Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Dress

Haha. No girls, I'm not getting married anytime soon! Still searching for that perfect candidate, and that perfect dress. LOL ;p
Anyways..I'm at that age / phase of life where a lot of my friends are either getting engaged or getting married. So every weekend now, there's got to be one of my peers tying the knot! And I'm running out of dresses to wear to their weddings/events! >__<

The really nice ones that I have are mostly very tight now..and those are like the dresses I had, 3 to 4 years ago..which when I was a wee bit slimmer then. Haha - Well I'm not really a dress kind of person. So I don't have that many dresses/Baju Kurungs to wear. So now, when it comes to weddings, I really don't have any dresses/outfits to wear! So sad.

Anyway, early February the other day, my friend Hannah & Raimi tied the knot. So when I got their wedding invitation, the first thing that popped out of my head was, "What am I gonna wear??! I don't have anything nice to wear to her wedding!"

So I quickly dived inside my closet that night to search some other dresses that I haven't worn, to wear to her wedding. And I found one. It was nice and purple. (I like purple, by the way)

So on that wedding day, I put on my purple dress that I chose above, and got myself ready.. I was rushing that noon, because earlier that day I did the bridesmaid's make up for one and a half hour, and later I find myself rushing to get ready pulakk! haha. So when I was done with my own make up, done with wrapping my scarf nicely, and done with everything, I wanted to run downstairs to get my car keys and then shoot to some place in Damansara....

But I guess that was my lucky day. My dress somehow got caught in my room's door when I was rushing to shut it and ran downstairs.....
So it got ripped off right then and there! And all the sequins and embellishments fell off! I screamed out loud because I was so shocked that it happened so fast, and I didn't see it coming! I felt like crying because I really love that dress...AND I really don't have anything else to wear AND I was rushing to get to the place! T___T


But it was too late to do anything or mourning on the torn dress, so I quickly went back inside my room trying to figure out what to wear! At that moment, I really understand what a fashion crisis really means! I felt like crying and screaming... Dah la tengah rushing. Tak ada baju pulak! Sedih betul! Sobbb...

I was thissssssssssss close to wear my jubah.... or my jeans to her wedding. Yess, jeans to a wedding! Hee.

Then I saw this Nurita Harith's emerald green dress that I had. So I tried it on...... Ughh. I thought I look so darn fat in that kaftan dress! So I changed and went to my closet again, search for something else...that I can wear. Sadly, I couldn't find a thing.... Seriously rasa nak nangis masa tu.. Baju ada, kain tak ada. Baju & kain ada, tudung pulak tak ada, etc!

And then suddenly while fidgeting and whining about nothing to wear, I had this awesome idea, that came out from nowhere! haha - Since I don't have a perfect dress to wear, I should just combine whatever that I have instead of whining about it.. and just make it look like a one piece of outfit, and flaunt it! hehe

So I pick this green skirt that I have, and went to my closet again to find her match...and use whatever that I have in my closet to mix and match with the accessories, scarf, purse, shoes, colors and everything..

And I found this Zara green shirt that I usually wear to work/office!!! Hihii. Yes, an office shirt to a wedding! haha ;p
(I accessorize it with my corset belt from In Wear that I purchased 5 years ago!)

Oh, what an awesome feeling I felt at that time, when I found these two items that can complement my skirt and my scarf! Seriously, at that moment, I feel like I just bought a new dress! Although everything that I wore on that day, aged more than 5 years! hehe..

So I wore this to my friend's wedding! Totally a new dress! hehe

Anyway, enough about my dress. Here are some of the pictures I took while I was at her wedding with my friends..

Congratulations Hannah and Raimi!!! May you guys be as happy and sweet as always! I am wishing you the best of things in your marriage.. I am glad to be a part of your wedding day, and looking forward to seeing what comes from you two! ;) May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine, inshaallah. Amin.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oblong Scarf/Shawl Tutorial

Hello ladies!

I know you girls have been waiting for my hijab wrapping tutorial for sooo long right? Thank you for liking my style, even though I still think that the way I wrap my scarf is really, reaallly simple that you really shouldn't be impressed! hehe..

I'm so sorry it took me quite a long time to do this.. But well, here I am today spending a little bit of my time and do the video just for you, and just done uploading it on YouTube for you guys to see it! Hee ;)

Hope you ladies will learn something from this tutorial... or maybe not, because it's too simple? LOL ;p - I'm just answering the questions and requests I always get from my lovely followers and readers. So I hope those who have asked me on this tutorial, will gain something from my video :)

Oh, and by the way, so sorry that the lighting in that room is a bit odd and the video is not a HD clip because I only use a MacBook's camera! And also, I looked quite dark in there..haha. But never mind lah.. so here it is!

Hope you did learn something from my tips! hehe. Let me know what else you want me to do next! Take care girls! Have a great week ahead! ;)


Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Sunday I had!

Like everyone else, I've always look forward for the weekend to come because this will be my time to really relax my butt off, or have a little fun! It's either I'd stay in bed, all day long like I have no life..haha...watching movies, doing some online activities, etc... Or, I would go out and chill with friends.

And I'm glad last Sunday I spent my day quite well! Early in the morning, I played for a bit with my nieces, and then in the afternoon, I met my blog-readers-whom-we-have-became-friends-now, at a cafe to have a little chit chat! hehe.. And later in the evening, I spent the day with my best friend and talk things out like there's no tomorrow. haha. And lastly, at night I watched Pitch Perfect on my laptop before I sleep and get ready to start my Monday and work! I love that movie by the way! SO awesome!

So anyways, remember last time I told you guys about my blog readers whom I invited to the little Tea Party I had, last two years? And then last year, they decided to be super sweet to me and made a surprise birthday celebration for me pulakkk?? Remember them?! Well this year they decided to have a little celebration again! But this time, it's double celebration! Because there are two girls who were born on 17th January in that group! And yours truly happens to be one of them! Awww...thank you guys for the sweet thoughts!

There were supposed to have all 10 of us. But half of us had to cancel it at the last minute, due to some family/personal stuff, so it was just five of us! But it was really nice and fun.. We talked a lot! Especially me, seperti biasa lah. hahahah. I would always be the one who would talk more (and loud - I hate that part about me. It's uncontrollable... I'm always so semangat when I tell stories, I don't know whyy. Haih -__-')

Anyway.. we decided to wear pink and/or yellow that day, because we wanted the picture to look lively, and we made it! The pictures did turn out to look so cheery, lively and happy! Pink and yellow really make a perfect combo for that sweet, cheerful and lively effect, huh?! ^__^

Enjoy the pics!

Our cute birthday pan-cake!! hehe 

I just realized, someone should make the Number 1 sign, to complete the 1-2-3 signs in the picture! LOL

Birthday Princesses of the day! 

We sure did talk so much that we didn't really take a lot of pictures like last time! haha. Most of the time we share our stories and bits of our life ;)

This is Yati in soft pink hijab, and Aisyah in hot pink hijab. They're so nice to me! :')

Oh, and Aisyah bought for us the Birthday Sash too! Last time it was the crown, and this time it's the sash! Aww...I'm so gonna keep this! hehe

Aisyah, Ayna, Zuen and Yati. 
So sad that Nurul, Lina, Ashikin, Afra and Raisya couldn't make it! Next time ok, girls? hehe

The (belated) birthday gals! ;p

My fave!

Even after a month, we still want to blow the candles! heheheh ;p

I'm so glad I know these girls! From strangers to blog readers or should I say my fans? HAHAHA ;p To becoming my friends now! 

Got this from Ayna! Thank you darling!!!

Next double celebration, girls?? In May, maybe? Ashikin and Ayna's? hehehehe ;)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pregnant Pants

Last week after work, before going back home, I stopped by Aeon Jusco to purchase some groceries...Then after spending a good 1 hour in the sundries area, just before heading out to the parking area, I have a feeling that I gotta check out the Ladies Department they have there..

And oh...I feel like a little kid in a candy store! I saw a lot of awesome and pretty pants over there! They're so cute and pretty! And most importantly, they're super cheap! One pants cost like RM 25 - 29 jeeeee!!! Macam orang jakun sekejap..cuz actually I needed a few colored pants that has a nice cutting, and have been searching for them high and low... Surprisingly, I found them at Jusco with a realllllly perfect price tag! O_____o

So without thinking much, I took about 12 pairs, I guess. Not so sure. But it was quite a lot. hahah. Different cutting and colors! Mannn.... I was a happy kid during that hour! haha

Anyways... I told my sister that I purchased a maternity pants among the 12 pants that I purchased in Jusco the other day. She went like.."Whaaaattt??! Hang dah kenapeeee? Orang yang pregnant pun tak nak pakai maternity pants. Hang ni yang tak pregnant nak pi beli pulok, dah kenapeeeee? Lawak la labu oii!" =/

Err...I told her it was too cute that I just could't resist. It's a cobalt blue pants...and it's polka dot! Plus, the only difference in maternity pants and normal pants is just around the waistband area. - They don't have zippers or buttons like the normal pants; but just the bands. - Just like my pajama pants at home, I thought.

So at that time, I was thinking that this kind of pants is much easier to wear than the normal pants I have....cuz I just have to sarung and go, which is easier, no? But boy I was wrong. No wonder my sister told me not to buy a maternity pants...

Went out to get my coffee yesterday, wearing this pregnant pants I bought in JJ...and because the waistband is a little bigger than my unpregnant tummy, the pants kept on slipping down my hips! And I have to pull the pants like a weird person for every 30 seconds! Pffft.

Thank God I only went out for an hour that day. Otherwise, I'll be pulling my pants constantly for the rest of the day! hahah. Ok, lesson learned. No matter how cute the pant is, don't buy maternity pants! LOL. Or at least.....wear a belt! hehe

Aite, talk soon! ;)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Yellow Mellow

One fine day at a bazaar that sells scarves.... Me and my best friend, Zeam just had lunch and just before going back to the parking lot, we walked past a few shops that sell scarves.

Me: Oh hey! There's a yellow scarf over there! Great! Come, let's go see!

Zeam: Erm.... Aren't you wearing a yellow scarf right now....? (saying it with a face that says "you-don't need-it, girrrrllll")

Me: Errr....yeah. But this is a different kind of yellow! Look, it's verrrry different!

Zeam: It still looked yellow to me? (saying it with a blur face)

Me: Umm....well.. You see, the one that I'm wearing is a Sunshine Yellow ok... And that one right there on the rack, is more like a.....Tangerine Yellow, maybe? It's one tone lighter, I think.. Hmm, let me just see for awhile......

Zeam: A tange-...what??

Me: It's called Tangerine Yelll...-Oh, never mind. It's basically a different yellow than the yellow that I have right now. Cuz different tone and shades give me different effects on my outfit. So I definitely need this! 

Zeam: No you don't. 

Me: Yes I do! Excuse me, how much is this?

Salesgirl: RM 10 

Me: Oh great! 10 bucks, je! Ok, I take this one right here....and that one...

Zeam: Pfffft. Only ten bucks, but that doesn't mean you gotta take 10 different colors of them, do you? Put it back Wani. You don't need all these -___-'

Me: Umm... Okayyyyy. How bout 8..cuz I'm not so sure on this pink and that blue though...

Zeam: No, take only one. With 10 bucks I could fill up the car fuel and send you back home safely...

Me: How bout five? One for each day of the week?! Plus, I really don't have this Olive Green, and this Tangerine Yellow and that Cherry Red color...and also my white scarf went missing the other day, ok! So I realllly need them!

Zeam: Pfffft. Women. So many reasons, for so many unnecessary expenses. Suka hati lah Cik Wani. Don't say I didn't remind you not to go crazy here, ok. Dah, go pay now..I'll go pay the parking ticket. Be quick. And don't go look around anymore.. You really don't need another Tangerine Purple or Tangerine Black scarf or whatever!

Me: Ok byeee...Go noww! Shussshh! *paid the scarves and lived happily ever after!* 

Haha. Men. They will never understand the different shades of colors, do they?? ;p

They're verrrry different, ok?! Right girls? ;p

You never know...one tone lighter or darker, could change a girl's life when they're searching for that perfect shade to match things on their outfit of the day! Kan?? Err...so who's with me?! hahah ;p


Monday, February 4, 2013

The Paris Travelogue!

Sorry for the long silence. So let me compensate it with a loooong entry here for you guys! hehe ;p So go grab that Twisties and sit comfortably in front of your laptop, as I'm about to entertain you with my Paris Travelogue! heheh 
(Please know that this is probably the longest post after my Maldives post! So be prepared to make your computer running slow a little! Heeee)

Europe trip 1988

At a fountain somewhere in Paris..us three girls, 25 years ago!

It has been the tradition of my family to go for a holiday abroad each year. Alhamdullilah, God has given me the opportunity to visit other countries to broaden my horizon and gain knowledge, every year. I love traveling for a lot of reasons, and I'm sure most of us do too! It can be really fun, it makes me feel more alive and I love meeting new people and exploring new places and cultures!  There’s also another deeper motivation that I feel to propel myself around the world; I feel like it makes me a better person and it makes me smarter and wiser somehow...and more open minded too! (in a good way, of course!) The constant flow of new experiences and challenges shapes me. It forces me to learn not just about the world around me, but also about myself... and what I like the most about traveling is that it can actually strengthen my faith towards God too! I feel so grateful that my dad has brought me around the world ever since I was small, to get all these exposures that shapes who I am today, earlier than most of my peers. Thank you God for the rezeqi, thank you daddy for the opportunity and experience! ^__^

Daddy with his two favourite daughters. ;p

Anyway, I have been receiving some emails regarding Paris before, especially about shopping over there.. Most of my readers wanted to know more about shopping in Paris and where to go about when you're there. So I figured, why not I make one whole entry regarding this city of fashion and love, for your easy reference in the future, or just for your reading pleasure! ;)

Paris.....in 1988
(Sorry, really bad quality picture! sobs)

Paris....in 2006!

Since I haven't really blogged about Paris in detail before, this time I thought I will make it in one (long) post here, in case you're planning to go to Paris with your spouse or family for your next trip, you can just find everything here in one post! Easier that way, huh? - So I will explain a bit on their historical & interesting places to visit, their fashion districts and streets, the Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studio, the shopping spots for fashion, home/deco stuff, souvenirs, chocolates & macarons, their cafes, etc! ;)

A lost traveler...

So here I am today, publishing my Paris Travelogue entry! hehe. Yeayyy...finally I can get it done! - I have been doing the draft since last December actually, but haven't really find all my pictures to combine here! haha. But now that I found it, do expect A LOT of pictures, as I combined all of my Paris trip photos in here, to make my article as clear as possible for you guys! (Just don't get bored because it's long yeah...haha. Because this entry is so interesting ok! ;p Well at least, Paris IS interesting to me! ) 

Anyway, let's start! Do expect your laptop to lag a little, for all the pictures to fully load, kay?! (Don't say I didn't warn you! hihi ;p)

So traveling has become our family's activitiy ever since I was a few months old. We travel each and every year to strengthen the bonds/relationship with the family and to spend time with our loved ones.. Of all the places I've been to, and throughout visiting about 30 countries so far, I would say that I like the capital of France, the most! Although I have a feeling that I would love Greece too. And oh....Italy is nice as well! And so is Bora Bora Island (and the list goes on!) Heee ;p

But today, let me just talk about Paris since many of you has asked me some questions regarding Paris.. Plus, it has been about 4 times I have set my foot in Paris, throughout my 25 years of living in this world! So I think..it's good that I share a bit of my experience/things I know, with my readers of what I really love about Paris...

I hope you'll find this post useful for your next trip to Paris! In this post, you gonna find where to shop in Paris, what are the things to do and places to visit, and some other interesting stuff..at least to my eyes! hehe.

So here are my insights on Paris that I know so far... Enjoy reading and looking at the pictures! :) (Sorry for the long mukadimah/intro. LOL :p)

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