Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Interest? hehe

Lately I find myself flipping some I.D magazines and googling some interior designs of a room, a living room, a closet, etc etc. No more fashion magazines! How weird! haha..

Hmm.. I'm beginning to have an interest in interior designs...perhaps? heh. (mom even asked me to go for a short course for interior design something.. Because she said I have a good eye and I should enhance the knowledge/idea that I have! hehe ;p)

It's really interesting looking at all the pretty and modern designs of a house, an office, a room, a bathroom, and et cetera! But the thing that interest me the most are the designs of a bedroom, bathroom and a closet especially - because that's the place I would be spending my time the most! ;)

Plus, I do believe that the place that you sleep in - the bed and the bedroom, have to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. Because it's really important to be as happy and peaceful as you can in your own room, Cuz that's the place you rest and sleep! And ultimately, you'll get a good night sleep and wake up in a very good mood! Unless of course, something else is bothering you...then a good bed also can't be that reliable to change your mood. LOL ;p

But anyway...throughout my "research" of the bedroom and bathroom designs... Bathtub designs has really caught my eye!

Look, so many awesome shapes, sizes and designs!

This is just a simple one. But it still look nice to me...It's classic!

This one too! 
This one comes with a back rest! So niceeee...I can imagine myself relxing in here for one hour, enjoying my bubble bath! hehe

So unique, isn't it?!

This looks like for a jacuzzi bath or something

This looks like a boat/sampan! haha

So cool!


I like this! Like a mini swimming pool!

And favourite one!!!

A heel bathtub!!! So cool righttt?! hehee

Can't wait. Can't wait! ;p

I can't wait to have one of these designs to be mine! hehe. Then I guess.. I'll be spending more time and hours in there, doing these kind of things in my bathroom! haha. Oh heyy... maybe I should have a little corner in my bathroom for my foot spa too..perhaps? ;p
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Life I Have! T..T

Life....isn't perfect! Sob...sob....

Morning: Stuck in jam everyday for almost 2 hour. I know! Crazy right?!
(If I go as early as 6.30, I'll arrive so early - 30 minutes drive, and the office is still close! But if I go out at 7 and above, I'll be stuck in traffic for 1-2 hour! Grrrr...)

Then, arrived office with some workload that keep on coming in non-stop, every hour, everyday. 
*wipe tears*

Evening: Rush to KLCC for Marie France Bodyline treatment (if there's any). And stuck in jam for another one hour.

Or...If I choose to cancel my appointment at MFB, and go back 'early' instead, I'll stuck in jam for another 2 hours or so..

At 9-10 pm, after I'm done with the treatment or work or dinner. The traffic is STILL as bad! Stuck in jam for 1 hour more...

Arrived home.

11 pm-1 am:  Mandi. Solat. Do some of my usual stuffs for a bit.

2 am: Sleep.

6 am: Wake up.


Grrr.... >_<

PFFFFFT. What a life! Thank God this will soon end!!! :D (I got a helicopter. LOL ;p)
Haihhh... I. Cannot. Wait! Now only I value my schooling days. Hmm...maybe I should take Masters! haha ;p

Anyway, the conclusion for this post is: I HATE TRAFFIC JAM THAT IS MORE THAN 50 MINUTES OF MY PRECIOUS TIME! Sikit-sikit dah la..bukan sampai berjam-jam habis masa on the road, pagi petang siang malam! It's annoying! KLites, please take LRT from now on and let the Selangor people like me to drive happily everyday! hahaha ;p 

P/s: I. Freaking. Need. A. Vacation! Kaki aku sakit, dowh!!  >_<

Drama Queen ;p 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment Continues!

So my second and third visit to the Marie France Bodyline in KLCC outlet were AWESOME! During this two visits, they focused on my tummy area and front thighs first. A lot of machine and wrapping were used! It was some treatment called CBT and another one was TSTP or something somethingg... Reaaaaalllyyy can't remember! =(

But anyway, both the treatment was nice.. It involved some cooling gel, some scrubs, some masks, some ultrasonic gel, some machines and lots more! I reallllyyy love the treatments I get in here! So freaking niceeee! I always fell asleep while doing the treatment! Well...maybe cuz I'm just so tired... Or, it could be the treatment is really really nice that I fell asleep! hehe

So therapist brought me to the VIP Treatment room, to start doing my slimming session... burn the fat all around this tummy! Sighh.. When will I ever be a 45 kg girl? tskk

My outfit of the day was: Cobalt Blue with a combination of Hot Pink! ;)

And then she brought me to this room to start the tummy reduction session! hehe

Some blue powder mask, slimming ampoule, scrub, gels, slimming oils, etc..

After an hour of massaging me and gliding the roller machine all over my fat thigh and tummy...she mixed the powder with water, and made this mixture of body mask ready to be applied on my body!

I love the color! It's actually brighter than this.. The color is like aqua blue or something.. Or was it turquoise? Oh well...never mind! But I like the feeling.. It left me a cooling effect on my skin..

Then...resting time! ;)

After a good 30 minutes, the therapist came in to unwrap the plastic wrap on my body, and wipe the mask away..  The mask turned out to be like a jelly/gel texture when it has dried...and it was so easy to remove!

Then after massaging and spreading the slimming oil onto my body... I'm all set to be back home already! ;)

But first...gotta touch up my make up a bit in the Powder Room! hehe

I loveeeee the lighting in this room! It made my skin looked gooood! So, the vain side in me gotta take a picture la, of course! hahaha ;p

Okay. For those who haven't VOTE FOR ME, Sila VOTE yer??! Another few days left jer ni! heheheheh ;p 

Thanks korang! Laff laff ya! ;)
Okayyy... Bye bye now! Gotta sleep..tomorrow am going to workkkkk! Tata!


You Know It's Almost Raya, when....'re starting to find tailors and designers for your Raya outfits! ^_^

I'm not really a fan of Baju Kurung. I don't have that many Baju Kurung in my wardrobe. Not because I don't like wearing them. Don't get me wrong, I do like to wear Baju Kurung actually - Somehow the baju made me feel safe when wearing them. And I like it. But the reason why I don't have that many pieces of Baju Kurung in my closet is because I don't really know how to choose a great material, design and pattern. It's not really my cup of tea, I think..? heh 

When I enter Gulatis or Hasaram or Euro Moda and Jakel, all the kain look just about the same to me, floral or abstract, etc etc! I really don't know how to choose a good pattern! Heheh ;p

Usually it'll be like so plain. Or so dull. Or too bright. Or so boring. Or so "orang tua". Or so "mak datin". Or so girly/kiddy. Or so... hmm...I don't know!

Seriously... I don't really know how to choose the best one. So normally I'd leave the job to my mom, as she has a really good eye on all those kain-kain. She really knows what to pick and buy - of course la, Baju Kurung is her everyday outfit, and she only wear that for the past 25 years! So of course she's an expert in this field! hehe =)

So let's just leave me to buying blouses and shirts, kay? Cuz that's my fave department! haha ;p

Anyway, so each time when Raya is approaching, I'll get excited as this is one of the time that I'll be able to wear some nice Baju Kurungs, with pretty designs from some famous designers! heheh ;p Otherwise, I'll just have to wait for an event or dinner that I am invited to, to wear 'em... And that rarely happen! haha.

So today, I just got back from visiting a few designers, for a consultation session...

In one of the designer's boutique..

They have a lot of pretty ready-to-wear Baju Kurungs in here..

But I went for a made-to-measure Baju Kurung, as my body is not a standard size like any other Malaysian ;p


A little sneak preview! Hehee. Can't wait to see the end result! I hope it'll turn out to be nice! 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! ;)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

My treatment at Marie France Bodyline in KLCC

And so I did my treatment in KLCC starting this week. 

Oh myyyy...the place is beautiful! It looks luxurious! And serene.. Me likeyyyyy! I feel so happy that I switched to KLCC instead of continuing doing my treatment in USJ Subang. Not that USJ outlet is bad or whatever.. Not at all actually. I love the people there! Very friendly... But actually it's because, first: USJ is far from my work place...and they closed earlier than in KLCC. So my treatment time is a bit limited over there... and second because the Marie France Bodyline (MFB) outlet in KLCC is soooo beautiful and they close at 10 pm, which I likeeee cuz more time for me to do my treatments after office hour! hehe ;p

So anyway, I arrive MFB in KLCC last Tuesday, to continue my treatment there.. 

My god...the place smells nice and it looks so beautiful too!! (They just open last 15th actually - they renovated it and moved to a new place in KLCC)

See....they even got a trophy for being the Best Centre of MFB last year! ;)

So anyway... after I've arrived, they brought me to the Consultation Room, to follow up a bit..

I loved the color that they use as for the walls. Lavender. 
So prettttyyy. Now...I'm thinking to change to lavender as the feature wall in my new room pulak, instead of pink. Hurmm.... =/

*while waiting.. I camwhored*
Then they showed me around the place...

Here's the nutritionist room or something.. *forgot*

Oh! And in here..they even have facial room! Yes, MFB also does facial too! Now only I know! hehe

There's also Male Treatment room.. Yeppp.. MFB treatment is available for pregnant guys too. hehe

And...lastly, the VIP Treatment room... I was like whoaaaa...there's VIP room too?? Wow..I wonder what it's like...

...and so she brought me to the VIP area! Yeayy ^_^

Nice eh?

So anyways...after that, my therapist brought me to the locker area.. put all my stuff and change

But before I change into their green yellowish kimono, lemme just take a one shot of what I wear for that day, like usual..hehe

I love how this locker has a place for shoes and a space for a big bag! (Last time, I couldn't even fit my normal daily bag into their locker..sob sob...)

So after I've therapist brought me to the treatment room, to do one of their signature treatment called LST. I'm not sure what it stands for..but if I'm not mistaken, it is LipoSonic Therapy.

It uses low frequency ultrasound technique through a process called "LipoSonic" effect. The "Ultrasonic Waves" generated focus on adipose tissues, without affecting other body tissues, nerves or organs. The machine induces low sonic frequency to break down the fat cell membranes, while stimulating vascular flow and metabolism, without affecting the healthy cells. 

According to my therapist, the fat breaking activity can last up to 72 hours! Coolness! 

So she started with using these things... Don't know what the yellow powder was.. But she did cleanse my body with warm towel first, before she started using the machine.. By the way, in case you're wondering, the machine was not painful at all!  In fact, I enjoy so much my treatment that day! She even massaged me too! nice, after working, stop by MFB to enjoy these treatments! So relaxing and so nice! Seriously, I never thought a slimming session would be so relaxing like a spa! hehe
Anyway after that (about one hour, I think), she started to wrap my body with the hot lotion wrap, like my last treatment in USJ..

Then, after she has done wrapping my body, she brought me to the hand treatment area..

For the Hand Paraffin treatment to soften the hands while waiting for the wrap (20 minutes)

Then she brought me to this waiting room...

There's coffee bar, flat screen TV, comfy couch and magazines.. Mmm nice!

Like a glove ey?

I always play with the wax after it has dry. I like to make it as an ais kepal in my hands. haha ;p

After the treatment has finished, I went to the VIP bathroom (yes, they separate the 'common' bathroom and 'VIP' bathroom as well)

The VIP bathroom is much more bigger.. and nicer, I gotta say! ;)
Of course...anything/anywhere that is for VIP is always nice eh? nice to always be a VIP... =_='

This is the dressing table area. There's cotton buds, facial cotton, hair brushes, hair dryer, etc.. This is where I usually get my make up and scarf done

Okay...I'm ready to go home now... It's almost 10 pm, and I haven't reach home yet.. 

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Oh, and plus, if I get to win this contest, they'll be sponsoring a slimming session for a year! And I REALLY need that to help me slim down and look beautiful! Cuz I reallllyyyyy need to flush off more than 10 kg you knowww! And one month of slimming session would not enough..tskkk. So me and VOTE FOR ME, PLEASEEE! It'll end this month! So... VOTE. NOWWWW! hehe.. THANKS A MILLION! ;) 

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