Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuck in road traffic?

I know, you guys HATE getting stuck in traffic. Everybody does. It such a waste of time and money.
We spend a lot for our fuel and then the gasoline are wasted idling in traffic jams. And unfortunately, widening roads does not really seem to help - Paving more of the planet, it turns out, that this is not the solution. These days, traffic jams are nearly unescapable... =(

Hmm.. So..what should we do then?

Crazy traffic jams!

Traffic congestion is frustrating to no end, and it fills us with hate. It’s a bad situation that too many people had to deal with every single day. Thus, this could lead to stress and anxiety, which is not good at all. But oh well.. I can say that I’m pretty calm when I drive. I never really get mad or stress when I’m driving. Maybe because I always have things to do while driving..hehee.  (IF I get stuck in traffic la, not while driving all the way!)

Okay, this might sound a lil' bit crazy, but hey, I feel good doing it! So what, if people next to my car are looking at me like I'm some kind of a weirdo. I don't give a damn. hehee.. =P

Well.. Usually when I'm stuck in a traffic jam, I would always have the radio blaring sooo loud!! And I would singing my heart and lungs out. hehee.. Sometimes I even get sore throat because I overuse my vocal cords! haha. (that's what you get for singing so loud or I should say, shouting) hehee. Sometimes I would even record my own voice while I'm singing! haha. I know, lame! ;P

And sometimes, I would do some brainwork too. Maybe like, written down my ideas for my assignment or anything..
Or maybe I would memorize my notes before the exams or anything..

And then.. when I get so bored sitting in my car alone, I would start counting how many red cars or blue or white, etc. Or maybe how many people in other cars are picking their noses! ;p

Hmm.. what else....

Oh yeah, sometimes I would kombar2 kan my handbag and see what can I do with any of the stuff to play with.heh. Camera ke, purse ke, or anything.. then I'd rearrange and organize my bag and purse, etc.

Or maybe, if I'm going out and I knew that later I would stuck in the jam, I will bring all my essential make up stuff and apply them in my car WHILE DRIVING. Heee

See... there are a lot of things to do to in your car, to make yourself more relaxed while in traffic.. So you don't have to stress out my dear! Oh, and you could do a little reading too like reading newspapers or your fave books. And perhaps call anyone, your boyfriend, your bestfriend, your nanny, etc. Talking on the phone while in jam can help you not to feel so bored. Or you can even listen to the radio or Gotcha Calls on Hitz.FM or your fave cds, while having some snacks.. You can have your breakfast if you’re driving to work/class in the morning.. chocolate or biscuits or sandwich or protein bar or something. Or maybe nasi goreng, nasi lemak, or mee goreng mamak pun boleh..hehe. Letak dlm tupperware. Like I always do if I'm running late! huhu ;p

Well.. I guess that's all for now..

Don't stress out yourself again next time you stuck in jam will ya? =)

I’m sure there is no way to make you actually like being stuck in traffic. Traffic jams are among the most irritating obstacles in our daily routines. But cutting down on stress at this point can be a relief.. Therefore, try to avoid traffic congestion. You could leave early like 6 o' clock in the morning or so, if your work start at 8am or maybe earlier.. or maybe you should have an alternate route..

Or perhaps, u should just skip classes or work! and sleep all day long! haha ;p

Okay, have a nice day people!


Monday, April 28, 2008

New Semester

The new semester just began! I managed to get 2 subjects for this short semester. Financial Management 2 and Business Ethics. Hurm… Hopefully I’ll do better this semester. Tak mau malas2 dah..It will be only 7 weeks. So I gotta work really hard! hehee..
Ok laa… I better sleep now. Tomorrow's got class at 9am.
Good luck people! ;)


Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Little Picasso

I made this card for Aizat's friend. It's a tedious job.. Everything must be perfect; the cutting, the size of the letters, the measurements, the envelope, and etc. That's why it took me 3 whole days to get it done.. but, he pays I don't mind spending some time.. hehee ;)
haihh.. penatnyee.. so now I wanna get some rest and sleep!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day!

Taken from Wikipedia:
Earth Day is one of two observances, both held annually during spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere. These are intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The United Nations celebrates an Earth Day each year on the March equinox, a tradition which was founded by peace activist John McConnell in 1969. A second Earth Day, which was founded by U.S. politician Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in the late 1970s, is celebrated in many countries each year on April 22.


I heard there was a KL Freeze at Pavillion and Sunway Pyramid last week. I didn't go, but my friend went for it and he said it was awesome. And it sounded fun and interesting to me.. I wish I was there..

A facebook posted event 48 hours before and everyone gather at the organised place and synchronize the clock and freeze for 4 minutes. And then, as the clock ticks away, everyone unfreeze and walk away. Who would have thought that a simple group from Facebook that sent message across in the cyberspace can gather more than a 1000 people at the same place to accomplish something. That trully indeed is special and it proves a point that no matter what color, race, religion, gender, tall, short, fat, thin and etc, humans can work together in this place called Earth despite at times other things that come in the way and disrupts the peace and harmony.

The objective is to freeze in unison for World Earth Day. He said, some people wore green, and there were some people who held banners, some brought paper fans, and some brought aerosol spray, and some even wore masks! All in conjunction to raise awareness of World Earth Day!

The whole idea of people gathering at a spot was mooted by some of the organizers. The whole event kicked off when people started to cramped up at Pavillion centre court and waited for the time to arrive at sharp 3.35 pm, and then once the clock hit that time everyone froze. After 4 minutes, the whole Pavillion was overjoyed and there were shouting and cheering that came along when it ended.

Here is the video:

I think it's kinda cool!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Need to change a new one..

I need to buy a new purse. One that has many compartments cuz i got so many cards to slot in. I can't even close my purse now.. So many stuffs to put in it! haihh.. So.. I gotta buy a new one..
So which one do you think?

Coach Hamptons Leather Slim Envelope in black

Or in pink color


Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch in yellow


Coach Legacy Leather Framed Slim Envelope in black

haihh.. nak semua boleh x? hehe.. *geramness*


Friday, April 18, 2008

A Shoe Shelf

Hey look what I've done to my book shelf! hehee

From this:

to this!

I turned my book shelves into a shoe shelf! hehe =)

Next, would be my wardrobe. I'll transform into something else. hehe. I'm gonna need a lot of mirrors!! and I will sort out my clothes according to types of clothes like the simple basics t-shirts, t-shirts jalan, shirts, blouses, jackets, vests, cardigans, sweatshirts, hooded tops and et cetera. That is why I'm gonna go to Ikea next week or so.. to buy mirrors, containers, hangers, bed side table, baskets, organiser, and some other stuffs..
Yeay! I can't wait!! =)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Manicure and Pedicure

Today i had my homemade manicure & pedicure spa. But it was a bit difficult doing it all by myself. I rather do it at a nail bar or something..hehe. No fuss at all. =)

Every now and then, I would have a manicure treat.. and sometimes, when I have my period, I would color my nails too.heheh. For 2 or 3 days only.. For the nail colors, I'd prefer all the natural colors like soft pink, nude & skin color, beige and et cetera. These natural colors would make your fingers look longer. But, I'd still prefer the french manicure. Although some may say it's outdated, but I think it's classic. =)

Well.. I know, we muslims are not allowed to color our nails because if we were to die, the nail polish could not be removed or maybe boleh, tapi susah..
So that's why I always buy the cheap ones. The one that could be removed without using the nail color remover. It's like it became a sticker or something when the color dries.. and it's chippable too.. heh.

..And I like to see at my very own nails when it's perfectly and well manicured! hehe.. Rase mcm seronok sorang2..huhuh ;p

This is the tools and instruments for the mani and pedi..hehe

I washed my hands & feet first and make sure they're clean.

Next, I used my foot & body scrub and start scrubing my hands & feet. And massage away all the dead skin cells using circular movements.

After that, I soaked my hands and feet in a luke warm water that contains salt, aromatherapy oil, and some petals.

And then later, I put some of my body mask, and seals my whole hands & feet.hehe

After they have dried, I rinsed it off and then starts doing all the essential nail manicure things like; using a nail file or an emery board to shape my nails, applying a cuticle remover cream or softener and then gently push back the cuticles using the cuticle stick.. and if hangnails are present, I carefully clip them because this could be painful if I do heedlessly. And lastly, I'd buffed my nails until it is shine like a star. huhu..

And I also applied hand lotion so that my hands are soft! and massage them as this will help to circulate the blood.

Okay, that's all for now!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Purchase Du Jour

hehe.. Today, i had a sudden urge to splurge! heh ;)
Unaccompanied, I went out and about in KL and then stopped at Pavillion. hikhik. Well.. I prefer to go shopping on my own because it is more enjoyable and easy. huhu. But I think if you're shopping for clothes and make up, it's better for you to go with someone who you know will be honest. As for me, it will be my very own sister, Along. =)

and..this is my catch of the day!

I think shopping is the most pleasurable activities in the whole world! It's a sport, It's a hobby, It is something amazing! And if shopping is wrong, then I don't want to be right! hehee ;p


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happiness Is....

Another lucky day!


Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've got a few projects or plans during my vacation weeks.. heh. Hopefully I can get all these done in about 2 weeks from now. =)

First, I gotta qada' all my tdo that I've missed,

Second, I have to learn some cooking skills. heh. For my future needs. huhu. =P

Third, I NEED to refurbish, refresh , rejuvenante, and recondition my room. I kinda bored of having too much pinks. the curtains, the walls, my comforter, luggages, etc. Too much pink! Macam budak merah pun ade gak. huhu.
So I'm gonna have to renovate it to become a lil' bit more serious. heh. Maybe i could use more white color stuffs. hmm.. white's okay i guess. It looks clean too.
(itu pun kalau rajin la.. tah2 separuh jalan je buat. huhu)

Fourth, Aizat wanted me to do a hand-made birthday card, for his friend. A special one, i think.hehe.. and he'll pay me! woo-hoo! I am sooo going to make the card! hehee ;)

Fifth, dad wanted me to teach Aizat add maths. hurm.. i guess i'll be his tutor larh for 2 weeks.

hmm.. that's about it. I really really hope I could get all these things done before my new semester starts.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stila Girls

Today is 9th of April 2008.

It's Girl and Mama’s birthday.. So I went to Pavilion to buy presents for them… Really don’t know what to buy..
At last, I made a decision to buy makeup for both of them.. Plus I’m a Stila member, so..if I spend at Stila, I’m gonna get stickers! hehe..

Unfortunately, Girl was really new into this whole makeup thing. I’m not even sure she liked the idea of having something to be applied on the lips, on the eyes, on the cheeks, or maybe under the eyes?
Hmm… Well… since this is her 21st birthday, so I thought maybe I should give her something which is urm... womanly. hehe.
Just so you know, Girl likes to wear sneakers instead of stilettos and a sling-bag instead of a handbag. So sorry girl, if you don’t like it! I know you don’t fancy makeup, but hey… its time to change aite? Hehehe…

I bought for her just the basic ones(for a beginner.heh), a plumping Lip Glaze, a Kajal eyeliner, a mascara and a Stila notebook. And as for mama, since she didn’t really into this make-up stuff, so I decided to give her the Illuminating Tinted Sunscreen and a Daisy creme lipstick. The only face-coloring thing that she uses is lipstick. Or maybe just a lip-gloss. Other than that, nada. I guess maybe that’s why people always say she looked young. Hurm.. I wanted to look younger because I’m sick and tired of hearing people always say I look like 24 or 25 or something. Urgh. People! I am TWENTY ONE only okay!! Heesh. Since I was in high school people always thought I’m 20-ish. I don’t even wear any makeup at that time. I guess it’s not the makeup that makes me look older than my age; it’s just my very own face memang nampak mature kot. Haihh.. That’s why I can use mum’s cc even when I was 14! Hehe.. ;p

And of course, I deserve some gifts to myself too, right? Hehee.

I bought a blusher, 5 eye colors, an oil makeup remover, and a brow polish.

I got lotsa free stuffs too!! I love that guy at the Stila counter there! He generously gave me 2 notebooks(one for me & one for cik Girl), a full-sized liquid eyeliner, an 8-pan eye shadow palette with a #26 brush(because I bought 5 eye colors), a lip glaze, a #29 brush, a full-size illuminating foundie, and 2 stila containers to put all my brushes or mascaras & liners,etc.

hehee.. I feel so lucky! heh ;)

and I collected 4 stars for today.. another 4 stars to go for me to get that bag! ;D

Anyway, to my girls;

Have a very Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It is Finally Over!!

Woohoo! My final exams have just ended! I am so happy! Ouh, I feel so much relief after my exams over.. Yeay! No more staying up late nite and study, sakit kepala, sakit blakang..sakit mengada, etc..hehe.. ;p

Now I can stuck and lock myself up in my room, staying in my very own comfy bed all day, watch movie all night, and eat, eat and eat!! Haha ;p
That’s what I do best! EAT! Hehe.

Ok, have a pleasant holiday!


Monday, April 7, 2008

To my dear Ah-long

May you have a fantastic life with your hubby! =)

(P/S: I know, I still owe you your wedding pressie. And now your birthday gift.. I promise, i'll give to you as soon as I got loads of extra cash! You don't want make-up and clothes and accessories, so what do you want then? I've got no idea what to give you!)

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