Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fashion Valet's First Event

Hye girls! How are you? I'm doing gooood!, not just good. Cuz actually I am SO excited and in a great mood because I just won a cutie, lovely "multi-purpose" chain! Wanna know how and why I got it??!

Well.. I was invited by Vivy Yusof, the founder of to attend the exclusive FV's first ever event in Bangsar Village, last Tuesday! The event was about launching a new brand in Fashion Valet line. - It was Minz a designer jewellery and accessories label.

The event went so well and was so awesome! Bravo Vivy and Fashion Valet team!! ^_^

It was held at T Forty Two. I've always wanted to try and dine in here whenever I'm in Bangsar Village...but somehow, I always ended up going to Delicious, just to get my fave Red Velvet cupcake there! haha

So anyway, I went there with my sister..and because she (still) can't drive, I had to fetch her at her house..and before that, I was having a wardrobe malfunction (apparently...all of my clothes seemed to errr....shrink. Blame the washing machine! Yeah rightt.. Truth is, I'm too fat now! tskk T_T) So..we came a bit late.. - The event started at 3 pm. But...we arrived there at about 3 something... 
And so the event already started. Hee heee ;p

Fashion shows..

Models showing new collections from Minz accessories...while we sipped our lovely cuppa tea..

I loveeee the necklace that this model is wearing! Sorryyyy... I can't take the close up picture of her! She was moving too fast! 

All of the models posing with Minz designers and FV managing director -which is the beautiful gorgeous lady, Miss Vivy of course! ;)

Everything and everyone was so lawa oneee...

Seee....isn't she a beauty? Love her hair! hehe. Seriously, I gotta confess, I have a girl crush on her! LOL. She's just soooo pweety! Dah la kurus! Haihhh... When will I ever gonna be thin thin thin thinnnnnnn?! T_T

(Sorry, if you find it annoying that I keep on saying she's pretty. LOL. That's just me. If I see any pretty ladies, my mouth can't stop admiring them. Tak percaya tanya my sisters or my friends... Kadang-kadang mereka macam nak sepak saya jer sebab I sometimes do sound like a man and sounds too jakun too! LOL. Well...I just like beauty and pretty things....or human! So just...bare with me kay! ;p)

I love the tableware. Especially the cup and the saucer! Super naiseeeee!

Ohh...and for the first time everrr, I tried and heard of a "Creme Brulee" flavored tea! And my's sooo nice! I will definitely gonna hop into this cafe again!!!

So anyway... despite getting free food and free flow of their nice tea while watching all the models showing and displaying all the pretty necklaces, bracelets and everythingg.. After the show, we get to see, touch and smell all the Minz collection to have a look at them more up close! Mmmmm....

These are some of the collections that I snapped...
By the way, this very picture above, are my most favourite collection among the others. I love the chains with bow, and the gold bangle!

Oh, and beside the accessories section, there's another of my favourite section too!

 It's the food section! LOL ;p

*Dia jakun tengok makanan*

Patut la dia gemokkk.... Huarghhhh.... T_T
Oh by the way... this is another beautifulgorgeousprettyinspiring lady! Stephanie Chai!

*Okayyy...after seeing so many kurus ladies over there, I vowed not to eat and chew anything else other than water*

Chehhh.. Ye ye lah tuuu. Sekejap je.. Lepas tu nanti dia lupa lagii... And back to her routine. Pffffttttt.. 

I was having a really really bad-tudung day! I really don't like it when my scarf started to misbehave and make my face looked so booooolat! (although it actually really IS, round. Pffft)

So...when that happens, I had to snap like a zillion pictures just to get the righttt photo! ;p

Anyway..I was so excited because I met my friend Nona at the event! It has been about 5 years since I last saw her.. - We went to the same matriculation centre before she flew to UK. She hasn't changed a bit.. Still fabulous and kurus. 

...oh and also Amira, my kindergarten + primary + secondary school friend too!  
(Seee....everyone there was so kurus and tall oneeeee. Haihhhh)

I was admiring the long multi-purpose chain on the display...not knowing that I actually won that one! hehee
(I answered one of the questions correctly. hence I got it! Yeayyy! ^_^)

The Fashion Valet team

Lastly, with Vivy Yusof the MD of FV ;)
(By the way, my top was from FashionValet! Bought it months ago..)

 After the event... I. Really. Cannot. Wait. To. "Repair". My. Scarf!!  >_< me go to the ladies!

Now thisss is when my scarf is behaving normally! heheheh.. 
(LOL. Do you see any difference? haha. Kalau dah muka macam tu...nak buat macam mana lagi kannn? Pffft ;p)

Anyways..I came home with a happy face as I got these...

Some goodies with vouchers and chains!! Oh, and cupcake too!

So this is the chain with tassels that I've been eyeing before! Thank you Minz and Fashion Valet!!!

And these are the vouchers that I got!
Gotta shop at Minz now now nowwww before it expires! hehe

Visit Minz, girls for pretty accessories to add in your collection! ^_~


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Digging the Combination of Pink, White and Black! :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from Maldives!

Hello people! I'm back from that beautiful island noww...and getting some much needed rest after been out and about in the sun for days! By the way, Maldives is really such a beautiful island! I would want to go there over and over again..just to bathe in their crystal clear water.. and enjoying the beautiful sceneries.. Mmmm..

Anyways, I will blog about it soon, ok?! Because right now.. I wanna have my body massage and a hair treatment and some facials too! Body needs a little pampering! hehe  ;)
So stay tune ya! hehe


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Hello from Maldives! :)

Hello girls...

Yup.. You're right.. Good guess! I am now in Maldives, the sunny side of life! Hehe. - In Male to be exact. Well this is my first time going to the Maldives island.. So I'm a little excited here! Hehe.. Though I'm alone and got no friend and brother to teman me holidaying and take a lot of photos with me, but that's okay... I am still having fun in here! ;)

This place is soooooo beautiful! It's perfect for a honeymoon with your dear hubby! ;) I love all the sceneries..nature, and stuff. It really reminds me of God's power and existence..
Honestly, I couldn't stop myself from ooh-ing and ahh-ing.. It's. So. BEAUTIFUL. =)

So.. On my first day here, I only went around the Male city centre.. For a little sight seeing and visiting and a little shopping! (but they don't have shopping malls at all in here! Only small shops - according to my tour guide. Oh, and they use US dollars in here.. So everything is kinda expensive in here! Sobs.. - Nasi Goreng and Iced Water can cost you about 20-ish dollars! Tskkkk...

So anyways, I bought a little something for myself and my dad today.. And a little souvenir for my sisters, too..Hmm.. As for A'ai and my brother, I am still not sure what to buy because it's really really hard to find some cool shops that sells the things that I would fancy to buy for people... (mostly they sell some souvenir stuff - and I don't like giving people things that they would't use/wear/not practical)

Hmmm... I really really hope before I go back, I'll find some shop that sells things they both would treasure.. Otherwise, I would feel guilty for not buying something for them... :(

By the way, Male is such a small city actually.. You can walk around the whole city in one day.. Yes, just by walking! And in a place that is more sea than land, there is no end to the fun things you do in the water! So most of the fun activity to do in here are those like watersports activities, or fishing or boating, or diving, or snorkeling etc.. Apart from that, you can also have some spa/massage/beauty activity too! ;)

But so sorry I don't have pictures to upload in here just yet.. (I'm only typing this using my iPad..) And I'm signing off now. So.... Till we meet again ya? I'm too tired.. My legs are numb already due to, too much walking in heels! ;p
Plus, I need my rest because tomorrow I'm gonna have some fun in one of their little islands/resorts called Kurumba.. So gotta sleep early and get as much rest as possible because tomorrow I'm gonna have some fun in the sun!

So toodles!! ;)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will be heading here! :)

As we speak now.. I am now already on board and on my way to an island in ____________ (I let you guess! hehe), for a little holiday... Pray that I have a safe journey and have a fun & fulfilled vacation over there. Amin.. =)

Stay for my upcoming updates, will ya? I bring my Macbook Air with me, to do a little work and just in case there's a FREE internet service in my suite or any cafes that I would stop by, so I can update you here! Let's hope they have! hehee. - Roaming is too expensive la! tskk. Anyways, I will be back this weekend! Take care everyone! Have a fun week ahead! ^_^

P/s: I really hope I won't be so tan.. Gotta apply sunblock every seconds! hehe ;p


Wordless Wednesday: Travel in White :)


Monday, March 21, 2011

My Current Skincare Routine

This is just gonna be a quick post.. I'm in the middle of packing my stuff to go for a holiday.. So, I'm just gonna take a 10 minute break and update this blog a bit..

Anyway, instead of reading my writings in here, you can watch me babble on my skincare products/routine in this post! ;p Well these are my favourite and current skincare regime... Used them daily for about a year now... Lovin' it!

I know I've been changing too many products from the cheapest to the expensive ones (at least for me), as for my skincare products (I just couldn't resist! Heee). So I really really hope I will stick with all of these products for years... =)

By the way, wanna know something? Well this video came up when I was actually just wanted to take my photos a.k.a cam whore using my 'Photo Booth' in my laptop (you know me kannn? heh ;p), but I ended up making a video! LOL.
Lepas main try-try make up, photo session is a must! hahaha ;p

Oh yeah, before I sign off and show you the video, lemme warn you about the lighting in the video. So sorry about it... The lighting in my room was not that good la.. There's this one particular bulb that was about to die I think... And I've yet to change it.. So, sometimes it goes on, and then off. And then sometimes blinking some moree.. Pffft.. So I had to use my study lamp in front of me, so that explains why the lighting is too bright and you can't really see my products.. Only after finishing the video, I realized about this.. - But never mind, I did mention in the video all the brands and the range of my products, just in case some of you are interested to try them! ^_^

Okay.. So here it is.. (Maaf, saya masih kekok sedikit.. Will try to improve! hehe)

That's all from me.. Have a great day everyone! Let me know what you want to see in my next video! ^_~
Take care girls! Drink plenty of water ya? hehe ;)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Notebook of Love!

(A sticky post.. Scroll for more entries from me! ^_~)

Whenever I'm having my PMS, that's pre-period mood swings, I would be really sensitive, and for some weird reasons, I'd become so mushy and would hear all the love songs in the world and watch all fave movies until my eyes become red and bengkak alreadyyyy...and looking like a golf ball! Pffft. I am one drama queen ladyyyy! heheheh ;p

I am so weird, aren't I?! hehehe.. Am I the only one like thisss? Does any of you girls having this kinda thing too whenever you gonna hit your period?? Or is it just me?? =/

Last night I spent my time watching all my fave movies and suddenly all things seemed so touchy and so sensitive and so saddddddd! T_T (And so weird? ;p)

Those movies that were supposed to be funny pun boleh nak rasa sensitive. What the?? 


But this movie below, would always be so touching for me..... Never fail to make me cry.. Seriously, I can really feel the LOVE...... hehehehe

Just by watching this "trailer" pun boleh nak nangis.. Apakah?? LOL. It's really funny when I'm PMSing! Seriously... haha.. Haihhh..cepat lah period! Penat la nak sensitive 2-3 hari ni! hehehe ;p

If you still haven't watch The Notebook, go watch already! This movie won so many awards.. It's awesome.. and I love it so much. This is the kind of love that I call BEAUTIFUL.... =)))))

Ok, I know I probably just made you guys puke on your breakfasts... hehehe.. Enough already being mushy and all...hehe. So okay okayyy... I go nowww..

Toodles! ;p


How I Normally Would Get Ready and Get Dress for Outing... or maybe Dating! heh :p

First, I would spend some time standing in front of my closet thinking what to wear....

"Oh snappppp! I have nothing to wear!!! Help meeeeee...."

Then after choosing what I wanted for God knows how long that'd take me, you know like what to wear for the the bottom, which skirt or jeans or pants or whateverrr to match with the top, and the scarf, then to choose the bag, the shoes, the accessories..etc.. huhu ;p

Then after I've made my decision, I would lay it on my bed, and if the top/scarf/etc needs to be ironed, I would iron all of them beforehand.. and then I'll proceed with my shower...for at least 20 minutes up to 45 minutes.. Apa aku sental pon tak tahuuu lah.. hahaha (tapi kalau dah super duper lambat, I'll slash it to 2 minutes je! LOL. From 45 min to 2 min??! haha ;p)

So after showered and lotion up a bit and spray my deodorant and a lil' perfume on the body and all, I would proceed with my facial regime... and followed by make up! My fave part..hehe ;)

Then, after everything is ready, then only I would wear my outfit that I choose for the day, and get dressed! And take my bag and heels and run downstairs, and start the engine! hehe

.....or maybe I would cam whore a bit (if I have time! LOL ;p)

And yes, you just wasted your 2 minutes of your day reading this post on how Cik Wani getting ready to go out! Hahaha ;p





How I Spent My Day Being Alone! Hehe

As much as I love having company when I go out, especially with my loved ones, but sometimes a girl does need her own sweet time being alone too, right? Especially if it's a whole day shopping spree or pampering day.. Mmmm..

To be honest, I love going out alone. I find it therapeutic.. I can go anywhere I want. Do whatever I want to do.. Eat what and where I want to. No one can argue with me except my brain and my heart. hehe (that happens all the time! I'm always confused with them! haha ;p)

But one thing I hate about walking/going out alone is.... you can't decide which and what to buy.. You got no one to tell you which one you should choose, which top doesn't make you look fat, which color suits you, and etc.. Then you ended up buying all the choices that you took earlier.. And came out from the store with a huge smile on your face feeling like you're on top of the world, having all the pretty things in your carrier bags and best of all, you're so confident that you don't need anyone to tell you their (uncool) opinion...beacuse you (think) you got it all under control... and then next thing you know, when you reached home.. someone said, "Cik Wani, why did you buy thisssss??! They don't look nice on you laa..You look like a fat momma". And then you'd ended up crying and regretted that you went there alone and didn't want to bring your mother or your sister or your best friend or your boyfriend or your auntie, your neighbour... or even your cat, earlier on! Pfft.
Pastu menyesal tak sudah.

That's what happened to me almost all the time when I shop. Hmmph... Girls!

*rolling eyes* haha ;p

(My eldest sister always laughed at me because I always purchased things that look quite or is similar to the other things that I bought that day! The difference maybe in the colors ke... or maybe satu ada ribbon, satu takde ribbon ke... Pffft)

I hate it when I'm being SO indecisive when it comes to buying stuff I like. Haihhh.. Why are they sooo beautiful? Why babe whyyyy?! T_T

Anyways.... last weekend I went to Bangsar Village to pamper myself. I've been wanting to do facial for months (no time/ forgot/ ermm...busy?/ err..ok I got no other reason anymoree. huhu ;p) and I also been wanting and craving to eat Red Velvet cupcake from Delicious for days now (I'm PMS-ing and I need my RV dosage, thank you very muchhh)

So.. I went to Bangsar Village to have some me-time.

Yes. Alone. ^_~
(err... Am I supposed to be happy or is this an "uk owww?" ;p)

So I booked an appointment earlier.. To do a facial treatment which they called it as a "Correcting Treatment"

"Yeayy.. a 'Correcting Treatment'! Sounds good.. They gonna make me prettyyy and correct and 'korek' my face, ey?"

I love putting and soaking my feet in this warm bubble bath.. 

So the treatment begin... With cleansing my face, wash the shoulder as well... and shoulder massage comes after ward, massage the face, deep cleansing, apply some AHA, steaming the face, exfoliation, extraction, shoulder massage again, put some antiseptic onto my face, mask, etc etc.. you know lah.. (actually I can't remember the whole treatment that much because I was enjoying the facial rather than focusing what she put on me! hehe)
And... I fell asleep in there. Their pillows are so soft and comfy! They gave me two pillows. One for my foot rest.. another one for my head. It's those pillows with duck feathers. I slept within few minutes. Mmmm... So niceeee... =)

Oh and by the way, my beautician asked me how long I have not been to facials.. and I replied about a few months.. and she was a bit surprised and said, for a few months long, my skin can be considered as goood! She said it's not that bad. Not so much "dirt" in there. Whaaaaat?! Heeee.. I thought I have really bad skin! (I have whiteheads on my nose! T_T)
(Or she was just tryna kiss my ass? LOL ;p)

And anyway... then when I finished and went to their reception area... I have only one thing in mind to purchase. - My Purifying Serum. Buy that and only that I told myself... 


I came out from that beauty salon with signing up a facial package treatment, and another four new items that were not in my "To Buy" list. Pfffft. 

Oh well, but I am not regretting any of it because Sothys products are doing good to my skin. Plus, the things that I bought are the things that were not in my regime yet.. And it's good to take care of your skin, right? This is what I call an "investment". You invest in something, for future use! ;p
I mean...we gonna use this skin until we're old rightttt? Righttttt? (please say yes, please say yess.. so I feel less guilty for spending on them..huhu ;p)

Anyway... next stop, I went to get my............

Red Velvet Cupcake from Delicious!!!

...and a Corn Beef Spaghettini 


Ahhh.. What a great day I had! So how was your weekend ladies? ^_~

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