Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Short and Sweet Trip to Istanbul

Was clearing out some files on my external hard disk, and I found an old file that contains my old pics - that's about a few years ago, when I was still a student (I think around the age 19 or 20...? Can't remember)

It was the picture from my short and sweet trip with my brother to Istanbul, Turkey, that's around 2007 or 2008..? Really can't remember now. haha. - This is why I need to blog about all my whereabouts, so I have a little piece of memory in here. And can show my daughter some day, her mummy's travelogue or stories. hehe..

So anyway, when I found these pics just now, I was sooo excited because I really forgot I have these pics or even remember of going to Turkey last few years! haha.. I've reaaallly bad memories! =____=' 

Oh well...probably because the trip was too short, and it was a few years ago alreadyyy. And I don't even get to transfer the photos to my current Macbook, before my old laptop died on me last time. But thank God I have them in my external hard disk, rupanya! haha..

Anyways.. We were there for only 3 nights. And by now..I forgot a lot of stuff already for me to write down my stories/experience over there. So I guess, posting some of the pictures will do, yeah?

Went there with my brother. Daddy had a business meeting earlier on, so we thought of tagging along too. Haha. But we came there few days after dad has arrived there..
(my brother was still in high school at that time. That explains why he looked sooo kiddy. LOL ;p)



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tidying up My Room!

Hey girls! How's your weekend so far?? Mine..was full of rearranging and organizing stuff in my room! My room was a mess...thanks to the many stuff that I have in here! tskk.. I have so many stuff but too little space. So, tidying up could be tricky! Heeee. 

But seriously, it's a lot of thingsss in my room now, which is not fun and funny anymore. Even dad and mom keep on nagging me about my things that were cluttered all over the room and it's a real mess! haha. - But I still think, my room is the most organized room in this house (except the guest room as that couldn't be counted bcuz no one stay there! LOL), despite having a lot of stuff in here! haha, perasan.... But really! hahaha ;p -Try open up my drawers, my racks, etc, everything are in place, or color-coded, size-coded, type-coded, etc! Trust me, I have my system of organizing things! I don't just kemas luaran, as in, only tidying up the general area in the room, that makes you think "Oh, this room is sooo clean and tidy!", when you first step into the room. But then, when you open up the closet or the drawer, everything is jumbled up in there! haha. 

When I clean, I clean all the details in the room! Even the littlest drawer that I have, I gotta make sure that the things in the drawer are all organized according to the stuff that I put in there. Say for example, socks..or panties...or stationaries drawer, or...belts, or my vitamins drawer, etc etc! 

I love organizing things, and like to keep it tidy.. but sometimes I just don't have time to do it..or simply lazy/tired. Haha. So when I have the chance to do so... I'll spend hours and hours doing it passionately! LOL. I really like rearranging and tidying things up..but only when I have all the energy and time to do so! hehe.. 

Like this weekend, I have spent hours cleaning my bag closet, my shoe area and a lil' bit of my beauty stuff...

Anyway, here's some pics I took and uploaded on Instagram (gotta love the app! ^__^) 

My study table that I turn into an open closet!
Here is where I put most of my colored tops on the lower rack; Yellow, Red, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple. And all my bottoms i.e skirts, slacks, jeans, casual pants, khakis, etc on the upper rack..
The rest of the colors like Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Creme, Black, etc are all in the wardrobe..

In the drawer, I put all of my fragrances. Upper drawer is for EDPs and lower part are all EDTs. 
I have about 200 bottles all together. 70% of these are all gifts that I get. -People must have love me so much to shower me with this! haha (but thank you, really!)

And here is my shoe area..
I organized according to color; Blue, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Black, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red, Brown, Creme, etc!

Oh..and at the upper rack, since it's kinda hard to reach (because I'm short T__T), I put all my booties that I'll use for my winter holiday..

Mmm... I gotta say, I love all my heels! There's just something about shoes that can make me really happy! hehe. Give me this two things; perfume and shoes, you'll make me the happiest girl on earth! LOL ;p

.....and I changed my bed sheet to a fresh, new one! hehe. Gotta love my comfy bed! 

I love Instagram! Follow me on instagram, girls!
My id: @shazwanihamid
See you there! hehe ;)

Mmm...I love having a clean and tidy room. It gives me a peace of mind! Gotta kemas my other room, next week!
So what about you? What did you do on your weekend, girls? :)

P/s: Last time when I went to my friend's house, I saw her dressing table all messed up! And so I voluntarily uncluttered the mess, and rearrange her stuff happily! So who wants my service? LOL ^__^ 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Tinted Sun Cream is my new Foundation! :)

Hi girls!

Today I would like to share with you girls about my new tinted sunblock that I love so much! I have been searching for the best tinted moisturizer/sunblock that doesn't cost a bomb for my everyday wear, but still give me a great result.. And I have found one! It's from Leaders Clinic brand! - Gotta love this product.. All of their products that I tried so far, are all so awesome! And this is another great product that they have! It's the Sensitive Sun Cream! The website that I showed you guys earlier in my previous posts, - the Hansaegee Nature - the distributor for this brand, just launched this product this month on their website. And I just got the sunblock a couple of weeks ago..and using it until today! And loving it still! hehe.

Because of this sun screen, I now can do my everyday look in less than 10 minutes, because I can skip the make up base, foundation and blending, etc part! Weehoo! I'm learning to slash my time to get ready! What an improvement! heheee ^____^
(I normally get ready for about 15 to 20 minutes. Just for my face. haha. If it's dinner or a night out with a hot date or whatever, then it'll take me about 30-40 minutes. Yes, just for my face! haha ;p Belum masuk pakai baju, siap2 apa semua lagi...LOL. But that just for a special day or something.. Ok la tuuu kan? heh. Yeah righttt Wani! ;p)

Anyway, so this cream is basically what I needed - it has SPF 50+ / PA+++, and provides strong shield against UV A, and UV B. It's tinted, so it's naturally correct the skin tone (and I don't have to wear another layer of foundation or BB Cream or whatever - but it can be used as a make up base as well!), it's lightweight, it's VERY moisturizing, it has a very soft & creamy texture but not thick nor greasy/sticky - which makes it so easy to blend! (just perfect texture! ^__^), it's great for sensitive skin like mine! (Cactus extract calms irritated skin, and this product is safe to use on young children). It's long lasting and waterproof (up to 12 hours! Its water resistance prevents it from being washed away by sweat or water). Oh, it has everything that I need in a tube!

That's why I like it so much.. hehe. With this on my dressing table, I don't have to wear my BB Cream or foundation anymore when I'm out and about to do errands. It's just perfect for my everyday look! (I'm trying to wear less and less make up these this Sensitive Sun Cream is just perfect for me to start not to wear too much make up on my face! ^__^)


Opsss... I pressed a little too much for my hand! haha. Oh well...never mind..

Let's just blend it!

See the difference it made to my skin tone and texture? hehe. 
Ok, maybe the pic above is a lil' too fair as compared to my real skin. But that's cuz I accidentally pressed way too much of the cream just now when I wanted to take this picture! haha..  (and that's not how we all should wear our tinted moisturizer/sunblock or foundation or whatever. Just a small amount will do!) 
But you can really see the nice texture it gave to my skin, right? :)

Skin is soft and moisturized! Now I'm ready to go! ^__^

So yeah. Gotta love this Sensitive Sun Cream!

By the way, a lot of people has been asking me where can they get this Leaders Clinie products. Well, as I mentioned before.. you can buy them online at Or you can email them at: or call/SMS 017-681 3529 or contact via FB! At - All information are here. So don't keep on sending me emails and ask me the same questions ya. haha.. JK ;p

Ok, take care girls! Have bright sunny day ahead! And don't forget to wear your sunblock, ya! :)


Monday, May 21, 2012

My Kind of Kamar.

I just watched The Notebook again. And in that movie, Noah built his beautiful house with his own hands...and it got me thinking, hmm....wouldn't it be nice if I get to create my own house too? hehe.. So anyway, I was playing around with my iPad just now.. And I doodled and drew some stuff... One of it was my dream bedroom. Haha..this girl sure does love to berangan a lot, ey?! haha (but the drawing is half done, actually! It's not fully siap yet! ;p)

Mmm.. I would to have my own space in my room. Like, a space for me to do my work.. a space for me to read, a space for me to relax,  a space for me to get dressed and ready.. a space for me to put all of my stuff and organize them properly.. a space for me to do my make up and a space for me to enjoy my 2 hour bath with candles and whatnot! hehe.. Oh, it's soooo awesome! ^___^

Hmm.... For me, a bedroom is the most important area in a house, as I'm the kind of a girl that likes to sit and spend my time in the room, enjoying every minute of my life in my bedroom..haha - I don't really spend much time in front of the telly/in the living room.. So yeah, a bedroom is my space! ;)

So's what I drew just now... Imagining all my pretty stuff are in here, in my imaginary bedroom! haha.

I'd love to have a blue room. With a pretty white bedsheets.. And have a lot of vintage frames/pictures in the room. And also a hugeeeeeeeee vanity area and closet! hehe..

Oh, and with lots and lotsa mirror too! hehe.. That'd be awesome! ;)

Anyway..this is not an architect nor I.D student who drew this. So don't laugh at my cacat drawing, kay? ;p I just thought of sharing my dream room here.. Heee

How's my drawing skill? LOL
VERY BAD, I would say! Teeeheee ;p

(Showed mom this drawing, she laughed out real loud at me! =_______=' Sobs.  - She has some interior design background. And was working with engineering line too, last time. So she laughed at my stupid drawing. hahaha. Whateverrrrr mummyyyy I was just drawing according to the plan that you showed me! hahaha ;p)

Anyways...wouldn't it be nice, to enter your room and see all of your gorgeous high heels are all on the racks, neatly organized according to type, and colors, as one of the feature wall/deco for the room? Mmmm... And wouldn't it be nice to have a large closet where you can walk inside it, and see every piece of your pretty clothes, all hanging beautifully and ready for you to take them out for the day? hehe.. And have an island cabinet that holds all of your accessories and perfumes?! Oh my...I'm imagining a lot of things right now... How niceeeee....'s what I imagine the inside of my walk-in-wardrobe would look like.. Lotsa racks, and stacks and compartments for the little things I have..

And this is the kind of blue that I like. A tiffany blue! So soothing, so calm! :)
I don't like that bedhead though..

And this is not exactly the bathroom that I like, but I like the bath tub and the space it has in here! It's hugeeeee! I likeeee. hehe

Oh, bestnya berangan! hehehe ;p


A Girlie Affair with Shida! :)

I had a realllllyyy great time with my friend Shida, the last time I had a girl's night in with her at Marriott. We did a lot of girly stuff in the hotel.. And ohhh it was such a fun time! Facials, spa, movies, gossips, pillow talk, manicure, bubble baths, camwhoring,  etc, etc! We really did have a great time together! I loveeee having this kinda sleepover with my girlfriends  ^___^

I will definitely blog about this later.. For nowww, let me just have a quick post, and share some of the random pics I took over there.. (there are more than 600 pics to be chosen and I'm gonna need a lot of time for that! haha ;p)

Checking in..

We sure did bring a lot of pink stuff over there! Including her pink car, to suit the theme! hahaha ;p


(the bellboy smiled at us for bringing all theseeee... But we didn't care! haha ;p)

Pillow fight. haha


Had awesome hot bubble bath!

Getting ready..


Sleep! HA HA. So fake. LOL xP

Went for a spa session at Dewi Sri by Martha Tilaar Spa 

Gotta love this cute girl! ^__^

Packing..and it's time to go home!

Isn't it fun to have someone who shares the same interest as you do? Will blog soon! Now am gonna catch my dinner! Taaa! Talk to you soon! ;)

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