donald's Drive Thru in Malaysia right? And KFCs too. But they're not as many as Mc Donalds'.

So far, I only know 4 fast food brands that are implementing the Drive Thru concept, here in Malaysia like Mc Donald's, KFC, Burger King and A&W. And I wish to see more of the cool restaurants and cafes that I like, to have this Drive Through concept because it simply is convenient!!! In the US/Europe, the Drive Thrus are very common and popular.. Even their Tesco has it's Drive Through!!! ^__^

So anyway...Starbucks in Malaysia too, has started to have the Drive Thru concept. I'm very very happy that they have a few of them now..and one of it is near my office area! - That's the most important thing! hehe. To get a great coffee to start off my day at work without having to leave my car! ^___^

I would order the same drink each time I'm here! And some sandwich too sometimes!

But too bad that they only display drinks on their menu. 

I wish they'd put some of their cakes or muffins and sandwiches too on the menu here.. Because I hate to always have to ask what sandwich do they have.. And then I have to make a decision of what I want, after they have named me a few..while they impatiently wait for my answers.. 

I's hard to make a decision when you can't imagine what's the food look like! Especially for a fickle minded girl like me.. One second I want A, then after the person has keyed in my order in the system, I'd cancel it and order something else because the menu B just sounds delicious. Pffft.. 

For Starbucks they have only two stations.. 
One for ordering (the orders are generally placed using a microphone and picked up in person at the window), and another one for pick up, pay and collect your orders. 

Toffee Nut Latte! Yums..

Anyway.. I thought currently Malaysia only have a drive through cafes/restaurants.. I didn't know that we have drive thru banks as well. - The one in Citibank KL is considered as different one because that is just a drop-box for cheques or something..

I'm talking about the ATM machine. Just like I saw in some of the Europe countries I visited last time.. I don't know why I was excited to see a drive-thru Maybank the other day when I discovered this! haha. I mean, it's just so cool and convenient to have this facilities..and I think, Malaysia need a lot more of this concept/facilities!

See..that motorcyclist didn't have to find parking and off his engine, just for a 2 minute transaction!

...and suddenly, I don't have any cash and wanted to cash out my money at the Drive-Thru ATM I just discovered here! haha ;p

Anyways... we used to have the Drive-In concept at the A&W in Petaling Jaya, right? I wonder if they still have that or not.. It has been awhile since the last time I went there.. And I wonder why Mc Donald's or any other fast food chains in Malaysia, didn't have the Drive-In concept.. Cuz I think the Drive-Ins concept is as important as Drive-Thrus, too. It's for people who just wanna eat their meals in the car...and being served while they still remain at the parked car to eat! (Cuz..maybe their attire is not really suitable to be in the public area or something, you know.. But they still wanna have a meal...or whatever! hehe)

Oh,  and just to inform you.. that I saw the other day, that Subway is gonna have a Drive Thru as well!! Oh, I'm soooo excited! I love love loveeeeee Subway's!!! And it's really near to my office too! So this is sooo cool! I know now what I'll eat for breakfast from now on..haha.

P/s: I wish O'Briens, Gong Cha cafe, Sushi Zanmai, Sushi King, Any sushi shop, Baskin Robbins, 7-Eleven, Post Office, and etc...would have a Drive Thru some day!!! I'll be your first customer! hehehe

P/ss: People are getting lazier and lazier with technologies and such, these days! haha ;p


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The artistic side in me..

It was my friend's birthday the other day.. So instead of buying the usual boring/normal cards, I decided to be a little bit creative and spend some time making a hand made birthday card! Using all the stuff that I have in my stationaries section! - Recycle and Reuse. You too, should start putting these two mantras in your life! haha

Anyways... I don't know about you, but I've always feel that ANYTHING that is hand made (to perfection) or something that you put so much effort in it, would have a better impact on the person that you want to give/surprise, as compared to the ones that are already in the market/common/easily get/ready-made/etc... 

Because to me, EFFORT,  A LOT!!! Never underestimate the sheer value of effort in the things that you do, because every step and every strife, COUNTS! (If it's still doesn't work the way you want it to be or something, always know that Allah value/count your effort!) So men and women out there who are in any relationship/friendship/partnership/spaceship..whatevership... Put 100% of your effort in whatever things that you do! Ok? hehe (Okayyy...I'm a bit lari topic here. Hahah. Well, actually this is just a little reminder for those guys who think effort is meaningless. Pffft =____=' )

So anyhow... My card was nothing extravagant. Yes, it is a specially made card by me, and I've taken my time to make it look presentable, but it's just a simple card, really! Because I didn't put much time in doing this because I am juggling a lot of things these days. - Trust me, I can do A LOT better! (I have done this one card, which took me 4 months to complete it...and the result was awesome!!!!!) 

This time, I only took half a day to do it. So, a simple (but reaaaalllllyy tedious job) card will do! Plus, I have another surprise/gift besides this card..and that one required a lot of my time and planning to do! That was why I decided to spend just a bit of my time doing the card (because this was just a minor surprise), so I can spend more time planning the main thing for my friend! hehe (Will blog more of that later!! ^___^ )

So anyways...what did I use in my hand made card??

I've used some candles....

....a cardboard, a scissor, a pencil, some colored papers, some double-sided tapes, glue, sticky tapes. some fancy papers; glittered papers, foam papers and some markers

You know where did I get this white cardboard from? It's inside the packaging of every bed sheet sets or quilt cover sets that I bought! So instead of throwing them away, I took them and keep 'em!

..and this is the pretty foam papers that I bought last time in MPH store

I drew some letters...and cut them out!

I stick some silver paper on that white cardboard...and then I stick the glitter foam paper at the edge of the card, making it look like a frame... 

....and then I stick the glitter letters on a different silver paper, and cut the edges of those letters, to make a silver outline of those colorful letters.. and later, stick them on a dark grey paper. And then outlined the letters again, with a black marker pen!

This is the front page...which I stick with a "25" candle, to represent the old age.. LOL ;p

and the inside of the card (with a little message in it...which you don't really have to know what I wrote.. haha ;p)

The glitter words!

The back side!

I made the envelope as well..and it was the biggest envelope I've ever made! - because this card is quite thick, so I need a bigger space for the envelope, for the card to fit..haha

Anyways, to my dear friend, I hope you had a fun-tastic birthday that day! And I hope I made your day with my surpriseS.....and also, I hope you like my little card here! haha ;p

Ok, talk to you guys soon! Take care!

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