Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You 2010!

Oh my god! Today is the last day of the year 2010! Unbelievable. Time flies so fast!!! I really think this year is moving so damn fast! What do you think? =/

Hmm.. But I gotta say, the year 2010 has been one of those great years to me. I've had so many happy things happened in a year.

So happy, I'm blessed! =)

Anyways, here's to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old. Here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold..

Good bye 2010 and helloww 2011!!

Ohh.. I gotta run now, gonna get ready to spend the night with my girls. NYE barbeque dinner with friends and then off to my friend's mansion house to sleepover there and have fun for the rest of the night..

Hmm..but wait... What do people wear for NYE ehh? Something glittering, maybe? hehehe ;p
Can I wear thisss??

Ok lah.. Gotta get ready now! Toodles!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meeting an Old Friend

I've always like it, to see and to meet all my primary or secondary friends.. To catch up things, to listen to each others' updates, and to see how much we've grown throughout the years.. It's really nice to see one another after contacting everyone only through Facebook for several years..

Anyway, I met my high school classmate the other day.. Her name is Aisyah. We talked a lot over dinner. She said, I have not changed a bit after a few years. (I dunno whether that's a good thing or not! I hope it is! hehee)

She wanted to see me so badly because she said she missed me so much and missed hearing me talk and talk or rather bebel and mengomel about stuff. LOL. So, anyway, yeah..I met her.. Sebab I pun rindu dekat dia jugak. And we spent hours and hours in KLCC, sampai kena halau! Hahaha. (I dunno, there's something about me..that always ended up kena 'halau' each time I jumpa kawan2 lah! LOL) I really do talk a lot! Heeeee. Nanti kita jumpa lagi kay Aisyah? =)
Oh God...I miss you, Ira and the others la. Hmm.. Semua dah besar kan? (Oh sh*t. I'm old!!! Sobs.. T_T)

Anyways, here's our pictures during the day..

Time to go home now..

...with the brother


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just For Memories Sake..

Hey guys..

I know it has been about 2 months since my convocation day. But I just received all of my photos from Mr. Awang Buncit and my studio photos from the photo shop near my house...

Hence, now only I get to upload them here.  - Just for memories sake.. (just in case the CD went missing or in case my laptop dies on me again! So here's a back up for me! hehe)

Enjoy the photos..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Before and After!

Hello there!!

Yes, I'm back, I'm back!! hehe. Phewww.. What a tiring vacation I've experienced ever! Super duper exhausted!! I don't know whether it's because of my heels, or because I didn't get that much of sleep during the past 6 days, or because my bags are too heavy to carry or was it because I walked or rather shopped a lot... or because I went to a body treatment right before a few hours to fly back to KL (the masseuse kneaded and massaged my body too hard that it hurts), or whattt...


But whatever it was.. This was the most tiring vacation everrrr! Yesterday, I arrived home at 12 am, Monday. And slept around 2 am until 5 pm!!! (well, ada la..terjaga and bangun in between), and then I slept again at 6.30 pm until 10.45 pm! And continue my sleep at 3 am till 7 am! Gosh.. I practically slept all day!!!
But seriously, I felt so weak! My body was aching everywhere.. I can't even lift up my hands, my legs..etc.. On top of that, I feel like having fever now... Oh no! =(

Anyways.. Like I told you before, this trip was a shopping trip for me.. - not really sightseeing or whatever. We just came here to shop, while my dad played his golf.

And..hurm... I'd like to think that I don't shop that much like I did in Perth. hehe. Boy..that was crazy! I do not want to faint anymore! So I didn't bring any extra luggage like I used to, whenever I travel.. (to avoid from shopping too much! And to avoid from fainting! LOL)
Well.. I only bring one bag! How weird is that? Despite the fact that we're traveling with Business Class - they allow us to bring 3 bags each person, with 23 kg each bag! So that makes 69 kg for each person!
And being me, who always bring a lot of stuff wherever I go, it's really really surprising that I only bring one bag! Yes, one bag without any hand carry! And came back with one bag still!! Oh proud of myself! hahaha (Well..a paper bag isn't really a bag, right? hehe ;p)

I managed to buy  a lot of  some things, and still can fit into this awesome bag! It's so spacious! Me likey! =D
So this was the 'Before' picture of my suitcase. And yup, I did not bring any hand-carry while on board. (Very unlike me!)

I brought with me 3 handbags, 3 heels, 1 make up case, 10 outfits, and some other small little things you don't need to know... 

Quite organized ey? Even my make up case looks neat and tidy as well (at least to my eyes)...

But when I came back...... everything changes! haha


A paper bag with food and small little things inside it, and an overflowing of clothes & stuffs from that same luggage! I compressed everything to fit in there! haha. 
(My hand carry were the paper bag and my make up case only. And that's it! - That's very unusual of me! Normally I'd bring one small luggage for my hand carry)

And here's what happened to the make up case...

So messy! Campak-campak barang jer, when you're late to pack your stuff! Heee

I'm quite amazed on how it can fit all the stuff in there! I brought with me 3 shoes, 3 perfumes, 4 bags (including the make up case), and etc etc when I came to Indonesia..and I brought back home with additional of 4 pairs of shoes, 10 bottles of perfumes (Yes, you read it right. It's 10! Souvenirs for friends and mostly for myself. hehehee ;p), 2 bags, and err...a few clothes. Haha. ;p 
I knowww..I'm one crazy woman who loves shoes and fragrances! But oh well..what can I say.. when nothing seemed to interest you to purchase things (or should I say, when nothing really fit you), it's better to buy those things that doesn't need a size! hehe.. 

I shopped a lot while in Jakarta, not in Bandung! How weird! People usually came to Bandung to shop..but me.. Hurmmm.... I just find Bandung is not really for me. I mean, they do have a lot of pretty stuff in there, no doubt. But it's more like casual stuff (at least to my eyes). You know like t-shirts, simple blouses, etc. Not really my kind of style.. So, I only buy things for friends as gifts and souvenirs while I was there.. 

But Jakarta...well..they have a lot of cool boutiques and stores over there! BETTER than KL, I tell you! Me likey so much! hehe. 

Anyway, I want to start unpacking my stuff now! Oh..this is the thing I hate the most about traveling! Packing and unpacking! Sobs! See ya later!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Weekend Getaway

Hey everyone! I'm now in daddy's car, the driver is taking us to KLIA now. Our flight to Jakarta is at 5.10 pm. Yeayyy! Such a great way to end the year, visiting such beautiful city! =)
- Daddy wants to unwind a bit from his busy days to play golf, by the way.. So as for us, the women (me and my mum), it'll be a whole day shopping, dining and pampering ourselves at a spa! Woohoo!

Mmmmm... Can't wait for the spa thingyyy, especially! later ya!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Hair Days. (More like Years)

Ladies, are you one of those people who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair or any kinds of hair problem? (please say yes, please say yes! So I won't feel like I'm the only one who has it! ;p)

Well, there are many types of hair problem, and they are: 'M' shaped male pattern baldness, 'O' shaped male pattern baldness, premature hair loss, female pattern baldness, post-natal hair loss, Alopecia Areata, thinning hair, drastic hair fall, grey hair, oily scalp, dandruff and the list goes on and on..  Well, different people, different problem.. So do you have any of these problems?

Hmm.. guess which one of those problems that I listed above, I'm suffering right now??

*take a deep breath...I'm about to tell the world, my embarrassing problem...tskk*

Oh well.. I know I'm still young, but...the amount of my hair that I've lost is really quite embarrassing.. *cries like a little girl* T_T
Hmm.. All my life, ever since I was a little girl and until now... wherever I go, when people see my hair, they've been complementing my hair, saying how dark and black it volume my hair is, how healthy, how nice, etc etc..

Until I get tired to hear them because I feel guilty (towards my hair) deep down inside because I knowwww, that is not how I see my hair...and most importantly, that is not how my hair really is! I feel like I've 'fooled' and 'lied' to them..
So I really felt guilty about thiss! Though I did not say anything to them and brag about my hair or's just, I really don't feel like it's okayy to receive such compliments when I actually suffer from a big big big really bigggg ( least to me ;p) hair problem...

Because the truth is.. the hair that they thought which is full, dark, volumed, healthy, shiny and black is actually suffer from a MAJOR hair loss! T_T

Yes, you heard me! My hair is thinning day by day! Probably because I had quite long hair..(Just cut it last 2 weeks, btw! Pheww) But, when I looked and asked around and see my friends and some other girls that have long hair too.. said that their amount of hair loss is still quite normal... And not that much...
Oh why oh whyyyyy the heck they don't have such problems like mine?! What do they do? Or eat? Or wear and use? Ughh. I have never ever dyed my hair. Never ever straightened it, or as the professionals call it as 'hair relaxing treatment' or whateverr, or perm my hair or whatsoever shyte to my hair! The ONLY 'evil' thing that I do to my hair (all my life) was BLOW DRY it, and it ONLY happens in salons, which only happens once in a blue moon! Seee!  So I have never ever treated my hair with no love and care..and let all the machines/hair color/chemicals/etc ruin my hair.. I never let it near those things.. And instead, I treat her with TLC - I did treatment, shampoo every other day, mask it once a week, use serum, etc.. But still, I have this problem! tskk.. How depressing! T_T

You wanna know how bad my hair is?? Well.. I lost MORE THAN 150 strands of hair, for EACH DAY! (Errr... This is actually not the accurate number. I just guessed, based on seeing the major amount of hair that I've lost..tsk) - Every time I wash my hair, I think the amount that the hair falls, is equivalent to the Barbie's total hair! Okayyy..I'm exaggerating.. But yeah, it was almost like I can make a doll's hair! Atas bantal, atas katil, atas lantai, dalam toilet, dekat sikat, etc etc...

You can find hair everywhere in my room! Eeeeeek! So uncool! And sooo messy! Ishh. =(
It's like, the hair is constantly falling for each minute.. Sigh..

Hmm... People who have seen me without the scarf may not believe me when I tell them all these epic stories of mine.. Because, if you see my hair might not tell that I have huge problem and suffer from hair loss..for about a few years already.. (erkk..only noww, I want to take some actions?! Hee)

Because if you see my hair now, it is quite full and volume, still. (Yikes, I hate that word!) But..the truth is, last time, my hair was actually fuller than these days.. - Hair back then, was double the amount now! Cubalah bayangkan, rambut saya yang sekarang orang dah kata tebal pun, still gugur banyak sangat2...So, cuba bayangkan rambut I dulu macam mana? haha. Err... Some say, my hair was like a helmet! And some even say, it's like a lion's hair- the straightened version! LOL.

It was too thick and too full!

Hmm.. but to be honest, I used to hate my thick hair..because I really thought having thin/fine hair is easier to style and would look so much nicer and neat.. but as I grew older, I knew that suffering from hair loss is so really uncool! I feel like an old lady now! =(

I like thick, volume hair. I have it, but now..I'm starting to lose it... Sob sob... - Lesson learned! We should really really thankful and appreciate what God has given us, kan? Tu lah, dulu tak suka sangatttt..sekarang Tuhan dah start tarik balik sikit-sikit.. Oh God.. I want my old hair back! tsk. I promised I'd be good this time!

Oh my god... Tak perasan, I dah type banyak! LOL. I do really talk a lot, eh?! haha... Sorry! Anyways.. So I decided to take action and precautions so that I won't have bald head when I reach 30's and won't scare my husband away..
So, after reading a few reviews, I decided to visit 101 Hair Care Centre, since I heard it's working..and the service/product is superb..

So I went.. and register myself. And signed up for their programme - For a 24 weeks hair treatment

At first, they would analyze your hair, your lifestyle, the products you've been using, etc..

Then, they'll suggest what should you use, how, etc..and explain about the details of our hair and so on and so forth..

Anyways.. Sally, my hair consultant said, my hair is experiencing an early stage female pattern baldness! So I really need to start taking some precautions, otherwise it'll be more worse... Yikes! Sounds so scary! (Thus..I signed up for the package immediately! LOL)

I asked the hair consultant that day, what caused hair loss.. and she said, these are the factors of hair loss (just in case you would like to know):
  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle - smoking, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, sleep late (erkk..that's me! patut la! Gotta sleep at 9 pm now! ;p), stress and pressure
  2. Poor Hair Handling - poor hair care products (low quality comb and shampoo, etc), frequent hair styling
  3. Aging - scalp aging, poor nutrients absorption
  4. Medication Side Effects - contraceptive pills, antibiotic, hypertension drugs, chemotherapy
  5. Meal and Diet - Imbalance diet, excessive weight loss, oily and spicy food
  6. Genetic Factor - high level of Dihydrotestosterone in blood
  7. Demodex Mites - scalp inflamation, shorten hair's life cycle, congested pores, weak and fine hair, excessive hair loss
  8. Hormonal changes
  9. Autoimmune Disease

So anyways, after I have signed up for the programme, my hair therapist brought me to the treatment room..and I did all this treatment (like in the video below) that was almost about 1 hour 30 minutes..

So each week, I have to visit this hair care centre to treat my hair, and show her some love..

Just done washing hair with their herbal shampoo..

This is the hair tonic

Steaming in progress..

Each visit, they'll record how much hair you loss..and you can compare and see the result later on, week after week! (This was the amount of my hair loss, after my second visit)

They'll serve this hot herbal tea (which tastes SO GOOD) every time you visit the centre! (I always ask for 2nd or 3rd cup of this tea! haha. It's sooo nice! Heee ^_^)

Hmm.. Let's hope my hair will get better and better from each visit! I really want healthy beautiful long hair! I don't want it to fall anymore! Hair is so precious to me! tskk.. 

Sekian! =)





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Friday, December 17, 2010

Perempuan Emo :p

Do you have a song that always get you become mushy and all? Like you're in the mood for some love..and feeling a little bit sad and getting all emo or whatever you may call it! haha..
Oh.. I do, I do! I have tons of them! Sometimes I even search for some movies/songs that can make me cry! Just 'cause I'm in the mood to cry..and put myself in the person's shoes.. haha. What can I say, I'm a big weeper! (or more like a dramatic girl! haha ;p)

Well..a good book, or good songs, good movies would always, always make me cry! And I mean..really, realllllyyyy cry! (sampai hidung tersumbat! LOL ;p)

Heee. I have a really soft heart when I watch some movies that has to do with family/friendships and, especially when it comes to the word L! hehe ;p

Anyway..this is one of the song that can make me all sad and blue everytime I listen to it...

By D'Masiv - Rindu Setengah Mati.


So what's your sad songs/movies? Share with me, share with me! I wanna download it! I'm in the mood to be all mushy now! haha.. (Weirdddd, I know!) ;p


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delicious Girls :p

This is a pictorial entry. =)

It has been a few months since the last time I went out with my girls. Kinda miss them. Reminiscing the memories back when we were in hostel/university life. It's such a great journey/life.. I definitely miss it.

Anyway, last time I went out with these girls, to get together and have dinner and catch up some updates from one another..

Well I'm not gonna say much, since a picture tells a story. So let's just look at these pictures of ours, having a great time in OU..

Had our dinner at Delicious

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soothingly Sothys

I can't remember the last time I went for a facial. It has been quite a while I think... (I haven't been really taking care of myself like I used to... I used to go for a facial treatment at least once a month. But now...I think, adalah dalam 4-5 bulan sekali! LOL. Not good, not good!! It's no surprise why these days my skin is becoming more oilier and more pimples coming out every now and then. Sigh)

But the other day, when someone asked me out on a date.. heh. I got so excited that I decided to polish myself from top to toe! ;p And one of it was going for a facial treatment! I had lots of tiny pimples and blackheads, whiteheads, pinkheads, redheads, whatever color-heads on my skin that needs to be vanished immediately... and some potentially really huge-looking pimples were starting to show up on my skin too.. So, I gotta make sure those pimples won't pop out on the day I went out for the date! Hence I booked for an appointment at Sothys Institute , since my sister and my friend told me that their service and products are superb.. So I ought to try it and have my beauty treatment to clear out those unwanted dots and spots right away!

I chose the one that's located in Bangsar as this is the nearest to my house as compared with their other salons

First, like any other beauty salon, I gotta fill up my details and skincare regime, history of facial/skin treatment, etc.. Before they can analyze my skin and suggest their products for me..

As I sat in the lush reception area with its luxurious pink sofas, filling up my details... my La Femme Faubourg, named Abigail Ho, the beautician for that day came to me to analyze and examine my skin type to determine what she'd be working with. After she has decided which treatment/package shall I sign up for, and is suitable for me.. then, we were ready to begin the treatment!

Oh.. But first.. I had to go to the ladies... nature calls! ;p
(And camwhored! LOL. Things woman do in the toilet! hahaha ;p)

Took a picture of  myself: "The Before". Hmm... See that shineeee? Ugh.

Then I went to the room.. She asked me to change and put all my stuff in the locker provided..

The facial rooms are a little smaller than the other beauty salons that I’m used to visit before.

That's where they stored all the stuffs/products..

I was given a 'tube top' and a shower cap to cover my hair..

..and a pair of slippers too!

After I've changed, the lady asked me to sit and soak my tired feet into some warm, bubble foot massage, before I was tucked into bed for the facial. Well.. this was something new for me! I mean, those other salons that I've been to before, do not have this kinda thing.. And it's so comforting and relaxing to soak my feet in there! hehe. I likee! ^_^ 

And next..the treatment began...

The treatment starts with removing off my make up, cleansing off the skin. And then exfoliation, extractions, steaming, masks, shoulder massage, etc etc.. Can't remember much.. But you know, the usual..

After a good 2 hours, it was done!

I felt really really clean!  (and pale! LOL ;p)

Instantly, my skin felt completely refreshed, revived and reenergised. I actually felt like it had room to breath now! (But the next day, I was back in putting on some make up on my face! LOL ;p)

So I was back at the front area.. Abigail gave me a cuppa tea. and some cookies. It was so nice! (I feel like asking for more! haha) And then, while I was sipping my herbal tea.. she explained to me what did she put on and why and stuff..And explained my skin condition, etc.. Then, (as usual, like any other beauty salons...haha),  she suggested to me all their products..

What and which to use.. How and when to use..

Since my facial stuff at home was about to finish.. I did purchase some..

But I did not buy all their range. I only bought all the essentials. And she gave me a free pouch with 3 samples - a trial kit and some little samples for me to try..

I've been using this Sothys products for quite some time.. And I do notice a difference on my skin.. (Last time it was worse! tskk). And I gotta say, I like the Clarifying Correcting Serum, Purifying Serum and Pore Refiner System especially. These three are the best! But so sad, after less than 5 times I used the Clarifying Correcting Serum, I accidentally spilled it in my bag! Clumsy me! Ishh.. And yes, it was left to about 10% more to use! Oh God.. It was so sad! Because this was the best correcting serum for pimple everrrrrrr.. And now it's finished in a blink of an eye! tskk T_T

Hmm..maybe later I'll buy one again for myself.. *wipe tears*

Anyways.. If you like to experience a relaxing and a luxurious facial treatment, you should try and visit Sothys one day! It's worth every penny spent! =)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feeling Grateful.

Been doing a little thinking.. And I just have some thoughts about something...

Alhamdulillah.. I'm really really grateful of what I have in my life. I have the best people all around me, in this life. My parents, my family, and my friends. I am truly grateful and feel so blessed, everyone all around me has been so nice towards me...  Thank you God. Thank you for showered me with lots of love and channeled your love towards me,  from all these great people. I feel so blessed!
I am indeed, a lucky girl. Alhamdullilah. =)

Well..I have to say that I'm so grateful to be born in this family and to have met such awesome friends and beautiful personalities that has really really colored up my life.

I look back on my childhood, and thank God. For everything you gave me, but mostly for your love... God, thank you for all the small miracles that comprised the bigger miracle in my life.. Thank you for giving me everything that I wanted. For giving me all the things that I needed to feel... You have really been truly kind to me.. So thank you so much! ^_^

And thank you for giving me all the opportunities to create ripples of love and for giving me the heart to receive love from others, especially from all the important people in my life...
And yes, my parents are the best parents ever! I'm so lucky to be born in this family. They provide me, everything that a child needs. Tangible and intangible things.  I am truly grateful...

I have such great parents. My mom especially... 

"Heaven lies under the feet of your mother"

My mother is a really great parent. Well..when I think back the things that she did for me, for the past twenty years.. Even in a million years, I know, I can never repay 100% like what she did to me, to us. She is indeed the best mom one could ever had. Seriously. I always sit down and think back.. Reminiscing everything that she has done for me, for us, for my dad, for the family..
Just wowww. She is one superb woman, I tell you!

I am lucky and so grateful to be born in this family and to be brought up by my parents.. They has taught me a lot of things during my younger days (I'm still young by the way! ;p) Well..even until I've became a young lady, they are still teaching me things - and I know, they will never stop teaching and preaching us, for as long as we are called as; their children. Hmm..yeah.. That's normal. They're parents. And parents will always be parents. hehe)

So thank you mom and dad.. Thank you for all the lessons =)

I am truly grateful for having such a wonderful family....



That's me when I was barely one year old. heh

I was having fever at that time..

I still remember... since I was a lil' kid or a baby.. my mother would make sure all of her kids would have enough food, enough clothes, enough toys and whatnot.. (Well..every mother would and should! Righttt?)
She said, she used to have trouble getting to feed us. Kami baby yang cerewet and sangat susah makan! tskk. Sorry ma!

On Hari Raya..

At the back of our house back in Loughborough.. 

So she said, during those days..she tried so hard to feed us and to give the best food for us.. Tried new recipes... tried inventing stories so that we would listen to her stories while she fed us..hehe.

Oh.. I still remember a few stories like the "Kapal Terbang that Crashed in The Cave" story, the "Lazy Guy that Died in The Woods" and some other stories.. She invented all of these stories spontaneously, just to get our that we'd eat her healthy yummy food that she made specially for us!
I guess, when you're a really have to be so creative in inventing or perhaps lying to your children...just to get their attention..hehe ;p

I was eating some jelly or something..

Went strawberry picking with mommy for the very first time in my life! heheh 

My very first camping with the family..

And then, when we were like toddlers..

She would make some flashcards.. all written by herself. She'd buy markers, magic colors, and cardbox, some colored papers, and then she'd buy books/posters that has a lot of pictures and cut them and paste it in the flashcards, and she would draw some nice pictures, some numbers, and then colored them...and taught us numbers, words, spelling, things, Islamic knowledge, and et cetera...

Dancing class!

Driving class! ;p

Make up lesson! hehe

And then she bought all the Ladybird books, read to us every single day.. And she would record all the PlaySchool shows on the video recorder, for us to watch and learn...and so on and so forth.. There's a lot of things she did for us! I really can't list it all out here..There won't be any space for this! hehe.. Too many things!

But... thank you mom!

This was right before we went to school.. Mom prepared meals for us in those lunchbox! (God..I hate my fringe! And my terkejut face! haha ;p)

This picture above taken when I was about 5 years old. On my school's Sports Day

My sister got a good grade ^_^

And then..when I'm getting a little bigger..and started schooling.. For every single day without fail, since I was standard one until form five, she would sit right next to us.. to inspect and check us out, doing our homework or  revising.. And if I don't understand.. I would refer to her and ask her.. 
(Psssttt... All my good grades throughout my school days, were all because of my mom! (and my effort too! hehe). So thank you mom!)

I think, every mom should do this to her kids.. Baru la anak semangat nak belajar.. kan? Sebab ada orang teman you belajar..hehe ^_^

Fyi she did this, since my eldest sister was in standard one (that was in 1990) until my youngest brother was in form 5 (2008)! Can you imagine how many years is that??! How many years, for every night, she sit next to her children, just to see them doing their homework/revision? That's almost 20 years she did that for her kids! - Despite working full time during day time! I bet not many of us can do this!

Working is really tiring.. I'm sure most of the working people would SO agree on this. But I guess, my mother did not know the meaning of tired when it comes to her kids.. - To sit, and to voluntarily be the tutor at night, when you could be lying and resting on the couch watching teevee or do whatever things you wanna do after a long day at work?? Hmm..

Wow. That's just wowww. She is one superb lady, isn't she?!

Anyway.. my mom would always teach me (and even my friends!) when there are some subjects I don't quite understand.. She was like a teacher.

Every night while me doing some homework or just revising notes.. She would take out my books, be it English, or Mathematics (She love Maths, by the way), or Science or whatever it is.. And starts studying it..for me, for us! Just so that if we couldn't understand..she would be able to explain it to us! (Sometimes she even studied them while she was at work/office - when she doesn't have any work to do at that time or something..) Just the thought of this makes me cry... She is such an awesome mother... I've never heard any one of my friends have a mother that would do this to her children! Yelah, most of the mothers..well..most of us actually.. Bila dah balik kerja, kan penat.. Mana ada masa nak layan anak-anak untuk belajar..and some more, to even study for us! Oh, and stayed for hours pulak tu.. Sampai kitorang habis belajar dia akan duduk dengan kitorang! Lepas tu nanti.. all of our homework that she gave, we'd have to return it to her.. for her to check and mark them..


She really does deserve an award for being such an awesome mother! Kan??! hehe =)

(And don't make me start on the food part pulak! Oh God..she's like the best chef everrr.. Masak apa jer, semua sedap! - Most of my neighbours and friends of hers or even mine agreed on this!! Dah la masak hari-hari..Sedap pulak tu.. Hmm...Is there any things that you can't do, mother?? hehe)

I am sooo amazed.

"All that I am, my mother made me."

When I have kids of my own, I really wish to be like my mom one day. I never really want a busy life. And not spending time with the kids often.. That's not the way to raise your kids, I think.. So I really hope I will have all the energy and strength to become the mother like my mom..Insyallah! =)

Thank you mom. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for us, for the family. I love you.

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