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Baby Gears I like!

I am now in my baby countdown mode! Only a few weeks left, I'm freaking outtttt! Not really on the labor process so much, but more on being a mother. I'm so worried I wouldn't know what to do! Every other night when I have time (and not tired), I would spend some time reading about breastfeeding or baby care and needs.. I even did a research on what books to get for the baby and how to get the baby read at 6 months! haha I knowww...I'm SO way overthinking about all this! - I'm just so paranoid of not being a good mother! =/ But anyhow.....most of the time, I still read about what baby products to get! haha. Although I can pretty much say that my list is 95% completed, I kinda still feel something is missing! (typical!) xD

We only started purchasing our baby products when I was 7 months pregnant. Now that I'm half way finishing my 8 month milestone and almost reaching to the end of my pregnancy journey, I still feel slightly unsatisfied with my baby shopping experience since we did it at one go in a month time! I mean...all of my pregnant friends started baby shopping as early as 12 weeks pregnant! They have more time to experience the shopping process, while me...only a month! Rasa tak puas la shopping...haha. So yeah, this mommy-to-be don't feel satisfied just yet, and kinda feel like she needed to browse more and more things! Heeee. My husband said I'm obsessed with baby products! LOL (But really, I never knew that browsing baby stuff is so much fun than browsing shoes and bags! haha)

Dad brought home this awesome Mothercare catalogue from UK for me to see what I would like to have... And I gotta say, I love this book! Everything in here is awesome! hehe

So I’ve been researching safety and reviews of baby products from cribs, to strollers to bouncers to car seats and etc almost since I’ve become pregnant until almost reaching to the end of my pregnancy journey. There are so many important things to consider buying for your baby, thus you gotta make a wise choice, no? So I told my husband that the things that we need to spend more money on are the breast pump, baby crib/cot, the car seat, the stroller, the travel cot, and hmm...what else? Well..those are basically the large things that I can think of right now.. Others are more like the things that are nice to have :)

Anyway, here are the list of some of my favorite baby items, by the way!

For the Nursery:

What a pretty nursery!!

Many people told me to just get the baby cot and forget about everything else. And some even said there's no need for all those bassinet, crib, cot etc, as the baby can sleep on the same bed as yours. Well, I wouldn't risk my baby's life by sleeping together on the bed with me. A lot of accidents has happened before. Plus, my husband is a wild sleeper, so I wouldn't risk it. Hence, I decided to buy some proper sleeping place for my baby to sleep in..

I thought since this is my first baby and inshaallah, if in the future we have more kids, I'm sure I will be using all of the items that I have purchased for all my babies' first years. Otherwise, I will be selling them to parents that won't mind buying a secondhand item, when I don't need them anymore.

Thus, I decided to follow the Mothercare list, and purchase the things that they suggested in the book; a Moses Basket, a bassinet/cradle, and a cot or cot-bed.

Moses basket, bassinet/cradle/crib, cot, or cot-bed?

Moses Basket:

I love the Moses Basket. It's great to be used as a portable crib. It's simple, cute & stylish, and practical as well. They make it easy to always have somewhere secure and cozy to lie your baby down for the first few months. It also comes in handy for when the visitors come to visit the baby in the early months. Just bring this Moses Basket downstairs to your guests! (I also purchased the stand to make it as a cradle).

I might be using this for only a few months, but I'm sure I will keep it for our next baby...or lend it to my sister's next baby or something! It's such a great item to have for those early days of your baby's life! I purchased my Moses Basket and stand from Mamas and Papas from UK, by the way


At first, I thought of buying the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper for the baby's bassinet as it is such a great item to have if the baby is sleeping next to our bed. - I'm planning to co-sleep with my baby so I thought this bassinet is great for me to use up to 6 months! Please see the review on YouTube!!

It adjusts to the bed level and swings over top of bed if you want it to. It’s not as nice/cute to look at as compared to this type of bassinet with frills, lace and all that nice stuff... but I’ve been told it's all about what is functional and practical. So I thought this Halo Bassinest is great after watching the reviews on YouTube!

But since babies are in bassinets for such a short time (maximum 5 to 6 months), I think I may have to pass on this option because for the price of RM 2k (including shipping to Malaysia that is), I could get a nice, sturdy cot-bed to be used for such a longer period of time! -- I would really love to get this Halo Bassinest actually.. because of its functionality, but I would also like to have that pretty bassinet with all the custom-made frills and ribbons all around it as well, though not as practical. (But if they have this brand in Malaysia, I think I might just buy it because of the practicality!)

So after doing some thinking and more research and findings, I think I'd rather spend a few hundreds Ringgit than a couple of thousands of my money for something I'd use for only a few months! So I decided to get just the normal bassinet/cradle where I can have the pretty frills, skirting etc! hehe.

For those who have a bigger budget, please go to Amazon and buy this bassinest! It's awesome..I wish I have it! (I already asked, the price is RM 1k for the bassinet, and you must add another RM 1k to ship to Malaysia because it's heavy! *cries*)

Another option to consider if you're buying a bassinet is this Bednest. It's almost similar to the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, except that it cannot swing/swivel, doesn't have side pockets and other digital functions like the Halo Bassinest have. You can view the video on this Bednest here. I love the modern design and the fact that it can fold to make a travel bassinet is such a great thing to consider as well! But again, we don't have this in Malaysia though. And shipping to Malaysia is crazy expensive! Bummer!


Okay enough on the baby's bassinet. Now...I am still contemplating whether to get the baby cot or the cot-bed. Baby cot is smaller, while the cot-bed is bigger and slightly more expensive than the baby cot. I prefer the cot-bed it can convert into a toddler bed which will be useful in the future! But my husband said, just get the baby cot because, "Being you...I'm sure by the time our child needs a toddler bed, you would want to buy a new one pulak" - ha ha. Very funny. But I could be practical too, you know? ;p

Anyway, below are my favourites! - I love the cot and the beddings! All custom made. I wonder if we have a custom made baby cot and crib bedding like this, here in KL? 

Why is it everything that is nice, is made from/in the US or UK?! I checked, these baby bedding sets cost about RM 1500 not including shipping! If include shipping, it'll be almost RM 2k! - For a baby's bedding?! Kalau baby kencing and muntah atas bed set ni, nangissss! haha. The bedding set is more expensive than the Swiss-made baby cot I saw at Pavilion the other day! *cry again*


Travel Bassinet and Travel Cot/Playpen:

We spend a lot of time traveling here and there so I’ve tried to find items to specifically use when traveling and to keep on the plane if we were to fly, to make our life easier. I find travel bassinet is lightweight and easier to bring when the baby is still small..but I also find the travel cot convenient for when the baby is bigger..

If you're traveling with a newborn/small baby this Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround sleeper is a good choice. If you don't plan to buy a travel bassinet or cot that you put next to your bed, and if you have a large bed, and your partner is not a wild sleeper, do consider buying this! It kinda works the same as the bedside crib/bassinet except that this is placed on the bed. Suitable to place on the king size bed and very convenient to travel with!

This sleeper is very convenient to sleep close to the baby as you don't need to get out from the bed for nighttime feedings. You can soothe and comfort your baby easily too when he/she cries in the middle of the night. The only disadvantage is that the baby will outgrow the sleeper very fast. I think it can be used for up to 3 to 4 months depending on your baby's size - I'm not really a fan for this kind of sleeper, but I may consider buying this, if we were to travel a lot to the granddad's house after the baby is born. Otherwise, I'll just use my Moses Basket for the baby to sleep in.

This Brica Fold N Go travel bassinet is another great option too! It's just like a Moses Basket, except that it has mesh panels, breathable fabric and can FOLD! - which is great for when you're traveling! It's kinda like the modern Moses Basket. So if you're planning to buy this, you can forget about that old traditional Moses Basket and just get this!

Same goes with this Phil & Teds Nest Baby Bassinet. Great for traveling as well! (You can make it as a storage bag as well!)

I love the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib as well! I think this crib is super cool. I've seen a few videos reviewing this travel crib. It folds up into nothing but can be easily set up or broken down in under 10 seconds!! It's great for newborns till when the baby has started standing up on their own. The great advantage is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is only 11 lbs! You can use this from birth till your baby is big enough that he/she doesn't need this anymore!

The next travel crib I love is the 4Moms Breeze. It's just like the Nuna Sena Travel Cot, but I personally like 4Moms' design more. Just one button will open or close it! It comes with a carry case like the others as well. Suitable from birth-30 pounds or 35 inches (or able to crawl out). The downfall is that it weighs a heavy 30 lbs! The upside is it can be set up and taken down with just one hand. If you aren’t traveling much or far I think it is a great option because it will make trips to see the relatives a bit more bearable. No more pinching of your fingers. No more cursing and kicking and screaming at your old, traditional Pack n Play. hehe. Watch the review here, by one of my fave Youtubers, BabyGizmo!

Car Seat/Baby Carrier:

When I was doing my research on baby car seats, I didn't know that there are different types of car seats for different age/weight group. I only found out about this when I was 15 weeks pregnant.. I thought they all are the same and we only need one car seat for the baby because I rarely see Malaysians using car seats for their kids under 10! Tak payah 10 years old pun la, even around 4 to 6 years old pun susah nak nampak pakai car seat! - Turns out, car seats are divided into groups, and weight/height that matters actually (not really age, as not all babies/kids have the same weight at the same age)

Choose the car seats according to your kid's weight!

The UK law states that all children must use a car seat until they are either 135 cm in height or the age of 12 - whichever they reach first. With all the recent accidents in the news, I really feel like Malaysia should start practicing this law as well! I'm definitely buying all the age-appropriate car seats for my baby! Safety first!

Anyway, we all know that children grow up fast and before you know it, your baby will be a toddler. Thus they created a baby/toddler combination car seat that takes your child from birth all the way to 3½ years in the market. It's called the convertible. One where you can use from newborn up to 3-4 years old depending on your baby's weight/size. other words, pakai lama and jimat duitlah.

At first I thought of getting this type of car seat, to save money and buy other stuff. But after doing much research, I think I prefer to get a baby carrier first rather than a convertible straight away. Reason being not only it is a safer choice to use a car seat according to the baby's age, but also because when the baby is small, it is much convenient to lift baby in his/her car seat straight onto her stroller frame. So, you won’t disturb the baby who might be sleeping while transferring from the car seat to the stroller. But the problem with the infant carrier is that it gets outgrown way too fast! If your baby is big, sometimes you may not even get to use it for a year! Only for a few months! But for safety wise, I think it is better to use infant carrier first, then upgrade rather than use a convertible straight away, which might be way too big for your newborn/baby. Kesian baby tak selesa.. Also, some convertible car seats cannot recline flat. So again, not suitable for your newborn!

I love the designs of these Maxi-Cosi car seats. The CabrioFix, Pebble and Opal. Opal is the convertible one, by the way. I'm still thinking of getting the CabrioFix or the Pebble for the baby carrier. Both functions are equally almost the same.

The next car seat that I like is the Nuna Pipa. I like this because of the safety and it’s super light weight at just under 8 lbs! I also love the built in canopy that protects baby from both preying eyes and weather elements. It’s available in many colors but if I were to get this, I'm leaning towards the grey or black because I think it is the most clean and chic option! Plus, it matches my leather car seat! ;)

There's another car seat made by Simple Parenting called the Doona that is currently only available in the UK. (Bummer!) This brand is still new in the market..but it has won quite a few innovation awards already! I heard they will reach other parts of Europe this year and for the US, end of this year. I reaaaaalllly love this car seat! It's the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution! It is perfect as you don’t have to carry the seat or carry a stroller for a short/quick in and out trips. The seat is the stroller all in one! Pretty cool, huh? No need to purchase those travel system adaptors for your stroller. I’m trying to have one brought back to Malaysia for me since I got to know that you can actually order this in Malaysia via Mothercare Malaysia, BUT..... the price would be RM 5k! (again, because of the shipping rates, I guess! T__T)

It comes with some cool accessories as well!

Ahhhh...decisions..decisions! Which car seat should I get? So many cool stuff in the market, pening kepala mak nak decide..hehe  =/


I have seven favorite strollers right now. Yes 7! And I need at least 3! One for travel (lightweight) and one for brisk walk/strolling around the park (sturdy/easy to maneuver) and another one for mommy to use for when she walks around the mall alone with her baby (easy to open) ;p

The first stroller that I like is the Stokke Xplory. I like that this stroller have the option to have the baby face the world or face you. Plus, the height is really high compared to the other typical strollers in the market, which makes it away from dust/dirt on the ground! Also, mommies don't really need to bend when putting the baby down. It brings child closer to parents. So I love the height and the parent-child bonding level it provides! It comes with a carry cot attachment too. Perfect for your newborn!

I love all the colors they have! Will ask my friends who are using this for their feedback on this stroller. - Although I saw some comments/reviews saying that this stroller is too bulky and too heavy. But hey...if I were to get this stroller, I'll leave that job to my husband to do that for me! hehehe

I am also in love with the design of the Mima Xari Stroller. It looks so modern and chic! Especially in white! It’s also available in black and caramel color by the way, but I personally love the white one...although I think nanti mesti cepat kotor.. Anyway, just like the Stokke Xplory, it also has the ability to face either you or the world. What I like about this stroller is that the bassinet and carrier are one piece and convert by unzipping a hidden zipper! It's pretty cool actually as you don't need to find some space in your home to store the carry cot/bassinet, unlike the Stokke Xplory. So this is great for space-saving!
However, living in Malaysia weather, I don't think the Mima Xari would be a great buy because of the material that is made of leather. People has been telling me, nanti baby panas kat dalam tu nanti.. Hmm... Maybe? =/

Another stroller that is in my list is the 4Moms Origami Stroller! It folds up with just a push of a button on it’s own! It also has running lights and is self charging while you're on the move. Oh and it charges your cell phone as well! It's great for outings without the husband to fold/unfold the stroller for you! It’s a lot sportier than the others too. But it's quite heavy actually, because of the built in generator it has. But despite it being heavy...I really loveeeeee all the features of this futuristic stroller! I'm definitely going to consider buying this stroller once my baby is able to sit-up/6 months old.. =D

Okay...this one is really really not practical. And kinda ridiculous to buy actually (unless you're Jennifer Lopez). haha. It's the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram, of course! The Rolls Royce of strollers! - Of course I only like it because of the look, not really on the functions! For such an expensive price tag, this pram is really not that practical because you can only use it for your newborn up to 5-6 months baby because there's no seat to recline...Only a bassinet! haha. Plus, you can't even fold it to fit in your car! And it's sooooo big and bulky too! So really, this beautiful piece of pram is really not that practical! But I personally think it's pretty cool to have this pram. It's so classic and classy! I like! They don't sell it here in Malaysia though! hehe.

The next strollers that I might consider buying is the Babyzen YOYO! After reading and watching lotsa reviews, I gotta say, the Babyzen YOYO is brilliant! It's a lightweight stroller (only weighs about 5.8 kg!), perfect for traveling, or city living, or flying with a baby, and for fitting into the car along with all of your other essentials! They claim this is the first stroller in the world to fully comply with the cabin baggage recommendations. The design is super cute and practical as well. If you need a lightweight buggy for traveling – whether it’s for traveling on a plane, underground or car, I think this is one of the best strollers to get!

Another lightweight stroller I like is the Baby Jogger City Mini. It is one of my favorite strollers because it has a huge canopy, roomy seat, and can hold a child up to 25 kg! But the best feature of this stroller is the one-hand fold! It's awesome.. I think this is one of the easiest folds I’ve seen besides the Babyzen YOYO! Watch the review here! This stroller is perfect for traveling and an everyday stroller as well, that you can take to the shopping malls, cafes, doctor appointments and park

Lastly, the MINI Easywalker Stroller. Your little one can travel in style and comfort in this stroller! What I like the most about this stroller is the design and the weight. Only 6.8 kg! It's suitable from birth up to 20kg. I love the Union Jack design, btw! You can view the review here

There are so many baby items I want to buy and have read about. These are the largest items I can think of right now. I plan to do another list of the smaller items I love, like the baby feeding bottles, baby shampoos/lotions/etc, the diapers, the bouncer, the highchair and so on! There are so many baby items out there (just look at my Baby Shopping Checklist!) and the reason why I'm listing out all my fave items here before purchasing them is because I want to ensure I'm buying the smartest and most practical item as baby's stuff are so expensive these days! So I gotta make sure all the items I purchased worth every penny I spent! I'm also planning to share with you guys what I love and what I regret buying..after using all the items I have purchased for future mommies out there! :)

If you have any of the above items or if you have any recommendations on what product to get, I would love to hear about them!


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Baby Shopping Checklist!

I can't believe I am currently in the beginning of my 8th month of pregnancy! Goshhh...only a few weeks left until I meet my darling baby! Time flies so fast! As of today, I think my Baby Shopping List is almost complete...that is, if I decide not to add more and more things on the list! haha :p

I already checked off 80 to 90% of the list..but still, I feel like the list is incomplete and I am an unprepared mother if they are not 100% ticked! tskk =/ (Even though I know some of the things that are on my list are totally nonsense and unnecessary! Like....the Baby Dior pacifier I saw the other day! It's just too cute, I just had to put it on the list! xD )

Anyway, some of my pregnant friends are quite unsure what are the things we needed. Hence, I thought of sharing it here with you guys! - I will be dividing into two categories; Things that are RECOMMENDED (a.k.a MUST-HAVES!) and things that are NICE-TO-HAVE for the early months with your newborn, to make your life easier! (The box can be ticked, so go ahead...check off that list!) The ones with ✔ label means, I already have it. Yay! :)


✔ Maternity support bras. (As your boobies grow bigger, you may want to buy a few bras. Maybe 3-5 sets?) - I bought some bra extenders too! 

✔ Some belly bands/belts - If you still wanna wear your regular jeans and trousers, do buy yourself some Belly Belts! They're great! 

✔ Pregnancy pillow!

✔ Prenatal supplements. (I got mine from GNC)

✔ Pregnancy panties! (I find my La Senza panties really uncomfortable once I hit my third trimester. So I purchased some maternity underwear)

✔ Maternity jeans/pants/trousers 

✔ Nightwear (although I'm more comfortable wearing nothing since I became pregnant. haha)

✔ Maternity trousers/jeans

✔ Maternity tops/dresses if you wish (although I didn't really get any because I don't quite like most of the maternity fashion/design. Heee. But I'm lucky enough that my sister gave me some of her maternity tops to use when I really can't wear any of my regular clothes anymore)  

✔ Stretch mark cream/oil - I ended up having 10 different types of oils and creams because I'm so paranoid after looking at these pictures! T__T)

✔ Raspberry tea leaf drink 

Pregnancy support belt 

✔ Pregnancy books 

✔ Pregnancy journal 

✔ Baby development books 

✔ Tummy sleeve (to wear with your short blouses, so it can cover your expanding tummy! 

✔ Pregnancy belly cast & paint  


✔ Hospital bag (I would recommend to pack 2 different bags - One for mommy and another one for your baby!) 

✔ Nursing nightwear (2-3 pieces depending on your length of stay in the hospital) 

✔ Dressing gown  

✔ Warm socks  

✔ Slippers

✔ Comfortable cotton briefs 

✔ Disposable briefs  

✔ Maternity pads  

✔ Nursing bras

✔ Disposable breast pads  

✔ Travel size toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, bath gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and skincare products) 

✔ Towel & face cloth

✔ Baby wipes

✔ Cotton wool

✔ 10-12 pieces baby diapers

✔ Baby sleep suits 

✔ Baby swaddlers

✔ Baby bodysuits/rompers

✔ "Barut" for baby

✔ Baby's travel size bath/body set

✔ Infant car seat (for journey home from the hospital)  

✔ Comfortable attire for mommy (for going home)

✔ Massage oil

Cute hospital gown with matching pillow case! Like this!

✔ Support pillow

C) FOR YOUR BABY (What you'll need to have on hand for the early days with your newborn) -

1. CLOTHING (for the first 2-3 months):
✔ 8 undershirts or onesies (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve)

✔ 5 nightgowns (for use until the cord falls off)

✔ 8 one-piece stretchy sleepers (go for ones with zippers)

✔ 5 pairs of pants

✔ 2 newborn hats

✔ 8 pairs of socks or booties, to wear with nightgowns and outfits

✔ 2 pairs of scratch mittens, to keep baby from scratching his face

✔ 5 "barut"

✔ Swaddlers (I love Ergobaby!!)

***Please note that you need to buy 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months clothing as well because babies do grow so fast! I'm lucky enough that my sister decided to give me all of her baby's clothes from 0 to 18 months! So I never have to buy my baby's clothes for a year! ^__^

Daywear/Dressing up outfits

Designer clothing! ;p

✔ Pramsuit & booties

✔ Chest of drawers

Baby's wardrobe

✔ Wicker storage baskets

✔ Baby laundry hamper

✔ Baby plastic hangers

Hanger dividers (from 0 to 18 months)

2. FEEDING (if you're breastfeeding, you don't really need any equipment) - 

Recommended for breastfeeding mothers:
✔ Lots of bibs

✔ Burp cloths 

✔ Nursing bras (if buying before baby is born, buy one cup size larger than your pregnant bra size)

✔ Breast pads (disposable and/or washable)  

✔ Easy opening nightwear

✔ 20 x Muslin squares

✔ Breast pump (manual or electric) 

✔ Sterilizer for bottles/breast pump parts (You can buy the steam or cold water/microwave or electric type) - I purchased all types for different purposes. One to put at downstairs/kitchen (microwave) and another one for upstairs pantry area (the electric one). I also purchased the Steam Bag version as well, for traveling to the in laws', etc)
✔ Breast milk storage containers (bottles and plastic bags)

✔ Feeding bottles + teats

✔ Nursing pillow

✔ Nursing chair/glider 

✔ Feeding tubes

✔ Lotion/Balm for sore nipples

✔ Nursing cover (for outing)

✔ Nursing tops (for outing) 

✔ Soothers/pacifiers

✔ Nipple shields/shells 

Freezer for EBM

Recommended for formula feeding:
✔ Lots of bibs

✔ Burp cloths

✔ 8 four-ounce bottles with teats

✔ 6 eight-ounce bottles with teats

✔ Bottle and teat brush

Formula milk (be sure to check expiry date and note the lot number in case of recalls)

✔ 20 x Muslin squares

✔ Soothers/Pacifiers  

✔ Sterilizer for bottles/breast pump parts (Steam, cold water/microwave or electric)

✔ Milk powder storage containers

✔ Bottle warmer

Milk Prep machine 

✔ Bottle drying rack

✔ Thermal bottle carrier

✔ Bottle storage bag 

✔ Baby laundry detergent

✔ Dish soap 

✔ Bottles & teats cleanser 

✔ Hand sanitizers (full size & travel size)

✔ Hand soaps 

Dryer sheets/cloths

✔ Multi cleaning spray

✔ Toy & Highchair cleaner 

✔ Pram/Stroller cleaner 

✔ Floor cleaner

✔ Stain eraser  

✔ Tub & Tile cleaner  

Recommended if you are using re-usable cloth diapers:
Several dozen (4 or 5) cloth or re-usable diapers

8 waterproof covers

1 diaper pail

Snaps, Velcro or safety pins to secure re-usable diapers

A dozen washcloths for cleaning baby's bottom 

Recommended if you are using disposable diapers:

✔ A few boxes of newborn-size diapers (it's better not to buy too many in advance in case your baby is large or grows too quickly)

✔ Disposable wipes 

✔ Baby ointment or barrier cream to prevent rash

✔ Changing pad

✔ Diaper genie 

✔ Diaper changing table 

✔ Diaper caddy 

✔ Top N Tail bowl

✔ Baby bath tub 

✔ Baby bath + shampoo

✔ Baby soft-bristled hair brush and comb

✔ 3 soft-hooded towels

✔ Bath robes

✔ Bath sea sponge 

✔ Non-slip bath mat/sponge

✔ 12 washcloths  

✔ Baby lotion

✔ Baby toothpaste and toothbrush 

✔ Cotton buds

✔ Cotton balls 

✔ Baby powder

✔ Baby oil 

Minyak Telon/Yuyi

✔ Infant bath support

✔ Bath caddy 

✔ Bath thermometer

✔ Bath toys 

✔ Bath stand

✔ Baby grooming set 

✔ Storage baskets for bath products  

✔ Baby thermometer

✔ Nasal aspirator for suctioning mucous

✔ Eye dropper/medicine spoon 

✔ Medications

✔ First aid kit 

✔ Gripe water

✔ Chest rub

✔ Baby nail clipper

✔ Baby nail scissors 

✔ Baby nail emery board

Sunblock lotion 

Insect repellent 

✔ 3 large cotton blankets

✔ 8 receiving blankets (they also make handy burp cloths!)

✔ Swaddling blankets

Recommended if you are using a crib/cot:
✔ Baby crib/cot-bed 

✔ Crib mattress

✔ Fitted crib sheets (Buy a few. At least 3-4 sets)

✔ 3 waterproof mattress covers

✔ Crib mesh bumpers

✔ Light blankets that fit in the crib (Buy a few. At least 3-4 sets)

✔ 2 Sleep sack/sleeping bag

✔ Quilt set

✔ Mosquito net for crib 

✔ Pillows

Room thermometer 

Changing unit or cot top changer

✔ Crib skirts 

Baby listening monitor

✔ Night light and Sleep Sheep

✔ Baby Shusher device

✔ Cot musical mobile 

✔ Plush toys

Recommended if you are co-sleeping:

✔ Bassinet

✔ Firm mattress

✔ Fitted sheets 

✔ Swaddling blankets and sleeping bags

✔ Waterproof pads to place under baby

✔ Light comforter (keep away from baby's head)

✔ Cocoonababy nest

✔ Skirting for bassinet 

✔ Moses Basket 

✔ 2 Moses Basket fitted sheets

✔ Travel/portable bedding 

9. PLAY TIME (from birth to around 6 months+) -
✔ Baby Playmats & Gym

✔ Playmat for tummy time play 

✔ Lightweight rattles

✔ Soft teddies and toys  

✔ Baby books with mirrors and textures  

✔ Sophie the giraffe - rattle and teething toy

✔ Musical toys 

✔ Pram/Stroller toys

✔ Other baby toys 

✔ Play yard/playpen (I love 4moms Breeze and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light)

✔ Firm mattress for playpen 

✔ Bouncing cradle or Baby Swing/Rocker (I have my eyes on Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle n' Swing, 4Moms Mamaroo and Nuna Leaf)

10. TRAVEL -
✔ Approved infant carrier/safety seat for car

✔ Stroller that reclines so newborn can lie flat

✔ Carry cot/Pram  

✔ Travel changing mat 

✔ Diaper bag 

✔ Head support cushion for stroller/car seat 

✔ Child view mirror

✔ Mosquito net for stroller 

✔ Rain cover for stroller 

✔ Umbrella/Parasol/Sun canopy for stroller

Isofix car seat base  

✔ Baby sling/wrap 

✔ Baby carrier

✔ Travel system adaptors  

✔ Cup holders for stroller 

✔ Stroller hooks & hangers 

✔ Sun shade for car windows 

11. WEANING (for 6 months and above) -

✔ Larger bibs  

✔ Plates & Bowls 

✔ Spoons  

✔ Cups & Beekers  

✔ Soothing teethers 

✔ Bottles  

✔ Storage pots 

✔ Splash mat 

✔ Bumbo baby seat 

✔ Food blender/smasher  

✔ Weaning guide book 

Smoke detectors  

Carbon monoxide detector  

Window catch 

Safety gates  

Socket covers 

Cupboard catches  

Baby harness and reins  

Non slip bath mat  

Fire guard  

First aid kit and book 

Common baby illnesses book  

✔ Humidifier/ Air Purifier 

Corner cushion protectors  

Such a loooong list, ey? My husband got a headache once he saw this list! LOL. I swear, I didn't make this up..I got this list from Mothercare website by the way! - Yes, I agree that all of the "Nice-To-Have" items are not really must-have items or should be on your Baby List, but I believe they'll make any first time parents' life easier! Thus...they kinda important to me! haha ;p

Anyway, I haven't ticked number 11 and 12 yet. The rest...I can pretty much say that I've completed almost all of them. Only left the baby's wardrobe/drawers to put all of the baby clothing and lastly, the baby cot (which I'm planning to put my baby there once he/she is 4 months old+. For now, the baby will sleep in the bassinet). - CHECKED! 

 I will update the list once I have purchased any of the unchecked item. Till then! :)

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