Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FV First Birthday Bash!

Okay...this is a little overdue (you know whyyy kan? heh). So am not gonna bebel much on this. Just some pictures to share, on this lovely event! ;)

So I went to the Fashion Valet first birthday bash event last two weeks with Azhar and my sister... It was such a lovely event with so many super gorgeous, stylo (and not to mention, KURUS) ladies! I feel so err...   fat  chubby when seeing those skinny models...and walked pass them.. hahaha ;p
Oh yeah..did I mention that this event was collaborated with Miss Universe Malaysia, too? So yeah, a lot of models there! ;)

So anyway... I didn't know what to wear at first.. I know, this would definitely gonna be a stylish event. And everyone must have dressed up for it! And ever since I ter-put on weight these days (haha. yes, TER ;p), my mood to dress up like last time has decreased a little. huhuu... So everytime there's a fashion event to attend, I'll be like..."Oh my god...what to wear...what to wear!" Hahaha... Girls! *rolling eyes* ;p

Since I was a bit caught up with things that week, so I got no time to think what fancy outfit to wear (yes, I have to think (and try a few) first...before wearing it. Because it'd be easier to search and dive in my closet, and terus pakai, rather than taking out one by one and see if it still fit me, or if it looks okay still.. hehee ;p)

So anyways...my first try was a really simple grey top, but I styled it up with my scarf, making it look like a turban. Like so....

(Sorry, bad picture quality! Taken with my iPhone)

But after trying a few tops that I had in mind earlier, I decided not to wear this kind of style as it wasn't that comfortable, and I do not want to wear something that's not comfy... plus, I was running out of time, at that moment. So no time to think of any fashionable style anymore, or I'll be fashionably late to the event! haha. ;p

So....I decided to just wear my usual normal top, and scarf... and play along with my accessories! Like this...like what you've seen before...

Okay...anyway, upon arriving...the sweet Vivy greeted me and asked me to signed the guest list, then gave me the goodie bag... Then her sister ushered me to my seat..

We got the second row seats! Yeay! ^_^ 
The Miss Universe Malaysia girls were sitting in front of us, and I could smell their hair too! LOL

So...before the event started, we had some food, chit chat a little with the faces I know...like Nona, Zuen, Michelle...and umm...who else? Hmm..forgot! hehee.. And then, take some photos like usual! ;)

Enjoy the photos!

See! Told ya so many pretty and stylish women!

Such a cute setting with balloons and err...I dunno what they call that! That little colorful strings...heheh ;p

This girl is soooooo pretty! I dunno her name though. I didn't follow Miss Universe Malaysia.. =____=

The sponsors for this event...

The sisters..

The event has started! There's the cool dudes, Ben and Phat Fabes in the house! Wooot woot! ^_^ (they are so funny...I love them!!)

Dean, giving a welcome speech..

A little video montage..

Fashion show..

My favourite among all that is this one!

Oh..and this too! Love the color! ^_^

And this cardy! Probably because I owned it too! Hahaha. ;p 

I purchased it in Singapore, last two years. And my sister told me how much this one is on FV...and I was shocked to hear it because mine was overpriced! Like sangat sangat overpriced! Huh! I bought mine at RM 600+ and FV is selling it at RM 200 je! Yeesssh. Saya emo. huh... Hmm...If I knew about thisss, I would have wait 2 years for this cardy and just purchase it at FV! Aiyayayaiiii =_='
Okay...from now on, let's buy from FV jer, okehhh? hehe

All the models...

...and err...not the models. haha ;p

So what's new on FV website?

It was us! We're on sale! hahaha ;p

Anyway...later on, there were a dress up game that night.. 

They have to dress up like what they saw on the models just now...

...and had to flaunt what they wear and walk like a model! haha.. This guy was the funniest! He catwalked like a true girl! LOL ;p

Thanks Vivy, for inviting us! ;)
It was indeed a nice and well planned event! 

Fadza and Vivy. The Fashion Valet founders. ;)
Congratulations to both of you! You guys rock!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Beauty Review: Leaders Clinic Masks!

I have received some Leaders Clinic Ampoule Masks from Hansaegee Nature a couple of weeks ago to try and review it, but since I was too busy lately.. I can't find the time to try them on and what more to update my blog! tskk. So they just sit there quietly in that little drawer I have, waiting for me to try them on!

I know...I left you guys for quite some time here - some even private messaged me on Facebook, asking me what happened to me, am I ok or not! haha. So sweet... But I'm fine darling..it's just I was so busy with things.. - I do wonder how those (busy) bloggers + working ladies have all the time in the world to update their blog for every single day??! O_o Phewww... I'm just so amazed with you guys! hehe..

So anyway, it’s time for the review now! Yeayy! ^_^

Mmm...so last two weeks was the busiest week I ever had in my life. Just imagine, trying to do 3 or 4 different type of work at a time! Huh..Very tiring I tell you! There has been days that I only slept for 2 to 3 hours, back to back. And some day, I didn't sleep at all! Erk... Not good, not good! >_<

My time has been fully utilized with work, work and workkkk... And I only take some breaks for pee, eat, sleep, and breathe. LOL ;p So yes...you guessed it right; I look (and feel) like crap these days with that kind of lifestyle I had! tsk. There were too much of lacking in me: SLEEP.. REST....WATER... MOISTURIZER.....and my food intake! Everything was upside down, and imbalance! T_T
So now I need to start taking care of myself again because my body has starting to tell me that something is wrong somewhere! Even someone else notices that too! Erkk...

But despite being busy all week, doing a bit of accounting la, a bit of editing la...writing some more, etc etc..and especially doing all the wrapping/assembling thingy of those flower corsages that u girls ordered from me, it was indeed a fun week I had! hehehe ;) Seriously, I had fun assembling the flowers and whatnot..

So.. Okay...enough of me membebel-ing about my week. LOL. Now...what do I do when I think and feel that I look like crap?? Well, I started with rescuing my face! (In spite of me eating right and getting more sleep! - As that is the most important thing you must do first! hehe)

Yup. I am not kidding when I say it made my skin felt softer and soothed! - I had some little pimples growing on my face last week, and it was a bit itchy and red before. But after using this Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask, it kinda made it less itchy a bit... But of course, those little pimples are still there. You can't make it disappear overnight, right? But at least, this mask has helped to soothe it a bit.. So thanks Leaders Clinic! hehe

Anyway.. this mask is really different from all the sheet masks that I've tried before! It's really realllllllyy super thin and light! Once you opened up the mask, you will find the mask is soaked in the serum. You can really see that it is really soaking wet! - And there is still more serum left in the packet, which you can use some more on your face after you have removed the mask, as a moisturizer! :)
(Hey..do you like my polka dot toilet seat cover? It's cute, ain't it? hehe ;p)

See that?! It is soooo soaked up! And so thin! Leaders Clinic Masks are made of ultra thin silk cellulose material and you can see it in the above picture. It’s really thin and yet, it won’t tear easily like some! I love the material of this mask! It is definitely not like the usual sheet mask, really! Their masks fit nicely on the face and it would stick on snugly on the skin! And what's cool is that, the skin can still breathe with the mask on! ^_^

Why is this mask different than the other sheet masks? It's because this ampoule masks contain one ampoule per mask. Yes, each mask contains an entire bottle of concentrated ampoule! Now..that's a lot!! - Ampoule is highly concentrated essence. So it is more concentrated than a serum and has to be kept in a glass container.. it's like a very and highly concentrated thingy... 
Secondly, the material is different. They used a silk cellulose sheet, which makes sure that the face is absorbing most of the essence/ampoules, and not the mask! 
It also allows your skin to breathe like a ‘second skin’ to help it absorb whatever is inside the pack, faster and efficiently! ^_^

I have tried quite a variety of sheet masks. And I would rate Leaders Clinic Mask a 4.5 stars out of 5! This is mainly because I really like the material of the sheet, (like I mentioned, they're using a silk cellulose sheet) and how it fits nicely on my skin. Plus, the amount of serum/essence/ampoules or whatever they called, in each pack is really a lot! It's like there's more content than mask. hehe. Because there was some serum dripping off when I took the mask out of the pack! And it was a wee bit hard to unfold the mask when I took it out from the pack, cuz it was sticking with each other as it was too wet with the essence/ampoule! xD

Put this mask on... Oh, it fits perfectly and snugly on my face! ;)

Feels so good..and very nice!
See that... There's only little parts on the skin that has air. Especially the sides of the mask..normally other sheet masks that I tried before doesn’t really stick on well. So this one..is like an airtight mask, I would say! haha - The mask has covered and sealed my face entirely! I like!
And what I like most is, my skin is glowing and soft after usage!

Just a tip to share with you girls: For sheets masks that you have, you can put the masks in the fridge at least an hour before you start using it. Bcuz it’s really nice to mask your face with a cold sheet mask! So soothing! (Maybe after this...you could just store all your masks in the fridge for later use!)

Okay, here's a little info about Leaders Clinic Clinie brand! -  Leaders Clinic Clinie is a very popular skincare company in Korea, formed by a group of well-known Korean dermatologists who created their own mark in the skincare company. They have one of the hottest selling clinical masks in Korea, while their skincare line are well-liked by many Korean celebrities. In fact, they’re so popular that they average about 500,000 masks sold monthly and are undoubtedly the hottest clinical brand in Korea! And not only in Korea either – it is loved in Japan, China and Hong Kong, winning rave reviews from their users! 
Leaders Clinic Clinie masks are available in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and now.. Malaysia! Yeay!! ^_^

Their most well known product are their masks. I have tried two of their masks, and I'm loving it! Okay..let's see what other range of sheet masks do they have!

They have seven types of different masks to cater to different type of skin and needs.. And plus, cute packaging as well for each range.. ;) 
I have tried two types so far this week. The blue one (for hydrating) and the green one (for acne).. And so far, I'm loving both!

Let's take a look at them, one by one..

The Platinum V-Lift Essential Mask

What it does: It firms and lifts up your skin! What's doing the work: It's the Nano-Platinum, Trehalose, and Pomegranate. Err...what are those? I only know Pomegranate. haha. Well, according to this (it's written at the back of the mask), it firms and lifts the skin up and improve skin elasticity. So there you got it! You can have a V-lined face shape now! ^_^

The Collagen Infusion Essential Mask

Collagen is soooo popular these days! We have it in a powder form, in drinks, in pills, skincare...and now in a sheet mask as well! Why do we need to consume collagen? Because it is essential for your skin’s elasticity, firmness and suppleness. As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen..So apart from taking all those supplements that has collagen inside it, why not put it in a mask too, right? ;)

The Caviar Repairing Essential Mask.

With repairing ingredients like caviar and chitosan, it gives the skin sufficient nutritions that firms the skin up, to improve skin elasticity! It hydrates, nourish, revitalize and renew the skin. You can use this range if you want to achieve a radiant beautiful skin!

The N.M.F Aquaringer Ampoule Mask.

This one, is for hydration, to achieve softer and smoother skin. It balance out the sebum production, purify the skin and tighten the pores. The NMF stands for Natural Moisturising Factor. 

The IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask

This one is infused with whitening ingredients like, Vitamin C-AAG, Arbutin and Mulberry Bark extract that even out the uneven skin tone for brighter and radiant skin. 

The Vita Whitebeam Essential Mask

This one makes your skin clearer and brighter with Vitamin C and Tocopherol. It actively reduces melanin production, which is the stuff that makes you more tan when the UV rays hit you! 

The Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask

I think everyone knows that Tea Tree does the job to decrease redness, acne and blemishes. So that’s what this mask is all about! It has tea-tree oil, pine needles, and other natural extracts to soothe sensitive and problem prone skin like mine! tskk. 

So that's it! Those are all the masks from Leaders Clinic Clinie. It is priced at RM 10.90 each for the Ampoule Masks and RM 8.90 for Essential Masks. And you can get it at Hansaegee Nature website! - They sell Korean skincare products!

Till my next post! ;)

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