Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi everyone... Do you miss me? I do! LOL ;p
Hmmm... Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy, in and out, settling a few things that has been bugging I've got no time to open my blog.. And especially when the internet connection has been so weird at my house lately...tskkk.
Ni pun guna iPhone... =/

Anyway...let's hope that the Internet at my house will recover soon! And let's also hope that I've got the mood to blog again! Hmm... I miss blogging... But lately I just...don't have the mood anymore.. (Oh no.. Aging??! Haha ;p)

So...let's hope I'll be here again in the next few days with exciting stories to tell you! Hehe ;)
Okay, take care everyone! Tata!


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Maldives Trip! :)

Before I start, let me warn you that this post contains about 260 pictures.

image source: google

Yes, you read that right. It's a lot of photos in here! So... be prepared for your PCs and laptops to lag a little! hahaha ;p
(I'm so lazy to do a post day by day... So, sekali harung semua gambar in this post, ok?! Plus, I was there for a few days jer pun! hehe ;p)

Okay let's start! Happy viewing! ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sigh... Another Impostor!


Sometimes I get a message, people telling me..some bloggers "steal" my photos, and claimed it's theirs. Like taking my stationary collection photos, my accessories stuff, my make up collection, my shoes collection and et cetera.. Haihh.. Well, as much as I don't like that, (because you know.... at least put some credit for me la.. - I took my time to snap the photos, and then to transfer it into my laptop..and then to edit and resize it, etc... And lastly, to upload it in here some moreee, so the least you could do, is to watermark my name on the picture you took, or give some credits to me larr..) Right? But well.. These days, I don't know why I just don't want to do or say anything about it.. Maybe sebab I terasa macam funny je orang-orang macam ni, pretending to be someone else..and lying to their friends and family, and strangers/readers about their stories/life..  So I guess, the reason why I don't want to say anything just yet..cuz I don't want to spoil the fun and just wanna keep on reading and see what's next, that they are going to lie and say! hehehee ;p (It's like..this is my own joke, that I keep to myself... Heeeeee ;p)
I mean, is not threatening me or my family... even though, it IS annoying sometimes, seeing these fake people... But...Hmm..entah lah...

But when I found out about this thing the other day, I just couldn't keep quiet anymoreeee. Because really, I think when it involves 'people', it is REALLY a serious case already.. It's scary. It's freaky. It's threatening.

Like, my sister's case. Seriously, she copy-pasted everything, bulat-bulat and claimed that our family is hers!! (But changed our names, of course). She's living in a delusion! That psycho girl is sooo freaky! Knowing that she was my sister's ex-roomate tu yang lagi scaryyyy!! tskk.

And now... the case that I just found is... me.

Someone tried to be me. Well...the person didn't exactly change names like that psycho girl did, but  instead, she use my name (only spelling is different) and took a lot of my photos from this blog, and pretended she is me, on Facebook.

Well at first, I think it is not really such a big deal...I mean, that is still my face, and it is still my name.. So basically he/she is just making another account for me. So I thought nothing to worry about lahh..and just wanna keep quiet like I always do..
But..then, after much thought.. I really think I should make an action about this. It's threatening and it's kinda bothering me.  The person could do anything with the account, and my life is on the line!!

It's scary and freakyyyy okayy?!

Wanna see? Here's the FAKE SYAZWANI'S (with a Y) account on Facebook!

Now let's see...what did the person put on his/her page....

Hurmmm..... Her hometown is in Kampung Kabong Sarawak? Hmm... yadda yadda yaddaaa.....Worked in CIMB. Schooled in SMK Kabong (Where the heck is thattt?). Graduated from UPM Serdang... bla blabla.... Hmmm.... Nope, all of these are not ME! (Btw, look... she made an album for that Fashion Valet event that I attended last few weeks..Pffft)

Okay...let's move on,, what else does this person wrote...

Now this is my favourite part....

None of these are my favourites! Musics, movies, etc...NONE!
Siti? haha. I only like her make up. Not her music. And Avril? Well.. I only listen to her songs, but not make her my idol/favourite! And Sheila On 7? Hmm...I only like one song. (And I forgot the title! So that does not really count as "Favourite" la, kan?!) ;p

And moving on to the "Movies" section.. Hurmmm..... Of all the movies he/she listed above, I have only watched one movie among those!! So yeahhh... Favourite lah sangat kannn.... Pffft.

So nope. That does not sound like Shazwani Hamid with this real face at all!! -_-"

Next...the "Favourite Television" section, none of those sound like me!!! CSI? Never watch! Dr. House?  I don't have Star World channel anymoreee. SpongeBob? For cartoons, I only watch Disney's cartoons. And blablabla......seriously, none of those are my fave channels!

And the interesting part... The "Games"... hmm... Badminton and Futsal, ey?? HA. HA. You've got to be kidding me! The last time I play badminton when I was 11, and then I stop because I was injured and swore to myself that I would never play sports anymore (because I keep on getting scars and injured and what not). And Futsal? Well... I did play once dulu - If you count as dressing up in a sports attire in pink and putting on a matching trainers with your "sports bag", and only went into the court for like 3 minutes, and run from the ball (cuz you were scared of getting injured), and ended up watching your friends play futsal while you eat Mister Potato, as playing futsal lahh..... ;p

Hmm..anyway, by looking at this person's information... I don't know why... I sense that this person is a HE. Just look at his fave TV shows.. his Movies, his activities...
I mean....  I think,most of my readers or stalkers (heh ;p) in here are mostly women righttt...and this is a girly blog... But none of those things that he put up...sounded girly. At least in my eyes....

Oh my.... If it's a HE, it'll be much much much moreeeeee scarier!!!!

I mean... who would do such thinggg....and steal people's photo (or and pretend that it's theirs??

This is patheticly sickkk.... =(

Oh look... there's an album for "Balik Hometown", curik from my entry that I balik from Saudi! Pfffft. Hmm... I wonder...what was on his/her mind la...

Seriously. I REALLLLLYY wanna know! (He even put up my dad and my sister's photo!!!! >_<)

"Okay... Apa lagi aku nak ambik eh.. Gambar mana yang interesting eh... Jom scroll lagiii.... Hmm.. nak ambik gambar yang ni lahh... Konon-kononnya aku balik Kampong Kabong aku ni, naik MAS lah.....  *few minutes later*  ..... Okayy... done! Yeayyy..bestnya, best nyaa aku naik MAS!!"  haha ;p

"Okay..gambar pergi event dah. Gambar "aku" balik Kampong Kabong pun dahhh. Gambar apa lagi ehhh.... Hmm... Haaa....gambar aku nak pergi beli spek la pulakkkk.."



Haihhh... Maybe he/she was just wanted attention kot... Or maybe this is just a sick joke that he/she intended to do for me... Hmmm.. whatever your reason is, mister/mistress whoever your REAL NAME is.... PLEASE delete the account immediately! I have made what I should do..and will take this case seriously. Take an action to close down that account, or I will! the mean time, to my readers, can you please do a favor for me by helping me to report it to Facebook admin.....

Just click at the bottom left side button (below your "Friends" icons), the "Report/Blocked This Person" button... And click "This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake"...and select "Someone that I know", and insert my name... Shazwani Hamid

Thank you so much guys!!! I would really really reallllyyyyy appreciate thissss!!!!!!!

*big hug!!!*

P/s: I really should start watermarking all of my pictures kannn? Haihh... -_-"


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out and About with My Girlfriends!

These girls were one of my close friends in high school. They are Hui Shing and Yvonne. (Go view her blog, it's awesome!)

So last Saturday I had a great day hanging out with these girls in Bangsar! Had a little catch up, a little shopping, and a little dessert hunting

And we had our lunch in Papparich. 

....Oh! And a little cam whoring too! hehehee (Girls will be girls! ;p)
This is Hui Shing by the way.. And the other pretty girl is Yvonne..

Next, to Bangsar Village mall! ^_^

Hui Shing, the LV lover ;)

Ahhh.... Such a lovely day! Girls, we should do this often ya?! Can't wait for our next date! And ohh...we should do some girlie stuff la, next time! Like manicure/pedicure? Or... going to the salons ke?? It'd be so fun!! What say you? hehe

P/s: I think I found my shopping buddies now, since my other friends these days are always so busy! hehehe ;p

P/ss: My kaki heeled already! Thanks for the lovely wishes!! Love ya!! Mmuacks!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Help! I Have a Disease! T..T

Hey girls... So sorry for not updating anything in here for quite some time...and haven't reply any of the comments in the previous posts...

Thing is... I've always have things to do every now and then, these days... and thus, got no time to blog.. Seriously, I haven't open any of my fave blogs to read these days.. Such a bummer! =(

And make it worse, I got some sort of infection on my feet! I don't know what I ate, what I touched or stepped on...or even... who bit me! T_T

It all happened last three days, after I got up, and pray for Subuh prayer, then suddenly my left leg and foot was so very itchy that I couldn't stop scratching and that it annoyed me!! Seriously...the pain is sooooo annoying that I feel like screaming! tskk =(

My leg becomes red, and rashes all over it! T_T

And not long after that, it became swollen..and more rashes on it!! And it has started to affect my left foot as well!!! T_T

Left foot - rashes, Right foot - a bit swollen 

I couldn't stop scratching and scratching!! So I put some Yoko Yoko and minyak Cap Kapak onto my feet.. I poured half of the bottles!! Cuz that's the only way I'd stop scratching..and stop the itchiness.....and thank God it worked! Only thing, I had to put that hot ointment every time it dries on my feet... 

And until now...I still have to put it every night!! And I still don't know WHO THE HECK that bit me and made some love bites all over my feet!!!! Ughhh... 

So. Not. Sexy. T_T


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Style Up Yourself!

Hey girls! I have an interesting and exciting news to tell you!!! And it involves some clothes! - How awesome! hehe. Wanna know whatttt??! Well.. here goes.... ^_^

MNG is having a contest called "Style Up Yourself" which happening from 5th to 8th April 2011 and 12th to 15th April 2011, both happening at 10 am till 8 pm at all the participating outlets 

So what's the contest all about? Well... all you need to do is to pick any of the tops that you fancy in those MNG stores to suit your style, and next, is to choose a style, from the four different categories which are: Casual, Jeans, Suits and Evening wears to suit your style/preference.. (any one of those four)
Yes, you heard me, just pick any clothes in the store, play around with the colors or styles, mix & match them up, and try them on! ^_^

Then, just strike a pose for the camera...and walla! You're in for the competition already!!

Isn't it fun and easy??! And best of all, you don't need to purchase anything! And in fact, you will be given a 5% discount card upon entering the contest! How awesomeee!

Here are the styles that I tried on:
(Remember, you must use all MNG stuff, from clothes to scarves, to bags to shoes and accessories! No other brands is allowed)

The Casual Look

The Denim/Jeans Wear

The Suit/Office Attire  

The Evening Look

 My fave one would be the evening look! I love the jumpsuit that I wore..and the blazer too! It's very much my usual style! hehe.. =)

Now here are some details of the contest, and the contest mechanics if you would like to join it!

  • Visit a participating Mango store during the participation period. No purchase necessary.
  •  Participant must choose at least 1 look and up to a maximum of 4 looks between the categories of Casual, Jeans, Suits and Evening.
  • Participants must mix and match Mango clothing and accessory pieces and proceed to change into the chosen looks.
  • An individually posed photo will be taken of the complete look and uploaded (1 day later) on Mango’s Facebook Style Up Yourself photo album.
  • Participants must tag themselves in the photo album.
  • Participants will be given a Next Step Card upon filling up the application form & submitting their photo/s.
  • Next Step Card contains a 5% discount coupon & instructions of what to do next.
  • After preliminary judging & shortlisting, wait for the announcement of top selected participants by 18th April 2011.


  • Total 4 winners : One (1) winner per look.
  • Each winner will receive a – RM2,000.00 MANGO shopping voucher – A magazine shoot
  • Winners must allow photo shoot opportunities in 4 magazines wearing MANGO apparel.
  • Details of the magazine shoot will be informed after the winner announcement.

Isn't this sounds so awesome?? Now let's head on to MNG stores and have some fun with the clothes, shall we?! ^_^



Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello girls!

Pernah dengar Libresse pads tak?

Pad ni sangat special! Sebab ia lain dari yang lain!

I baru jer cuba haritu! Pad ni lain from other brands sebab dia ada "Secure Fit" dan "DFC" (Deep Flow Channels),

which is satu-satunya sanitary pad yang lebar kat depan, tirus kat tengah dan mempunyai rekaan berbelah di belakang untuk padanan yang sempurna untuk tubuh  saya  anda dan semua wanita! ^_^

Pad ni juga cepat menyerap cecair ke dalam! And that's why I like it! So tak payah risau pasal kebocoran bila period datang! There's no other brand yang sekemas, selesa, dan mempunyai serapan yang sempurna seperti Libresse! ^_^

So anyway, jom tengok their videos on their website jommm! Klik sini untuk lihat selebriti kesayangan anda seperti Adibah Noor,  Pam&Van and Yuna! Anda boleh pilih dan tentukan the ending to the TVC yang you tengok secara live tu, dengan mobile anda! Try lah! It's fun! ;)

Cuba lah! Belum cuba, belum tahu! ;)

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