Friday, March 4, 2011

Back-from-Work Date

Yesterday, I went to The Apartment Downtown, to get my super late lunch, after A'ai was back from work.. I had a nice meal, nice dessert, and most importantly, nice person to talk to! ^_^
And the ambience was a plus too, making the mood oh so lovely! hehe. Hmm..there's just something calming about this place. Maybe it's the coziness, I think. Perfect for dating! Don't you think? hehe.
I think I prefer to dine in at these kind of places like Delicious Cafe, Paddington House of Pancakes, Dome Cafe, etc.. rather than dining at the high end, exclusive restaurants, where you have to control and behave for as long as you're there.. Pfft. So not me. hehee  -__-'

Anyway, this place kinda reminds me of little cafes in New York or..... some Lipstick Jungle scenes -And I don't know where that came from, or what's the connection between The Apartment cafes and Lipstick Jungle! haha. But there's just something sweet sitting in here... even if you're alone..

....or with partner =)

The interior and the decoration in The Apartment Downtown is based on urban living, and kinda whimsical, with spacious living in mind. If I ever gonna own a house one day, I think Imma decorate it with this kind of style. Quaint yet contemporary =)

Picture source: from The Apartment gallery 

"Pieces of you have become parts of me"

Anyway, while the ambiance in here is warm, comfortable and nice, the same applies to the food! I once read somewhere, that The Apartment food was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s cooking style.. and it serves mostly Mediterranean food..

As recommended by my sister, I had Chicken & Mushroom pasta, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Super. Yummy.

There was no food left uneaten on my plate. It was super licin, I tell you! Not a tiny bit left! hehee 

Next, was the dessert...

Oh my God, oh my God! My sister was rightttt! This IS yummyyy!

This Baked Chocolate Pudding is so rich and creamy.. I really like the rich chocolatey taste in it..and pair it with Vanilla ice cream... Ahhhh.... The melted chocolate and ice cream in my mouth, just made my day! ^_^

I'm definitely going here again to have my lunch or dessert! Or both! hehe

The satisfied customer of the day!

P/s: Sorry I did not say a proper goodbye to you... 



  1. Wah, nampak sedap dessert itu :')

  2. cantikk

    brw saya follow ok

  3. waniiii
    baked choc puding tu hw much?
    and th pasta hw much?

    geram la tengok :(

  4. wani..yummy..sedapnyeeee...cake.. hr tu i nk lepak apartment org kate makan die x sedap sgt. so i tak jadi pegi..

  5. mmmm nice.. definitely gonna try..thanks for sharing.
    btw, u're so preetty. n i like u a lot! pretty, gorgeous n u hv a style! i just found out ur blog, n it has been days i keep on reading it! its addicting! ;D

    btw, i like ur make up in here.. care to do a tutorial for us? hehehe..

    pssttt.. i bookmarked ur page, ok?!!!

    xo, nora.

  6. I suka jugak restaurant mcm ni. Suka ambience dia. Cozy je. Delicious i dah try tapi tak sedappp :( The Apartment i dah pernah makan pavlova dia tp baked choc pudding ni blom try lagi. sedap eh? boleh la try nanti.

  7. yaya: mmg sedap! for those yg suka chocs...akan suka la kot..

    dyra: thanks! follow la, takde sape marah...hehehee ;)

    asari: umm..i think pasta tu about 20 plus...and then yg dessert tu dlm 14 ke 15 tah... tak ingat...huhu

    bblovedd: a'ah dulu pon b4 i pegi sendiri pon...i dgr org kata tak lepas dah try sendiri...i rasa ok jer... cuma ada certain2 menu jugak la yg x brapa best...

    anonymous/nora: awww ure so sweet! thanks honey dear! insyallah, kalau ada masa lebih i buat k! ;)

    reena: yuppp. try la! ;)

  8. sedap kannnn. Just had one last weekend. Rasa macam every week kena makan baked choc pudding ni la. Haih habis la gemok >_<


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