Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Little Black Shoes

Cantik kan?

I always wanted a decent black covered heels. Most of my heels are either manik2(too glam for day time wear), or peep toe(tak tutup jari jemari which is not suitable for formal wear) or maybe in between! (that is, not suitable for either formal or casual)..

So when I saw this shoes, my heart says, "Oh, this is the one! It's perfect!". I was so excited when I found it, because to be honest, I am a bit fussy when it comes to choosing my perfect LBS. hehe. Most of the covered black shoes that I saw, are always boring. It's either their heels are too chunky or too lowly and fugly or too trendy . I just want something simple yet sophisticated. Something that doesn't say "Look at me! I am pointy and shiny! Look at me!", and yet still look nice on me. hehe.

Oh, I still remember I had a hard time finding my school shoes back in 2006 when I first came to Matric PJ. Our dress code was to wear a white tudung, baju kurung in any color and a black shoes. I refused to wear the normal Jazz sneakers or maybe the Bonia loafers or something, you know. I mean, I just can't take the idea of wearing sneakers with baju kurung? I mean, in my opinion, I personally think that baju kurung is supposed to make you look decent and feminine. And so when you team it up with sneakers, it just looked so weird to me..
So I asked my mom to buy for me a 4-inch leather squared-off toe shoes by Lewre and Bonia. Well, something that looks like this. It was a simple one.

But I remembered, everybody was talking about my heels and make an issue out of it. Like it was a really big deal or something. I just don't understand. I mean, the rules and regulations doesn't say that I have to wear flats. They didn't even state there what kind of shoes that were allowed to wear. They just said black covered shoes. Nothing like students are not allowed to wear ballerinas, moccasins, sling backs, sandals, peep toes, open toes, gladiators, mules, pumps, platforms, wedges, pointy toes and et cetera, you know! Plus, we were 18 at that I don't think that wearing pumps was weird for that age!

And by saying covered shoes, I understand that I can wear any kind of shoes that is high heels or not, as long as it is covered. Ain't that right? So when everybody was looking at the freakin' shoes of mine and you know, made that look, like I'm some kind of a freak.. I was like why? Do I look that weird? Was it because of the high heeled or because of the pointy toes? Why can't I wear this pumps?
I love the fact that heels lift me up a bit..and wearing them with baju kurung looks more nicer as compared to wearing them with sneakers! hehe.. =P
But well...after a few months in Matric, I can see lotsa girls started to change their choice of footwear for classes, and started wearing heels and pointy shoes.. hehe. Which is good. (At least, I know, I am not the only pointy toed species! haha)

Anyways.. Now that my internship is just around the corner, I need some new working shoes. hehe. I want a decent black shoes. Just a simple one. Not too pointy. Not too round. So, my sugar sweet daddy bought for me that shoes. And I loved it!

Especially the heels!

Super high. And super hot.


Thank You Dad!


Let's Play Uno!

I was really excited when I know that we can play Uno Stacko at Memori Corner. I really love this game ever since I started to play it, when I was just about 10 years old.. hehe..

But I have not been playing this game for years now.. So.. when I know that I can play this game while waiting for our food, I was like, "Oh wow! Cool!!!".

Bestnya! I won! hehehe.. Nanti nak main lagi! ;)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leen's Birthday

Celebrated Leen's birthday at Tony Romas yesterday. But I came late. Real late. Cuz I got class and by the time I got out, traffic jams everywhere! haihh.(Sorry!!) So I missed the surprise moment. isk.. But nvm, I just came to give Leen's gift. (I hope you like it babe!)

Anyways, you can view the rest of the story/pictures here.

Happy Belated Birthday Fadd and Leen!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Summer Sunflower

I have always love sunflower! They are very attractive! The size and color are just purrfect! Big and bright yellow! For me, it is a very cheerful looking flower. It really can brighten up my days with its shiny color, and thus the cheery and jolly feeling aroused when I look at the flower! hehe.

Oh, I absolutely love them! Fyi, sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers in the world! Others would be Calla Lilies, Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, Lavenders, Stargazer Lilies, and red Roses..

...and guess what??

A secret admirer gave me this!

hehee.. I was very happy when I receive it from him! Gosh..they're really beautiful and smells so nice!


Thank you..


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Hate This Part Right Here..

I just saw what Miu and Tubby bought from their warehouse sales.

And right now, no words can described how devastated I am for not be able to go to
that Metrojaya Cosmetic & Fragrances Warehouse Sales. It ends on the 19th. And that is the day I have a really freaky big exam. And the next day also I've an exam. And it's LAW! Godddddd... I hate many things and cases to read and hafal! And I super hate it! =(

Oh how I wish I could go to that warehouse sales!!!! Just look at the prices(refer to Miu's blog)!!! Super damn cheap ok?!! I mean, where can you get an EDP perfume that is 100 ml for only around RM 100 or maybe less than that?? Usually it would cost us around 200 to 300!



At this very moment, I really hate being a student. haha ;p

The Victoria Beckham Collection

I have always love Victoria Beckham ever since her Spice Girl days.. I still remember, my sisters and I collected some of the Spice Girls' stuff like body sprays from Impulse, magazines and posters, their barbie dolls, tshirts, and many more. hmm.. Those were the days.. =)

I just love e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about her. And I mean everything!! Her fierce eyes, her gorgeous hair, her pointy cute nose, her make up, her stylish clothes, her fabulous bags, the super sky high heels of hers, her pose, her personality, the way she talks and her accent, her husband, her family, her cars, and soooo much moree! Everything about her is just may-jah!

I have watched or downloaded tons of her videos. And I still wonder why some people hated her so much. She's just such a sweet person! And she's definitely my number one icon! =)


Let's talk about this dVb style of hers.. As far as I know, she has produced a line of jeans, sunglasses, handbags, jewelery, fragrances, make up, books: a fashion guide book and her autobiography. And the latest one she has designed such beautiful dresses.

Well.. I only own her jeans, book and perfumes. And how I wish I have all her stuffs! =(

Especially the dresses! They're so sophisticated and glamourous! And verry Victoria. Just look at these..

And this is Victoria wearing her own collection..

If I were to wear these fabulous dresses, I'd choose dress number 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15. You can view all her dresses

Her new collection for fall 2009, is just as great as the first collection. You can view the entire collection here. But I personally love these..

Especially this one!

Can someone buy for me pleasee? heh.. I dunno how much it cost. But I already have in mind how to swank it..hehee ;)

Oh, how I wish they're here.. =(


Sunday, February 15, 2009

All the pretty little things..

Being me, who loves all the pretty girlie stuffs, I always find myself buying things that I don't really need them. In other words, membazir. Sometimes it is just so annoying that all the retail stores tryna design and come out with all the unnessary cute stuff, and the weird thing is, though I know it is not neccessary, they really did manage to create the sudden urge for me to have that stuff! It's like it makes the little girl inside of me scream of excitement when I see all these pretty things they created. And eventually, I ter-buy like my marketing lecturer said. haha. =P

Like for example, sleeping mask. I have tons of them in my room! You name it, I have all types of sleeping mask! Gel types, bean type, silk, cotton, cashmere, satin types.. haih.. sometimes when I look at them I just wonder why I bought all these things.. hmm..

Anyways.. Just wanna share the cute stuff that I bought last month..

I bought the feathered hairclip, sequined flower hair band, pink sleeping mask, a keychain corset (to represent my signature style! haha), and two bags of air freshener.. for me to hang it in my car.. hehe ;)

Oh, anyway..just look at these...

I almost wanted to buy all!!! But then after standing there for like 20 minutes, I told myself, just one Wani. So, I chose the one with bulu mata and glitter on it.. hehe ;)

They are so cute, right? hehee ;)

P/s: Just so you know, sleeping with a sleeping mask on is a must for me cuz otherwise, I really couldn't sleep as my eyes melilau sana sini terbayangkan hantu! haha


Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Birthday Presents!

Well well well... We're now in the mid of February already..but our calendar has not reach 17th yet! So basically it is still my birthday month! (So I'm allowed to still talk about my birthday, aite?) hahaha ;p

Anyways, I'm gonna share with you what I got for my birthday pressies! I'm very greatful for all the gifts that I received this year! Everything is just so nice! You guys really really made my day! Thank You Verry Much!!

I have posted my birthday wishlist, last month... and guess what??

I received about 40% out of the 50 items that were listed! (and I've yet to receive moree from a few people!) Oh gosh. I'm blessed! =D

So anyway, here goes the birthday present list.. hehe. (Btw, I'm gonna post again some of the pictures/descriptions that I've posted before. So please don't be bored looking at the same stuff, ok! hehe)

1. Shopping vouchers! (I got about RM 300 from Parkson, L'Occitane, Topshop, etc. No pictures cuz I spent right away! haha)

2. An aromatherapy massage! (I went for a Thai Aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey on the day before my birthday celebration with friends. I chose the lavender oil blends. Oh so calming! - From myself! )

3. Colourful clutches! I need in red, green, blue, yellow especially! And these are from Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, and Topshop. (I got the blue one from Dorothy Perkins. From Radzique)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

4. Sex and The City The Complete Series. Anyone care to download for me? hehee. (Well, actually I haven't get the whole complete dvd set yet, but I will get soon! Right Wanie? hehehehee. She agreed to let me borrow hers! Coolness! So, I'll see you soon k! After all my yucky sucky midterm papers has finished! heh )

5. Colourful heels! Like these.. I'm a size 6! ;P (Well, I don't exactly get the pink or red colored ones, but well.. what I got IS still a pair of colored high heels! hehe. It's an electric blue pumps! Which perfectly matches the blue clutch! Oh how fantastic! From Radzique)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

6. Any accessories. Like cutie hairbands like this! From
Reina. Anyone please buy for me. hahahah. ;P I love anything that has to do with bow and feathers! heh. (I received two types of accessories: For hair, and another one is for scarf accessories, which is a brooch, of course- from Naz. For hair, I received a Forever 21 cute lil' off-white hairband with bow at the side with studs on it, and a striking blue peacock feathered hairclip! The hairband was from Radzique, and the hairclip was from my very own self! heh. (I just love to reward myself! haha) =P

What I've wished for..

What I got..

7. Jordi Labanda notebooks! (Well, I don't get the notebook (yet!). But I received some other things that kinda related with notebooks! Like paperclips, bookmark and some cute lil' dragonfly stick-on. The paperclips and stick-on were from Ulfah & Khairun, and the cute bookmark's from Naz). They just know how much I love dragonflies! hehe. Thanks babes!

What I've wished for..
What I got..

8. External Hard Disk! Really really extremely need it! I don't have enough space to store videos anymoree! (Due to having more than 14000 pics in my laptop! And Prison break season 3 & 4 and Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle, etc etc! hehehee.. So please buy for me...hehe ;)
(Yeay! Already got it! Super spacious! hehe. From Girl)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

9. La Senza undies! I love their stuff! So cute and comfy! (I'm a size S,btw) ;) (Oh, I received 3 pinky undies from Miu!! Super cute! Loving it!)

What I've wished..

What I got..

10. Chanel Lipstick. In any nude colours. I still haven't got any Chanel lipstick! hehe.
(I got a lipgloss instead! Yeay!! Color: Soft Pink- BonBon. The color that I wore during the Chanel makeover last March. From Miu)

What I've wished for..
What I got..

11. A Gucci watch. (Oh, I received one from daddy!! It's a charm bracelet watch. (It has a shoe tied on it!! Super cute!) Thank you so much Abah!!! Such a lovely watch! Love it to bits!)

What I've wished for..
What I got..

12. A romantic dinner ;) (Eheh. Such a beautiful night! With Radzique)

What I've fantasized..

What I've experienced..

13. To get this kinda look! Like a barbie doll or something! Think Katy Perry. hehe. (Well.. I don't really get to have this kind of look on my makeover day! But I just received free Dinner Makeovers from Stila and Benefit!)

What I've wished..

What I got..

14. Tops from Topshop or Warehouse or Dp or Principles or whatever lah.. (Size 8. hehe) (I received a taupe top from Forever 21. Super soft! From Radzique)

What I've wished for..
What I got..

15. More VB jeans! Size 27. Oppsy! haha =P (Got myself a Frankie B instead. The VB sold out already! haih.. And I'm waiting for the new ones to come here! isk. =(

But well, nevermind. In her book, VB suggested Frankie B's jeans too! hehe)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

16. More Tie Rack scarfs! (Yupsy! From myself! hehee ;P No pictures la! I left half of the scarfs at my hostel..)

17. Movie passes! (Oh yeah.. Bride Wars it was! From Miu! TQ!)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

18. Fine chocolates!
(They were from Godiva. From Abah)

What I've wished for..

What I got..

19. Ice creams!! (Yummy! From Mama and myself. They were from Nestle, Walls, Baskin Robbin, and Movenpick. The ice creams were so yummy till I forgot to take some photos of them! heheh)

20. A fine dining with my loved ones! ;)
(Oh yeah. Dined at the Look Out Point with mi amigos!)

21. L'Occitane Riz Rice Cleanser. Well, I don't include this in my birthday wishlist, but I got myself one for 'free' from L'Occitane on my birthday! Well, actually I only pay RM 3.15 for it, after deducted RM 75 from my birthday vouchers! hehe. Oh and that polka dot scarf, I received from Parkson. A birthday gift from Parkson! Cool! =)

22. Victoria's Secret Quilted Carry-All Make up Case. I don't include this one too! But Radzique decided to give me another one item that is not on the list. The make up case was fresh from LA. It was just may-jah!! Super nice and super big! Loving it! Thank you R. =)

Thank You Verrry Much People!!! You Really Really Made My Day!!!

Love you guys so muchh!!!




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