Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miracles Do Happen in This World!

Salam everyone!

Mind you, this is such a lengthy post. Heee.. Saya nak cover balik hari hari yang saya ter miss nak update blog ni.. So now, entry kali ni penuh dengan cerita! Heheh.. Kalau boring, tak payah baca.. Saya saje nak share jerr ni.. =)

Hmm..well today, I would like to share with you guys about some stuff that happened to me during and after I have gone back from Saudi, since lately ni.. those people yang minta saya doakan (atau yang-tak-minta-saya-doakan-pun-tapi-saya-doakan-jugak) have been telling me some good news..
Alhamdullilah. =)

So tiba tiba harini terasa nak share with you guys, what happened to me masa dekat sana. Seriously, Allah Maha Mendengar, Maha Memberi. Maha Pemurah. Maha Besar. =)

Well.. The whole time when I was in the holy land; Mecca and Madina, whatever that I asked for, whatever I wish for, whatever that I want, have been granted on the spot! It was kinda scary actually.. Scary in a sense that...umm..macam, Wow, God really is watching me and been hearing and listening to me?! Scary sebab macam terang-terang nampak kuasa Tuhan. =/

Wanna know what happened? Well..maybe for you takde la benda besar sangat, but to me, they are. Because I saw it with my own eyes, things that happened to me.. Sebab macam.. I terasa macam, dalam berjuta juta manusia dekat situ, Dia dengar apa yang hamba Dia yang hina seorang ni, minta dalam hati..
Macam wowww, magic la! Cakap or mintak jer, akan jadi! Heee ;p

And that will only happen in the Holy Land, and no where else in this world. Hmm... So yeah, if you're planning to go there, pleaseeee jaga pertuturan anda, dan bercakap benda yang baik baik sahaja, yer tuan tuan dan puan puan sekalian... Because your wish will come true!
Just like what happened to me..

Wanna know what?

Wish Come True #1:

Hmm.. First thing first, when I was still in Malaysia (that's about 2 days before I flew off), without me realizing it, I said some things about my Auntie (who went there last year). It may sounded like I was talking bad thing about her. Oh well, I really really didn't mean to kutuk her or whatsoever...

Well..what happened was, when she was in Mecca last time, mom told me that the whole time she was there, dia asik rasa sejuk sangat sangat bila masuk bilik yang ada air cond, padahal semua orang panas. Mom said that every time tidur, she would switch off the air cond, and leaving mom feeling so hot and sweaty in the room. So, when I heard that, I felt like it was really weird to feel hot when you're in a desert. So I said,
"Lahh.. macam mana nak rasa sejuk sangat?? Panas kan, dekat sana? Tak faham la..".

Well..something like that..

Saya cuma macam tak faham, macam mana nak rasa sejuk sangat when you're in a desert which the weather would always be more than 40 degrees?! Plus, being me..yang memang kaki sejuk, saya memang suka sangat sejuk sejuk ni. (Saya pantang panas panas ni.. Tak sukaaa. Boleh pengsan. Fyi, saya ni Puteri Lilin. huhuhu ;p) So that's why, saya tak faham perasaan orang sejuk. Pergi mana mana, tempat yang sejuk i.e bilik yang sejuk ke, dalam kereta ke, or mana mana sahaja lah yang sejuk, I would always be the one yang tak rasa apa apa. I mean like, of course, ada lah rasa sejuk tu, tapi rasa sejuk yang best la. Kadang kadang siap berpeluh lagi in an air conditioned room! Heee. (Dalam badan banyak sangat lemak tepu ni! LOL.) 
Even when I was in Amsterdam last 2 years, the weather was - 4 °C pun, I only wear my normal t-shirt and a really thin jacket. Not a bomber or a winter coat or whatever. Heeee.

So yeah, I tak faham perasaan orang sejuk. So...agak nya, Tuhan tu nak bagi saya faham dan mengertik, since I said "macam mana nak rasa sejuk" kan...maka, dia pun bagilah saya merasa sedikit perasaan orang orang yang tak tahan sejuk ni.. (Amik kau, mintak sangat kan? haha ;p)

Hmm... So we stayed in Jeddah first, for a couple of nights since daddy had some meetings there..then only we went to Madina and then next to Mecca and to Jeddah again..

The first day in Jeddah was still okay. I mean, I still feel normal. But on the next day, I was starting to feel a lil' bit cold in the room. The air cond temperature was not even the lowest degree, it's only like 20 or 19 degree.. Even my mom yang selalu tak tahan sejuk pun asik terasa panas je kat dalam bilik tu, apatah lagi I, yang suka sangat sejuk sejuk ni. So supposedly, saya patut rasa biasa je lah kann? Tapi this time around, pelik gilaaa. Saya rasa sejuk sangat! Memang tak tahan. Dah la memang tak bawak any jackets or long sleeved t-shirts, so memang sangat sangat tak tahan! Everyday, I would be menggigil kesejukan! Sumpah sejuk gila dalam bilik tuu! Tak tahan langsung! >_<
Padahal orang lain panas and terasa bahang.. - Hmm.. tak ke pelik tuuu? The whole time when I was in Mecca and Madina..memang asik kesejukan je bila masuk bilik...tskk.

But I didn't realized this. I mean, I didn't know that maybe this was the 'balasan' from God or whatever, because I really didn't realized what I said earlier.. So.. Only after the second night in Madina when I see mom and dad were feeling so freaking hot in our room and I'm not, only then I realized this!

I realized that.. why does my body couldn't even tahan in a 25 degree Celcius?? That's quite warm actually.. Tambah tambah pulak dekat luar tu panas gila... So supposed bila dalam bilik, nak la sejuk sejuk kannn? Tapi ni tak, masuk bilik je, after few minutes, I'd be the one who would always berselubung under my duvet..

After a few days terasa pelik with my own body, then tiba tiba je I remembered..I said those things before.. So then it hit me in my head that maybe God is sending me a message that don't ever cakap pasal orang lain or whatever.. Just MYOB. Because different people, is different, Wani! Not everyone has a kulit buaya like you! Hishh

So yeahh.. Lesson learned! Sorry God! And sorry Auntie! Heee ;p

Wish Come True #2:

The other day after dad has confirmed with me that I'll be following him to Saudi, I reminded myself not to be too gedix or excited with things while I'm there.. Cuz being me, who loveeee to take photos wherever I go, so.. I have to remind myself about that! Cuz I felt like, this may be the last time I would get the chance to be there..thus, I have to keep on reminding myself to really really focus and to really beribadah. Not to menggedik and become so excited like I always do, and asik nak ambil gambar jerr all the time. haha. Memang kena remind and cakap banyak kali aku ni...otherwise, lupa. huhu.. ;p
So saya pasang niat, I'm going to the Holy Land, not to go there with the purpose nak pergi shopping or snapping some random pictures or whatever that can be related to me, being gedix and excited..huhu ;p

So saya pun dah tetapkan niat dan telah bercakap dalam hati, this very phrase, banyak banyak kali:
"Wani, awak pergi sana untuk beribadah. Bukan nak shopping. Bukan nak jalan jalan. Bukan nak bergambar jer keje. Bukan nak menggedik (Read: I'm such a Photogedix girl). Remember that Wani. So no, jangan jadi gedix pleaseee"

So I guess,  God did listen to my niat, so he made me forgot my camera charger! I mean.. how can I forget thatttt? I was gonna go to somewhere, kannn. Not just a quick 1 hour getaway or whateverrr.. It was for about 10 days, kotttt?! Of course I would want to take some shots of the food, the people, the interesting stuff there or whatever at all.. (and most importantly, take my own photos! hahaha)..being me, yang memang suka sangat ambil random photos, kannn.. So, memang pelik la kalau saya tak bawak camera. Heee. And if you know me very well, I will always have my camera in my handbag. Even to the nearest mall near my house or just having a casual day out with friends at some very casual places or wherever at all! My camera to me is the third important thing that I would stuff in my handbag (First would be my purse/cash, second is my handphone and fourth would be my lipbalm ;p)

And every single time when I travel, I would make sure the camera, the camera charger and the memory card or usb port or whatever that has to do with the camera, would all be listed as priority in my To-Bring list. They would all be at the top of the list. And of all the time when I travel, I have never ever experience this! Memang saya akan sentiasa triple check on this part, because to me, rugi kalau tak capture every moment while I'm there.. So yeah, memang saya pelik sangat macam mana boleh lupa nak bawak charger, especially when my camera battery was about to die! tskk.. Sebab memang pelik, I triple checked everything on my To Bring list tu, tapi memang I tak terperasan langsung about my charger! (And it is at the top of the list!)

Hmm.. I guess, He knows me best. He knows this little girl would always be excited all the time when she holds a camera and see something that is quite interesting to her eyes.. And I guess, He knows that even when I already have that niat in my mind and in my heart, but when the camera is with her, He knows that she would still be like her usual self and wouldn't stop snapping pictures! haha ;p
So maybe Dia nak saya beribadah betul betul and really focus like what I wished for, so He made me forget about my charger, la kott?! Heeeee. =P

Tah la.. Suka hati jer saya perasan and buat teori sendiri. Hahahaha ;p

Wish Come True #3:

We were supposed to go there on the 31st of July until 7th of August.. But since there weren't any available flights during that period, so the date has been changed to 6th of August till 16th of August. And my parents told me about the changed date at a very last minute, which was on the 30th July, so..memang on that one week gap tu, I memang tak ingat langsung about my menstrual cycle. Because in my mind, I would be having my period right after I balik umrah. I macam dah ter-set kan dalam kepala, I akan period bila balik umrah - that was before my dad bagitau about the one week postpone/changed date tu..

But the weirdest thing was.. even after dia dah bagitau the date has been changed pon, I still boleh nak terlupa. So, I still set dalam kepala, yang I akan period bila balik umrah nanti..and I thought like, I don't need to worry about that part.. (Masa tu memang tak ingat pasal my period langsung langsung and macam tak perasan langsung the date has been changed! hahaha. Boleh takkkkk? Padahal postponed seminggu kottt?! Heeee.. Apa laa saya ni! ;p So..sebab tu tak terfikir langsung pasal my period tuh... Adoyai. Macam mana tah laa boleh blur and boleh tak ingat pasal period tuu! Sigh.)

So.. kalau ikutkan my calendar, saya akan period around 10th or 11th of August..macam tu la.. Around that date la lebih kurang.. But this time around, nak dijadikan cerita, tiba tiba ter period earlier than the scheduled date.. which was on the 6th of August, the day yang kitorang nak bertolak dah tu. Fyi, saya dah lama tak datang period earlier than I'm supposed to.. Selalu nya akan lambat sikit than the date yang I kira.. But this time, ter awal pulak.. Hmm..

Anyways..on that particular day, I had my period around 12 pm or something.. At that time, memang still tengah busy and kelam kabut kemas kemas barang lagi.. (Flight was at 9 pm, and we were supposed to be at the airport latest by 7 pm. So, kitorang bertolak around 6 pm la. Tapi nak bersiap siap around 4 or 5 pm lah kann..) So you bayang lah, I have about very few hours to selesaikan masalah saya and shoot to clinic to get help! I was really really shock, sedih, terasa jahat or something.. I mean like.. Ye lah, I nak pergi beribadah..tiba tiba I period?? On the day aku nak pergi pulak tuuu? Haihhh.. Memang I was really really down.. Masa tu terasa macam Tuhan tak nak aku pergi sana je..sebab macam "tak layak" or something.. tskk.. =(

So, lepas dah puas nangis dalam bilik.. I asked mom, what should I do.. And mom said, she doesn't know because even if I ambil the ubat to stop my period from flowing might just doesn't work.. sebab selalunya orang ambik that ubat before period, not during period! then she said, just go to the clinic and ask for the doctor's advice..

And so I did.. Around 4 pm baru dapat jumpa clinic yang available! Pheww.. Memang betul betul last minute! Well..the doctor pun gelak kan I..hahaha.. Dia cakap, tak pernah lagi orang nak pergi umrah, mintak ubat tu masa dia dah period..Selalunya orang akan makan before period and before pergi! Not masa dah nak bertolak! Heeeee. ;p
So..the doctor said,
" try je makan, maybe in 2 or 3 days will stop, Insyaallah. Lagi pun you cakap, you'll be staying in Jeddah for a few days first kan? And then to Madinah kan.. So ok lah tuu. I think by the time you sampai Mekah, the period akan stop dah tu.. Doa lah banyak banyak.."

And magically... Malam tu jugak my period dah stop! Lepas makan sebiji ubat beserta doa.. Heee. Saya siap merayu rayu dalam hati..mintak nak stop period.. And masa dah stop tu, God knows how thankful I was! Memang happy sangat..bersyukur sangat.. Sebab terasa macam, doa saya makbul..and Tuhan dengar apa isi hati saya.. hehe. Yelah, even doctor pun predict at least 2 or 3 days baru the period would stop.. Tapi ni tak..malam tu jugak dia dah stop! After makan satu biji ubat je baru?! Pheww.. Alhamdulillah! =)
Yelah, sedih kot kalau datang Mekah and Madinah tapi tak dapat nak beribadah, kannn? Sia sia jer nanti.. Hmm..

Oh, and just to share with you.. My dad's friend's wife pun who were there with us masa kat sana, makan jugak ubat nak stop period tu, dia lagi la.. Dia makan before dia datang period.. But..still, benda kalau nak jadi, dia jadi jugak kan.. So, period dia tak stop stop pun.. After a few days makan ubat tu, baru stop.. Hmm..

So..I guess, miracle do really happen to me, ey? Alhamdulillah. Hee. Thank you God for giving me the chance to enter your holy land and your house =)

Wish Come True #4:

Just to let you know, this recent Umrah trip, was my 4th time actually. And to be really honest with you, of all the three times I went there in the previous years.. I have never ever felt this calm, happy and semua benda macam dipermudahkan.. Alhamdulillah.

Well..probably because dulu masa pergi tu, saya masih agak kecil. Ye lah, I was 11 masa first time pergi..and then 13 and last one masa 16. So..memang agak kecik lagi.. And now, dah besar sikit.. (Sikit je la, tapi..) hehe. So..dah pandai nak mintak macam macam kat Tuhan.. Dah tahu apa saya nak. haha.  I mean like, dulu macam semua benda I ikutttttt je apa yang my mom or my dad suruh without really knowing its purpose or why and whatsoever. Macam I don't know what to do next, what to ask and stuff.. And pergi masjid pun mesti dengan diorang. So macam..everything I rely on them and ikut jer diorang.. Bukan sebab sendiri yang nak.

But this time.. I suka pergi masjid sendiri. Pergi sorang sorang. Tak payah my mom teman. Pergi masjid pun asing asing dengan my mom.. Everything I nak buat, I buat jer. Bukan tunggu orang suruh.. Or tunggu orang ajak, baru nak buat..

So, bila pergi sendiri ni.. Macam macam saya mintak dekat Dia. And amazingly, SEMUA yang saya mintak, alhamdulillah dimakbulkan and jadi on the spot! And bila saya nampak and sedar semua yang saya mintak tu memang jadi depan mata, saya terasa terharu sangat.. Macam terasa macam...Wahh..Tuhan sayang saya? Tuhan dengar apa saya mintak? Tuhan makbulkan and bagi apa yang saya nak? Padahal aku ni siapa.. Hamba Dia yang hina..

Seriously, terharu sangat.

Hmm..nak tahu tak apa yang saya minta? Well...for you guys maybe takde apa kot benda ni.. Tapi for me, memang sangatlah besar sebab saya terasa, saya ni hamba Dia yang hina.. yang selalu tak dengar kata...tapi tiba tiba..Dia makbulkan doa saya? Oh... THANK YOU, GOD!

Well.. one of the little things yang I doa, I mintak I tak nak terbatal wuduk. Sama ada tersentuh lelaki or terkeluarkan gas ammonia dari badan saya ketika menjalani ibadah. haha. Yes, kentut. Heee. Bukan apa, selama ni yang saya pergi, mesti akan ada punya terbatal wuduk. Tersentuh pak Arab laa..terkentut la.. Tiga-tiga kali pergi yang masa dulu tuh, memang akan ada saya berulang pergi ambil wuduk semula. Mesti ada punya. Sebab yela, badan saya ni, penuh dengan angin. Hehe.. Saya ni kuat makan angin. So, chances nak terkentut tu mesti ada. haha. =P

But this timeeeeeee, saya doa supaya tak nak kentut and tak nak tersentuh, and magically it was being granted! Heee.. Sounds funny doa pasal kentut, but seriously, sepanjang saya dekat sana, tak ada sekali pun saya kena ambil wuduk semula! That's magic to me!! Sebab, ermm.. ada la a few days yang I duduk dekat masjid yang agak lama.. Since Zuhur till Maghrib.. or Asar till Maghrib ke.. and takde rasa nak kentut ke nak bayrock ke..or whatever yang membatalkan wuduk pun!
Haaa.. tu magic la kan, untuk orang yang suka kentut macam saya ni? hahahaa ;p (pecah rahsia aku! haha)


Other thing yang terjadi was.. When I couldn't see any shops yang jual al-Quran.
Well.. I dah memang niat nak sedekahkan Quran untuk masjid masjid tu.. Tapi.. masa dekat Mekah..memang I tak nampak langsung kedai yang jual Quran.. Mungkin tak perasan kot..

Hmm..masa tu belum lagi nak balik Malaysia.. Ada about a few days lagi kat sana.. So, sepanjang hari hari saya dekat situ memang I tak pergi cari sangat laa.. Sebab I pikir, beli Quran tu masa last day pun ok jugak..
So tapi..bila dah tinggal 2 hari je lagi dekat Mekah, I still couldn't find any shop yang jual Quran! Pelik gila.. Padahal sepanjang jalan from our hotel to the masjid tu..banyak gila kedai..and impossible, tak kan lah satu kedai pun tak jual Quran, right? So.. on the second last day tu.. I doa mintak tunjukkan or bagi I jumpa kedai kedai yang jual Quran...and right after I balik from solat tarawih on that day, I nampak everrryyywhere ada kedai jual Quran! Serious, banyak gilaaaa! Sampai I jadi macam..huiyoo asal pandang mana mana je, nampak Quran?! Amaaaazing! Sebelum ni tak nampak langsung! And the weirdest thing is, semua kedai kedai yang ada jual Quran tu memang I lalu tiap tiap hari! Heeeee. Tapi boleh pulak sepanjang hari hari dekat sana, sekali pon I tak nampak kedai kedai tu jual Quran? Maybe mata I tak nampak kot, masa I lalu tiap tiap hari dekat situ..and now Allah bukakan mata saya..
So lepas dah doa and mintak dekat Tuhan supaya pertemukan kedai jual Quran, so Allah bukak kan mata saya dengan lebih luas..and nampak everywhere ada kedai jual Quran..

And so..I bought some..  =)


Other than that.. Things yang jadi depan mata, yang paling saya amazed was, when I asked to get a place inside the Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi, when it seemed like it was impossible to get a place in there! Seriously, magic gila!

There was this one time, masa Subuh, I terlambat nak pergi Masjid Nabawi tu..sebab lepas sahur tidur terus sebab letih sangat.. And at that time it was about 5 minute more to Subuh.. So I quickly got up and get my telekung and walked quickly to the masjid.. And by the time I arrived the mosque, azan sudah berkumandang.. Just so you those yang belum pernah sampai sana lagi, well..masjid ni confirm confirm lah memang tak pernah kosong, and every time waktu sembahyang jer, memang sangat sangat penuh! Even if you arrive 1 hour earlier than the waktu solat pun, tak semestinya you will get a nice place to sit in the mosque. Kadang dapat tempat selesa, kadang tak. It all depends on your luck. Or..timing jugak lah. Kalau memang dapat datang super duper awal, memang ok laa.. Insyallah dapat lah tempat selesa untuk solat...

Anyways, on the day yang I terlambat tu, I arrived the mosque masa dah azan, bayanglah, confirm confirm memang takde tempat dah dekat dalam masjid tu.. And I have to pray outside the mosque lah kan... But I dunno why, that day I nak jugak jugak masuk masjid tu, even dah azan pon. Dunno why masa tu tak terasa nak solat kat luar masjid.. So I pun bersesak sesak lah dekat pintu masjid tu.. At that time, seriously I was being sandwiched! Teruk gila suasana masa tu. I think, if I terjatuh terduduk dekat situ, mahu terpijak pijak badanku ini! Seriously, manusia bertolak tolakan berebut nak masuk dekat pintu tu.. Dah la aku ni pendek, lagi kecil orangnya (bukan kecil tahap kelebaran - itu saya tahu, tidak sama sekali.. tetapi kecil tahap ketinggian ye tuan tuan dan puan puan. Saya sedar diri ini. tskk T_T)

Pastu, the only reason I dapat sampai ke depan and dapat lepas from all that sesak sesak tu pun kan, was because, people keep on pushing me sampai lah badan I bergerak secara automatis ke hadapan.. haha..
So..bila dah lepas from all that sesakan tu, I start berjalan..melangkah sana sini, untuk cari tempat solat when it was actually impossible dah untuk dapat tempat solat sebab time ni tengah azan kan masa tu..and kalau luar masjid pon dah penuh, mesti la dalam masjid memang dah pack.. Tapi..tak tahu kenapa..saya macam yakin, boleh jugak dapat cari tempat kat dalam masjid tu.. And I keep on doa je sepanjang dari I dekat pintu masuk masjid tu, and sampai lah masa tengah melangkah langkah, nak cari tempat untuk solat pun sama.. Memang asik doa and mintak nak sangat dapat tempat dalam masjid..
Oh..and just to let you know.. while I was searching for a place tu kan.. memang depan I pon ada jugak a few people yang tengah mencari cari and berjalan jugak.. So..sepatutnya kalau ikutkan..kalau ada nampak tempat kosong, of course, diorang lah yang akan dapat dulu..sebab saya kan dekat belakang mereka..

But suddenly..

While walking... I saw an empty space in between some ladies, from far.. And I was praying hard hoping that the ladies who were walking in front of me would not take that place! It was such a perfect spot! Memang selesa punya tempat..Bukan macam yang selit selit antara entah siapa siapa ke...or bukan macam tempat sempit sempit ke apa.. Memang tak. Memang tempat tu okay sangat sangat. And I pray to God, untuk bagi I tempat tu...and surprisingly, they didn't stop and choose that spot! Diorang just walked past that place..and still mencari cari lagi tempat nak solat!

It's like, Allah memang dengar doa saya; mintak nak sangat dapat tempat dalam rumah Dia tu, and nak sangat dapat solat dekat situ.. And so, Dia pun bagi lah tempat tu untuk saya..and made the other ladies tak perasan pun that spot.. Amazinggg! ^__^

And yes, bukan terjadi sekali je benda ni. Serious, banyak kali sangat sangat. (Nampak sangat aku suka datang masjid lambat! hahahahaha..) Well..  takde la lambat sangat.. I selalu akan datang Masjid Nabawi tu about 45 mins to half an hour before waktu solat.. And kalau Masjidil Haram pulak, datang one hour before or earlier.. But still, memang susah nak dapat tempat! Kali ni, memang terlalu ramai orang datang sana. Mungkin sebab bulan puasa kot..

Anyways..ada at one time tu, situation sama jugak lah.. I tengah cari cari tempat..sambil doa, lepas tu.. nanti mesti tiba tiba je..dalam pada tengah sesak sesak ramai orang lalu lalang dalam masjid tu, tiba tiba je, all of a sudden, nanti akan ada orang panggil saya duduk seblah dia! How amazing is that??! Ketika orang ramai tengah nak mencari tempat, and then tiba tiba je..whoever the person was masa tuuu..boleh je tiba tiba nak panggil I duduk seblah dia? Amazing kan?! =),  kepada siapa siapa yang planning nak pergi sana..mintak je lah apa apa.. Sebab insyallah, akan dimakbulkan! Even the smallest little thing!!!


Oh ya..andddd.. this thing yang paaaaaaaaling saya nampak depan mata saya sendiri!
Masa dekat Rawdah (for those yang tak sure what Rawdah is, Rawdah is actually one of the gardens of Paradise..)

Raudhah adalah satu tempat yang sangat mulia di dalam Masjid Nabawi. Selain menjadi lokasi Rasulullah SAW dan para sahabatnya beribadah dan tempat turunnya wahyu kepada baginda, ia juga merupakan taman syurga.
“Ruang antara rumahku dan mimbarku adalah satu taman daripada taman-taman syurga. Dan mimbarku terletak di atas kolamku”

Anyways..oleh sebab tempat ini Nabi pernah berkata bahawa tempat ini adalah salah satu taman dari taman taman syurga, maka tempat ini memang menjadi rebutan semua orang untuk berdoa dan bersolat. And according to my mom, doa doa dekat sini Insyallah memang makbul. Memang takde tapis tapis dah, memang doa doa tu terus naik ke langit, and Malaikat pun memang banyak dekat sini.. So.. memang best lah kalau dapat doa apa apa dekat sini.. So, oleh sebab tempat ini memang special.. Memang confirm confirm lah penuh and sesak sangat sangat. Nak solat pun memang susah.. Terlalu ramai orang.

So..before masuk kawasan Rawdah ni, sementara tunggu giliran, I banyak kali doa supaya dapat tempat and dapat solat. Tak putus putus I mintak..

And then, bila dah masuk kawasan Rawdah tu.. Oh my God...memang terlalu ramai orang! Susah gila nak cari space untuk solat! Lepas tu, my mom suruh solat je and doa..sebab diorang bagi masa, takut nanti dia dah suruh keluar and halau kitorang.. Nanti terlepas peluang pulak..
So..dalam pada tengah bersesak kat situ.. I doa for the last time untuk dipermudahkan, and bagi I dapat solat, before I nak perform the solah la.. And then I start sembahyang, walaupon memang sangat sesak! Tatau cane nak explain tahap kesesakan tu dekat sini..hehe. Tapi memang sangaaaaaattt sesak! >_<

Anyways.. benda ni I nampak depan mata I sendiri masa I tengah solat..sampai I menitis air mata..tak tahu nak describe I rasa apa masa tu..

Well, masa I tengah solat..kiri kanan I ada orang.. Ada Aunty seorang ni, kawan my dad, ada my mom and of course ada orang orang lain jugak lah yang try nak solat kat situ.. Semua try nak sembahyang dekat situ..
Depan kitorang tu memang penuh dengan manusia, by the way.. Sumpah penuh gilaaaa! Bertolak-tolakan! Lepas tu, masa kitorang tengah solat, memang ada je orang lalu lalang depan kitorang...BUT magically, bila diorang lalu depan I je, mesti diorang macam akan bagi space untuk I..Angkat kaki ke, or jalan cepat cepat ke, or pusing belakang and see me pastu akan ke depan sikit ke, or macam tarik orang lain supaya jangan pijak tempat saya nak sujud tu la..etc.. And end up, antara aunty aunty kawan my dad tu, and my mom (kitorang berempat, btw) yang sembahyang in the same row,  I seorang je yang dapat solat dengan agak selesa. Sebab yang lain lain, macam dapat sujud atas kaki orang la..tak dapat nak rukuk la, etc.. And my mom pulak memang tak dapat chance langsung untuk solat sebab orang ramai depan dia masa tu.. (and she was standing just right beside me! tapi dia tak dapat langsung.. sobs)

Masa I tengah solat tu laa, I nampak, aunty aunty seblah I, depan diorang ada banyak kaki kaki manusia.. tapi depan I, macam tiba tiba diorang bagi space.. Bukan la space besar pun.. Cukup untuk letak kepala saya untuk sujud.. Tapi depan aunty aunty tu, penuhh and sesak je jugak dengan kaki manusia! Padahal..bersebelahan je kottt! Tu yang I nampak sangat masa tu.. Pastu terus nangis.. Terharu sangat.. :')


And then ada la a few other good and amazing things yang jadi sepanjang saya berada di Mekah dan Madinah.. Nak cerita sini memang panjang laa..huhu.. Sebab banyak benda yang saya doa, memang terus jadi.. Sooo amazing! Saya nak cerita sini pun..dah panjang sangat dah ni.. So..better simpan sorang sorang je lah.. hehe.. It's between me and Allah je lah. =)

Serious, saya bersyukur sangat dapat peluang pergi sana, setelah sekian lama tak dapat pergi.. Syukur alhamdulillah..

Wish Come True #5:

And after I have come back from Saudi...lately I've been hearing and receiving some great news from friends! Syukur alhamdulillah.. Doa-doa saya makbul! I'm soooo happy for them! =)

And now.. I'm waiting patiently for that and thattttttt particular doa of mine to be granted pula! Hee =)

P/S: Sorry kalau cerita saya terlalu panjang! haha. That's what happened when you've been absent from the blogging world for far too long! Jari saya tak berhenti membebel! heeee ;p




  1. Allah Maha Besar dan Mendengar kan? :)

    Bilalah nak jejak kai ke Mekah ni..

  2. ya Allah wani, seronoknyer dpt pergi sana.
    aku mmpu berdoa dr sini jek. hehe
    congrats babe, ko dah jd guest Dia dah. alhamdulillah

  3. syoknya dengar wani...insya Allah, moga akak pun dapat sampai sana jugak nanti...amin..

  4. bestnya dapat pegi sana...
    semoga Allah pon makbulkan doa i utk ke sana after grad nt.. :)

  5. oh wanie thanks forsharing ur umrah experience. nanges saya baca.. how amazing that is kan..

    ive never been to Mekah and i hope Allah will give me chances to go there soon..

    ok wanie, i dont mind the lengthy post, rasa mcm tak payah ada full stop hehe...

  6. salam...wah I read ur story really make me wanna go there...Ya Allah terujanya saya

  7. lucky you wani!
    hope one day i have the chance to go there too and dipermudahkan segala urusan jugak :)

  8. wany,
    i feel u
    mmg kt sana sebut apa saja insyaAllah dimakbulkan.

    when i was a bit younger and shallower :p
    i mintak doa utk kuruskan badan :D
    lps tu terus hilang selera makan

    bila balik KL timbang2 turun 2kg

    amazing la
    malu pon ada sbb doa yg bukan2 when sepatutnya doa la yg lebih manfaat kan hehe

    masa tu skolah2 lagi

  9. such a wonderful experience :)

  10. bestnya akak bc cerita ni wani..berdebar2 dan sampai hampir2 menitiskan air mata akak. Betapa bertuahnya Wani. Mybe org baik, doanya cepat dimakbulkan Allah. :)

    Btw, akak dah lama silent reader wani, tp this is the first time akak komen di sini. TQ sis sebab cerita semua ni. Doakan moga satu hari akak dapat jejak ke rumah Allah tu. Aminn

  11. wow wani.....Allahuakbar and alhamdilillah awak dapat peluang pegi... sebak saya baca post ni.. Allah itu maha mendengar lagi maha mengasihani... Allahuakbar..

  12. wani, best sgt baca cerita awak. tak sabar nak tunggu turn ke sana.

    oh, sangat risau kalau period masa ke sana. tapi mak saya kata kalau selalu amik pil tahan period tu boleh kurangkan kesuburan. saya pernah amik 10 tahun dulu masa g mekah.

  13. Salam wani. I totally get u. Last year when i was there, i nak cari hanger nak sidai baju, tapi pg every kedai tak jumpa. then i terdetik je kat hati, ya allah, tolong la jumpakan aku dgn hanger, nak basuh baju kotor,nak sidai, macam mana nak g masjid baju kotor, then magically, it was right in front of my eyes!! gila scary, and sgt2 terharu. rasa sgt aku yg byk buat dosa ni pun Kau dengar, ya Allah?so i faham sgt apa u rasa. byk benda yg i minta jd on the spot, tapi of coz ada juga yg i minta belum dapat i yakin Allah akan bagi apa yg terbaik untuk kita, sbb sometimes we think what we want is the best, but its not. I'm glad for u. rasa nak pegi lagi dan lagi dan lagi kan??

  14. WOW.



  15. entry yang best.. :) saya belumpernah sampai, tapi memang teringin sangattttttttttttttttt nk pegi. so bila tengok kawan2 pegi, rasa jeles sangat. haha...

  16. ingat tak kejadian on the spot yg jadi kat hanis masa dia ckp pasal spec ustaz kat masjid Nabawi dulu? huhu. i cannot forget that! magic gila!

    bestnya buat umrah. i wonder when will i get another chance to go there again...

  17. terharunya...wani beruntung sgt. saya teringin sangat nak pegi tp xde rezeki lg. :)

  18. masyaALLAH...


  19. what an amazing experience. and i hope that one day i get to go mekah and experience it all too. insya Allah.

  20. mcm2 rase ade bila baca this entry.. alhamdulillah, dapat rasa mcm2 magic Allah tunjuk ni kan..

    *paling comel bila mintak doa taknak kentut tu..heee :p

  21. Alhamdulillah... Wani sgt beruntung dpt pegi... Mmg satu pengalaman yg sgt2 berharga kalo dapat jejak kaki di sana... Pegi laa kemana2 pun... yg pasti di situ la tempat terbaik...

    Mudahan... akak juga diberi rezeki utk ke sana... InsyaAllah... Ameen...

    Menangis baca entry wani ni... =(

    I wish to be there one day... InsyaAllah...

  22. tetibe rasa sedih sgt baca entry wanie..hopefully oneday i have chance to go there..

  23. salam wani..
    seronoknyer baca ur stories.. especially kat raudah.. i totally understand.. mmg pack sgt, n nak baca doa pun boleh bertolak2.. ni plak nak solat.. tp alhamdulillah u managed to solat.. I only managed tp solat on my second attempt to go.. best kan? knowing makan rasullullah saw is right next to u.. u made me miss madinah and mekah all over again, padahal baru balik last april..

  24. tq wani coz kongsi cite kekuasaan Allah SWT yg berlaku kat wani...terpegun n terharu kat hati ni..insyaAllah 1 ari nanti akan ke sana jgak.amin.

  25. hai wani,
    I balik dari mekah and u sampai sana..hehe kalu tak boleh jumpa u kat sana....
    Miracle also happen to me..just like u experienced..mcm2 jadi on the spot and also ada jugak yang sebagai pengajaran supaya lebih berhati2 bila berckp or buat something..
    Even balik dari sana pun Allah byk turun kan byk rahmat Nya.. Amazing kan...


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