Sunday, March 13, 2011

Style Sunday: The Yellow Coat

Was playing dress up the other night, and while I was diving into my wardrobe to find those tops that I never got the chance to wear them (yet), I found this cute little yellow coat of mine!! - which I got years ago when I was in Amsterdam..but never got the chance to wear them yet (cuz I bought it on our last day there. And since then, I only get to go for holidays during Summer. tskk)

Anyway, here's what I put on that night..

1. A long yellow coat with a 3/4 sleeve from Calvin Klein
2. A black & white zebra printed dress from Dorothy Perkins
3. Black leggings from Forever 21
4. A black lace glove from Forever New (an Australian brand)
5. Squared yellow ring from a vintage store in Bangkok
6. Black pumps from Anya Hindmarch

Pair these up with: An imagination black bell-shaped hat like Blair Waldorf used to wear in one of the episodes of GG or.....a crochet newsboy cap may look cute too, for this look.. 

Oh, anddddd not to forget, the most important accessory for a girl, a structured bag! hehe. A yellow bag would be niceee... Mmmm =)

P/s: Should I start watermarking all my pictures again? Someone told me, there's a few bloggers who took the photos on my blog without permission/telling me or without crediting it to me. Hmm..but it's kinda leceh la pulak kan... =/



  1. buat simple watermark jer wani...


  2. hello my favourite sorry..i put ur pic at my blog.i hope u dont mind..but..if u feel bother..please let me know ya..

    with love,

  3. kena nyanyi lagu Yellow Submarine jugak...! :-D

  4. Wani.. beli la cermin beso sket! xbest tgk gamba cermin putus2 tuh. eheheh :|

  5. kancilbiru: hmm yeah, i just want a simple watermarks =)

    sue: awww i viewed ur page! ure so sweeet darl! thanks for the post... well dear, i really dont mind u did that.. I mean, that was really sweet of u..hehe.

    Anyway, I'm talking about people who copy n paste my photos, without even crediting/mentioning it to me.. N claimed those are theirs.. tskk

    hanis: thanks

    phatgurl: LOL. ;p

    sue andy's: hehe. tu laaa...i pun pk macam tu jugak.. but then I pk balik, I nak buat bila bilik baru I nanti larr.. hehe ;p


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