Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 more..

2 down... 8 more to go! :p

Like any other typical, excited, overwhelmed bride-to-be, I too, have The List! haha. I know most married people (or maybe even the unmarried ones) would say...I'm just wasting my time doing it cuz few years from now I won't even look at all this laa, and yadda yadda yadda.. And start telling me that I am SO semangat, lagi gigih and maybe over-planning things, especially when they see thissss book! hahaha. But oh well, can't help it. I'm too excited and happy not to plan and organize my own event! :p
After all, I'm gonna marry someone who I loved can that not be exciting?! hehe

Well, my mom and Kak Faz is the wedding planner but a bride-to-be, I need to take part too, no? I need to know and make sure things are in accordance with my taste and preference and style, no? Bridezilla much? Yes, maybe. haha :p
But well, it's MY day (ok sorry darling...I mean, it's our day. LOL :p), so of course I gotta list out and plan things accordingly as to what and how I like it...right? hehe.. Plus, my mom is being very cool about me taking in charge of planning things for most of it. So...we're gooooooood! ^___^

So Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 has finished. Now let's start planning for Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9...and Chapter 10! hehehe

P/s: I skipped the whole Chapter 3 till 9 planning's, and already went shoe-shopping for that Chapter 10. hahahah. Typical me. Ok now...let's focus! ;p


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Safe Haven

Sheesh. Wrong choice of movie tonight. The movie I watched just now just made me lie here in bed, for two hours...... crying. It's like I can't stop myself at all....... The tears just won't stop streaming down my face, and I can't really breathe properly that it hurts my eyes, my chest and my nose! :( I'm crying still, while writing this. I just don't know what to do and how do I stop myself from bursting out into tears like this... T__T

I got my iPad here with me on the bed, so I figured I should write about how I feel and express it here, right this second... Hopefully by expressing it, would slowly make me stop crying..somehow.

Well, after watching the movie, I just felt so sad and happy at the same time. But mostly happy I guess. Extremely happy and grateful. It's hard to explain the feelings I feel right now. They're all mixed up.

I feel grateful. I feel sad. I feel safe. I feel blessed. I feel fortunate. I feel happy. And all sorts of feelings. The movie just brings up old memories and opens up old wounds...... Sigh. I hate bad memories :(

Safe Haven's storyline was kinda similar to mine that it triggers the old memories to flash like a movie trailer in my head. I forgot how it felt like, last time. But this movie just triggered me to remember the old, sucky, stupid memories I had. And I guess this is the reason why I can't stop myself from crying. The movie just reminds me of my old self; stupid, insecure, and always felt worthless when I was with him. I guess the reason why I'm in tears right now is because I realized how happy I am today...and how grateful I feel to be free from my old life. Mashaallah, it's really an amazing feeling when you have someone who really cared about you, and really loved you for who you are...and is sincere to you.

Just thinking about it made me feel very very grateful to Allah, to have him in my life, cuz I remember how it feels to be me last time... Always so insecure and afraid and weak, and felt worthless and alone. (when I shouldn't have at all!) And how lucky and grateful I am now to be free from all that! God.. I hate it so much, it hurts. It hurts so bad....
I thought I have forgotten it. But I guess your cruel act (and words) towards me (and the rest of your victims - so I heard) last time, made it kinda hard to vanish everything from my mind instantly.. although I really AM happy right now, despite my bad experience.
However... when the woman in the movie described her feelings just exactly like how I felt last time...I just...felt so sad and it just triggers the bad memories to play in my mind. Because I remember how I stuck up with you because I was so damn afraid.  Sigh.... I get goosebumps when Katie, one of the character in the movie said, "You just become dark.. like the life just sucked out of you. You just felt worthless. Like there's no point. And I just stuck up for him all the time. Cause it wasn't his fault. It was mine. And you're completely alone..."  - Damn those words just really triggers my button! So yeah, I blame the movie actually, for reminding me of you, hence this emotional post tonight! Ishhh..You stupid movies!!! >__<  (Ok sorry Nicholas Sparks... Your movie is damn awesome. This is just me and my history, nothing to do with your storyline. I'm just being a little melodramatic over here. Hehe) Or maybe.. this is just tears of happiness? Extremely happy tears I guess? Hmm.. I'm not sure myself. I'm so confused with my feelings right now. I don't know exactly what I feel right now that made me burst into tears like this! The last time I cried so bad like this and cry myself to bed was...when every time I had a fight with that man.. And tonight, it's happening again but I'm not even sure whether this is a happy tears or a sad one? All I know is that I feel sad but happy, and happy but sad?? If that even make sense..

Oh man, I need to stop crying now...because I can't seem to breathe properly and typing with a blurred teary vision is quite challenging too! I have to squint my eyes harder and wipe it every few seconds cuz I can't see what I just typed. -__- do I stop myself from crying laaa? Dah tulis quite banyak ni pun tak stop lagi niiii.. Ish. It's like the eyes automatically produce so much water and I can't seem to turn off the main pipe! haha.. If my man is here right now with me, I bet, he will scold me and be very angry at me like he always do when I'm crying - He hates seeing me cry. He once said to me, "'ve cried a lot already. Enough is enough. I'm here to make you smile and protect you. Not making you cry! I realllllly hate seeing you like this.. I wanna make you smile, not cry! Don't be so weak. Everything is going to be okay" - Awww.. teringat ayat my sister last time, "No guy is worth your tears. And the one who is, won't make you cry" - that's...sounds like my man. He hates seeing me cry. Heee. (Unlike that douche bag. It's a pleasure for him to see me in tears. It's like...his hobby or something. Pffft. Whatever. Enough about him already.. And I pun dah berhenti nangis ni.. hehe)

Anyways..... Off topic, Josh Duhamel is damn hot!!! Hehe. He's so manly and awesome in the movie. I love the way he loves Katie in that story - Reminds me of my own man, in a way that he is always helpful. Always thoughtful, respectful. Always caring. Always trying to make me smile even when I'm in a bad mood. And most importantly, loves me sincerely and always always always be there for me when I needed him the most.... :'( God bless him for that. Mashaallah.. He is such a lovely man that when I think about all the things I've been through. The pain, the sakit hati, the paranoia, the emotional, mental abuse, the psycho thingy, the financial abuse, the tears, the fears, etc.... I just can't thank Allah enough, for all the blessings He gave me to meet such a wonderful man in my life that's perfect for me.. Indeed, Allah IS the Greatest... :') Sedih, sayu, sebak bila fikirkan Dia ketemukan saya dengan si diaa... Orang yang paling saya tidak sangka yang saya akan cintai. :)

Every time when I think about how we met, how we fell in love and how everything just fall into place when I met him, I could cry..thinking about God's mercy, power and greatness! It's just amazing! :) God....I love him so much. And I love YOU, especially for giving me that test, and this happiness. Oh Allah, I'm forever grateful to You. Whatever I say could never be enough. You gave me strength to overcome my uncertainties, and stand firm against all the odds. You are the one who did revive my soul. You shone your light into my heart.. And now I know how it’s like to have a precious love in my life, and how it feels to finally be at peace inside - Okayyy...I took that from Maher Zain, but really.. that's how I feel about all this. hehe. Anyway, I'm not trying to tell people here that I have a perfect man with me and have a perfect life or whatever. Cuz no one is..and I am no exception. He is not even close to being perfect. Only Allah is Perfect. But..I'm happy that we're perfect for each other...and I'm really grateful for that. And I feel so blessed to have this kind of love and relationship.. finally!

Alhamdullilah wa shukrulillah. :)

My only hope is that he would stay this way, or maybe shower me with lots of love even more...and for me to be the very best of myself to make him happy too, while pleasing Allah. Only God knows how much I love him. How much I appreciate him and how much I need him in my life.. Seriously, I never thought I would meet anyone like him. You know...the kind of man that makes all the love songs on the radio sounds true & real, and every word of the lyrics just made sense to last! haha. The kind of love that makes you understand deeply for every love movies that you watched... - Okay maybe I'm the abnormal one here (like he said to me when I told him this. LOL). Maybe you guys pernah je rasa macam tu with anyone/someone. But honestly.. I haven't. Or at least I thought I did. Or.. I tried to make myself felt that way?? Oh well it's hard to explain. Never mind. But my point's really different when you found your perfect match. Or "soul mate" as they say. hehe. I'm not trying to sound so corny or be so cheesy here and make you guys wanna puke in front of your screen. But I'm just stating the truth of how I really feel about everything about him.. He's a lovely man who loves me sincerely.. An imperfect person who I wanna love perfectly, inshaallah. Oh, I cannot wait to build my future with him! Someone I can husband :)

You's funny how things worked out when you thought your world was over. Have faith in God. He knows what's best for you, for He is the Best of All Planners.  Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami ya. Saya sayang dia.... :')

P/s: I'm not sure if you're gonna read this post, honey. But if you do, don't be so kembang semangkuk bcuz I just praised you a lot here... You're not that awesome! ;p I still hate it when you're always so kalut sometimes. haha. (Or maybe all the time? LOL ;p) So don't be so comfortable with me. I still want you to be very sweet to me, every day and every night. Otherwise you're screwed! haha. Just kidding.. I love you baby. I really do. You're my safe haven. 

"You're my safest place to hide" - this song is for you. :')

The Grateful Lover.

The Lens

I tend to forget things easily, especially when I'm planning an event or doing something big. So this is where having The Book comes in handy! Writing down all the things I need, I want, I prefer, I wish to have and so on and so forth has helped me a lot when I was not able to remember certain things.. So one of the little things that I take into account for my event was the contact lenses. I almost forgot to buy a new pair of contact lens for that day, but thank God for The Book that reminds me to buy it! - I'm a near-sighted girl by the way. So of course I needed to have my contact lens for me to be able to have a beautiful vision! ;)

So anyway, being a fickle-minded girl that I am, I really really had a hard time deciding which contact lenses to wear on my event because I have so many types that I love! haha. Typical me. So of course, as expected..when it comes to big events like this, I became that annoying, complex girl who just couldn't decide.. Ishh I bought 6 pairs of contact lenses! haha 
 Good thing that they're expiring in a year's time! ;p

I just couldn't decide whether I wanna wear dark grey or light grey. Or dark brown or light brown. Or green or blue, etc etc for my pictures! I mean, there will be lotsa photo snapping/sessions, from the official photographers, and from the non officials ones, and from iPads, from iPhones, Blackberrys, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Polaroids etc etc! So of course, I gotta look my best and choose the best color that pops the eye, no??! ;p

These are the lenses that I love. They're from Magicolor. 

I've been wearing this brand for a couple of years already.. I love that they're SO comfortable, and their lenses are very natural-looking. I really don't like those very fake-looking contact lenses. - By saying fake, I mean those with so many patterns on the lens, with weird colors that made you look so freaky!

Wearing a green lens on the left pic, and grey one on the right pic.

What I like about their lenses is that it didn't feel dry nor it gives me eye irritation or redness at all, unlike some other brands I tried. It's very comfortable, thanks to it's 55% water content. Another huge point that I like about their lens, is the diameter of their lenses are so big! It's 16mm! Really made a difference to your eye!! Not only they're pretty natural looking, but they also comes in pretty colors that you can choose! From the usual grey and green, blue, violet and even pink! Semua pun cantik!

I'm wearing a green contact lens here (my new fave color!), and as you can see, the lenses are quite natural looking. My eyes didn't look so green and so fake (at least to me! hehe). Cuz there isn't much of an outer ring and it is not as opaque like the other brands I tried. It defines the eyes subtly...which I like!

Base Curve : Median 
Diameter : 16 mm 
Price : RM 40 for a year, but I would suggest for you to wear it 3 months max
Brand: Magicolor 
Made in Korea 
Pros : Natural looking, non drying, enlarging effect, comfortable even long-wear!
Cons : May not be suitable for those with really small eyes though. (You may look weird because the diameter of their contact lens is quite big)

Here's a little tip from me. If you have never worn contact lenses before, and you want to try them out for your big day, make sure you plan ahead. This is what you need to do: 
  1. You are recommended to insert your contact lenses before make-up and dress. Inserting them after, may increase the risk of causing irritation to eye, as cosmetic products can get caught between your eye and the lens.
  2. Regarding the cosmetics, it is advisable to avoid powders or lower quality products as much as possible. As make-up can easily stick to lenses (or even damage them), using high quality cosmetics can help prevent eye irritation.
  3. Keep your eye closed when eyeliner and eye shadow are being applied.
  4. Daily disposable contact lenses are recommended if you do not want to worry about regular care. These are great if you prefer to just throw out used lenses at night and wear a fresh pair every morning.
One last tip to consider: Surprise your partner on your big day by changing your eye color for your wedding! With color contact lenses, you can add that extra flair to your look! ;)

Glad I chose the dark grey lens on that day. I loved all my pictures! 

Talk soon!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The SK-II Exclusive Stempower Kit!!!

Hello beauty lovers!

I have an awesome news and awesome deal specially for you guys!!! SK-II just launched their new Stem Power Essence and there's a sweet deal made exclusively for my sweet blog readers! It's called the Exclusive Stempower Kit which comes in limited pieces, so don't you miss out on this deal yeah!!!

All you need to do is just mention my code: SK2 Shaz at any SK-II counters near you! This promotion is available nationwide, from 22 July 2013 onwards while stocks last! So hurry, go to your nearest SK-II counters and purchase this exclusive set, before they're sold out!

The Stempower Essence Kit comprises of:

  • SK-II Stempower Essence 30ml 
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml 
  • SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask 1pc. 
It is priced at RM395 for each set, but it is worth RM567, and it comes with an additional free gift SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 15g worth RM156. So that's 4 items all together, for only RM 395! What a sweet deal! ^__^



Sunday, July 21, 2013


I love fashion, but I gotta say...I'm not one of those girls who love experimenting with my everyday hijab style, unless 10 people have approved it! haha. Being someone who really love fashion and style, I always wanted to do so actually, but I never have the guts to wear it outside of my room simply cuz I'm not that confident with my face shape! I know I got a big jawline, thanks to daddy's gene! LOL... So a tiny bit wrong step, can make me look soooo wrong and a fashion disaster, instead of a fashion statement, I thought?! hehe... So that's why you always see me in the same style of hijab most of the time. - Better to play safe, I think? But honestly...I would LOVE to doll up everyday with different hijab style and still look fresh and fabulous!

So now that Sunsilk is running a contest on their Facebook page called Hijabku Gayaku, - they're seeking for 10 hijab models and 10 talented fashion designers for the contest, I kinda feel like I wanna join this one! Who knows...I might pick up my very own hijab style while I am in this contest, right?? :) - These 10 models and 10 designers will showcase themselves on the runway of Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) end of this year!

So let's start practicing wrapping my scarf! And BE CONFIDENT, most importantly! ^__^

First off, you need to click "Like" on their FB app page for you to join this contest!

To submit your participation, click on the "Sertai Sekarang" tab in the app!

If you wanna join...but don't have any clue on how to style your hijab, fret not! There are some hijab tutorial by the Scarflets as well in the page, for you to get inspired..and create your own style!

For the designers, you will need to submit sketches, and for the models, you'll need to send your pictures through their FB app

The 10 models and 10 designers will showcase themselves on the runway of Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) end of this year! How exciting!!!

You girls should definitely join the contest!!! The contest is already up actually and it will end on 31st July 2013! So you got less than a month to join! Come, let's join the fun and be a hijabista!!! For more info, please visit here!

You can have a look in the participants gallery, to get more ideas and inspirations before you submit your own photo and be in the contest!

Hope to see you girls there! I'm definitely gonna submit mine! Visit Sunsilk FB page for more info!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Featured in Harian Metro

I just got my E-day photos from my photographer today...and while I was sorting out the pictures into my photo album in my laptop, I saw these photos of me in the newspaper...which I totally forgot I had them! haha. - You know, the one that I went for the photo shoot that I told you guys last time.

I've been meaning to put it up on my blog actually, but I guess I was so busy preparing my E-day and lost track already which one to blog first. haha.. But anyhow, here it is! I was featured in Harian Metro last month.. 

Just some intro of who am I and what do I blog about..hehe

Click on the picture to read..

Thanks Harian Metro for featuring my blog! I had a good time that day! ;)

P/s: I was chosen as one of the subject/blogger for the new TV program by TVi (Astro 180) called the Blogger Voice. Will be covering one of their episodes on Beauty/Fashion. I have already did the shooting...and now I'm SO nervous to see myself on screen! haha. It'll be aired after Raya


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Standard Chartered introduced the Worldmiles Card!

I bet most of you guys love traveling, no? Well how about traveling with redeemed flight tickets?? Oh, sweet heaven that would be SO awesomeee! - But who wants to give things for free right? There's no such thing as a free lunch, anyways! tskk.. 

Oh well...your wish still CAN come true when you sign up and activate for the Standard Chartered credit card!!! - But not just any kind of credit card... It's the Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard Credit Card! 

Standard Chartered just launched the WorldMiles Card - a credit card that is targeted for a frequent travelers and for those who enjoy traveling! Amongst Standard Chartered's 68 countries, Malaysia is the first market to launch this product! How exciting! :)

Anyway, the WorldMiles program is a unique travel loyalty program, where you can enrol by signing up for the Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard credit card. So as part of this program/membership, you can earn and redeem miles on the selected airlines. There are a lot of exciting offers when you become the Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard credit card member!

So what's so special about this card? Well, the Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard credit card members will enjoy accumulating air-miles from three leading partner airlines - Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and AirAsia - in a faster and more cost efficient manner.

So how does it work? How do you earn the points and redeem for flight tickets??

Just swipe your card...and accumulate the points you get!

Every RM 3 spend on the card earns customers a 1 WorldMiles point which can be redeemed for 1 Enrich Mile or KrisFlyer or even 1 AirAsia Big Point. And overseas spend, allows customer to earn 2 WorldMiles points!

So upon card activation, new customers will receive complimentary 25, 000 AirAsia BIG Points which is redeemable for round-trip tickets to Hong Kong, Phuket, Bangkok, Bali and many more destinations!! How exciting, huh?!!! I will definitely ask my friends to sign up for this credit card, and then we can go holiday together for free! All we have to do to earn more points, is just by using the credit card! In other words, let's do more shopping! hahaha.

Imagine.....redeeming for flights to all these amazing locations? Oh la laaa!

Anyway, other benefits include exclusive discounts n privileges from travel providers such as hotel, car rentals, holiday packages as well as retail and dining.

So go ahead, let's sign up for this Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard credit card, and start accumulating WorldMiles points, pack your suitcase and see the world! ;)


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Jelly Mask

About two months ago, I met my good friend Esther, to catch up on things..and to hang out for a bit. We talked a lot that day. Mostly about guys and beauty stuff! haha. So anyway, I told her that I needed something for my face and asked for her recommendations. She recommended this ePure Membranous Jelly Masque, and gave me some to try as well! (Oh, what a sweet friend she is! Thanks darling!)

At first, I was a bit skeptical with it though, since she already has a flawless of course, whatever she use would sound great, I thought! hehe. But then she told me that this super magical mask is sooo famous these days and ask me to try it as well! She said she tried it on her face and on her arm as well (she had like some freckles or something on her arms). She tried it on just one arm first, just to see the result... Then she showed me! - I was impressed by it. On one arm she had some freckles...and on another one, less freckles! She said that's her second or third pack (I couldn't remember). Esther told me that she will continue to use this...and ask me to try the brand as well.. So she gave me a trial pack for me to try at home. Coolness! ^__^

In the trial pack, there's 3 packet of jelly mask with a spatula/scraper. Since it contains only 3 packs, I felt so sayang to use it..haha. Hence I saved it for my important days & dates, like for my last week's event...and for my TV shoot. I didn't use it continuously though, since I only had 3 packs with me. But I must say, within 40 minutes of using this one pack of jelly mask, my skin look fairer a bit.  ^__^
Now I can't wait to start using it continuously...and see if it can really help make my skin looking glowing and flawless!

Here's what they claimed about this mask: 
Instant results in 40minutes: 
• Fairer skin • More even skin tone • Pores refined • Lifting & firming of the cheek • Laugh lines decreased • Pimple spots & redness lightened • Less blackheads
(ePure has received many rave reviews from users as can be seen here! )

By the way, just letting you know that HiShop now is having a 20% discount for ePure Jelly Membranous Mask! Promotion valid from 15th to 16th July 2013 only! So go try it and buy now!!!

ePure comes in 2 types of packaging: Jar and sachet format. It is essentially the same product but 2 different packaging. The price for sachet is RM89.90 (30g x 6 sachets) and jar: RM130 (250ml). You can purchase your ePure mask here: I'm going to buy the jar one!!

 Now, go subscribe to HiShop’s newsletters, for exclusive offers and latest beauty news.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Look

Did a little revamp on the blog. Changed the layout and settings a bit last night. I was bored with my old blog template/layout, fonts, etc. It has been about two years now that I haven't update or change anything about this site. I've been meaning to do so for months and months actually, but never got the time to do it because I'm no HTML geek. So...doing all these codings definitely gotta take a lot of time for me.

So anyway last night with my free time, I decided to revamp this blog by changing the look and feel of it. It's not 100% done yet though. I get confused easily with the CSS codings and whatnot! LOL. - I spent 3 hours trying to put all this together! haha! (Mannn, I should have taken my IT class more seriously last time when I was in UIA ;p )

Anyhow, now that it's 80% done, I'm not sure if I like it or not. What do you think? Is it better than my old look... Or you like this one? Hmm..maybe later I'm gonna try some other look. Or maybe not? - I'm too tired and dizzy looking at the codings! haha. So for the time being...let's just use this lah k whether you like it or not :p

Until my next post! See ya!


Friday, July 12, 2013

The Book.

Ever since I was 15 (that's when I started to know a little bit more about weddings other than  from watching Disney movies), I have this little ideas and rough planning/fantasy of my own wedding... The colors I want, the theme, the dress, etc - lotsa imagination and things I want.....but only thing is, I don't know who the guy is! hehe. So back then, I have always imagine that I will have this one particular Wedding Book that I would jot down everrrry little things that's related to my wedding in it. 

And little did I know....10 years later, the book came to life! hehe. Only thing is....It's a little different from my imagination. But that's alright! The book is still awesome! ;)

I imagined that my book would be thick, plain, white and hard cover...with some writings on it that says, "The Wedding Book" or "My Wedding Book" or "All Things Wedding" in Tiffany Blue fancy fonts.. like the Zapfino fonts or something. So anyway, I have been searching for THE book... The kind that fits the bill. You know very clean, simple and elegant. I want a white, plain, hard cover book...with lotsa pages. I found some. But they just didn't look and feel right to me somehow, I don't know why..

Then I found those typical Wedding Book that they sell in bookstores. You know like those guidelines, planning book...for a very modern, western weddings. I bought some. But still, they too didn't feel right. - I mean of course for the obvious reason! I'm a Malay...and our wedding, tradition and ceremony are very different. So it's kinda absurd to actually follow the guidelines made by the book right? Cuz a lot of things we do it differently! So I began searching some more... I just want a plain book...where I can write anything I want, whatever I plan...and maybe draw something or stick pictures and make it a bit of a scrapbook or something.

Then one day, while I was rearranging my work station in my room..which was before my Merisik and after he asked me to marry him (we'll get to that part later!), I saw these Jordi Labanda's notebooks that I purchased awhile back in Singapore! I kept that book for a few months unwritten. Cuz I don't know what should I do with it. I felt so sayang to use it... Cuz the book is too pretty. But the moment when I saw that book while I was rearranging my files, I knew it was going to be The One! was far from my imagination obviously. The cover looks very chic and girly...and very busy with drawings and writings! - So different from my white, plain book that I have imagined before! But I don't know why, I still want the book to be My Wedding Book! hehe

So I chose the book...and start writing my plans/things I want or imagine for
the big day!

As of now, the book is almost full. I update it almost every day! haha.. 
I tend to forget things easily! So I need this kinda book to jot down whatever that is on my mind that's related to my wedding! I will pass it down to my daughter/kids some day, if the book is still alive..hehe..and show them, that their mommy was full of imaginations! hahaha ;p - Nahhh...this book is actually to record every moment and details of my wedding cuz I'm a detail person like that.
I's a happy day. Why wouldn't I do it? Every detail and decision is important.'s good that I record and keep everything! :) knoww it's funny how I wasn't that excited to have and to own this kind of book the first time when I thought I wanted to get married. - I guess my heart just knew somehow that that wasn't what I wanted... =/  Anyways... tutup cerita lama..haha ter iklan sekejap :p I'm glad I bought this book and made it as My Wedding Book! Heeee. I feel SO happy whenever I flip the pages... The book just brings out happiness! Maybe later, I'll show you some of the contents of the book! The book has chapters too by the way! ^___^ 

And now, I'm happy to announce that this blog will have a new label as well... It's called the Road to My Wedding! ;)



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Love was in the air. Like literally..

So for anyone else who has been following me (and my sisters) elsewhere other than my blog, might have known about this. Thank you so much for all your well wishes. Mashaallah, you guys are so kind! My only wish for you is that He will grant your wishes as well! Amin, inshaallah! :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Pink Package

I am planning to have a little tea party with my friends this year (dunno when yet). Someone will be in charged of the whole party...and I will only take part in the door gifts! I get to pick what I wanna give to my lovely guests! ^___^ - So...which means, my guests will get the items that I personally like! (I like giving people things that I love/like...and make them happy! - Hopefully! hehe)

So my mom already bought some things that I ordered from her, while she was in Indonesia last week. And my friend bought for me some other things that I want as well, while she were in Thailand...and I heard, someone is going to sponsor me some other fun things to put in the package too! Awww...thank you! (Will let you know, once it's confirm! ^_^)

So basically, the package for my guests is 70% done...thanks to them! - Although the tea party will not be held in these couple of months, with Ramadhan and Syawal coming up! huhu.. Oh well, better be prepared earlier, no?

I will definitely invite some of my lucky readers for the event... So stay tune! hihi

Won't show you what are the items exactly, but...I guess from here you can already guess what they are, right? LOL. 
There are 7 items altogether in here! But I might add more! (Because I'm nice like 

So anyway...the other day, when HiShop gave me some credits in my account to buy whatever I want, I went crazyyyy and purchase lotsa soaps, that my maid thinks my crazy!!! haha. - I got the idea to include the soaps in the package too! That's why I gotta haul everything! LOL ;p

So these are the package that HiShop gave me.. Guess what are those!


Mmmm... They're 100% natural, handmade soaps!

With lotsa scents to choose from!

Anyway, I gotta say HiShop's service is awesome! I placed an order on Wednesday, and I got it on Thursday! How fast and efficient! They even gave us a report card for us to fill in, and rate them! And if you're unsatisfied, they'll send you a full sized product, absolutely FREE! 

There's a campaign going on right now.. they want you to rate your online shopping experience with HiShop.My - Because they believe in keeping promises, so they dare you to shop with them and challenge the HiShop's FOUR promises! And if you're unsatisfied, they'll send you a full sized product, absolutely FREE! - You will be given RM150 worth of HiShop credits to shop – and FREE Shipping is included! - How awesome!!! You can visit their website to know more of the campaign!

Thanks HiShop!!!!
Now my pink package is almost complete!!!

P/S: Exclusive for my readers, HiShop is giving away a RM20 cash voucher for any purchases above RM99 (applicable for promotional items too!). The voucher expires 15 July 2013. So hurry, shop now!!! The voucher code: SHAZ20.
Happy shopping!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: The Samsung S4 Smartphone!

I got my hands on the new Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S4!!! Hoorah!

About a month ago, I was invited to the launching event of the Samsung Galaxy S4, where I get to touch and play with the spankin' new awesome phone by Samsung...and get to bring home to continue play with it some more for a review. la..... 
So in this post, you gonna see quite some random pictures from me, that I took using this phone. And I'm also gonna share some parts and features of it that I love.. -- I gotta be honest though, I am not really a techie/gadget freak. So I don't know much on the hardware/software..or how to explain on the other technical parts of this phone. haha. So if you would like to know more, you can just go to the Samsung store and ask them! ;p Cuz normally, whenever there's a new gadget coming out, the only thing that would be my huge concern would be the camera/picture quality! haha. But of course the size, the display, the battery life, etc are important as well! 

So today in this post...I will share with you guys some of the awesome features that I love!

OK, first off, I like the compact packaging!

It's a very neat and unique packaging (which is such a turn on for a girl like me, who cares so much on all the little things! haha) The box features a woodgrain pattern by the way, that is eco-friendly! (100% recycle paper) 
Inside the box, you’ll get all the typical things when you purchased a smartphone.. like the manuals, the USB cable, the earphones with buds and the power adapter. 

The phone comes in Black Mist, White Frost, Brown Autumn, Blue Arctic, Red Aurora. 
(And I got the white one, obviously. heh)

So....what's to LOVE about this Samsung Galaxy S4??

Oh well..... A LOT!!!!!!!

For someone new to the Android world, this phone has given me such an excitement for each time that I'm using and playing with it! I don't know whether it's because of it's display screen (brighter & bigger than my current phone), or it's damn fast processor and super fast responsiveness and speed, or the awesome interface..or the amazing 13 megapixels camera..or the thin, sleek design....or just about everything about the phone!

The Design, Build & Display:
The overall design of this phone is similar to the Galaxy SIII..which I gotta say, it doesn't really wow me at first, because it looks like plastics so it doesn’t make that high quality impression. But what struck me immediately upon holding this phone is that the phone does feel good in my hands! The phone has a sleek design, thin dimensions, it is very light and so easy to hold! 

Other than that, the vibrant display is also another huge plus point! - I love vivid, bright, sharp & strong colours in pictures, so it was great to see such an enchanting huge AMOLED HD display, coupled with crisp, bright & vibrant colours! 

The Camera! 
Now this is really my main favourite thing about this phone!! This phone has a 13 megapixels camera. Having taken several shots in different lighting conditions, and compare them on other smartphones in the market, I think it’s fair to say that Samsung has really did it! It takes really crisp, sharp and bright photos! You would want to take a selfie photo A LOT! hahaha... - I just love how the camera is very quick & responsive when I take a few shots in one go.  

Now let's have a look at the clear, vivid images that I captured using this phone! - All pictures shown here are unedited, unless stated!

Dinner in Bangi area.
This restaurant is quite dark actually...but the picture turns out to be quite bright!

This is called a selfie shot! hehe. Taking a picture while stuck in the jam during rush hour.. clear it is? You can even spot my whitehead on my forehead! hahah - This was taken with the front-facing camera in low lighting! (it was raining quite heavy in KL at that time)

Taken with the back-facing camera in low lighting

Trying on both the front and back cameras! (Edited with Instagram filter: Valencia)
This is another function that I love on this phone - the camera applications! It can do awesome things like having a dual camera function where both the front and back cameras are activated so that you can take a picture of yourself and whatever is in front of you all at once! Also, you can create a little gif image too!

Taken in good lighting conditions using the back-facing camera. 

Taken while baby Yusuf is constantly moving! hehe

Taken with a flash..

My outfit-of-the-day post..

Taken in good lighting conditions on the front-facing camera. 

The Air View/ Air Gestures
Ahhh...thissssss!!! Damn cool, man! Just by waving your hand in the air above the phone, can help you do a lot of things without having to touch the phone!!! For example, it can help you to answer a call, or view email or websites, scroll the page up or down, check the notifications, missed calls, new messages, time and date, browse images, songs, and so much more!!!

What I like the most is the Air Call-Accept feature! Why? Because when there's a call comes in, you just need to move your hand to the left, and then to the right across the sensor to answer the call! So no more running and searching to get for a towel or wash your hands off to answer the call, while you're in the middle of doing something dirty or greasy with your hands! - This happens to me all the time! Especially when I'm applying my make up/skin care! haha. The Samsung people are so genius! Love this feature so much! IT'S BRILLIANT! ^_______^

Removable SD card
Now this is specially for heavy app users and users who like to back up their devices. Many gamers complained that the installation of certain memory intensive games, quickly ate away at their ROM after installing just a few games. So I bet these users will likely find the removable micro SD card and the transfer option as the simplest solution to this problem!
Similar to games, many apps can be comprised of large files that quickly take up the ROM. So this is great especially for the users who love to download all the latest apps, and keep everything in their phone (read: me ;p)  and soon find their internal storage running low, and then complain that the phone is really slow and lagging all the time..
So one of the main reasons Android decided to take away device to MicroSD transfer, was because it often disabled certain apps from working properly. However, Galaxy S4 users will now at least have the option of keeping apps that are better suited for internal storage on their Samsung Galaxy S4 devices and transferring apps that fair well on external storage to a micro SD, to protect the data in the event the hardware is no longer functional. So with the Galaxy S4, users can easily switch their micro SD card into another device. This takes away the hassle of having to redownload and reinstall apps and media one by one, which is common when transferring Google Play purchases from one device to another!

Decent Battery Life!
I was so impressed with the battery life! This phone lasts from early morning till late at night, which is way more than I expected! Sometimes even, until the next day!! (That never happened to me before! Because I use my phone extensively!!) I was so impressed that I was able to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted and relatively heavy use. And since the S4’s battery is removable, you can always replace it for a very little cost and with minimal fuss when the battery is depleted! No need to bring the power bank around in your handbag anymore!

I guess it's true what they say, the Galaxy S4 indeed is a life companion! hehe. I definitely want this phone..for its awesome features, Air View/Gesture and camera!! So overall, I give it a 9/10! Oh, this Samsung Galaxy S4 is one phone I would absolutely love to own!!!

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