Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do we look alike?

So this is the picture of us wearing the same top and the same scarf!

The day was supposed to be my special day! So the spot light should be on me! Not the two of us! hee.. Well, I don't mind actually. I kinda get used to it already. I mean, people always thought that we're twins since ermm...I don't know when.. huhu.. And we always buy the same shoes, clothes, scarves, and some other stuffs. So there would always be a possibility for us to wear the same thing each time we hang out! So that's why when I showed up the other day in CPK, I wasn't very shock or surprise or anything when I saw my sister wearing the same thing like me! Dah biasa dah. haha. It was quite funny actually. Cuz it's like looking into a mirror - A walking mirror! haha ;p

Iza- The Ayu Version of Wani. And Wani - The Gemok Version of Iza

Sister team this top with my waist corset while me, team it up with my fave Mr. Owl chains. Fyi, we actually wore the same shoes as well! Except that mine is in black, and hers is silver! And I have that silver heels as well! (Mmmm.. okayy. We REALLY should stop buying the same thinggg from now on!!)
And thank goodness I didn't wear a black pants (I swear, I was going to wear it actually in the first place! hahaha)

P/S: Along, lain kali nak buat surprise yang datang asing asing, sila nyatakan anda memakai baju apa, seluar apa, tudung apa, kasut apa, handbag apa, gelang apa, rantai apa, cincin apa. Saya duduk di asrama, harap maklum. Maka saya mempunyai baju yang sangat limited. Jadi, baju akan di pakai berulang ulang ye selagi belum pulang ke rumah! haha. Sekian! ;p


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I may not have a Walk-In Shoe Closet (yet)..


I have my walking shoe closet!!! ;p

Well, this is not my car actually. It's my lil' brother's. Borrowed for a few minutes just for this post! Heeee. Cuz he has such a spacious boot! I wish my car's boot is this bigg! So I can arrange my shoes like this!! =)

I arrange them according to color just like my clothes wardrobe: Black-Grey-Bronze-Yellow-Brown-Red-Pink-Blue-White. hehe =)

So these shoes are my essentials. I have the little black heels, the essential pumps, the highest of a heel, the decent stilettos, the slippers, the mules, the peep toes, the open toes, the leopard, the yellow, the pink, the zebra, the blingbling and so on.. I put all these babies inside my car. The rest, I placed them in the walk-in cupboard in my house. It's easy to store everything in my car because even when I wear my frumpiest clothes ever, at least when there's a sudden emergency where I need to look decent, I'll slip in my heels right away! =)

Heels in the wheels!

So it's easy for this shoe fetish girl to choose what shoes to wear whenever she's going out and about to malls or class or just about anywhere in the world, cuz every essentials are in her wheels, you know! =P

Sila bayangkan.. Lepas dah parking, perempuan ini ke belakang kereta dan membuka bonet yang penuh dengan kasut..sambil memikir kasut apa nak pakai. Heeee.. ;P

P/s: Noww.. I 'need' a bigger car. Oh daddy..I'm getting older. Can I have a bigger car with a bigger boot, pleeashhhhhh? heh ;P

Shoe Fetish Girl.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I just thought I should post this..

A friend gave this to my email.. Hmm.. I just thought I should post it up here..

This entry is dedicated to all women out there


Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Third Day in Perth here goes my story on Day 3 in Perth.

Nothing much to story, actually. Cuz on this day Aunt Maria brought us to a place called AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia). So basically tengok-tengok haiwan (dan sesi hairan terhadap mereka je la..) It's like our Aquaria in KLCC. Only thing, dia kat tepi laut. So feel dengan alam air tu lebih sikit la. heh =P

Anyway..I let the photos do the talking kay, like they say..a photo can say a million things.. Plus, I'm actually quite tired to story morry. haha. Oh yeah mind youu, this entry is full with photos, photos, and photos. Heee. Seriously. So please don't feel bored or something, kay! Kalau bosan, tidur je. Saya tak marah. heh. I just want to give you guys a little bit taste of Perth ;P here goes..

Just arrived. I like seeing all these boats. There's this feeling macam calm or something..

These are called Old Wives. Because when they are annoyed, they'll grind their teeth and make a grumbling sound that reminded fishermen of their wives! haha. Siot je..bagi nama sebab tu =P
(Note: To my future husband, don't you dare named something after my grouchy nickname! haha. Kalau nak bagi nama, bagi yang comel-comel macam Young Wife ke.. Cute Wife ke.. Honey Bun ke..or better yet, Shazwani Hamid! haha) Ok..aku merepek. I should stop. =P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the winners are..

Honestly..I had a really hard time choosing the winners. Most of the comments pun memang comel. But..what to do, I can only choose 5 winners. tskk.. So..amongst the 61 comments that I received for that contest, these are the ones yang berjaya buat saya senyum.. =)

And the winners are....

(Drum roll please!)


1) Fieza!

"hye wani..

ada contest eh?tp i x reti nak komen comel2..belasah jek ikut suka boleh?hehe..
im a fm collector n its great if i can get it for free plus its frm u, my fav blogger! kompom i'll put fm tu kat my cluster ofc cos i spend most of my tym there.

hope i can win this.pls pls pls. :)"

2) Winona Amar Navi!

"akum schazwany...
:) im interested on the can i join? coz im mad with the present offer..seriusly im crazy bout fridge magnet..WSE called magnet..i could stare at them hours and i dunno why..i got this feeling that i cant describe and obviously i'll smile at them..theee~~ :) "

3) Suzie!

"Hah??FREE??Wahhh I want it!Bestnya but what kind of comments?Let me try ok.

This is about relationship esp whenever u feel down,always remember to stay +ve;
"When one door closes another door opens;but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,that we do not see the ones which open for us" - Alexander Graham Bell

To Wani:Even ur love relationship doesn't go well one day,never regret...there's always a silver lining behind the cloud!Move on n believe there's a sincere man waiting for u at the end of the journey =) "

4) Elly!

"salam wany. glad to hear u touching down in near time.penat ari2 tgk blog wany tak berapdet sgt le boring sangap sengkek je depan laptop ni haa.

been a silent reader tp mahu cuba nasib mana tau dpt FM hahahaha.

i tau mesti malasnyernk kemas beg after long trip eh..ada can lg skali sepah blik la bilik u tu dikkk oiyyy. "

"dan dan nk dpt brg pri, penuh lak komen wany nih. hehehe. termasuk le akak.LOL!"

5) Riena!

"Fridge magnets?
I lurrrrve fridge magnets!!!
Any comments ya Wani?
Here it goes.

Alright, allow me to tell the readers about my brief meet-up with the Hamid sisters during the Family Expo few months back.
I must admit it took me quite some time to approach them. What if they refused to say Hi? Or worse, what if they rolled their eyes and walked away?
I finally had the guts and said Hello. 1st to Iza then Wani.
Boy was I wrong. They're so sweet and friendly. Wany looked all fashionable and so as Iza. (felt inferior at that moment) But they were so humble and chatty, I could tell that they're genuinely interested with what you're saying.
Well, since then I'd vow to just dismiss whatever negative comments I might read on their blogs as I truly think they're sincere and not posers. Hanis is nice too as I got the chance to chat with her over YM.
Will continue to read your blog and wishing you all the best for ur next semester Wani!

Sabrina. "





P/S: I will not held liable/responsible for any damage/loss of items during shipment.



Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey guys! How's your weekend?

Mine was great! But for right's a little busy. Sobb.. And I barely have time to breathe and relax. So..this is just a quick update, k!

So anyway.. I would like to thank EVERYONE for the birthday wish!!! Really appreciate it!! I really had a blast weekend. Thanks to my friends and family! Muahh muahhh.. Love you guys!! =)

Saturday, 16th January 2010.

Party with AF celebs in Sunway hotel. Theme was to wear hawaiian-ny outfit. I didn't have any flowery tops/dress anymore..and I don't want to spend for a dress that I know I will only wear that beaming blue top it was! (Lantak lah. Janji ada colour sikit.. hehe) =P
I met or rather berkenalan with quite a lot of AF celebs that I never knew they existed! huhuh. Lepas ni kena tengok Astro Ria selalu. Katak bawah tempurung betul, asik tengok E! News je..haha. =P
Anyways.. it was a great night. Everyone seemed so enjoy and happy! Thanks again Naz, for inviting me! =)

Sunday, 17th January 2010.

My birthday!!!

Oh myy.. My brother,and my friends really did surprise me! heee. I seriously thought that they have canceled it, after I somehow figured that they are going to do 'something' for my birthday which I don't quite like.. and I tweeted "Adik aku tak reti simpan rahsia". So I thought dah canceled. Tapi rupanya, ada jugak.. huhu. =P

The most kelakar part was.. when I stepped into CPK, and saw my sister wearing the EXACT SAME BLUE TOP AND TIE RACK SCARF! hahaha. Sumpah kelakar + malu! Macam tengok cermin je! (Nanti I'll upload the pics, k! huhu). This, had happened know! We seriously need to stop buying the same clothes lah after thiss! huhu. (Read here.."Clothes Catastrophe". Dulu pun dah pernah jadi macam ni! I can't link to the post tho, so you have to scroll sampai bawah to read it, kay!)

Anyway..I gotta say..throughout that special day of mine, the best part was the presents I received! They are really nice and sweet! Very sweet that I almost cry. heh. Thanks, you guys!
Thank you Rashdan, Rizman, Zainul, Nazirah, Along and her family, Aizat and Radzik for the birthday surprise! hee. =D

(And thanks for the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream cake!!)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Siapa Nak Ikut?

Hey hey girls!

One of my friend joined the Astro Series Kau & Aku contest, and lucky thing she won! And the prize is that, Astro will throw her a party with her other 60 friends! How cool is that??! I wish someone throw me a party! haha =P

And guess what?? She invited 4 lucky bloggers/readers from my blog too! So who wants FREE food and partayyy??!

The details of the party:

Date: 16th January 2010, Saturday. (On the eve of my birthday! eheh =P )
Time: 6.30 pm till 10.00 pm
Theme/Dress code: Hawaiian Night (BBQ Buffet Dinner)
6.30 - 7.00 pm : Arrival of winner and friends
7.00 - 9.30 pm : Dinner Buffet Style
7.30 - 8.00 pm : Performances by Akim, Mila and Aril (AF)
8.00 - 9.00 pm : Best Dress Announcement & Games
9.00 - 10.00 pm : Mingle, Meet and Greet with the fans!
10.00 pm : Disperse

So if you're interested to join the party with us, please leave me an email with your phone number, to book your place at Siapa cepat, dia dapat! (Sorry, it's only limited to 4 pax/bloggers! So hurry!)

And I will contact you tonight to confirm!!

P/s: My sister, from thepinkstilettos and her husband will join us too!

So see ya!! =)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wish Upon A Star

I'll continue my story on Perth later, ya! I have another 6 entries for another 6 days in Perth to story you! hehe. Still resizing pictures sambil buat assignments! Heee.
And for right now..I just want to post this thing up, since someone birthday's coming up in a few days time (ish.) and I still didn't mention and list any "Birthday Wish" yet, here in my blog.. be honest with you. I really do not want anything fancy. Not like last year. I have more than enough already of those kinda things. I really do not need them. What's the point of having pretty things but you still don't feel pretty, ey? =(
(Naz and Girl..if you know what I mean..)

Well..anyways.. I'll be turning 20-ish something, this weekend. Double ishhh. Eventhough I am just in my early twenties..but I don't know whyyy I feel so damn old already. Seriously, I hate aging. Probably cuz I don't have that thing kot? Entahlah.

For the first time ever, I know what I want on my birthday. But I can't type it here. It is so priceless. hehe. Can't even mention and share it with anyone!

But anyways..since you people insist me to list it down jugak jugak.. I just type it randomly kay.. Can't think of any particular things la! hehee . This is more like merepek je. =P

*merepek* =P

Oh hey.. Tiba-tiba dah tahu dah nak apa..

Saya nak Basikal yang ada Bakul.

Saya nak Yacht =P

Saya nak MacBook Pro.

Saya nak Camera G11 or S90.

Saya nak Blackberry saya balik.

Saya nak Kereta Baru. Nak VW. ngehhh =P

Saya nak kamar tidur yang baru.

Saya nak MiuMiu Coffer Bag in Beige.

Saya nak bercinta. ;P

Saya nak awak.


Ehh..tapi ada ke orang nak bagi hadiah macam tu on your birthday? haha. Mengarut je. Ok lah, birthday wish biarlah realistic sikit kan..huhu

Umm.. (seriously..can't think of anything laa! Adeii..)

Ok dah tahu dah..

'21' birthday candles will do. hehe.
(Yang lawa lawa, lah tapi..) =P


Friday, January 8, 2010

My Second Day in Perth

Since it was Friday on our second day in Perth, daddie decided to leave the apartment after Friday Prayer (he refused to solat qasar in our place, even though we're a traveller/musafir. Dia cakap, kalau pergi masjid, kot kot boleh jumpa orang Melayu ke.. So boley kawan. Hee. Comel je)

So anyway..that day we went out around 2 something o' clock in the afternoon. And since it was quite late for us to go sightseeing or anything, daddie suggested that we went for shopping! =)

Uncle Abbas took us to Harbour Town, the home of outlet shopping. No, this outlet store is not something like this! They don't have designer goods here (how I wish), but they only have those branded stuff, like Adidas, Nike, Bras N Things, Cue, Jayjays, Portmans, Forever New, Yd. and so on. Well..most of them are Australian brand. And I wasn't very familar with the names tho..but they do have wonderful stuff! But...of course, it comes with a wonderful price tag tooo! =(

Well, to be honest with you kan, I think stuffs in Australia is a weeee bit expensive la. Especially those brands yang memang ada kat all over the world. Those yang Australian brand tu, tahan lagi lah price dia.. (tp for me, still mahal gak lepas dah convert pun. Saya student je. Tadek duhet. Adehh..)

Anyways.. we had nasi and roti for breakfast in the morning. MamAbah suruh isi perut bila travel =)

Nasi lauk Sambal apa tah, Telur dadar and Sayur. Mama masak. Sedddap even tho simple je! heh. =)

So..after my dad and the lil' bro have returned to our place after solat, guess whattt... Daddy handed me some monayyy! Wooh. Excited gilaaa weyyy. huhu =P

How I wish all these are for my SHOPPINGGG! haha. =P

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Day in Perth

Well hello there!
Okayy.. so for today's post, I'll start bebel with my very first day in Perth kay.. Nothing much tho. Sebab ye la, first day kan.. Tak berjalan sangat pun..

So anyways..

Our flight was on Thursday morning (17th December 2009), 9 am.. So we arrived Perth around 2 or 3 pm, I think. Can't really remember. So then Uncle Abbas (Daddie's friend) took us to our apartment in Mounts Bay Village.

Arrived apartment around 4 pm.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hidup Ini Bagai Roda


Life is like a wheel. One minute you feelin' like you're on top of the world..and the next minute you'd feel like a complete loser. least that's what happened to me.

Umm... for right now, I don't feel like I'm on top of the world, neither undersurface of the wheel. I just feel..umm..better I guess. Alhamdullilah.

The reason why I've been acting so weird for the past couple of days (or maybe months) was because I was (and still am) confused. Well, not just confused actually. It's bercampur aduk kind of feeling. Upset, unhappy, confused, angry, stress out and all the negative things. I seriously do not know whyyy.. and what was wrong with myself. And I really hate myself for doing that to me! (and to them!) =(
I guess..I am too uptight kot and too emotional about things, that made me like this. Yeeesh.
Sampai kena pergi hospital, you know! Ishh.. Not good, not good! =(

Well..Of course I couldn't write and tell the whole world about the things that has been bothering me here. But I'm glad, after months of being like a complete jerk with them, I managed to overcome the sorrowfulness and anger inside me and at least be a lil' bit normal again. I'm really tired to feel this way. And I'm tired to act abnormal and a psycho girl.
Plus, I miss blogging so much. So I don't want that feeling to interfere with my blogging mood and make my readers missing me! heh =P

Hmm.. I just wanna laugh again.

A real good laugh.

Hati sudah penat lelah dan lesu.


Okayy.. enough about personal stuff kay. I do not want to scare my readers away. hee.
Oh..on a different note, my super bestest best friends gave me these two cute notes! Well, actually..the first one was given by Girl aka Nafizatul (last April), and the second one was stolen by me! haha! I found this note in Naz's textbook last year and decided to keep it! It's her speech that she prepared for my birthday last year, btw! But ended up benda lain yang dia cakap! Lagi sewittt..sampai dua-dua nangis! haha. Gila drama! =P

The biggest card I've ever received! It's from Girl, to me. We had a fight. As usual, I am the jerk actually. And I'm sorry too, Girl. =(

And this one was from Naz. Cam comel je apa yang dia cakap tuh. huhuh. Thanks Naz. Aku tatau nak cakap thanx for being my friend macam mana dah lagi. Hang banyak tolong aku. Especially bila aku selalu menyusahkan & kacau kau. Sakit la. Mengada la. Lapar la. Boring la. Nak manjagedik la. Nak buat bising melalak dalam bilik la. Nak suruh tolong zipkan baju la. Gantungkan towel bila aku dah lambat la. Suruh kejutkan aku just in case aku tak sedar la. Bila time aku nak menangis la. Bila aku banyak tanya soalan-soalan pelik la. Dan macam-macam lagi. Kau layan je kerenah aku, kan? Never fail to say no. Haihhh..
Naz, next time when I'm being a psycho crazy girl lagiii, you should just slap my face! haha.


Ok lah.. Enough bout that..
So since this is the first entry of the year.. I guess it is still not too late to wish y'all..

A very happy new year!!

(and err...Merry Christmas?)


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