Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kiss Kiss..

I love giving my husband this kinda note ;)

If someone asks me, "How's married life?" I would definitely say, "It has been so fun! ....and funny!" hehe.. Well....thanks to my husband who constantly makes his goofy acts and jokes with me! xD

So far my day with him has never involved with NO laugh and jokes yet! There will always be something funny for him to laugh about...or make a joke with! hehe. He is such a happy & funny man...and I'm a lucky & happy wife indeed! Mashaallah! :) Thank you sweetie for always brighten up my day although you really have no idea that you're actually cracking me up when you're not even trying to.. lol  - Which leaves me feeling happy, everyday! I guess this is the meaning of happiness ey? Alhamdullilah..I've found my clown and penghibur hatiku! hehe

Anyways, one of the many things that I feel he's funny is because he thinks I'm an alien! To him, discovering things about me is really thatttt interesting. It's like he never really know what a woman is like, until he found me! hahaha. He generally knows what women likes...but never really know the behind the scenes part! lol. Cuz all these while, he never saw me getting ready to go out, or getting ready for bed...or even packing & unpacking stuff.. and et cetera. He likes to imitate me, and thinks that I'm funny for being such a girly girl..


So the first week of being married to him is total hilarious! He questions a lot about my girly side... Like...he finds it weird but amusing somehow, and asks me a lot of cute, silly questions. hehe. My husband would always stare and study me like a hungry kid who sees people eating ice cream on a hot sunny day, while I do my make up or wearing my scarf or even while I'm choosing my outfit-of-the-day! haha. I think he finds it entertaining how women transform their look with colors kot... So many random names he'd give me when he saw me doing weird things in his eyes at my dressing table - Chemist la, artist la..or even biomedical engineer. -__-'.
Ada-ada je dia tu. But one thing is for sure; he definitely questions more than a five year old kid would!
"What's this for?"
"How many pins do you use for your scarf?" 
"Why do you put the color only at one side of your lids?"
"Is this scissors?" (referring to the metal eye lash curler)
"Do you have like a 5-minute make up, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour make up?" 
"What if you miss one or two steps of your regime? Will anything happen to you?" - I die, I replied. ;p 

I asked, why do you like to stare at me?  "I'm trying to learn and understand more about my wife..and how to solve her problems in life". 
Rightttt. -___-

Anyways.... last weekend was the day we went to the new house to unpack our stuff and start storing and arranging them in the closet. While I store and put my stuff at their appropriate places in the room, he keeps on looking at me and say "So...this is what it's like to live with Shazwani Hamid, huh? hehehehee. This is gonna be fun!" - I'm not sure what he meant though. But whatever..haha

So on that Saturday night, while I was getting ready to go to my friend's wedding reception, I took out my new lip glosses from Vacci Luxe Collection make up that I packed with me. I arranged them according to the shades before choosing which one to wear for the night..

He thinks I'm weird for having so many lip glosses when "they all look just the same to me"

I said no, and I tried one by one to show to him that each shade has its own effect on someone's lips and faces.

See? They're all different kinds of shades, how can that looked the same?

Look how different I look in this two pictures? 
Left pix, is a softer look - I wore an orange lip gloss. Right, is more intense look - I wore a red color lip gloss.

But he still thinks I look the same... 
"You still look like my wife"

Men, they don't really see what we see, do they? 

Ugh. Never mind.

So...this was my final look. After trying all 10 shades on my lips, I chose a softer color for that night since I already have quite a heavy eye make up on.

By the way, if you’re a lipstick and lipgloss fan, this Vacci Luxe Collection lip gloss might just be your dream beauty buy. With a lipstick and gloss in one tube, you can layer up your sexy lips in just one product! It has color + gloss in it. So it's easier to only bring one product instead of two, inside your handbag. 

While the lipstick/color offers a richer, deeper hue with 10 shades to choose from, the gloss provides a high-shine, dewy finish with the added advantage of moisturizing, non-sticky, and lasts a good long time, even after drinking and eating. It smells great too! The price is RM 47.90, which is slightly higher than the drug store lip gloss, but you are getting two products in one and it's long-lasting and the shade is addictive! 

I love trying colors on my hand first to see what it would look like on my skin before applying on my face.. The codes and names are as above. From left to right; 220, 330, 410, 610, 620, 510, 210, 320, 310, 110. 
All of the colors are really pretty depending on your make up look. In general, I've always love orange, brown/nude and pink colors for my look.  

My favourite would be the Cute Pink 330 (orangy-pink), Pure Red 220 (orangy red) and Pink Party 320 (sexy pink nude). I find the color “Pink Party” to be a gorgeous pink-nude color that is flattering on everyone! Definitely my best choice for the night..

The gloss comes in a nice portable tube by the way, making mid-day touch-ups is super easy. Now...go kiss your husband's cheek with this! hehe

Get your lippy here:


Monday, January 27, 2014

Almost Settled Down

Oh Hi!! Hello!!!

Oh God. I don't know where to start. I don't even know when and where did I last left this blog? haha. I've never been very busy + exhausted for far too long in my life! Never! I almost forgot what's my password for my blog! That's how long I've left my laptop! I really didn't have time to switch it sad. I was on a very hectic schedule this past couple of months.. Plus, the picture collection that I have with me is massive too! So I don't know how and which one to pick to share with you guys here! So I ended up, leaving you guys with no updates instead! Lol O__o

Honeymoon folder is about 4000 pics, Hilton Reception around 1000+, Nikah is around 2000++.. And the others around 300-500 each folder. 
So tell meeeee...where do I start?! haha

Started off in November 2013, the final month of wedding preparation! Then, December 2013, my wedding month.. Then January 2014, the honeymoon trip! - We went for a vacation for almost a month! Fun times, but super duper exhausted!!! (I fainted on our last day! haha. Too exhausted, my body can't take!)

I just got back in KL two weeks ago, but we stayed one week at my sister's house, because her husband was away to Saudi. So me and my husband had to teman her for that week. That was why I still feel like I'm still traveling here and there, living like a Nomad man although I'm back in KL already! We were traveling to the in-laws house, to the sister's house, to my parents house, and to the new house since we were back on the 20th January. So yesterday was kinda like the first night I sleep on my bed after one month of being away from home! Oh how I miss my bed! No more being Nomad. - Traveling here and there has really weakened my body..that I feel like I need another vacation to recover from my last vacation! hahaha ;p

Last night me and my husband started packing to move to the new house. We wanted to settle down fast and unpack we can start having a normal life again. I only get to settle some things though.. Still got a lot more to be done... Sigh. Penattttt :(

Anyway, living with my husband is really really fun so far. He's such a fun and funny man, I like! He thinks I'm an alien, though. haha. - I'm a true girly girl and he's a typical practical man. So imagine when he entered my room at my parents house that is full with silly girly stuff! I'd laugh a lot whenever he asks me some cute questions that he doesn't quite understand about girls. hehe...

He questions a lot about my way of living by the way... Like, "Why do you need a lot of pillows when you don't use them but only for decoration?", "Why do you have 4 shades of pink pants?", "Why do you have so many cosmetics/skincare stuff on your table.... Do you use all these?", "Why do you like to arrange and display all your stuff like in shops?", "Why do you have so many clothes?", "And why they're color coded?" and a lot more! So many WHYs! haha. Simple, it's because I'm a girl, sweetie! We just like to have all these things...hehe. God created man and woman to be different so we can complement each other! Like how you never bother to hang your clothes...but now you have me to take care of that part! ;)

So far...we are really having a great time being and living together. Alhamdullilah... I'm so happy being married, mashaallah! This is one of those niqmat Tuhan bagi kat dunia ni.. To love, and be loved. Syukur alhamdullilah.. No words can ever describe how blessed I feel to be married to him. I've found my man, my imam, my best friend, my soul mate. :')

One more final reception to go, and the wedding journey will end! Then we will start our adventure as husband and wife soon, and inshaallah a mom and dad too, if God willing!

Wassalam. Sekian update buat masa ini!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chef Wani!

Hi guys!

As you all know that I recently just got married! So now I'm in the middle of packing my suitcase for our honeymoon. I am very excited for this trip as this will be my first time traveling with my dear hubby for quite a few weeks! Yeayyy! ;)

So I had this Things-to-Bring list in my notepad and they're super loooong, that I hope my husband wouldn't see it! hahaha. Cuz I seriously don't know how to pack light although he keeps on reminding me not to pack like how I always pack! haha. I mean, how do I pack light when I'm packing for two person now?! Last time I only had to think what baju match with what shoes or accessories. But this time, besides packing for our baju into my luggage, I had to pack food for our breakfast, lunch and dinner since I will be cooking at our apartment there.. So, PLEASE TELL ME HOW DO I PACK LIGHT WITH SARDINES, INSTANT NOODLES, RICE, CRACKERS, SAMBAL BELACAN AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS INSIDE MY LUGGAGE?! Oh, goodbye 4 pairs of shoes. You're no longer travel with me. *cries*

Anyways, I asked my mom for her tips on traveling with food stuff...because last time, she was the one who took charge for this area. But now that I'm married, I should be the one who have to think what food to bring into my luggage! And guess what? I packed a lottttttt of Mamee Instant Noodles with me because this girl really don't know how to heat the stove! ;p

My mom asked me to bring all the necessary items for cooking like onions, ikan bilis, cili padi, cooking oil, et cetera, et cetera like she always pack when we're going somewhere far and long... But I told her that those things would take a lot of my luggage space and also my time to prepare the food when I'm there. So it's kinda inconvenient. Hence, instant noodles would be my best choice, as I would just need to pour the hot water then I'm done! hehehehehe *isteri pemalas* ;p

Lagi pun, me and my husband are not really a fussy eater. We can eat anythingggg as long as it's halal. Plus, I am so obsessed with noodles, I could eat them 3 meals a day! hahaha. By the way, have you guys tried the new Mamee Chef Noodles??! Omg they're soooooo good that I don't think I want to trouble myself to cook when I'm traveling to get a decent nice meal. I pack lots of Mamee noodles with me for my honeymoon trip! haha. Kalau lapar tengah malam, senang tak payah keluar...

It comes with a fork, some tauhu kering, sayur2 and the flavors.. 

Seriously the new Mamee Chef noodles doesn't taste like the typical instant noodles, guys! Their soup/flavor is so good that I finish it all every time I make myself one. (Note: I rarely sip all the soup when I make myself an instant noodles) I bought the Laksa Curry flavor by the way...and oh God, it tastes like the real Laksa Curry soup!!! Like the one your mom or your grandma made!!! Sedap gileeee!! Go try it!
Ok now I'm gonna go and pack my luggage some more... See you soon!

Item number 15: Mamee noodles.  CHECKED!

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