Monday, June 30, 2008

Driver of the day..

Hari ini kerja saya hantar orang.. huhuh.. =)

Being the comel-est daughter and sister, today I brought mommy and big sister to their dream destination..hehee =P

Pavillion = mama , KLCC = Along.

The other day, I offered Along a Clarins Mother-to-be treatment.. Ever since she got pregnant, she looked so restless and I always hear she said, sakit tu sakit ni.. and she also told me that she often skip her facial routine..
So I decided to give her this 2-hour treatment as her belated b-day present. hehee..


I hope you're feeling better and like the treatment, ah-long! =)

..and this morning mama wished to go to KL too.. She wanted to collect her jewelleries at Pavillion. but she doesn't know how to get there. So she asked for my service. hehee.. =)

After Along had finished her beauty treatment, we had our lunch at CPK and then later we went to Pavillion to get mommy's bling bling..hehe.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Man

..and here's my gift to u..


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coffee lover

Mommy's new best friend gave her a delicious coffee drink mix that she bought from Dubai.. The brand is called General Foods International Coffee; Cafe Francais.

Mommy doesn't like it.. She still prefer Nescafe.. well..I do too,but when it comes to coffee, I'm flexible..hehe..
So the coffee's mine now! heheh.. Thanks ma! I love it!
Its powdered mix coffee produces sweet and creamy French-style coffee drink.. Although it already has sugar and non-dairy creamer, I still put some milk to make it more creamyyy... hehe..

Sedapp!! =)


Thursday, June 19, 2008



ahh... it's time for my makan-tido-makan-tido session!




Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exam Mode!

Okay, It's time for my revision and reading and hafal-ing. So I won't be updating my blog for about 2 weeks or so..

Good Luck to all my friends!

p/s: I'll be free on the 20th June onwards. Yeay! =D
So anyone who wished to have a date with me, start saving the dates after the 19th ya galfrens! hehe ;)


Friday, June 6, 2008

Siti Aisyah Sabri.

I met my childhood friend today! Siti Aisyah. Long time no see!!
The last time I saw her when I was in form 2.. tu pun kejap je.. kat's been 7 years!!

and we’ve been friends since I was erm…… standard 3 I think..
Slalu pas skolah main same2 laa..makan same la,etc.. hehe.

We went to The Gardens just now.. She wanted to meet me.. We missed each other so much.. Dah lame sgt x jumpe.. Asik sms,call je.. So now..baru jumpe..
I fetch her at d tasek slatan LRT station this morning and then he had our breakfast at A&W Connaught..pastu baru balik umah,siap2 then gi Gardens..
we did some shopping too.. She bought MNG jeans and M&S tshirt. and I bought a black corset and pants.. =)

I ate this.. French Onion soup. Sedap!

time to go home now...

Hmm..nanti kluar lagi k!! ;)


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Naik minyak ke minyak naik?

aarghh tidaaakkk!!!


tension nyeee!!


dah la tadi bratur panjang mcm org gile!! Eee.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Assignments Over!

Yeayyy!! My yucky sucky assignments have officially and finally over!! Woohoo! thanks to my TWO best buddy everrr for helping me out!!!
They didn't sleep until 5 o' clock in the morning!
I repeat, they DID NOT SLEEP and HELP ME to do my bohring assignment UNTIL 5.00 AM, and they just got back from OU around 11pm!
I know how tired they are..and I already told them to just selippp... but they still want to help meee cuz they knew,I was extremely in need! huhu.


p/s: Let me repay u guys with makan or something! It's all on me! I promise! ;)

Thank you girls.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boggle Night

Last night me,and my friends had our dinner at Pan Bakery ..and we played a game too! The game is called Boggle. and it belongs to my BIL,btw.. (Pinjam ye! hehee)

The game is quite easy and fun too! It's a 3-minute word search game! We have to shake up the lettered cubes and drop them into the grid and start the timer. Then race to see who can list up the most words. And the person with the highest point values, wins! (Girl always lose,btw! huhuh ;p )

Anyway, later that night... We took some silly photos of the three of us in car.huhu

Ouh man... I still got loads of assignments to be done!! =(
hmm..I better get started..


Monday, June 2, 2008

Mama's Personal Shopper

Today after my class, mama called me and asked for my service as a personal shopper (PS)..hehee
She wanted to buy lotsa white shirts, black shoes and black trousers & slacks for her 4-day practical training at a hotel somewhere in Shah Alam, which starts tomorrow..

She said she dunno what to wear and doesn't have anything to wear for her practical training and so she needed to buy a complete uniforms.. Shirts, pants and shoes. hehee.. For only 4 days..huhu.. ;p

So me and my personal assistant or rather a paparazzi, met her at The Gardens around 6pm..hehee

hmm..penat jugak eh jadi PS ni.. kena layan kerenah tu ni..huhu.. kena pilih baju betul2.. spesipik.. baju kena xde ruffles,nak ade butang, pesyen nye kene molek..lengan kena pjg betul2, etc ..huhu.. ;p

But it was fun tho.. Pilih2 baju, bagi mama try on different and loads of clothess, going in and out of boutiques, give advice&suggestions, etc..
Plus dapat makan preee! ;)

Credits and thanks to Naz for all these pictures! ;)

Wow! A life-size Ferrari F1 race car! It looks real!

Made from 100% Lego! Cool!

Pantang nampak cermin, mesti nak touch up! hehee

In the fitting room..

at work..hehee

ok what's next

I love to dine here@Pastis

Pelakon2 utama di dalam drama kali ini. ha ha.

Naz & mama's macchiato

..and their yummilicious food tower =)

and this is mine.. Smoked salmon sandwich or something..

"Ok now, let's find ur shoes mum.."


"hmm..let's see.. Which one eh?"

This is what we do while mama in the fitting room..hehe =)


p/s: I like having u as my paparazzi,Naz! hehehee ;p

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