Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Natural Look" Make Up using Korean Beauty Products!

Recently Hansaegee Nature (the one I've been using their awesome face sheet mask), just launched their new product called Vacci - the luxury mineral make up collection. I was given some samples to try them myself. If you want to have a natural make up look or a radiant-looking complexion, you should definitely try a mineral-based make up products! You know..this is because mineral make up generally contains less chemical-based ingredients such as parabens, binders, artificial oils, talc, preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances, which can help eliminate some of the skin problems. With mineral make up, you'll also feel a bit "cleaner" on your face somehow, as compared to the usual/normal make up! This is because the major benefit of wearing a mineral make up is that it generally does not clog the pores, allowing the skin to "breathe" naturally. As such, it is less likely to aggravate an acne condition or cause flare-ups! And it'll also give you that natural-looking skin/complexion! .......which is the new "red lips" in the make-up world!

So this is their new collection! The mineral make up range.. From Vacci, the Luxe Collection

So why is it the mineral make up is good for the skin? Well, it's because some of their ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc oxide is especially good for skin that is irritated, sensitive or has recently undergone cosmetic laser procedure or peels. It's also good for people suffering from rosacea and acne. 

 "Fresh clean skin is the new red lip!"

So let's try it out!

They have 3 different make-up base; green, violet and beige

I chose the green one because I have some red marks on my skin. So this tone is great to cover those red marks! 

Just so you know, normally the beige color is used to conceal bruises, or under-eye circles and mild red tones on the face. And purple on the other hand, is used to normalize yellow-colored skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones. Whilst green, is used to neutralize red tones on the skin. Use this for covering blemishes, zits, red blotches, rosacea, and stains 

Take one pump...

...and try it on your hand first, to see if it looks okay on you

And then apply on the area, or on your entire face if you like!

Next, the liquid foundation!

As usual, before I try any liquid stuff on my face, I would try it on my hand first to see if the color blend well with my skin tone..

For this one, I can only use one small pump, because the shade/tone for this liquid foundation is quite fair for me. I chose the color Natural Beige the other day. It's too fair for me apparently..so one small pump is great enough for my whole face! (If I put too much, I'll look like those Korean girls!!! - SOOOOO FAIR! hehe)


I prefer to use my hands than the make up brush, when applying the foundation! Although I know that using the brush would give me a perfect finish! - but I'm too lazy to wash my make up brush everyday! haha ;p

Next, the powder!

This is the Twin Cake powder. You can apply this alone, or with foundation, for a perfect finish!

Next, the blusher! I really LOVE this color!!! I chose the Pearl Orange. It gives me just the right tone for my skin! I've been wanting to get this kinda orangey/coral color for my blusher, and now I got it! Yeay!

Apply it on your apples of your cheeks!

Next, wear the eyeliner! I love this kind of eye liner! Very thin and the color is very intense! And it's really, really easy to wash! Just use water, rub it a little, and the eyeliner is gone! (Senang bila nak solat!)
Anyway, since I am not using any eye shadow for this look, I apply a liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line and I drew the cat-eyed line to create a little "eye lift", and give intensity to the eye and elongates it! - For years now, it has been my favorite style of wearing eyeliner like this! hehe 

Next, apply an eyebrow pencil to shape the brows if you need to..

...and then wear mascara to curl your lashes!

Finish the look with a lip gloss!

The final look!
Do I look like a Korean girl? Hahah. Nahhh...you still look like a Malaysian girl, Wani! haha ;p


Monday, April 29, 2013

I am Back!

Hey you guys!!!!!! How are you?!

Miss me? hehe

Gosh. I miss my blog so much! I miss writing and story telling and editing pictures and stuff like that... tskk. It has been two weeks now that I left it alone and cold...sob sob. I'm really sorry you guys for keeping you waiting for my new post each day. I've been sick, and busy and then sick again..and then busssyyyyyyy. Sangat. :( Ok well, maybe tak la busy sangat sangat. But the word is actually penat sangat...kot? Plus, the internet at my house has been down for a few days too.. And I also had so many things to do outside that I just didn't have the time to really sit down in my room and type...and do what I love... T__T

But now that things have sorted out a litttttttttle bit, I feel much better. I had so much headache and planning and researching and stress to deal with these past few weeks. I didn't even get to see my friend to have our sushi session pun! Or go swimming. Or even update my Outfit-Of-The-Day post on my Instagram! Asik tak sempat/tak ada masa. tskkk. And because I was too stressed out, I have also formed some new bukit-bukau on my cheeks, thank you very much! >__<

Sigh. I hate stress. Semua datang sekali gus terus. tskk

But anyway, I have too many stories to tell. I don't know which one to start first...hehe. But let's just say, I'm stressing out but happy! hehe.. To those who bought the scarves with me, thank you very much for your love and support!

Ok lah, gotta do my work now! Update soon! Take care girls! See you in my next post! :)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shawls/Scarves for Sale!

Brand new plain oblong scarves/shawls for sale!

Colors available: 
a) Pine Green
b) Dusty Pink
c) Sunshine Yellow
d) Silver Grey
e) Cobalt Blue
f) Aqua Mint
g) Emerald Green
h) Champagne Brown
i) Platinum Grey

Price: RM 45 + RM 5 (postage)

Material: Satin

Size: 1.8m x 0.5m

Interested, please email me at:

Thanks! ;)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Tea Salon

So the other day me and Farhana went out to have our sushi session like usual at Pavilion..and before we end our day and went home, we stopped by this posh Tea Salon & Boutique called TWG, situated nearby Prada, Bvlgari, Chopard, stores in Level 2 around Couture area. It was my third time dining here. I wanted to have their tea and cake that day..

TWG Tea is an absolutely lovely spot for an afternoon tea with your ladies! What differentiates this tea boutique from the others is definitely their awesome idea of integrating their signature teas into savoury recipes that created a unique flavour introducing their patrons and tea lovers with the great sensations when they dine here! 

This restaurant offers a wide selection of teas from all over the world. I think it was more than 300 selection of teas that you can choose! I had a hard time choosing what to order! The prices of the tea selection ranging from RM18 - RM377! Oh, I wonder how does that RM 377 tea tastes like?! I had tried a RM 10k tea before, from China.. it was a really, really good tea, but I still think that was waaaaayyyy overpriced! Although that tea that I had was more like a healthy tea kind of drinks. So I wonder how does this posh tea from TWG tastes like! 

They have the Menu, the Tea Book and the Tea List.. So take your time to read them all!

Here's some of the extensive tea list that they have. Such a long list of tea with too many options to choose from with lots of interesting names! Sexy Tea, Secret Tea, Love Tea, Silver Pearl Tea, White House Tea, Rose Zephyr Tea,  etc etc! 

I ordered a Magic Flute Tea with its 18k gold-plated teapot. It smells like bubblegum but tastes like a caramel or something.. The pot is non-refillable condition, by the way. tskk

Like any other tea cafe, they also have the Tea Time Set. The Tea Time Set Menus start from 3 pm to 6 pm with 3 sets to choose from: 1837, Chic, and Fortune. I ordered the Chic set for RM 46 which includes the TWG Tea from the tea list, a choice of warm toasted sandwich (turkey ham, vegetarian or smoked salmon), a choice of 2 freshly bakes scones/muffins served with jelly and whipped cream or 1 patisserie from the trolley 

The afternoon tea set arrived in a beautiful tray! 

I chose 2 freshly baked scones served with jelly and whipped cream, instead of muffins..

Warm toasted sandwiches with gruyere cheese and smoked salmon, served with delicate green salad and house vinaigrette. I gotta say, I don't quite like it! It tasted weird, I only had a bite! >__<

We were spoiled with so many options to choose from the menu, but I was particularly interested in their Chocolate Fondant Cake when I came here so I made Farhana eat everything else that was on our table! haha... She ordered some macarons. (Which I don't quite like as well. haha) 

I suddenly had this weird craving for their chocolate cake. I don't usually like chocolate cake actually. And the last time I tried this cake, I couldn't even finish it! I only had two bites of it.. I think it was too rich and too chocolatey for me. But I don't know why on that particular day (I was PMS-ing) I wanted this cake so bad! I've been craving for a lot of sweet stuff, including this Chocolate Fondant cake from TWG, so I just had to have it! (I finished everything, sampai licin! hehe)

Anyway, this warm chocolate cake is served with a light custard cream and a scoop of homemade Vanilla tea ice cream. The cake was dark and intense. Which made the custard cream and the Vanilla ice cream a perfect combination for its light flavour and texture. This is an awesome menu to order if you're on PMS and needed something very chocolatey! haha

Farhana and her cutie pie, Yusuf! Her baby was crying all the time we were there..and she said, "This is why we don't do tea!"  haha.. Gotta enjoy my afternoon tea before I get a baby then! LOL ;p

Overall, I spent about RM 78 here, if I'm not mistaken.. And I'm definitely going back to this tea salon again to try many more of their tea! I think RM 46 for the afternoon tea set sounds good value for money. Tapi tak kenyang la. Nama pun minum petang, right? hehe. Oh, and the tea is not refillable though. So one pot may not be sufficient for 2-3 person. You may need to order more.. 

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique 
(owned by Valiram Group)
Couture Pavilion, Level 2, 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 

Operating hours: 
10am-10pm daily

So go ahead..try their tea today! ^___^


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend Project: Cleaning the Make-Up Brushes!

This morning I had nothing else better to do, I decided to clean my make-up brushes since I have been meaning to get them done for a few weeks already, but always didn't get the chance to do so! haha. So today I managed to do it anyways..so yeay! ^__^ 

By the way, so sorry that I haven't been blogging that much this week. I had a few events to attend and also, my internet has been down for a few days already! So sad! (I get depressed when there's no internet! haha)

Ok now ladies, let me show you here how I clean my make-up brushes! 

First off, what you'll need are:
  1. Your dirty/used make up brushes 
  2. The brush cleaner solution (or you can use the nail polish remover as well) 
  3. Baby soap/shampoo (or you can use a gentle face cleanser too, like Cetaphil)
  4. An empty bowl
  5. Towel
  6. Additional: Baby Wipes, Olive Oil or Hair Conditioner (I didn't use this today.. I thought my brushes were clean enough that I didn't need them! hehe)

OK, the first step is to dip and dampen the brushes with warm water..

Then squirt a few drops of your baby shampoo or a gentle soap into the bowl. 
Rub the brushes gently. (The lather may be a bit colorful) 
Leave it for a few minutes..

And then take the brushes out and blot them on a towel. Press it gently.. 
If you see there's still dirt on it, it means you have to clean the brushes again! 
This time, you have to clean them thoroughly under the running water

Run the bristles of the brushes under lukewarm water. You need to wet them with the hairs pointing downwards as this will help prevent any water getting in to or down in to the metal or bamboo handle brushes.. Then put a drop of baby shampoo again on the bristles and rub in the shampoo gently, until you have a bit of a lather forming. (Put a heavy drop on for blush, foundation, and powder brushes, and small drops for concealer, eyeliner, and other small brushes) This step is to ensure that you clean and get to almost every bristle of your brush! Make sure that you rinse them thoroughly. Rinse until there is no more visible lather, and keep rinsing!

Next, blot the brushes dry on a towel..and check whether or not there's still any make-up residue left on the brushes...

 Then pour the brush cleaner solution into your bowl. I used a Brush Cleaner from Shu Uemura. I heard the one from MAC is good too. Maybe I'll give that a try after mine is finish! :)

Put all your brushes into the bowl and soak the bristles with the alcohol solution for a few minutes for that added cleaning step!

And just let it dry!

Now that your brushes are perfectly clean, you need to focus on another aspect of thoroughly cleaning your brushes....which is the handle! When you use your makeup brushes you are transferring germs, bacteria and even make up onto the handles of your brushes. So do clean them as well! I only use baby wipes for this..

Lastly, lay the brushes flat on a towel overnight. Rotate the brushes or flip them over after a few hours if you desire. Let brushes dry completely before using. Dry time will depend on size and brush density..

That's it!

Cleaning your make up brushes on a regular basis can help remove old makeup, dirt &debris, bacteria, oils and dead skin cells. Another benefit of keeping them clean is softness, as make up buildup on your brushes can make them feel scratchy. Hence cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will help keep your make up brushes soft and supple. This is especially great for people with sensitive skin like me! So do clean your brushes often, guys! Ideally everyday..but who has time for that, right? haha. Hmm..I think I need to make this activity as a once-a-week thingy lah. Gotta include this in my timetable then! hehe..

So, how often do you clean your makeup brushes, ladies? :)

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