Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello World!

Hello world! Do you miss me?? Heee...I know, it has been sooo long since the last time I update this blog!  And I'm gonna say this phrase for the 100th time: "I am sorry for the sporadic and lack of updates!" Heeee. I know, I'm such a bad blogger! I don't even have time to reply each and every comments in this blog just yet! Sorryyyy! I really really do appreciate those comments, would try to reply every comments soon kay! =(

The thing is, after been back from Saudi, I am just so damn tired and then when I have all the energy to update this blog, I always have something important to do.. Like talking on the phone with someone (hehehee. Yes, that's realllllly important to me! ;p), or like helping mom at the kitchen, or meeting up some important people or running some errands, or maybe catching up on my sleep or doing just about anything! Hmm..

Sorry. =/

Anyway, please my dear..bear with me kay.. It's just.. There are too many awesome things that are happening to me lately.. And I just wanna enjoy and cherish every moment while I can.. Heee. And that explains why I can't even find my own sweet lil' time to update this blog.. Too busy enjoying life! heee ;p

Hmm.. And today, still, I won't update anything just yet.. Seriously, after been silence from this hands couldn't type anything and my mind couldn't think of anything to write! Heeee.. Dah 3 post, dah I tulis half way..and then cancel..sebab tiba tiba blank, dunno what to write.. huhu.. What if I just post some pictures? Does that count as updating blog? Heeee ;p

Anyways..right now, I have some things to take care of, will update frequently after that thing has been done, kay people! See you soon! hehe

Love you guys! Byee!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Friday, August 20, 2010

What a Productive Day!!

Phewww. I am sooo dead tired now! But I still can't sleep. I'm such in a good mood! Don't know whyy. Hence, I do not want to waste this mood and not updating anything in here..hehe (Cuz I guys already miss me kan? heee ;p)

So here's what I did today! =)

12. 00 - 3.00 am: Doing a little thinking..

3.30 am: Started to fall asleep..

4.45 am: Got up, helped mom preparing for Sahoor

4.55 am: Because I looked terribly awful and was looking like a zombie, mom asked me to go upstairs and sleep! (Thank you mom! Heeee ;p)

5.00 am till 7.00 am: Sleep soundly

7.00 am till 8.15 am: Getting ready and get dressed

8.30 am till 9.15 am: Driving to Uptown Damansara

(Muka budak budak tak cukup tidur. Yang sebelah kiri tu muka budak baru lepas nangis. haha ;p)
I'm with my BFF, Naz tagging along. Just so you know, this Naz can be really really super cute sometimes, when she had or wanted to follow me to these kinda things or events or whatsoever.. And she would then proudly called herself my P.A! How comel is that? I banyak kali marah dia jangan panggil diri sendiri macam tu, tapi dia nak jugak! She said, she would love love love to work for me! hahahah! She always say to me this phrase, "Wani..kau kalau dah jadi boss nanti, or dah ada company sendiri ke apa, kau amik aku jadi P.A kau tauu. Jangan lupa tauuu. Aku suka jadi P.A kau! Best lah jadi P.A kau. Kerja dengan kau best.."! Hahahaha! Funny lah youuu ni Naz! Cita cita tinggi sungguh, ye? hehee. JK ;p

9.25 am: Arrived!

About 10-ish: Everyone has arrived (except for Vivy - the gorgeous blogger everrr).. And the meeting and briefing already started. (Won't tell you what it is for, just yet!) At first, I was a bit nervous because according to what I've been told before, I have to do this and that.. So..macam agak sedikit gelabah (typical me).. But then it turned out to be quite fun actually! And everyone is very friendly! ;)
(Ohh..and I met my reader too! Hye Diana! *waving at you!* It was really nice to meet you this morning!! And yes my dear, you have such glowing and beautiful skin! I'm so jealous! hehe)

Shazwani was listening carefully..

11.30 am: About 11 something, the thing in the office has ended and I was heading to my campus in Gombak pulak.. to settle a few things before the Convocation Day (Awakkk, sila datang ye! haha) ;p

Budak tak puasa, was having Subway for her sahoor at 11.45 am dengan selambanyaa, ketika dalam perjalanan menuju ke menara gading. Heee ;p

12.00 pm: Arrived UIA. I forgot that apparently, today is Friday, and all offices around here dah tutup. So, we can't do what we came here to do.. And we can't really do anything about it.. So, we called up our ex-roomate, Khairun, to lepak in her room until 2.30..

Ini adalah Mahallah Nusaibah. Saya bukan lagi budak asrama. Yeayy! hehe ;p

Lepak bilik Khairun.. Sampai tertidur dan termimpi something which I really can't forget. The view is just so awful. haha. (Naz...that mimpi that I told you in detail is between me and you jer, ye?! hahaha) ;p

2.45 pm: Started doing what I had to do.. Was really tiring to go up and and there.. And I fell off stairs some moreee.. Haiyaa.. 'Lucky' me, I have errr.. quite. Eh no, not quite. I mean a really huge bum, so it wasn't that ouch! hehee ;p

Walking to the new Azman Hashim Complex, to go to the bank, and settle some stuff..

Paid my fees and my accumulated compounds! 6 compounds from my previous semesters! 3 semesters altogether! Yeesshh! Well, nevermind..sedekah to UIA lah..  Siapa suruh, suka sangat break the rules.. heeee >_<

4.00 pm: Office closed. But I managed to settle almost everything except for 2 departments more to go.  So, gotta come here again soon.

4.30 pm: From Gombak, heading back to Naz's place to send her home and to have dinner at her house

6.00 pm:  Arrived Puchong area..and stopped at Bazaar Ramadan to buy ourselves some foodies!

Bazaar Ramadan in Naz's housing area..

 I think I saw something... Something that caught my eyes..

It was this. Some weird name for a drink.  Katira JB? What drink is thatttt? And who the heck is Katira?? How does it taste like? It's my first time seeing it! (Well..actually, my eyes saw the word JB first, not the drink. hahaha ;p *wink*)

Anyway, next..we walked along the bazaar to see..what food do they have, to offer us.. Though I wasn't fasting, but my desire mengalahkan orang yang berpuasa.. Naz sabar je lah agaknyee..heee. Semua air I nak! Cendol, Bandung, Soya, Tebu, Kelapa, etc..haha. Sebab yelah, when I'm with Naz, my mouth won't stop talking. So, perlu la minum banyak air, kan! heee

Oh! And this!! haha. Well..we passed by these guys' stall.. They saw Naz was holding a camera and snapping some pictures..  So they called Naz, and asked for a picture of them, and then... 

After that.. After their picture has taken, we walked away from their stall..but they called us back, to give some free things..

They gave me some Air Jagung! Yes, for free! Wahh.. murah rejeki saya! hehee. They thought we are the media people! Wahahaaa.. Very funny! They asked Naz, "Ni..daripada majalah mana ni?".. And Naz spontaneously answered, "Kitorang dari majalah sekolah!". hahaha =)

Dah dapat Air Jagung, but this tamak little person inside me just can't stand to see those pink Bandung drinks.. And I just had to have it!

So this is the girl who always call herself my Personal Assistant or sometimes my mother. haha. (I love you Naz. Always!)

Kuih Pelita something something.. I dunno the name.. Not so sure. Too malas to google now. Heee ;p

Yeayy! Just gone back from shopping!! (Oh, and look.. there's another cup of Soy drink in that plastic bag! That one is for me to drink in the car! hahahaha. Tamak haloba sungguh!) ;p

Our catch of the day! Naz belanja! Terima kasih Nazirah! Sayang awakk kuat kuat! ;)

6. 30 pm - 7. 30 pm: Sleep on Naz's comfy couch. I was really really tired driving here and there, all day! =(

7.30 pm: Iftar dinner with Naz's family..

8. 00 pm: Facebooking ;p

8.30 pm: Driving back to my house

Cuba beza kan muka pagi-pagi saya pukul 8. 30 am dengan muka ketika jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 8. 30 pm! hahaha.. Bila dah guling guling dekat rumah Naz tu, saya dah malas nak belit and lilit tudung saya, maka.. style Poh Bedah pon jadi lah yer! Saya sudah letih bangat! Nak balik cepattt.. Ya ampunn! ;p

9.30 pm: Arrived home!

10. 00 pm: Showered, Bayrock, Slipped in my pajama..

11. 00 pm: Online! (And updating this blog for this entry!)

1. 00 - 7. 00 am: Cuba teka saya buat apa? Heeeeeee ;p

Haaa...productive tak?? hahahaha. Okayy bye..saya nak tidur! Sekian laporan dari saya untuk hari ini! =)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Salam everyone,

"Good morning camera! Yeayy another 30 minutes to arrive Kuala Lumpur! I can't wait!!"

Alhamdulillah, I have arrived home safely! I arrived Kuala Lumpur on 11.30 am yesterday. My 10 days trip was great! Great things were happening to me almost all the time while I was there.. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you God, for listening and for granting my wishes =) (except for one thing la. But I do not want to remember it. tskk)

Anyways, actually I really really want to update this blog tonight. There are just sooo many stories I wanted to share.. But lately, I just don't know why, the mood just isn't there.. I've been busy thinking about something else that made me stuck in here not knowing what to write! And then ended up having to  press the 'Cancel' button each time I tried to update this blog! haha.

Maybe because there are just soooo many things that I still owe my blog which I haven't been able to write just yet, and that makes me don't know what and where to start first. Seriously, I owe this blog a huge amount of stories! My Bangkok trip, my internship experience-working in a fashion company (which was a year ago! haha), my Indonesia trip, even my Perth stories pun tak habis lagi! And then my Amsterdam vacation which was in 2008 pun, I still save it in the 'Draft' files. Thing is, I have uploaded all the pictures here 2 years ago, but yet, until now, I still haven't find the time to actually write something..and yet to publish it.. And then nowwww, my Umrah trip.
Hmmm... Entah bila semua tu nak tercapai kan? haha.

Goshh.. I'm really a bad blogger, ey? Heeee ;p

I seriously thought since I'm in a looooong holiday, I would be able to update my blog for each and everyday! But the thing is, it seems like I found some other interest, lately. (Won't tell you what, just yet! ;p)

Anyway, pleaseeee bare with me kay! I'll try to update something asap! In the mean time, bagi la idea kat I, nak tulis apa kat sini.. Kesian blog I kan! hehe. At least, if you suggest dekat I, dapat la jugak I idea nak tulis apa, rather than asik pikir mana satu nak tulis dulu...and then ended up tak tulis apa apa! Heee =P

Ok lah, gotta stop now.. Need to call someone! ;)

P/S: Ramadan Kareem! May all of us have a blessed Ramadan. And May Allah accept our good deeds! I hope it is still not too late for me to wish that! Happy fasting everyone! =)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello from Jeddah!

Hey everyone!

How are you? I'm doing good over here! I had a great journey from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi to Jeddah - Such amazing experience with Etihad Airlines. Anyway, I am now in Jeddah for a few days as daddy has some meetings to attend.. So, I'll be leaving for Madinah on the 10th and then only to Makkah on 13th or 14th (I'm not so sure, what was the plan exactly). And then insyallah I will be back in Kuala Lumpur on the 17th.

We stayed at Intercontinental Hotel here in Jeddah, by the way.. And my godddd, I loveee their beds so much! Haha. I don't know whether it is because I am so tired or because the bed and pillows are just so awesome or what! Hehee. Because everytime I lay down and put my head on the pillow, a few minutes after that I'd sleep peacefully and soundly! (I always have trouble in falling asleep btw) So that's why I loveee this bed so much! Hehee ;p
Oh yeah.. And food has been great to my tummy as well! So..yup, alhamdulillah, I'm doing okay here.. So far so good! :)

Except for ONE thing.. One MAJOR thing for me (as a blogger/reporter. Haha) - I FORGOT to bring my camera charger!! Oh darn.. How can I forget that kinda thing? I mean, camera is like the next major thing to bring when you're traveling besides an extra underwear. Hmmm..nevermind, I'm just gonna buy a new one IF I find any Canon shops.. Otherwise, I just have to take pictures using my BB then! Sobs.

Okay..that's a little update on my Day Two in Jeddah. Sorry, no pictures. I'm only using Blackberry to update you guys. Hehe

Ok..signing off! Have a great day ahead guys!


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Salam everyone,

Hmm.. I was really really shock, happy, surprised, and all sorts of bercampur aduk kind of feelings.. when I received a text message from daddy when he was in China last, last Thursday.  I really don't know how to describe this feelings. The moment I read his text message that he sent to me, I immediately cried (happy and terharu at the same time) and thus said my prayers to God cuz terasa bersyukur sangat sangat.. And then I looked up (in the sky) as if I was 'talking' to God (I know, Ha ha) and said thank you and stuff...
Goshh.. I feel so grateful to be given this chance! Alhamdulillah..

Well, 3 days before my dad sent me the message, I dreamt about Kaabah. And in my dream, I woke up around noon or something (in my current room) ..and then I felt weird because I heard like some noises outside my window.. (just so you know, the window that I'm talking about, is facing some other houses, tapi rumah rumah tu semua dekat bawah sikit.. Just nampak their roofs je la. So basically kalau betul betul - in real life I mean, memang tak akan dengar apa apa bunyi lah except for burung burung berkicauan or whatever..) So, I thought it was I walked to the window to open and see if there's anything.. Seriously, the dream felt so real because all the things that are in my room like my curtains, the cabinet and my stuff were all in my dream!

So this is the view from the window that I'm talking about..

So then, when I heard the noises, I opened the window and felt weird to see that huge black box, which is Kaabah in the middle of that white floor, instead of these houses/roofs.. right in front of my eyes! It was really not very far from my house! Like, only a few metres away.. It's like my room was in that Masjidil Haram.. And I saw people performing tawaf and stuff.. I felt really weird and I was confused...because that room is obviously in KL but it's like I was in Mecca...

And then I woke up feeling weird. And blur. But I didn't expect anything. Hmm...

And then later, 3 days after that dream, I received a text message from daddy saying, "We'll be going to Jeddah on 31st until 7th (the date has been changed to 6th till 17th, btw). So go and get your picture taken asap. And fill in the form for the visa. Tomorrow Asmadi will collect all the things needed for the visa from you. Thanks".

Seriously, saya terkejut sangat sangat! Well.. To be honest with you, for years and years, I have been praying to God to give me another chance to visit the holy land again and again and again, and to perform as much ibadah/umrah as I could. The last time I went there was like 6 or 7 years ago.. And I really really missed Mecca so much. I missed the feelings when I was there. It was so peaceful.

So everyday, I would be praying to Him to give me another chance to go there again..And Alhamdullillah, Allah granted my wish! Sungguh tak sangka dapat panggilan to Mekah, again! Alhamdullilah! Rasa macam nak nangis jer.. heee.

It's really really a different feeling when we're there. So I really really want to have that feeling again, and to see Kaabah and to just sit in the Masjidil Haram peacefully.. (Okay fine..not just sit, but to perform ibadah, of course). Because when you are there, there is nothing on your mind but Allah, love, peace, hope, serenity, belief, and comfort. You care about nothing in the world and you just cry out of all the flow of feelings inside you.. tskk =/

I remembered the last time I went there, the moment I saw the black giant squared box in the center of the floor, I was mesmerized by the view and my eyes was magnetized to the Kaabah.. Seriously, what a magnificent view! It's really really different from seeing it on the telly or Youtube or pictures or whatever! Every time I went inside the Masjidil Haram and saw the Baitullah, it really felt like it's my first time seeing it! Yes, every single time masuk masjidil haram! Such an amazing feeling! I mean, how can a black giant squared box, would look so amazing and breathtakingly beautiful??!! Macam asik nak tengokkkkkkkk jer tak nak kelip mata. Ha, macam tu la the feeling! That's how beautiful it is!

So beautiful. So peaceful.

Anyway, Insyallah, I will be going to the holy land tonight. Will be there for about 10 days. Pray for my health and well being. And I really hope that everything will go on smoothly and easy for me. Do pray for me, guys!


Signing Off,

Monday, August 2, 2010

It Was a Blast!

Last Saturday, I had a blast meeting up with my closest girlfriends - back in Sek. Aminuddin Baki. Yes, that's my secondary school (the awesomest school ever. heh). Goshh.. it has been ages since the last time I saw them!! And they are all lookin' so grown up and pretty! =) be honest, my school life wasn't really that interesting like my uni life.. So I don't really miss it that much..but when I met these girls that night, seriously..I just realized how awesome it was to be in school! haha. Those were the days... Haih.. And now, I'm getting old. Shyttte! ;p

Anyways..I spent quite a few hours with them.. Just talking and talking and laughing non stop! Seriously, I had fun! These are the cool people I would lepak with, back in school. They are my gossip girls, my study partners, my shopping buddies and my toilet trip friends! I knew them since I was 13!
The last time I saw them when I was 17.. And now, I'm err.. old. Heeee. time flies! =(

So anyways.. Today, I would let the pictures do the talking as this is a pictorial no need for words ey? hehe

Meet Shazwani Hamid the Blogger

Meet Hui Shing the Pharmacist 

Meet Yvonne Lwee the PR Consultant

Meet Valerie Lim the Hottie College Student 

Meet Kasthuri the soon to be the Doctor

Meet Kalai Selvi the soon to be the Doctor (too)

Malay, Indian and Chinese! We are One Malaysia. hahaha ;p

The awesome students! We were in 1 Jaya, 2 Jaya and 3 Jaya.

Kasthuri used to sit in front of me when I was in Form 3. Kasthuri is such a nice girl. She would explain to you in details on whatever things you don't understand.. And she's really good in giving advices too! I always love her soothing words! And Hui Shing used to be my best friend. She would teman me to go for a quick shopping in KL after school, or teman me to toilets, or teman me to ponteng school, or teman me to skip PE or any co-curicular activities after school, or teman me to CC, or teman me to tuition classes, or teman me to study, or teman me to go home! We lived quite nearby at that time.. I always go to her place after school to borrow her cds or whatever.. I remembered, this one time, I borrowed her pinafore or skirts too! And she borrowed my baju kurung! We loved exchanging clothes! Heee. Goddd...I miss her. She's such a sweeeeeeet girl! 


with my partner in crime!

I hate my make up on that night. I looked evil, kan? haha. Well..nvm..

I've known this girl since I was in primary school!

...and we're still friends until now!

Blackberry user versus iPhone user. But I want hers, and she wants mine. Haha

Valerie told me something that I was quite shocked! Hahahaha. It was so funny!! I seriously can't remember that I corrupted their mind at that young age, when these girls were so blur and so young about some stuff.. hahaha. Evil me. =P

..was looking for my lipstick and mirror

I showed to them that mirror. Can't believe they still remember it! It has been 10 years I have possessed this mirror, you know! And I still keep it, and use it.. though I have lotsa other hand mirrors, but I love this one the most!

Hmm..10 years??! Woww..I really know how to take care of my stuff, ey? hehe

..and we also talk about make up and some girly stuff.. Yvonne showed her fave lipstick. It's Benefit in Lady's Choice

Same as mine!! I loveeeee Lady's Choice! The color is just so nice! It's one of my favourites! Btw, her lipstick is in a mini size (she bought it in a set), and mine is the full size.

After applying my lipstick, let's take a look at myself in the camera.. "Oh darn! This scarf makes my fat face look even more fatter!" Blearghhh! That's what happened when you don't iron it properly!  >_<

These are the Jaya-ians people. We are the straight A's students. Hahaha. Ok. Wani, you can stop being poyo now. ;p (But seriously, our class at that time, ramai yang dapat straight As! Thanks to the awesomest teachers (and students!). Heeeee)

Err...Apakah? haha.

Oh, dan kami juga turut memperagakan cincin masing masing..

Hui Shing's (I love her nails!)





And we all love high heels!!! But still, I am theeee shortest! Dayyum! ;p

We are all grown up already. Some working and some graduating, some wanting a Masters degree.. And now, instead of boys and our crushes, we talk about our boyfriends and stupid exes, instead of CDs we want to buy smartphones and instead of homework we talk about paychecks. Oh such fun! :)

By the way.. I loveeeeee Hui Shing's and Yvonne's shoesss! (and their legs, too! hehe) God, I miss shopping with these girls! They really have such fabulous taste! =)


P/s: Sorry babes, I can't join you guys for the shopping trip we planned on the 14th. I just remembered I'll be going somewhere! sobss.. So sorry!!! =(

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