Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Indonesia Trip: Day 1 in Bandung

This is a lengthy post. Beware, your laptop or PC might lag a little bit, due to: this post contains a lot of pictures! Heh ;p

Hi girls!

Sorry for the sporadic updates! I'm just lazeeeyyyy and tired and got no mood. hihihi ;p

Anyway, while I was browsing through my old posts.. I realized, I did not publish my Indonesia Trip, yet???! Pffffft. I knowww last time I promised to update you guys here! And apparently, I just pressed the "Save Now" button instead of "Publish Post" button, and was saved as a "Draft" post! Gosh! How can I forgot and silap! =__='

Anyway... so here I am, publishing my Indonesia Trip on Day One, today! haha ;p

So it was my very first time going to our neighbour's land, that time. It was in June 2010. I've travelled to a few places before that - Europe, Australia, Middle East, Japan, etc etc.. so I never really wanted to go to Indonesia as I thought it's just a normal, boring country and..nothing much to see or do there.. And I thought that it's probably just gonna be something like Malaysia. Hee. So yeah, I didn't have any interest or excitement when dad told me that we're gonna go to Indonesia for a short holiday, that time.. Plus, before this, I heard so many (negative) stories about Indonesian people.. (which I don't know whether it's true or not..? - But now that I've been there, I know that it's not true at all!) And so somehow it has affected me and thought that it's true. So the 'narrow-minded' me back then thought it was not gonna be a good holiday  =_______________='

So I didn't expect anything.

But the moment when I touched down Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, everything changed!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Scruber that do Wonders!

Recently I tried and bought a few facial scrubs. Sephora's, Bloom's, Himalaya's, Lush's, Soap &Glory's, etc etc just to name a few..  I loved facial scrubs. For me, I think they make my skin feels so much cleaner and softer. Just by cleansing my face with a facial cleanser isn't enough. I need my scrub every other day.

If you've been following my blog, you'd know that I'm a sucker for any beauty products. Hair products, skincare, foot stuff, body care, make up, etc etc, you name it..I have a lot of beauty stuff in my room.. Like most girls, I just couldn't resist not to buy such a cute packaging products..or a product that claims to be good for the skin! ^__^

So anyway, during my recent trip to Switzerland last December, I purchased quite a few beauty products for myself. And one of it was this facial scrub/exfoliant which I really love at the moment!

I went to one of the departmental stores there called Manor, and bought a few perfumes and make up for myself at their beauty section.. And while I was just about to check out from the store, there was this sweet old lady (I think she's old because her hair is all grey/white? heheh ;p) came to me and stopped me from walking out of the store (she was the Sales Assistant for the perfume counter there), and asked me to touch her skin...and then asked me to guess how old she is...

I said, "Wow that's super soft! Umm....I don't know. 40-ish, maybe?"

She smiled and said, "My dear, I'm 60 already!"

And I was like "Whaaaat?! Seriously??! What an amazing skin you have! It's very soft!!! What's your secret?" O__o

"Come, I'll show you!"

Then she brought me to this one area, at a perfume counter still, between a brand called Creed and Fendi if I'm not mistaken, and took out a silver tube from below the perfume rack... It's like, it's in a hidden area or something, cuz I didn't see the tubes before, when I was at the Creed rack/counter...

And then she said, "This is what I've been using throughout the years. It's a very good product! It's made by a dermatologist. The doctor was here this morning, promoting her product. If you see her, you wouldn't believe her age!"

"Oh wow..Really? What other product does she have?"

"Well..she only has one product for her brand, which is this scrub. And I can assure you that this is a very good product! Look, I only have about 3 tubes left at my counter! A lot of people buying it while she was here today. Here...let me try it on your hand.."

See...this doctor is sooooo pweety, kan??!

The sweet SA tried the product on my hand, and scrubbed it, while explained more about the product. I was amazed with the result it gave me... My skin felt very clean somehow..and very very moist!!!

And while she explained it to me, I can't help but to stare at her amazing soft skin! It's like baby skin or something! She said, she never use make up anymore after using this product. She used this facial exfoliant, a serum, a moisturizer, a powder and a lipstick.. Only those 5 things, everyday! O____O
(I used like more than 10 products on my face! hahaha ;p)

Then she told me some more, "You should really try this! It's very cheap! Plus, it can cure your pimple.. First, it'll make your pimple disappear bit by bit. Then next, it'll clear out your scars..", while pointing at my little acne that I have on my chin, that time..  T_T
(I had a very stressful life lately, and somehow my body tried to speak to me, to ask me to calm down and relax, by showing me some emo signs on my face! haha =___=')

So anyway, I did take one tube from her..and bought this B Sand The Peeling Facial Exfoliant by Dr. Brigitta that day, and hoping to look awesome like her when I'm old! heheh ^__^

It was priced for 49 CHF (Which is about RM 166++ kot?, more or less la)
(It's like 50 ringgit for them, which is consider affordable/cheap, I guess... -Duit diorang besar, tapi pricing barang-barang kat sana, lebih kurang macam price Malaysia, or sometimes lagi mahal. For example, our Fisherman's Friend lozenges is priced around RM 4 to 5 here. Kat sana, the Fisherman's Friend is about 7 CHF!  And for us, we still need to multiply by 3.4 or something. So yeah.. )

So anyway...

What's so special about this exfoliator, ey? Let's see...

B Sand, the swiss power peeling exfoliator, is an innovative basic skincare product in the form of a peel for home use. It is inspired by the techniques of aesthetic medicine. And it acts like a care product for the treatment of various skin changes, and also improves the effects of other products used at the same time.  It is a basic beauty treatment which, thanks to the complex form of action, improves impurities in the skin and counters skin ageing.

So what does it do?
  • it cleanses
  • it moisturizes
  • and it has an anti-ageing effect (I guess that explains why that grandma looks younger than her age! hehe ;p)

Here's more info on the product which I found on her website..

Stage 1: Mechanical
B SAND consists of a delicately scented gel with polyethylene beads for mechanical exfoliation, based on the principle of microdermabrasion. This first stage refines the surface of the skin and helps it to absorb the active ingredients in the biochemical stage. It also stimulates the blood circulation, which helps to increase the skin's natural functions and slow down its ageing process. Your complexion looks fresher.

Stage 2: Biochemical
B SAND contains a complex of fruit acids (AHA) that is similar to those of chemical peels used in dermatological practice. The AHAs dissolve impurities on contact with the skin, reduce pores and even out the overall appearance of the skin. They stimulate cell renewal and the formation of collagen.

Thanks to its unique composition, B SAND is also well tolerated by sensitive skin. In addition to the fruit acids and abrasive particles, the chemical formula also includes ingredients to repair (D-panthenol), soothe (polydocanol) and gently disinfect (undecylenic acid) the skin. Biostimulators provide the skin with additional moisture and help to restore the protective layer on the surface.

So how to use this facial exfoliator?
1. Rinse the face
2. Apply a fine layer of B SAND and massage lightly (mechanical phase)
3. Wait 4 - 5 minutes (biochemical phase)
4. Rinse thoroughly with water
5. Apply mask or any of your skincare routine
6. Use every other day, and wait about 1-2 months to see the result!
I used this since December until now..
And now my skin is clear from acne!!! Yeaaayyy! Alhamdulillah.. Now, I just need to work on the scars part.. Hope it'll disappear very fassssst. Cannot wait to have a super smooth skin like I used to have! I cannot stand even one bit of acne or scar or anything... Rimassss! huhu ;p

So for now, let's just be thankful to whoever invented BB Cream while we wait for my skin to be free from any marks/spots! hehehe.. (That's Blemish Balm for you, if you don't know what a BB Cream is!) hehe ;p

"B SAND is the result of two objectives: on the one hand, this easy-to-use exfoliant is a compact base for all skin types. On the other, B SAND acts as a ‘booster’ for the other products that are applied to the skin. Thanks to B SAND, the effects of the next stage in your skincare regime are further reinforced." - Dr. Brigitta Cavegn



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Instantly in love with Instagram!

Call me lame or outdated or super late to love this app, but recently (that's about 2-3 months ago...I think?), I just started using an app that's called Instagram. I knew about it since a year plus ago, I had it in my iPhone, and register for it, but don't know whyyyy, I never really use it until my sister told me that it's fun...and that I should REALLY start using it, not just downloaded it for nothing! hahaha.. - Back then I wasn't really an iPhone user, though I'm using iPhone for a year plus now.. Because... since among my peers, most of us are using Blackberry, (and so am I).. So I guess, that was why I use my Blackberry more than my iPhone. iPhone, I only used it mostly just for answering calls and texting and camwhoring. LOL. Nothing much. There's not much stuff in there.. Even not so many apps in there. Heck, there's not even one song in my iPhone! haha.. That's how lame and uncool my iPhone is! I just couldn't bother to do anything about it. Heeee ;p

But since about 2-3 months ago, somehow I decided to pay attention to my iPhone and actually learn about it! hahahaha... And yes, now I know how awesome it is and I loved loved loved my iPhone!!! There's so many cool app that I didn't know!! =__=' haha. Okayyy I know I'm lame! heheee.. But whatever! ;p

And all these time, I've been wasting my credit and money on my prepaid and bills for more than RM 300 monthly, to call people, but now...there's Viber! LOL. (I had it since the first day I had my iPhone, but never used it! hahaha)

I people (iPhone users esp.) out there, must have think I'm super lame and doing this face right now...


Okay. Let's cut the crap. Point is, I'm a very happy iPhone user now. I just found out a few cool apps.. and love it instantly. Look! haha ;p of the app that I love the most is Instagram. Why do I love it? Because it instantly make my photos look cooler and seem nicer! At least to my eyes!

So I'm here to show you my favourite Instagram photos.. :)

My fave Italian meal - Chicken and Mushroom spaghetti 

Shoes for sale


The Queen of Hearts

Awesome people that I know!

A little white thing ;)

The Diva loves Godiva!

This drink is called Pussyfeet. How weird the name is? But taste so wonderful!

A new addition to the turquoise family!

My watch matches my handbag

Sheila's cute notebook!

Having a hard time trying on a different look =__='


Dropped by Sephora to get my lotions and potions!

Received a delicious Baklava fresh from Lebanon! Thank youuuu! ;)


At Vila Manja spa

Maggi rebus + Tuna. All time fave since uni. =)

I'm holding 10k american dollars! Mmm nice. Wish it was mine. hehe

Sleeping with scented candles

Starbucks session

From Blue to Pink! Daiso is awesome!


The Gucci couple

T forty two. Their Creme Brulee tea is the best!

Time for some soaps and suds!

Rizman is 21 years old now! 


In the garden, looking for my lost ring. Sobs

Starbucks tumblers as gift, courtesy of my Pak Su. Thanksss!


The IT bag.

Sleepy head.

Fave drawer in my room! ;)

Level one. The EDPs are stored here.

Level two. The EDTs are stored here.

Lipstick stain is sexy ;p

Typical Friday night in KL

Leopard top is love! ;)

Anyone on Instagram, do follow me ya! My ID: shazwanihamid. Let's join the most popular photo sharing social app on iPhone and join the fun!

P/s: Any other cool apps you know? Do tell! I wanna download! :)

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