Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scarves for Sale!!

Hey girls!
I have some gorgeous squared scarves to let go! These are the Italian Style, satiny material scarves. The size for each scarf is the same as Tie Rack's - 90 cm x 90 cm. They are brand new scarves, selling at RM 50 each (unless stated)

So if you like what I normally wear, then do buy them.. (I got like half of the collection displayed here) then we can go out and take a picture like this! Hahaha! ;p

This happened on my birthday last year, by the way! LOL.

Anyways, if you like what you see, do place an order at Okay, happy buying peeps! ^_^

Code: 001
Status: Sold!

Code: 002
Status: Sold!

Code: 003
Status: Sold!

Code: 004
Status: Available

Code: 005
Status: Sold!

Code: 006
Status: Sold!

Code: 007
Status: Available

Code: 008
Status: Available

Code: 009
(I wore it here)
Status: Sold!

Code: 010
Status: Sold!

Code: 011
Status: Sold!

Code: 012
Status: Sold!

Code: 013
Status: Sold!

Code: 014
Status: Sold!

Code: 015
Status: Sold!

(sorry, bad lighting! >_<)

Chiffon scarf. 90 x 90 cm. Polka dots/baby blue color. Price: RM 10

Code: 016
Status: Available

Chiffon oblong scarf. Price: RM 30
Code: 017
Status: Sold!

Chiffon oblong scarf. Price: RM 30
Code: 018
Status: Sold!

Chiffon oblong scarf. Price: RM 30
Code: 019
Status: Sold!

- Scarves will be packed in Tie Rack envelope packs, subject to availability. 
- The maximum period for reservation is 3 days only. Otherwise, the items will be sold to the next person in line.
- Please add RM 5 (nationwide) for shipping! Thank you! :)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi! Still remember me?

Tee hee. I knowwwww.....

Hello world! Err...err... I'm a lost blogger who lost her Blogger password and forgot where she put her Mac? haha ;p Okay okayy.. Let me just say my same old same old lame excuse now;
I'm. Busy. Lah. ;p
Oh well, these days I'm just so tired that I got not much time to blog anymore. Sobs. Hmm...actually I do have it, but I prefer to use that sweet time of mine to relax and chill..and live life like normal people do. hehe. Ya laaaa, it's tiring you know having to work all day and night. - I normally would blog during night time cuz that's when I really have all the mood. So yes, blogging is kinda like a "job" now, more than a hobby. hahaha. Nah..kidding. Blogging is my passion/hobby, but these days I rarely have time for it. Too. Tired. =(

So...when I'm at home, I prefer to just sit in my room, looking at my clothes or or trying them on or rearrange them..etc... or play around with my face & body products. Or just talking on the phone and lying around on bed. Awesome. hehe

Anyways, I just wanna keep you updated while I was missing (and this is just a summary of 40% of the things I did while I was away for I don't know how long alreadyy... See, I told ya I ain't got enough time to update everythinggg! What can I say, I love living my real life rather than spending tooooooo much time on a virtual world! heheh ;p)

Okay. Tomorrow I have a meeting. Good night all!
Will update some more, when everythinggg is normal again! hehe. Okayy toodles! ;)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Be the VIP! - Very Important PROTON!

Hey everyone! I have good news to share with you today! Now PROTON is thanking you with 2 contest that gives you an opportunity to win a free makeover on your entire car!! The contest is actually part of PROTON’s programme to acknowledge and reward faithful customers of PROTON who have fervently supported the national car maker over the last 26 years.

This “My PROTON Makeover” requires entrants to submit their story involving themselves and their PROTON car. PROTON will then identify the best stories or most heart-warming and reward five other winners with a complete car makeover! Yes, you read that right; THE ENTIRE CAR! That means..they’ll change EVERYTHING, in and out of the car, the interior and the exterior, making it looks brand new again! Woooh…sounds awesome, right?!
And if you're lucky enough, you'll get an amazing holiday as well!!! Now...isn't that sound amazing?! ^_^

All you need to do is to answer a few simple questions.. So if you possess a PROTON car, and have an interesting story about your PROTON car, do share it with them and take that chance to be rewarded! This “My PROTON Makeover” programme is looking for stories about PROTON car owners and cars, with outstandingly humourous or heartwarming stories earning a chance to have their car done up completely! So if you do have a PROTON car, and have a personal story or experience that exemplifies your passion/love for your car, do enter now and be the VIP!!!

Oh, now I wish my dad bought me a Proton car last time, so I can write nice stories for the contest, and hopefully will win it and ask them to ‘pimp my ride’ that speaks ME! Hahaha! ;p Oh well…I can still enter the contest actually, (and you too, if you don’t possess a Proton car) but it’s for the holiday treats, not the car makeover.. But that’s cool enough because it is an all-expense paid holiday! ^_^

Anyway, this PROTON VIP Makeover programme will run until the end of the year, with entries closing on 28 December 2011. There are 5 more opportunities for your car to get a complete makeover!

So how to enter??

It's simple! If you own any PROTON car, then tell us your love story with your PROTON in words, photos or videos! And they'll select 5 lucky winners for a complete car makeover! They will make it like brand new again!!

An example of the makeover for your PROTON car..

For those of you who are unaware, PROTON is already making-over a car. Fadly Hashim Roplay’s 19 year-old Proton Saga has been in the R3 workshop for a few weeks now, for a full re-work, from top to bottom, front to back and inside out. The department of the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division is very excited about the project. “It’s not often that we are given free-rein to do up a car like this. Considering the background of the situation, we’re really looking forward to giving the car an outstanding makeover as a gift for Fadly.” - The fully reworked Proton Saga will be unveiled in September.

Fadly and family with his PROTON car.

Fadly reacting after handing his keys to the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division Head of Engineering, Tengku Djan Ley.

“He has such an attachment to the car that only he can describe best,” said his mother, Puan Hamiah Abdullah. “He once brought us down to shop in KL, and had his car towed by the traffic police as it was parked illegally. After frantically rushing to the impound and paying the fine, he ran over and hugged the car! We couldn’t help but watch and laugh!” she added.

“This car and I have shared many stories together. We have been the brunt of jokes by my family and friends. My father-in-law has even offered to pay the down payment for a new car, but I politely declined,” said Fadly. “It is a bit of a relationship, where my car keeps me going and I also keep her going,” he laughed after revealing that thousands of ringgits have been well spent over the years to keep the car as road-worthy as possible and for the regular service maintenance.

"Let's make it NEW again!"

For PROTON owners, enter now for a chance to have a complete makeover for your car, and also, a chance to win a dream vacation for you and your loved ones! Just answer a few simple questions to qualify. It's that easy!

The contest is also open to non-PROTON owners!!! - For those considering buying a PROTON car soon, there's no better time than now. Just answer some questions and then take a test drive at your nearest PROTON showroom for your chance to win an all-expense paid holiday!

So what are you waiting for...go ahead and join this contest! You might get lucky, just like Fadly!!! ^_^


Friday, September 9, 2011

Preparations for Raya

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! Ha ha. I know knowww I said it many times already! But erm...ermm...ermmm.....I forgot my blogger password? heh. Okay. No excuses! I was just..err...busy? ;p

So anyway, here is an update of my Raya in kampung... It's in Pahang - my dad's hometown by the way.  We spent two nights there. Then, we all Raya in KL, my mom's side..

I'm glad that I still have at least one kampung to visit and spend the night. If let say both my parents are from KL...Hmm, I think it'll be kinda plain to celebrating the festival in the city... Somehow I think, the Hari Raya spirit is much stronger in kampung area as compared to the city... Err... although we, city people might have the spirit in some other sense, like shopping raya for example. hehe. But for that gathering, and helping one another, masak beramai-ramai, gotong royong, and visiting relatives and things like that, I think we can see more of that in rural areas... - KLites punya style raya, buat Open House panggil caterer and ajak random people. (Maybe) heheh


So since my dad always go back to his hometown every two weeks (since the day he started his first job working in KL until now, he never fail to visit his mom and dad every two weeks!), so we just spend two nights in kampung - and that's on the last two days of Ramadhan. That evening on the first day of Raya, kami turun beraya kat KL my mom's siblings and relatives banyak kat KL..

So here is a little update as for my Hari Raya preparations...

On the way to the East Coast. Woohoo...jalan clear! 

After 2 hours of driving, here we are..arrived at Lanchang

This house is situated beside my grandma's current house. 

This house above used to be my grandparents' house. So dad grew up in here. Hmm...when I think about where my dad came from and where he grew up, I'm just amazed with what he has now and has achieved today... He's one amazing guy..  O_O 
And I love listening to his stories about his life and about the things he did when he was little... Seriously, he did so manyyyyy things during his young life, that I think he can write a book about it! hehe.. Just give him a village or maybe even a jungle/woods, I'm sure he'll come out in one piece and survive perfectly! hehehe... 
(And I wonder howwww this city girl gonna live, if someone ever throw her in the village or the woods! haha.. I don't think I can survive long! Cuz I don't even know how to rubber tapping or.. make a sampan or even a simple rakit! haha.. Or staying up all day and night in the tree to watch the animals from eating your fruits, or whatever... Or dealing with all kinds of creatures like lipan, lipas, lintah, cicak kuning, cicak kobeng, cicak coklet, cicak gemuk, cicak hitam, cicak terbang, cicak lompat, cicak tidur, and segala jenis cicak, ulat-ulat, harimau, ular, and the list goes on and on! You know laaa kan.... Kat kampung ada banyak binatang yang boleh buat you either cry or scream or maybe stand still. haha. 
Eh..saya ni dah lari topic ni. LOL ;p But really, my dad is a true hard core orang kampung. It is SO cool when you know all the kampung, hutan belantara stuff and yet you know all the technical, engineering, buildings, and all the intelligent stuff! I salute sama dia! hehehe ;p 

By the way, I once went inside this house and went to explore the house to see where my dad used to live.. It was very dark that time (no one lived there anymore, so no electricity), and it was so creepy! I felt something or someone was starring at me.. Eeeekk...scary! So I just went there for like 5 minutes only! haha.. But at one glance inside the house, it looked quite big actually... I can imagine my dad balik sekolah naik rumah, tolong Wan (my grandma) saya..hihi... 

So anyways... here's where my current kampung really is...

So this is where my 90+ year old grandma lives now. Sorry, there's my grandma's pokok in the way, not allowing me to take the house picture. hehe

....and that's her cat named Awang, who eat all kinds of food including durian. Seriously! haha

And these are the chickens who made me awake all night long because they can't stop crowing and clucking.. Ugh. My grandma has a lot of pets around her house.. She has ayam, itik, kucing, err...what else? Hmm... Oh! And my dad used to have a beruk too, named Awang as well! haha. (Apparently  all of his pets were called Awang! haha. What a funny name!)
But anyway, I guess that explains where I inherited the interest in monkeys! (and other animals). 

Seriously, I would love to own a chimpanzee or a monkey to be my pet! They are too cute and they understand us! So that's awesome! hehe ;)

Anyway, two nights before Raya, after tarawih with my dad and the whole family, I helped the two maids making ketupats..

I wanted to learn how to weave the traditional squared ketupat. But that night they just made the triangle ones -which is a lot easier, and which I just found out that the name is Ketupat Palas. hehe.

I've seen them before, but I don't know the name! I thought all ketupat is the same and shares the same name! HA HA.. My dictionary for Hari Raya is only "nasi himpit", "ketupat" and "lemang". I didn't know they have different category and names for that! I really thought we only have one type of ketupat.. heheheh. ;p 
Anyway that night they made the Ketupat Palas and another one I forgot the name, but it's a different ketupat too. Ketupat Gulung, I think. Because it looks like they've rolled them up! haha. Ok whateverrr...don't believe what this silly girl is talking about! ;p Later I'll go ask my mom what was the name of the ketupat that the maids were making that night k..hihi


Here's my attempt to making a simple (as my maid said) ketupat!

LOL. Tak jadi/tak cantik! My ketupat seems a bit senget..haha. "Simple" lah sangat, kan?!  haha.. Never mind, first attempt..let's try again! 

So my bibik taught me..

And here's the result! hihihi. Berjaya! 

So these are called Ketupat Palas! hehe ;p
(I used to called them Ketupat Tiga Segi)

So the next day, which was a day before Raya (on Monday), everyone did what we're supposed to do from morning till evening. The Preparations. Semua ada tugas.. Adik aku yang dari tak tahu buat kayu api pun, dah tahu sikit-sikit...hehehe.. But it was fun actually! I mean..I saw a lot of things that we did from scratch. So traditional. Me likey! Dodol je beli. Kalau dulu, Wan saya buat sendiri jugak tapi now, my dad beli jer... 
Anyway, I helped my mom in the kitchen too...but only half way! Heeee.. Bagusnya anak dara ni..haha.. Well actually because remember that little chickens that made me stay up all night long?? So yeah.. That explains why. Bcuz at 3 pm, I just couldn't tahan anymore. Body was too tired and sleepy, so I HAD to recharged my energy until 5.30 pm, otherwise I'll turn into a zombie. tskk

My lil' brother trying to find some "kayu api"

Setting up the fire..

Boiling some water.. traditional! So classic! hehe... We used "kayu api" instead of stove or gas! hehe

Back in the kitchen, I helped my mom washed the Nasi Himpit packs

Time to cook them!

My brother watching it..

These are half of the 6 coconuts that my Mak Long have shredded (for the lemang and rendang)

Daging kerbau... (I thought they were yucky. But actually they're yummy!)

Ayam for Rendang Ayam

Santan for my grandma's awesome creamy yummy lemang! Oh my god, that's a lot of santan eh?! There goes my diet! >_<

I watched carefully how my Mak Long did the lemang... So now I know how they are made! But if you ask me to do it, haha... It won't happen cuz I don't know how! ;p

This is my bibik. She's always too nice to me (Probably bcuz I'm too nice to her too! heheheh ;p)

(there are a lot of other things that I forgot to snap or too busy doing something that I can't snap photos for me to share it with you guys here... Sorry about that!)

While all the ladies were busting their butt off in the kitchen, the gents were outside, setting the fire and bakar lemang..

My granny's lemang yang sangat berkrim!

This is my Wan, my grandma. She's 90+ year old already, but still so strong and healthy. Alhamdulillah.

...and that's me, unhelping..looking at how the lemang is cooked. 
I'm one jakun fella, I tell you. I need to see and touch and take photo of all things nice, that caught my eyes, which sometimes annoys people. haha. Sorry peeps! But I'm always so jakun! haha ;p

And that's my dad, doing a little barbeque..

.....nak buat Daging Salai katanya

And back at the kitchen, mommy were doing her delicious award-winning awesome fantastic Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, Kuah Kacang, Kuah Lodeh, etc. Mmmm.... Honestly, NO ONE  could ever beat my mom's awesome rendang and kuah kacang and kuah lodeh! I dah pergi mana-mana rumah, tak pernah lagi orang boleh kalahkan my mom's cook! hehehe.. Even my sister pon cakap, dah pergi banyak-banyak rumah, my mom's still THE BEST! Tapiii...aku ni haa...bila entah nak tahu masak lauk-lauk Hari Raya ni.. (please high-five with me! :p)

When my mom asked me, when one day I got married and have family and all, what am I going to cook when it's Hari Raya if I don't know how to make all these! .....errr...errr..... I said, I'll ordered pizza and make a lasagna and spaghetti! Easier! Hahaha. She just nods her head from side to side and I could imagine she whispered to herself... "Apalah nak jadi anak aku ni...makan makanan orang putih on Hari Raya" haha ;p

Okay okayy mum....  I. Will. Learn. SOON! hehe 

Cooking is in progress.. Yum. Yummy....

Rendang Daging

Rendang Ayam

Kuah Lodeh 

(Kuah Kacang lupa nak ambik gamba..hehe)

Dan ini adalah.... Ketupat Plastic! hehe

Mmmm... Bon appetit!
(Classic tak pinggan ni? hehe.. I feel like I'm in the 60's, 70's era. hihi)

Okayy...Selamat Hari Raya semua! Nanti I sambung lagi cerita Raya I, ok? Now nak makan! Byeeee! :)

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