Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Victorian-themed Tea Party

So my little tea party with my readers went well on Wednesday.  Thanks to all my little elves for helping me out! hehe. (Although I was really nervous at first, because it's my first party that I ever organized/planned for..but it all went well after that..... I think? hehe ;p)

So anyway, many thanks to this pretty girl,

.....for helping me out... Like, A LOT!!! Thank youuu Muna..hihihi ;p

I'm still editing/resizing the for now, let me just show you a snapshot of the party!

I hope everyone had fun! I know I was really nice seeing you girls! And I really wanna do this get together session some more! You guys are very sweet! Thank you for coming! ^_^

Will update later! Good night my little scones and cupcakes! ;)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shazwani Hamid's Blog Turns Three!

Hello guys! So my blog turns three this year. was last March to be exact! But only now I announce it out loud and do a little party for it! - And it's already end of October! (And almost reaching to celebrate the Fourth Year, actually!) hahah! ;p So anyway, to those who are here at my party, well....thank you so much for coming! I'm really excited seeing all of you here! (yessss.....I'm updating my blog here, as in NOW at the Smokehouse cafe! hehee ;p) Anyway, where was I? Hmmm....... *thinking*
Oh! I was thanking you guys..hehe.. Well, yeah, thanks for your support, I.....

Ooouuhhhh...wait. I think I hear the MC is calling out my name now! I gotta go!! I'll update later ya! I got a party to host! Bye!!!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black, White..and a little Pink! :)

I'm in the middle of preparing some things for the tea party.. A little nervous. A little excited. And a little headache. haha. This is my first time preparing and planning a party..though it's just a small one, but handling it all by myself seem a bit errr....panicking and confusing? heheheh. ;p
Especially when I got a lot of things to do. There's work. There's a pet to take care of (Yes, I got a new pet now! hehe). There's traveling here and there. There's events to attend. And then there's a party to plan. Aiyohhh...hehee. I hope everything will turn out fine.

Oh well... why am I so nervous for? After all, it's just a small party. And it's just a gathering with my girls...right? It's not like there's gonna be a VIP or whoeverrrr...riggghhhhtttt? haha.. Ok, I need to stop panicking and start doing my things. And wrap the presents and whatever. Ok byeeee!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Care for a Cuppa?

Hi girls!!!

I've got an exciting news to announce! I'll be having a little tea party next Wednesday (on Deepavali day, that is!) as for my Blog Birthday Party - that I mentioned before and planned to do it earlier, but due to some reasons, I had to postponed it.

So anyway, this is just going to be a small gathering for my friends and my faithful readers, for all of us to enjoy some tea and English scones and whatnot, and to get together and have a little chit chat! hehe :) you wanna join us? It'll be dress up a bit and eat free food and take some photos and have a little fun! hehe. And no, you don't need to dress to kill like the picture below! hehe.. to join the party with me? =)

Err...can you read it? I hope you can! If you can't, please click on the picture to enlarge... =/

So this is the invitation card. I only invite about 20 people though. If you want to join us and dress up in ala Victorian-y or Vintage-y outfits and have a little fun with us, then do leave a comment just about anythinggg... with your email, below! I'll choose the lucky ones of course, as seats are limited! hehe ^_^

And yes, there will be freebies for you and an award for the Best Dressed! And maybe a little games with prizes too! hehe..

So if you didn't win last time, and would like to come to my little tea party, do leave me a comment ya! It'll be fun to see you girls! ;)

P/s: If you are clueless on what to wear, here's a little tip for "Victorian" related outfit..hehe.. - Ruffles, Pleated, Laces, Black, White, Velvet, Pearls, Feathers, etc etc! Just dress up in whatever you're comfortable with ya! No pressure at all! ;)

Ok...see ya!!!

The Queen ;p

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proton VIP Part 2!

Hey guys! Remember last time I blogged about Fadly, the owner of Proton Saga who entered the "My Proton Makeover" program??

Fadly and his family with his 19 year old Proton Saga

Well well well.... I have a great news to tell you guys!! He has just received his brand spankin' new car and is now driving around a new, polished Proton Saga!!! I am so happy for him! He has been driving around his old Proton Saga for about 19 years..and the car has been very worn out, so he had his 1992 Proton Saga specially treated by the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division.

Fadly's PROTON, patiently waiting for its owner to arrive

3-2-1... Tah dah!

Checking out the new car

Fadly appreciating the inside of the car

Fadly, family with PROTON reps & the R3 team that worked on his car

Fadly and family getting ready to drive into sunset! Congratulations Fadly, enjoy your brand new Proton Saga!

“All I can say is a very big ‘Thank You’ to PROTON for selecting my car for the makeover,” a visibly happy and excited Fadly said. “This car means so much to me, carrying so many memories. With this makeover, it has been given a new lease of life and now, we will have even more memories together!”
Awww...congratulations Fadly! I'm really excited and happy for you! Anyway, it is still not to late for you guys to enter this contest and be lucky like Fadly, as PROTON is still looking for owners - regardless of their Proton model - to share their story involving them and their Proton car. It could be your first ever car since college, inherited from their parents, or maybe a second hand or third hand purchase; how their journey through life with the car has been and how the car has played a role, or has a particular impact with their life.

PROTON will then identify the best stories - or most heart-warming or heart-wrenching, and depending on its details, will reward the chosen five winners with a complete makeover of their Proton car. You can log in and register at or visit the nearest PROTON Sales and Service centre. Entries close on December 28, 2011.

So if you have an interesting story about your PROTON car, do share it with us and take that chance to be rewarded!!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Priceless Reaction

I just watched this video on YouTube and decided to share it here, right away! It just made me teared! I watched a few times already, and I still cry! hehe... What a priceless reaction!!! I would do the same thing too if I have a daughter one day... (and hopefully my daughter would be just like her too! heheh ;p)

Watch it! adorable! :')

The fact that the birthday presents that she got in the backpack are all for the trip, made it even more sweeter!! Oh, she has the coolest and greatest parents ever!! hehe..

Well Lily...your parents uploaded this video on Oct 3rd, so that means your birthday's this month I think? And I guess it's not too late to wish you one... So, Happy Birthday Lily! ;)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Vow

Have you seen the trailer yet??! Oh my God. I cannot believe how can they make us wait until February 2012! That's 4 months from now! Oh..and maybe I should add another one or two months for the movie to hit Malaysia pulakk! can they do this?? >_<

Why oh whyyy so late?? Half a year of waiting is too long man! I SO cannot wait for it! I mean just look at the main characters.. Those two are the ones that I really love; Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, which from the two favourite romantic movie of mine; The Notebook and Dear John! And both movies are from Nicholas Sparks-based story! So this movie is definitely going to be my new favourite romantic movie! I just knew it!!!


So of course I cannot wait! They both are just sooooo great. Not only Rachel McAdams has a beautiful face, hair, body and everythinggg.. and Channing Tatum is very handsome too, But they both are also very very talented and they have proved that they can do a great performance in a romantic movie! So yes, I'm rather very confident that The Vow will be worth watching guys! I just knew I would cry my eyes out for this movie! Heee ;p

(When I first saw this trailer last month, I watched it for like more than 20 times, back to back! hahaha. I was so excited + cannot wait! LOL ;p And I think, The Vow will be a Wow movie!)

Anyway, a little heads up for this movie.. This film is actually based on a true story about a young woman who loses all recent memory in a car accident and struggles to rebuild her identity while her husband tries to win her heart for the second time. - It's based on the book of the same title, which is the story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter 

You can have a look about it, here..

Oh...the husband is such a sweetheart! I'm touched. I'm melted. *wipe tears*  Oh, I want one. heh ;p

P/s: Does anyone know what is the title of the song in that movie trailer? I wanna download it! Thanks!

Hopeless Romantic Girl.

Note to self: Don't keep it all inside!


Monday, October 10, 2011

The Secret Life of Nora! AWESOME!!!

(Look at her shoes! It's yummylicious!)

I've seen the ads everywheree... posters and vids on cinema, etc, but haven't had the chance to see it yet, until last Saturday... tu pun sebab ada orang sponsored. heh ;p - Well..cuz I wasn't sure if it's going to be a nice movie or not...and I didn't want to burn my bucks just like that if it isn't so good... But was AWESOME! I didn't know Tiara got such a lovely voice! N such a talented woman!!! And not to mention, super hot too! hehe. I am sooooo going to watch it again for the second time...and this time, I'm so going to pay for it! hahaha ;p

To be honest, that was my first time watching a theatre. (the one I watched with my friends in my 3rd year in uni didn't count, as I did not get to watch fully (I sat on the floor - so can't really see) and plus, I wasn't focused 100% ). So yeah, now I know how awesome Tiara Jacquelina is... She's so gedix and cute... and yeah, now I know how awesome a theatre movie really is too!  haha. I am so lame! =_=' (Even the famous PGL pun I tak tengok pun lagiii! ---_____---) 

Anyways.. Here are some of the shots while I was in Istana Budaya watching the musical theatre The Secret Life of Nora..

They sing, they dance, they're happy. And they made me happy.

The first part of the show ended..and we had a break for 20 minutes..

...and the show ended! Time to take lotsa photos! hehe ;p

"Whoa...there's two spies behind this pillar! Hmm...I wonder whether I can fit behind it too?"

Ini korek hidung ke...or buat mcm pistol? LOL ;p

Oh...he's so pretttyyyy. haha..

Aznil was toooooo funny in the movie! I love him! He made me laugh my arse off! hehe

There were some merchandise for sale too! 

"Which one look good? White one or the brown one?"

Oh! I also met my readers there! Hello...errr...girls! Sorry didn't catch your name the other day! But nice to meet you girls! hehe ;p

Awesome actors and actresses

If you haven't watch it, do watch it guys and girls! It's really a nice movie! Tiara is too cute. And Aznil is too funny! And all the music is awesomeeee too!

I love it! ^_^


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't Sweat It with Rexona!

A week ago, I was invited to attend an event by Rexona; "An Experiential Discovery of Sweat and Body Odour" and also had the privilege to watch an exclusive premier screening of Dream House movie, held in GSC One Utama! :)

So anyway, the purpose of that event was to actually enlighten everyone and raise awareness about the five causes of sweat and break myths about body odour! Because believe it or not, your body can generate a considerable amount of sweat even when you're just watching a movie or working/sitting in an air-conditioned office!

The event was kinda fun as we get to play around on their little playground.. and best of all, before the night ends, we get to watch a movie as well! (we were the first to watch that movie! ^_^)

And did you know....
  • Six out of ten Malaysians do not use deodorant! - Euwww ;p
  • 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it. - Oh, poor that person.. =/
  • The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions) are inevitable in people’s daily routines and have a silent effect without them realising it!

So that night, Rexona has geared to offer the bloggers and guests to an experiential platform to uncover the five causes of sweat. There were five stations altogether, for the activities which were customised to signify the light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions...that could cause your body to sweat!

Number 1: Light Movement

There was a Kinect game station. I saw people were doing simple kicks, strikes and punches.. hehe. I didn't play though..

Number 2: Heat!

Next to it was a simulated setting of the beach with sun and coconut tree and hats and balls, etc. I saw people were taking polaroid shots at that beach! I want one actually, but I didn't join and pose for it! (Too shy, so many people!) haha ;p

Number 3: Stress

Number 4: Humidity

Of course, weather also plays a big role in sweating! And with our hot and humid weather in Malaysia, there is NO WAY that you will not sweat! But don't worry, "Use Rexona everyday! Nothing keeps you drier!", as they said! hehe

So while everyone was busy playing around on those little playground, me, Aizat and Azhar went to the food side to have some dinner! I was so starving..I just need my fooood! ;p

"Om nom nom nom..."

And then after he had our dinner, we were ready for the last part of the event!

The Number 5: Emotions

Do you know that emotion is one of the triggers of sweat? Some people sweat when they get nervous or surprised or worried or in a suspense mode or something.. so with that, Rexona presented us with the screening preview of Dream House movie! Yeayyyy! :)

Walking to the movie theatre..

Sorry, bad lighting! the look of this poster, it seems like it is a horror movie.. But well, not really actually! Just a bit suspense..which I like! hehe.. And it's a bit complicated too, but I really enjoyed the movie! (Although I had to annoy and ask Aizat and Azhar while watching it...cuz I was really confused! Haha. Oh mann....I'm always confused! Sorry guys! heee ;p)

Oh..and Rachel Weisz is soooooooo preeeetehhhh! Love her face! ^_^

Lastly, thank you Rexona and Edelman for inviting! And thanks for the goodie bags! Now I got lotsa stock for deodorant and will definitely going to be dry all day! hehehe. Thank youuu! ^_^

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